This is an extra update just to get us going with the story, and also because it's a little shorter than usual :). See you tomorrow!


Edward Cullen is kind of my dream guy. He's tall, but perfectly proportioned with it, muscled without being bulky. He has this crazy red-brown hair that sticks up any which way, but always looks great. And his face? Well his face is beautiful, he has these full – but not too full – dark pink lips. The kind that look like they'd deliver the perfect kiss, whether it's small and aimed at the cheek (actually, I can attest to the quality of these, having been on the receiving end), or framing a deep, French kiss (only in my dreams).

His eyes are a striking green and when he looks at me I can read him perfectly. Whatever his mood, however he's feeling, it's all there in his eyes. Not only that, but I get the feeling he uses them to read me too. We've never discussed it of course, because that would be weird.

After all, the guy is my almost brother-in-law.

There, I said it. Not only is Edward co-habiting with Bree, the demon baby-momma, but I'm his brother, Em's, girlfriend.

Em is tall and muscular. I mean, like, he's huge. Built like a bear, my dad says. Which is cool, I mean, he makes me feel safe. Protected. The way his dark hair has a tendency to curl when it starts to grow, is sweet and I could literally spend hours playing with it. Sometimes I do. His face isn't perfection like his brother's, but he's definitely cute. Okay, so his nose is a little crooked from too many sports-related injuries and whatever Cullen genes delivered Edward the jaw, sadly passed Em by. The lips though? There's definitely nothing wrong with the lips and he knows how to use them. He's a great kisser.

Em's eyes are baby blue and they twinkle. I'm not even kidding, I mean, I always thought it was a huge cliché, but turns out there are eyes out there that actually do that – and he has a set. They smile before his lips move – oh, and when his lips do pull up into his infectious smile, and he does have a great smile, he has dimples! Man, I love those dimples.

I love Em, I really do.

I just wish I understood this terrifying infatuation I have with his brother.