Jack opened his eyes slowly. The window was open, so the sunlight blocked his vision. He stayed like that for a couple of minutes, trying to remember where he was.

-Jack! Are you still sleeping? – an annoyed voice asked.

Jack spun and saw Hiccup wearing a white shirt, with black pants and a red tie. Jack woke up, and put the same clothes on. It was obligated to wear the school uniform. He remembered now: He had always been a student at Darkwood's Academy, a school for rich people, and Hiccup was his roommate. How had he forgotten something like that? He took a cold shower, in order to clear his mind.

-Hurry up, Jack! – he heard Hiccup shouting – we'll be late again, and the girls are waiting!

Sure enough, when they stepped out the boy's residence, they met with a carrot-coloured hair girl, also wearing the uniform. The only difference was the black skirt she was wearing instead of the pants.

-Good morning! – she smiled – I guess Jack overslept again, right? Don't worry, Rapunzel is surely trying to wake Merida up. My sister has already left, her class had organized a trip for today.

Jack smiled. They all had known each other since they studied at elementary school. And when they were transferred to Darkwood's Academy, they had met the other two girls, who came running through the gardens.

-Sorry! – said the blonde one – Merida here sure sleeps like a wild bear!

-Oh, shut up! – the one with curly raid hair said – if was your fault, since ya spent the whole night watching TV.

They spent another boring school day together. Rapunzel succeeded by answering all science questions the teacher asked her, Hiccup did great at Maths, Jack took a nap at Geography...

Just when they were going to have lunch, Jack realized he had forgotten his notebook in class. He told the others to wait, and started running through the halls.

-You know? – Anna observed, admiring his speed – I wouldn't be surprised if the boy learned to fly one day.

But Jack was no longer running. A conversation could be heard from the headmaster's office, whose door was slightly opened. It wasn't his intention to eavesdrop, but...

-You've done something terrible, Pitch – I said – How did you know...?

-You mean how did I know that we were all characters from your stupid fiction work? Well, let's just say that being the main antagonist has its benefits. The darkness whispered me things. It told me the greatest of secrets, the fact that everything on this world had been created by your imagination, and this was only known by the guardians. They tried to protect the secret, and I understand it. I mean, knowing that you are a dummy on a puppet show isn't always easy to accept. This is also your case, you know?

-W-what do you mean? – I asked.

-I mean you thought you were writing the story that your imagination created, but it was me controlling you. You wrote what I wanted you to write. Yes, I, a simple fiction character, have overthrown the writer!

-I'll rewrite the story then! – I said, with a worried tone.

-Don't you understand, idiot? The story is now mine, so is the power! I've locked you all in this small universe, in order to keep you away from spoiling my plans again!

-I'll warn them! You won't get away with this!

-I fear not, my child – he smiled, while caressing my hair – because you are forgetting everything now, and your new memories are being created. You can feel it, right?


-And we must also solve the problem of the spy here... – with a wave of his hand, the door opened by itself revealing Jack, who had remembered everything by listening the conversation, and had opened his eyes with fear.

-It's no use – Pitch calmly said, while putting his hand on Jack's forehead – you're just going to forget everything you saw.

Jack felt his mind collapsing, and then, he forgot what he was thinking about.

-W-what am I doing here? What's going on, Mr. Darkwood? – he asked.

-Ah, yes, Mr. Frost – the headmaster answered – we have this new student, and I'd like you to show him the academy.

Jack looked at me. I guess I looked dizzy, but I felt like I had forgotten something important. He smiled.

-Hi – said Jack, and we shook hands – I'm Jack Frost. Nice to meet you.

-Have fun and be nice! – Mr. Darkwood said, while we were leaving the office – and tell your long-haired friend she has a voice check with nurse Gothel at 3 p.m.!

As soon as the others were gone, Mr. Darkwood sat at his desk, and looked through the window, admiring the giant redbrick building he had been able to create, with his gardens, pools, and establishments. A nice, comfy cage. He burst out laughing.

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