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"Mommy," Riley said, "I wanna hold the baby"

"Okay," Tapanga said, "Climb onto the bed and sit next to me and you can hold baby."

"Is that his name? Baby?"

"No honey," Cory said, "We're just trying to think of a good name."

"How about handsome," Tapanga suggested placing the baby in Riley's arms.

"Riley's middle name may be Beautiful but my son is not going to be named handsome"


"What is he a punk dude?"

"I want to name him Augest," Riley said, "Auggie for short"

"Augest? I like that," Tapanga said, "Why Augest"

"Cause," Riley said, "he was born in Augest. Also Augest is my favorate month and he's my favorate baby"

She kissed his forehead.

"I love that name," Cory said, "We'll name him Augest Handome Matthews"