AN: LadiePhoenix007. I am just trying to be true to the character. She is a business woman and a Barns from Dallas. She does have a nice side to her but she has been burned in the past. So Now on with the story.

Pamela and Draco were waiting the goblin to come back. Hermione has come into gringrots looking a bit frazzled and panic. She spots Charlie Weasly looking at Pamela. She went to him.

"Hey Charlie why are you here"

"To convert some gallons into pounds love why else"

"Does your family know you here"

"No and that's the way its going to be" He says as Hermione sighs. She looks all around and she see's Pamela and Draco in an office waiting she could only guess they were waiting for a goblin.

"Why not tell the family soon"

"Are you nuts my mother would have a heart attack if I told her"

"You don't know that"

"She wants all of us married off with children"

"How are you going to do that with a muggle man, does he even know that you're a wizard"

"Yes and stop being so noisy"

"Just asking who is he"

"Nolan Harris I think I love him"

"You do know that you might have to give up being a wizard do you know of Lorelei-Elizabeth or who her grandparents are" Hermione arches a perfectly arch brown brow to him. She could see his face going pale.

"That's my identity what about the dragons"

"Well your going to have to give that all up" Hermione says.

"I never thought about that," He says now panicking. He didn't know what to do or what he should do.

"Why can't you learn how to live the muggle way"

"Can you help me"?

"I would but I'm in a jam as it is why not go ask Pamela"

"Word around is that she's a cold fish"

"She's only that way when she doesn't know you" Hermione says.

"Like you"

"Yes like me in our world you have to be to survive the cutthroats known as the parents or people who want to use us"


"I think she'd help you better or ask Nolan I mean I know he can help you" Charlie gives a deep sigh. He didn't know if he could give up magic but he was attracted to men not woman or maybe both he didn't know anymore. Once he was working with the dragon's he felt attracted to one guy and that scared the crap out of him. He ran away for a few months and met Nolan. He's been with him ever since that was a year ago.

"How can I tell anyone in the family" Charlie says.

"Well welcome to the club"

"What club" He asks as Hermione sighs

"Parental unit club where us children of rich snobby people are cast aside and some aren't even rich" Hermione smiles shaking his hand

"But they don't know yet"

"Yet you don't know how they will react"

"I know Ron and my mother would hate me"

"So two out of what ten, now if you want to keep this a secret I think I have away let's go"


"To see Pamela"

"What are you doing here?"

"To get some shopping money but that can wait you are in distress right now"

"Shopping your love when you're stressed about something what would that be"

"Lets not talk about it we're here to discuss your problem now come on" They go over to where Draco and Pamela were. She was dressed in a white cashmere suit as he was dressed in some Black very expansive silk robes. Pamela looked up from what she was reading to see a sexy blue-eyed redhead man. She smiled sweetly at him and Charlie could only guess she was scheming about something.

"I'm Pamela Draco's long distance cousin and you are"

"Charlie Weasely pleasure to meet you"

"What are you doing here Weasely" Draco sneers. Charlie and Hermione looked up at each other. Pamela just kicked Draco under the table. She glares at him.

"Well he needs for Pamela to help him"

"And what do I get in return"

"I know you want to stick it to your family"

"Yes but my mother and sister seem to like the Weasely's"

"It's true but I know from a little bird that you want to know where your mother comes from and the ways of a wizard"

"No I don't"

"Its like you said don't judge a book by its cover" Hermione says, "And he can help you with that"

"But I don't want to be in this world"

"You don't have to be just understand where your sister is coming from and where your mother is from and coming from" Hermione says

"Maybe I can get away from John Ross's manipulation and constant harassment"

"Exactly you can hide and then when the times comes take Vegas by storm" Hermione smirks like a true slytherin. Pamela nods her head but she looks down and pats her stomach. All three companions were shocked.

"Not to burst the bubble, but are you pregnant?" Charlie asks and Pamela nods her head. She had a tear coming down her face.

"I don't need the stress he's going to give me, I don't want this child to be turned into a pond like I was or John Ross was" Pamela says.

"He won't be"

"He won't have a father though"

"Then I'll be the father," Charlie says.

"I don't want to have the baby here in England as soon as this stuff is done I'm going to Meekly an island by Russia" She says and Charlie nods his head.

"I'll go with you"

"Um that maybe hard to get too" Hermione says.

"Why is that"?

"Well I'm allowed there because I was born there" Hermione looked at Draco warily. She didn't trust him. He hurt her when they were young and he was a wizard after all. His family was partially responsible for destroying Meekly at one point with another wizard all for what because one wizard lost his daughter and he thought Meeklin's responsible for her death. "Your really not allowed unless you denounce your heritage"

"But your allowed" Charlie says.

"Yes I know" Hermione says and she didn't say anything after that. She walked out of the room as Charlie and Draco stared down at her. Draco was thinking interesting. He just got a couple of other clues as too her family's secret. Draco looked at Charlie.

"Maybe you can help me"

"And what do I get in return" Charlie says and Pamela smiles. She was starting to like this person.

"I won't tell your family you were here"

"Like they'd believe you," Charlie mumbles. He glares at Draco. Pamela heard all and she didn't like what Draco was trying to do with Charlie. Blackmail was for the weak.

"Well will you two excuse me for a second" Pamela says walking out and over to Hermione.

"What's wrong Maya"?

"I just don't want to be here anymore"

"Okay then don't"

"I need to be here to help my friend Harry"

"There are other ways, come on what else is bothering you"

"I thought I was pregnant but I'm not"

"And how did you feel"

"I felt relieved and I felt sort of resentful of the baby that I thought I had"

"Why is that"?

"In case you haven't notice I don't do good with children"

"Well people change with their own children."

"Yes but I'm to young to have one"

"Also true"

"Then there are my parents. They like the younger version of the Gilmores, can't really be having that now can I"

"Nope well maybe some day you'll be ready" Pamela says.

"Yeah someday" Hermione smiles as Charlie and Draco had listened to their conversation. Draco felt both relieved and sad.

"Besides I don't want to go back in time Pamela I'd miss my family and friends to much"

"But what about Salazar" Pamela asks quietly.

"I don't know I didn't even know about any of this until last week I thought it was a dream"

"I know but somewhere in time he is your husband"

"I know that I just I'm to different from where I was or who I was"

"No you in all your lives were independent"

"Yes but she wanted a husband I don't"

"I am not trying to convince either way Maya but you have to tell Draco"

"Draco why"

"He's trying to get you two back together I said he can have whatever he wanted in the vault last night do you want me to tell him he doesn't have access"

"If you could I don't want to leave even if my parents are cold fish" She says and Pamela smiles at her as well. They hug. Draco sighs deeply. Charlie looks up at him.

"What's going on"?

"Nothing anymore"

"Hm yeah right and I am as dumb as Ron now does this have anything to do with your founder"

"I don't know what you are talking about" Draco says coldly and Charlie just rolls his eyes at Draco

"Well I'll find out one way or another hm maybe even Pamela can tell me," Charlie says and Draco arches one of his eyebrows up at Charlie. Maybe he could use him after all.

"No I am not going to help you with spying or anything like that"

"You should have been put in Slytherin" Draco mumbles.

"I'm to righteous and to brave to be in there," Charlie says. It was time for Draco to roll his eyes. Charlie thought he needed to see Nolan and his brother Fred. He sighs he wish he could tell his family especially his mother and George that Fred was a ghost except in the muggle world but he gave his word to the girls he wouldn't do that. They say they were too emotional to see him. Charlie had to agree with them. He just hated how Servous Snape was there as well. Someone he didn't know was there also. His name was JR. Ewing always trying to one up Snape and he did most of the time. Charlie smiled at that and Draco narrowed his grey eyes as Charlie's blue eyes lit up. He heard Charlie chuckling at something.

"What's so funny" Draco asks

"Nothing at all" Charlie asks


"Can't say anything"

"Or won't say anything what's up" Draco asks

"No" Charlie says and Draco was going to aim his wand at him when Pamela stopped him as she came up to them.

"What do you think your doing Draco" Pamela asks

"Getting some answers out of a Weasel"

"No Draco if you want me on your side helping you then you better be nice. Remember don't judge people on their appearance judge them on their attitudes" Pamela says.

"But he is a Weasly' Draco whines and Pamela rolls her eyes.

"Come on Charlie you got things to do"

"Like what"

"Like showing me around town"

"But I'm here to see a friend not here to see family"

"And who says they will know you are here"

"Ah the red hair"

"Well then you have to change colors I say blonde blue eyed hot guy with Draco's physique" She smirks at Draco who only gives her a Malfoy glare promising retribution.

"Oh yeah and one more thing"

"What's that?" Charlie asks

"You have to try to change my mind"

"On what"

"On the wizard world and why I should keep Black Inc. up and running here"

"Fine by me" Charlie asks as the two link arms. Pamela turned back to Draco who was staring at Hermione. She shakes her head.

"So are you really going to help Maya or Draco"?

"Maya I don't think she'd do good where Draco wants her to be, I also think she is a little miserable here as well"

"Why is that" Charlie asks.

"Look at her" Pamela says as they turn towards Hermione. She was sitting on a bench just staring out a window. Her mouth was upside down. She was hunchback.

"That could mean anything"

"You've seen her on holiday did you not"

"Yes why"

"Then you know she looks more relaxed more happier even if it is a stuffy boring parties we go to in my world right" Charlie sighs they were friends a lot longer then anyone here thought. He came to see her once she called him while he was in Romania. They both walked off to see how different London wizard society was to Romania's wizard society.