The Room of Requirements

Otherwise known AS:


Hermione Granger was tired of everyone pushing her towards Ronald especially his mother. She didn't want to be with him didn't anyone listen to her. They were at school for their last year. Ginny kept bugging her to be with her brother but she couldn't see herself with him. She saw herself with her mother's choice to her own dismay. She knew what she wanted to do after school she wanted to go to a muggle University. She saw Draco staring at her. He came up to her

"What's wrong Hermione"?

Hermione was shocked that he called her by her given name

"To much Pressure I feel like I'm at home when my family pressures me to go into the family business or be with someone they want me to be with"

"Ron and his family" Draco asks

"Yes how did you know"?

"I'm observant"

Hermione sighs "I just want to go home Draco everyone hates muggle borns here"

"No they don't besides you're a beloved hero"

"That's the problem Draco I came here to hide"

"Ah I don't understand"

"You should your family is rich here right"


"So they are in the Daily Prophet"

"Yes as are you, Weasely, and Potter"

Hermione nods her head "I should have never become friends with him but I did"

Draco sighs "I understand Hermione the pressure"

"I don't know what to do Draco" Hermione says

Now it was Draco's turn to be shocked.

"I hate being the news Draco I hate when my private life is I hated it when people are my friend or like me to be popular Ron granted he likes me to be a mother figure do everything for him and Harry genuine and Ginny too but Molly Weasly I hate her Draco"

"Why isn't she like a mother to you"

"Yes but I get these feeling that she loves the fame more hell my mother is a whole lot more discrete then Mrs. Weasely is about her agenda's"
"As is my mother"

Hermione nods her head "She doesn't care about the fame Draco, sure she cares about popularity but she never really cared for the fame"

"How is your mother famous"

"My father"

"And he"

"An old blue blood family he owns Hotels around the world, and Sectary of the Navy for the United States"


"Yeah o my mother gets frustrated with our family being in the tabloids every time we do something like a family outing or with someone they twist it sometimes sure they get it right but we value our privacy"

"What's a tabloid"

"Rita Skeeters kind of work the Prophet"

"Oh" Hermione sighs she just wanted to go home and disappear. She hated this.

"If you need anything Hermione don't hesitate to come to me" Draco says

"Um okay" she says. She went up to the room of requirement. She just wanted to be lost where no one would be able to find her. It appeared to her and she found herself in her own bedroom four-post bed with drapes around it light gold with green in it. Her teddy bear that her father had given to her on her fifth birthday with her bunny that Finn had won for her in the middle of her light green comforter. Her bookshelf filled with books. Her brown desk filled with trophies that she won in softball, horseback riding, and ice skating along with her academic achievements from her spelling bee in fifth grade to her science fair awards. She went to her bed and laid down on her fluffy pillow. She looked up on the ceiling and felt like she was back home. She sighs in content she knew what she had to do and she groaned she never in her wildest dreams thought she would quit school. She lay back down and dreamt about life before Hogwarts before her fame in the wizard world. She wished they're was never a Vouldermount. She wondered why Salazar Syltherin would think of his house today. She read about all the founders he hated muggle born wizards Voldermort was not his decadent by any means. They had won the war but the affects of the war had on her and everyone else. Everything changed it was like the Order was now corrupted and the Ministry to.

Salazar Slytherin was in the room of requirement. He saw a young girl in the ROR. He sighs he plopped down on the chair watching her sleep. It looked like she's been crying. He wondered why she was crying. He came upon her and saw her angelic face. He wiped her tears away. He so badly wanted to kiss her. He wanted to feel more of her. Then the girl woke up with a start.

"Who are you?" She asks


"Sly how did you get in here"

"I have my ways," He says

"Where do you come from?" He smiles and it reminds Hermione of a Slytherin. She shivers

"I better get back to the tower"

"Your a Gryffindor"

"Yes, and let me guess a Slytherin" He nods his head

"Slytherins can contort with Gryffindor's"

"Yeah maybe others but not me"


"Your evil" She says

"Not all of us are evil"

Hermione laughs "You look familiar do I know you from somewhere"

"No I don't think so"

"Ah well I have to get going before curfew"

"Stay" He says not wanting her to go. He wanted to get to know her.

"I" She sighs "Okay" He smiles

"Now what"

Salazar shrugs his shoulders "Tell me something tell me why your sad"

"Pressure from everyone"

"Like who"

"My friend's mother"


"She wants to force something that isn't there in my opinion anyways"

"And this friend of yours"

"He and his family agree I think Harry does too"

"Who is that"

"My other friend who is going out with Ginny Ron's sister and my parents want me home and I think I'm going to go home" She says this as she sighs.

"Where do you live?"

"I have homes all over the places from the U.S to England to Australia"

"Wow are you rich"

"Yes I got here to get away from the press but alas I am friends with Harry freaken Potter" She says bitterly

"Who is that"

"The Boy who lived"

"I don't understand"

"Are you a wizard"

"Yes but I haven't been in this world for a very long time apparently"


"So tell me who is this Harry"

"He is my friend since I was 11 he's the one who survived the Killing Curse"

"Killing Curse a curse that kills"

"Yes" Hermione says confused.

Salazar knew this information was overwhelming him so he did the only thing from letting her finding out who he was he kissed her. A sweet kiss but he deepened it taking her to her bed where he laid her down and slowly taking her clothes off. He took a rose, which he conjured up.

"How did you do that"?

"There are lots things you don't know about me"

"You just appeared how in Godricke did you do that"

"I'm powerful," He says while putting a rose from her forehead to her belly then he brushes it in her middle. He began to kiss her everywhere the rose touched and he came to her delicious juices and down her legs to her ankles and finally her feet and toes. Hermione was in heaven he came back up and kissed her gently but deepened it again as he took his own clothes off. He then kissed her neck and nibbled her ear as he fitted himself in her. He stopped kissing her and stared into her eyes. Brown eyes looking into green-emerald eyes, they were both filled with lust. She silently gave him her permission and he entered her. He thrust and thrust in her as she wrapped her legs around him. They both moaned. Then he turns her around so he was under her. She felt emance pleasure as she went down on him. She kissed him felt him. He was big and smiled shyly. "Go on have at it" He said and that's what she did. He was in lala land. He needed to be in her again. He pulled her up and flipped them again and he went in hard and fast making her scream his fake name. After another fifteen minutes they were both exhausted. She fell asleep as he watched her. He sighed he would have to leave her. He didn't want to but he had to. He apparated her to Gryffindor's tower, he sneered at it wishing she was in his house Slytherin. He put her in her bed and kissed her cheek and disappeared making sure she was in her pajamas. He wished to stay here with her but he could not. He left the rose and a note saying until we meet again Sly. He did not love her he lusted for her wanting more of her but could not.

Hermione woke up late the next morning. She had missed breakfast. Ginny saw her.

"Mione where were you" Ginny asks


"About what"

"About my future"

"Your future is with my brother"

"No Ginny it is not with your brother I do not want to be with him"

"But Hermione you two are perfect together"

Hermione grumbles "What if I want to leave this world"

"Why would you want too?"

"I don't know to visit my parents to be normal again"

"But this is normal"

"Not to me to you yes but me no it isn't" She says

"Well whatever you decide you know I'll always be by your side"

Hermione nodded her head "Thank you ugh I just had the most wonderful dream" She says

"What was it about"

"Erotic with a man name Sly ice emerald green eyes tall light skin like Malfoy and platum blond hair like him and a body like no other. He was like god like I just can't explain it. It was my first time and it was amazing I wish that I never woken up from this dream."

Ginny smiles warmly "Lets go to class." Hermione nodded her head and they went off to class. Later that evening Hermione went to the library. She got out the Hogwarts A History. She was horrified and sick to find out that the guy she dreamt about was Salazor Slytherin. How could that be? She looked up to see Draco Malfoy.

"You okay Hermione." Hermione didn't say anything.

"Mione are you all right?"

"Um, um I really don't know."


"I have to go." She says walking swiftly out of the library.

She ran to the bathroom and threw up. She had a sex dream staring Salazor Slytherin.