I do not own the characters appearing in this story. Well, Jack Frost totally owns me but I don't think that counts... Enjoy!

Everything started in one of the main rooms of a castle, the castle of a small kingdom called Arendelle. While listening to the man in front of her, a blond young lady nodded quietly. When the man finished talking, the girl, which was, in fact, Elsa, the queen of Arendelle, stood up and looked through the window. Her ocean blue eyes closed with concern, she caressed slowly her straight blond hair, gathered in a long braid.

-It's true, then? – she spoke, turning again to face the man – is Arendelle growing poor?

-Well, your highness – the man said, choosing the right words – I'm just saying that, when you interrupted all commercial activities you held with that duke, we lost our principal source of silk and wool, along with various vegetables which just can't grow here, because of the weather. You did well, of course, your highness. That duke wanted to get some benefit from our kingdom's secrets, but we have to find new resources, and we do not have a strong relationship with any other kingdoms, so…

Suddenly, someone knocked loudly at the door. Before one of the servants had opened that door, Elsa knew already who the person was. Only one person used to knock that way.

-Go build the snowman alone, Anna – she said, trying not to sound worried – At the moment, we're discussing important facts about the kingdom's future.

-But this is MORE important, Elsa! – said the queen's little sister, Anna, while entering the room. Elsa could not help laughing, her carrot-coloured hair was a total mess, sticking here and there.

-What's so important, Anna? – she said, looking at the mess – Did Kristoff (Anna's boyfriend) try to brush your hair again?

-Worse – said Anna, panting, obviously because she had crossed the whole castle running just to see her sister.

-A hurricane just arrived to Arendelle?

-Worse, sister, much worse.

-You don't actually mean… - Elsa mouthed the words slowly.

-I fear so…

-Jack Frost – this name was said by the two sisters at the same time.

-Allow me to be excused for a minute – said Elsa, quickly leaving the room, Anna running behind her through the halls - Seriously, if that Frost Brain starts causing trouble again, I'm going to show him who's the coldest one here.

Anna laughed, she loved when her sister was in battle-mode. Anna knew that the boy was a good person, but he liked messing around the kingdom, so Elsa was always trying to make him settle down, in fact, Elsa didn't hate him at all, they were just… good rivals. Elsa knew too that Jack didn't mean to hurt anyone while causing snowstorms, he just wanted to have fun, but a person with that kind of powers should have a more responsible behaviour. Yes, Jack had special powers, so did Elsa. For different reasons, they were both able to control ice and snow.

-Again here Frost Brain? – she said sternly while walking down the stairs which lead to the castle's main garden. Curiously, he didn't answered something like "Bring it on, queenie" or "Sorry, your highness, I don't speak royalish". Not this time. He just stood outside the gates, silently. If it wasn't for the white hair and the blue hoodie she saw from a far distance, she would have sworn it was another person.

-If you're thinking of making everyone in Arendelle catch a cold again, I swear I will just…

But she didn't finish her phrase. Because when she came closer to him she realized he was panting, he had being running a long distance before arriving to the castle, carrying something… something heavy. Anna screamed. Elsa opened her mouth with fear. Because Jack was holding a dead body.