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The Monster

This feeling I feel right now.

The urge to paint those around me in their own blood.

The needs to witness their souls escape their fleshy prisons.

The desire to bathe in their screams.

Why must they reject me?

Why must they loathe me?

Their cold silence cuts through me like a rusty knife.

Their hateful words are thrown like jagged stones.

The blood-stained glass of my sanity is cracked.

And slowly, but surely, day by day, minute by minute, it is shattering.

Shattering until it is no longer there.

There to contain the blood-thirsty monster that lurks inside.

This monster.

The villainous Hyde to my innocent Jekyll.

It longs to paint those around in their own blood.

It demands to witness poor souls escape their wicked captors.

It yearns to bathe in their screams of horror.

Oh God, Oh God,

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!

It's tearing me apart.

Destroying my humanity.

Piece by piece, limb by limb

My screams though loud and clear are devoured by the still silence.


I feel nothing.

And I see red.

The monster has awakened.

And it's dying to kill.

Well, it's not chapter six of The Producers, but at least I coughed up something til then. I really am sorry for the delay, it's just that school started and I've been really busy with my summer reading assignments and my animation project.

Enough excuses! This poem is an original piece I wrote a while back and my inspiration came from everyone's favorite yandere, Russia!

This is what I figured caused Russia to be the way he is. By being constantly rejected by others, it caused something to snap within him as a child, thus creating the Russia we know now. I wanted to give off a really creepy, insane vibe from this poem, so please tell me if I succeeded or not.

Also I might make more poems of Russia or even other characters, so keep a look out for that!

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*Flies into a snow pile*