Hi Guys, here's a funny light one-shot of the relationship between Emily's friends and Paige.

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This is a one-shot but if the story is liked i may turned it into more.

Hannah Marin was a force to be reckoned. Paige knew that of course, but never in her wildest dream could she imagine herself in this particular situation. It wasn't the alcoholic "fruity" drink all over her shirt, or the intense glare from a very particular muscular short- haired lady, oh no, it was the almost innocent puppy eyes the blond fashionista was throwing her way. Why oh why she didn't follow Emily's instructions for "a night out with Hannah" was beyond her –"Oh Emily you owe me big time" she thought to herself

_"Hannah?" said a very strained voice she later recognized to be her own

-"Yeah Paigy?" Answered a buzzed blonde.

-"What is the meaning of this?" asked Paige gesturing from her shirt to the she-bull in front of her. Someone that still was throwing a mean glare her way while breathing hard through her nose.

Hannah apparently thought that having a private conversation was better in this case and with a toss of her hair managed to drag/shove Paige into a dark secluded corner, to the displeasure of the she-bull who snorted and followed them with her angry evil eyes.

–"Listen Paigy"- started the girly girl ignoring the rather abrupt growl of Paige at the new nickname. –"This lady kept on bugging me for a dance even tough I said no several times!"

-"How does that translate into my favorite shirt getting drenched with cheap alcohol? - Asked Paige in her better "babysitter" voice.

- "Oh well"- answered the blond with a dismissive tone –"I told her I'm came with you to this beautiful and elegant bar (a snort came out of Paige's nose) and now she's convinced that she has to fight you in order to have my hand" finished Hannah with a dramatic sigh

Paige went along with the explanation to the very end where she almost threw up the drink she just had - "Wait…what?" – She practically screamed. –"You told trunchbull's daughter that I'm your girlfriend?"- Hannah adopted a very innocent look and smiled in a "sorry" kind of way

After a few seconds where Paige managed to connect eyes with Trunchbull Jr. she took a deep breathe were she could hear Emily's voice in her head repeating "Patience Paige, just remember to be patient with her" and then turned to the blonde saying "Well we could just say the truth and tell her that you are very much straight and in love with Caleb" said the swimmer with a shrug of her shoulders. When she started to make her way to the angry "Lady" (more like Mexican fighter, in a very close nacho libre style) Hannah pulled desperately of her arm causing her to smack back into the dark secluded "Seriously what the fuck" Hannah corner. –"ARE YOU CRAZY"- exclaimed the blonde. –"Then she would just plummet me into the ground, you don't get it because you're gay (cue Paige's offended stare) but the lesbians in Rosewood are like a mafia Paige (cue rise of eyebrow) … THEY ARE!"- Expressed Emily's friend with an intense rant. –"If they figure out that I was in a gay bar just for the sake of pink drinks and ego boost then I might as well be dead"- finished the fashionista with a duh face.

Paige had to count till ten in order to get her wits. – "Hannah"- she started with the softer voice she could muster. -"The gay bar was YOUR idea and this whole lesbian conspiration theory is beyond crazy. She's not gonna kill you, at best she'll try to flip you all night long"-


-"Never mind Hannah, let's just settle this thing ok? I'm feeling nachina libre's glare all the way from there" Sure enough, when the dynamic duo turned in Beth's way (oh! So she HAD a name) She was taking her jacket off and folding her long sleeves all the way to her elbow, she was ready to kill.

-NO! Please Paigy can't you do this for me? I swear it will win you brownie points with Em" – exclaimed a desperate blonde. –"What? You want me to fight that thing? Hannah! Look at her super size form! I'll be dead before I can throw a punch! - Hannah answered with a hand gesture in a dismissive way -"You could totally take her Paigy".

Paige had to roll her eyes at the nickname that appeared to stick with her when Hannah was at her care, because that was that this is. Em was visiting her Nana so she designated Paige as the new designated Hannah sitter of the weekend seeing as Spencer and Aria had bed buddies plans with Toby and Ezra.

"If I didn't knew better, I'd say you are enjoying the prospect of two women fighting for you Han"- after a minute of Hannah Smirking Paige let her eyes bulge "OMG, Hannah! You ARE enjoying this don't you!

Hannah couldn't defend herself because in that moment she-wolf (Beth) interrupted their conversation by pulling Paige's hair all the way to the floor. Paige let out an outraged scream and pulled herself into a standing position. Quickly she located her opponent and started to circle her.

-"Hey Paige, I guess she couldn't wait for a chance to kiss me, huh? - Came from the crowd. Without needing to see the instigator she threw a "SHUT UP HANNAH!"

Thrunchbull Jr. was a good fighter; Paige honestly thought she worked part time with the WWE fighters. -"Listen Beth, Can't we settle this as adults?"- Tried Paige once she realized there's no way she could get out of this fight alive. –"BORING! - Made its way to Paige ears and with a roll of her eyes she repeated "SHUT UP HANNAH!"

Beth didn't have any intention of stopping and with strength of a bull managed to connect a well-placed punch to Paige's face. The swimmer's head snapped back with so much force that the crowd let out a "oooooooooooooooooohhhhhh"…. Including Hannah.

-"For the Love of God Hannah. You better call Spencer and get us out of here or I swear I'll let Beth here have her way with you!" Shouted Paige.

In 30 minutes they were safe in the Hastings house, all thanks to Spencer, who wasn't all that happy to cut short her date with officer Cavanaugh.

-"Every time"- she started to say

Two chastised girls, one with unruly hair and the other one with a purple shiner on her eye casted their eyes to the floor.

-"Every time Em's out of Rosewood and Paige is on Hannah duty you guys manage to get in the weirdest most dangerous problems" a –"We know"- made itself present.

-"I mean I could get it from Han ("Hey!) but YOU McCullers?"- "Don't you know better?"

Paige managed to keep quiet, spencer, after all, WAS RIGHT. She disobeyed the very first rule of the "How to be on Hannah duty and survive all night" manual Emily gave to her that last time (she ended covered in mud with a rubber chicken on her head…don't ask)


-"Well shit, who could say no to that puppy crazy eyes?"

An amused albeit little exasperated Spencer let out a long sigh – "You know that I HAVE to report this to Em right?"

Shouts of –"please No"- and –"I'll let you win the next hockey game if you don't" were quick to appear. A smirking Spencer answered –"Sorry girls, you have let me no choice"-

A crying Hannah couldn't resist the exclamation of –"FINE, but for the record, I told Paige that fighting is never the answer, she just couldn't resist defending my honor".

Two pair of eyes rolled all the way to their sockets and two angry voices let out shouts of


."Jeez, intense much guys?"-