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… When Paige came to her senses, the first thing she registered was the – "Yo! I have an interesting new theory for you to hear!" – of Hanna.

With shock, she admired the crazy battle in front of her. Her amused smile fell when she saw female rocky slap her sexy (quite Amazonian within a fight) girlfriend. With a focused rage, she roller her sleeves and joined her friends. When Hanna saw her, she couldn't help to add…

- "Oh, this is going to be fun"-

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For a small girl with big doe eyes, Aria could be scary sometimes.

Little bambi was pacing from one side to the other, fuming and muttering God knows what (they were too scared to ask). From time to time she would stop a few centimeters from their faces to start yelling but then she would close her mouth shake her head furiously and start pacing again.

Figures the mom of the group would end up being the one that was dating the grandpa of the same group. Paige snorted at her own thought, but quickly adopted a serious face once she had killer bambi eyes trained on her. Dear God! What a terrible way to die, of murderous cuteness.

- "I don't see what's so funny about this mess McCullers. All I asked was to have a good time, at our very last high school party. BUT NOOOOO, you had to start the female fight club 2.0!"

- "There were guys involved too, you know. We are inclusive and look beyond genre"-

- "Oh! Just shut up Han" Said bambi rolling her big unnatural eyes.

- "30 MINUTES! That's all the normalcy We had before you guys started with your usual antics".

- "Hey at least we broke our record, last time we lasted 20 minutes before we were in trouble- Said a smirking Emily. – "Now, THAT was a fun night"- Said a whipped Paige (I mean, you couldn't blame her).

Everyone rolled their eyes at that one, remembering well that one of the reasons they got in trouble THAT night, was because the couple couldn't get their hands of each other… At the Rosewood Movie Theater.

"Guys seriously, look at you three! Is this really the way to get kicked out of a party?"- Remarked Aria "alien eyes". A very disappointed Ezra ended with "Yeah! Is this really the way?".

Hanna snorted – "Says the one that wasn't even invited, jealous much?"-.

Both Emily and Paige agreed with low whispers while Spencer loudly said, "I find your need to be involved with Highschool life a little bit concerning Ezra". Unfortunately, the three of them, all with bruises or purple eyes trying to look down to one of their own professors did not make an intimidating sight.

…Even if he was the dodgy boyfriend of one if their best friends.

"I think we are missing the key detail here guys" Started Paige

"We WON!" finished Hanna.

The Dangerous Duo highed fived and immediately cried out in pain for moving their bruised arms and hands.

Aria facepalmed.

Spencer, hardly ever involved in a troubled mess with the three amigas, smiled proudly at her bruised hand. In her eyes, she achieved an important milestone, a VERY STUPID milestone but a milestone none the less.

Seeing this, Emily whispered with a soft smile to her usually squared minded friend –"Whatever happened to violence is never the answer oh mighty leader of ours?"-

Spencer looked up and took in the sight of Aria chasing Paige and Hanna, no doubt to add on to their bruises. The duo laughed out loud while dodging Aria's "baby punches" as Paige nicknamed them. Between getting up on tables, jumping on chairs and throwing the sofa`s pillows to Aria, the duo fell on the floor (all the way in hysteric laughter) while receiving Aria`s fury via pillow punch attacks.

-"Well that remains very true. But sometimes, I find that everything can go to hell when you are having fun with your friends"- answered Spencer with a sheepish smile.

"OUCH, BAAAAAABEEEEEEE HELP ME. Aria is acting as an angry pixie!"

Spencer turned to Emily with a confused stare. – "Harry Potter"- said the ex-swimmer with a shrug of her shoulders as she started walking into the storm of limbs, laughter and cries of pain that were her girlfriend and friends. – "You`re coming Generalissimo Hastings?"-

Spencer smiled as she saw Emily dragging Aria into a headlock for "topping her girlfriend" and let out a chuckle. – "Wouldn't miss it for the world".

Ezra, Toby and Caleb didn't have any other choice but stare at their girlfriends. The only sign that the fight was indeed a game between friends was the occasional laughter and "Bitch" that came out of the tangled limbs.

"If we stay very still, they won't notice and rope us into whatever is that they are doing"-

whispered Toby.

"Agreed Dude".

"Honestly, I'm scared of moving man so it's no problem for me".

After several minutes, Caleb asked with a loaded sigh "Someone's up for a Hamburger midnight run? I know a 24-hr. joint.

After losing their tense poses, the other two sighed as well. "Yeah, they won't even notice we are gone".

After satisfying their hunger, the three dudes came back to the Field's home Livingroom and found their other halves wrapped in blankets and duvets as huge burritos.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was playing on the T.V Screen and all the women were watching and discussing the possibility of a magic world existing on real life.

They shared pillows and hugs while discussing the "Magic behind the scenes". At the sight of peace and calm between them, the three dudes just stared with open jaws.

"Seriously, girls are weird man".

"What did you say Hon? Asked an enthralled Spencer without looking away from the screen (so THOOOOSE were pixies)". The two scared youngsters and Ezra answered at the same time "NOTHING!"

The scream made all of the girls turn their heads to the male counterparts of their group. Aria lifting her eyebrows – "Now, WHEEREE were you?".

Hanna, after sniffing the air finished with "… And what did you bring us?"

Thank God Toby and Ezra were totally whipped thought Caleb as they showed the girls the bags of food they brought as a peace offering. The hoard of hungry girls attacked them and took the hamburgers away from them in .05 seconds.

Once they were all settled, each couple inside their burrito made of blankets, they continued watching the movie while engulfing their takeout.

At the sight of their friends and the at ease ending to a very exciting night, Paige smiled at her luck. Sure, her face was on fire with all the bruises and every time she smiled, she felt like someone was stretching her cheeks with a hot iron, but she was happy.

She hugged Emily closer and kissed her neck… Then grimaced at the pain of using her face muscles.

As Hanna started to stand up in order to recreate the duel club scene as a very convincing Draco Malfoy (Look babe! She has the same annoying blonde vibe and all! - Shhh Paige, just watch the movie). She couldn't help to think that she was going to miss this crazy bunch, but she didn't have any doubt that they were all going to be present in her future.

After all, if she learned anything from high school is that this kind of craziness was hard to shake. And honestly? She wouldn't have it any other way.

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