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The first thing I remember hearing was the beeping of a hospital heart monitor. It was going much too fast to be healthy, but I understood this was normal for me, and not something I had to worry about. I just didn't understand why. My eyes cracked open a peak and I was greeted by the awful fluorescent lights of the white tiled ceilings.

"Ah, you're awake Ms... Wolfe." A clean shaven doctor said with a glance at his notepad. I stared blankly at him for a few moments, unsure what to do. I couldn't remember anything.

"I... I don't know why I'm here." I said in a voice that was much too parched to sound healthy. The doctor handed me a plastic cup of water and I gulped it down like a starved man would food.

"You were in an awful accident a few days ago. You got a concussion, and we suspect some brain damage was done. You may have slight memory loss, but don't worry, you have medical records already on file, you're not all forgotten." The doctor said, his words quite blunt, yet carefully chosen.

"Can I get some more water?" I asked, deciding not to over think too much on what this could mean. What would it mean even if I knew? I couldn't remember any memories.


I spent another week in the hospital. They had me answering questions about the world; current countries, events and people. Then they asked me questions about schools; books read, sciences learned, math problems. Then, once they found none of my base knowledge of the world around me was gone, they started asking about who my family was.


I had no idea. Did I have a brother? A sister, perhaps? I didn't know!

"Vanessa. Vanessa, do you know who your family is?" The kind nurse asked me. I shook my head, finally letting my eyes meet hers.

"I don't remember anyone." I said in a small voice.

"Okay. How about... What is your hometown?" She asked.

"I... I don't remember. I don't remember anything!" I started to panic then. People were supposed to know these things about themselves! That why hospitals- mental doctors- asked those kinds of questions! To decide if you were fit to go into the real world!

"It's okay, Vanessa, it's fine if you don't know these things. You'll be alright." The nurse said patiently. I was still concerned though.

"Okay, if you want we can always pick up on this tomorrow. Do you want that, hun?" She asked. I didn't want that. Not really. I wanted to go home. Where that was I wasn't sure, but I wanted out of the hospital. It was making me feel like a crippled old person!

But I agreed anyways. They wouldn't let me leave like I was. I had no idea who I was!


"Doctor Phelps, tell me again where we are?" I asked in a daze as I stared a cup of flowers one of the nurses had put on my bedside.

"We're in Detroit Michigan, Vanessa. I told you that yesterday." He told me. I just nodded.

"I know. I'm just trying to see if it rings any bells. I want to remember, you know?" I defended.

"Yes. Its a good thought." He said, and then he was gone.


The next day, one of the nurses who'd been overseeing me the past few day stopped by. "Vanessa, seeing as you're not ill besides your memory loss, you may leave the hospital to your home. We have arranged for someone to help you back to your apartment in a little over twenty minutes. Hopefully there you'll have a better chance at jogging your memories." The nurse said with a hopeful smile.

"I... I get to leave?" I asked, a small smile started at my lips, a bit of fire returning to my dulled brown eyes.

The lady chuckled and nodded. "Yes. Soon. Now, we were able to snatch some clothes your size from the donations bin for you to leave in today, so you don't have to worry about leaving in a hospital gown." I smiled appreciatively at the woman.

I changed in the bathroom and was ushered outside to my ride a few minutes later with 'my' cell phone and wallet.

"Thank god you're finally out of there Ness, it's been too long! They wouldn't let me in to visit because I 'wasn't family', can you believe that? They wouldn't even tell me what happened!" The man in the drivers seat ranted, his Detroit accent showing through just like all the doctors in the hospital. I guess it was really me who had the accent around these parts.

"I'm sorry... Do I know you?" I asked in utter confusion. I wish I could say I had recognized the man sitting next to me in the car, but nothing about him rang true. He was just another face.

"Ness... Stop fooling around!" He said, nudging me. I flinched away from his touch instinctively.

"Look, the doctors say I have severe memory loss. I'm sorry if we were close, but I don't know who you are." I said pleading he would believe me. For all I knew this guy could be a murderer ex boyfriend. Not that that was likely, but... You never know, especially if you don't know anything.

He looked me in the eye for a long time before finally nodding his head in defeat.

"I know you're telling the truth. Everything about you says that you are, but I don't want to believe it." He mumbled, but I barely heard it. While he started talking I felt a dull burn in my throat akin to the thirst I'd felt when first waking up in the hospital. But this was different. My ears caught the dull sound of the man's heart beat and my attention was directed to the left side of his neck. The veins pulsed lightly beneath his skin and I felt the urge to lean in and...

"Vanessa! Are you okay?" My attention was snapped back to his face immediately and the ache in my throat was put on the back burner in my mind.

"I'm fine. Sorry." I mumbled, feeling odd for the strange impulses. I knew I should ignore them, but I couldn't remember why I had them in the first place. I was fairly certain not everyone had moments like that, and I didn't know how to feel quite yet.

"It's okay. This must be so strange for you." He said earnestly. I shrugged.

"I don't have much to go off of. Its just new. Nothing's normal or weird yet." Except for a couple seconds ago when I wanted your blood. I thought with uncertainty. It all felt more real as I thought it. Drink blood. As sick as it sounded I only felt a little disturbed by the sentence.

"I guess that's true." He said. There was a few minutes of silence as we drove across the city to who-knows-where. My life guide for the day let out a big sigh. "I guess I should introduce myself then." He said glancing over at me.

"Okay, yeah. I would introduce myself too, but you know me better than I know myself I'm sure." I said with a joking smile. If I couldn't control my state of remembrance, why worry over it?

He smiled for a moment before it was gone, and he started talking. "My name's Matthias, and I go by Matt. Umm, we both go to college here and thats where we met. You and I are part of a big group of friends, but we live in the same building, so we lean on each other a lot. I don't know what else to say, honestly. Thats about it." Matt- finally! A name!- said. We had thus pulled into a parking space and Matt began to get out of the vehicle.

"C'mon your apartment is upstairs." He said with a faint smile. My bet was he was in love with me, but I had never realized it because we were always such close friends and now that I didn't know who he was, he didn't know how to talk to me. Just a guess though.

If my life were a story, and that thought was right though... Would I be spoiling a major plot point? I wondered conspiratorially, or would that be a minor point in the event of my life? I guess I may never know... Or at least not yet. Only time will tell.

Matt lead us into a fancy first floor greeting room. We then took the elevator to the top floor. I had the penthouse? Was I rich or something? It got even wilder as we walked in the apartment. It was huge. The ceiling was at least twenty feet up and there was a large loft over half the giant open floor-planned home. There was a kitchen on the far side of the spacious room with fancy granite counters and stainless steel appliances. In the opening to the room there was a couch area with a TV setup. A narrow spiral staircase led up to the second loft-landing. From the door I could only see the edge of a desk, but I was sure there was much more. There was a full wall of windows on one side of the room, the long side. On the opposite wall were a few doors, presumable leading to a bathroom and or closets.

Over all I was overwhelmed by the vast and high fashion apartment I was now standing in. Was this my home? Sure there were nice things and it was liveable, but it didn't feel very homely.

"I live... Here?" I asked Matt cautiously as I stepped into the room.

"Yeah, pretty sweet, eh? You're rich or something I swear. You don't like to talk about it much, but you get a lot of money from your family. They did this for you so you would go to college and join 'the family business'. At least, thats what you've told me before." Matt said, a hint of jealousy tinting his tone.

"Wow." Was my miraculous response.

"Yeah. So, do you want me to stick around or should I go?" Matt asked.

I shook my amazement off and turned to him. "Could you stay? Just while I look around and get used to my living place so I don't die or something?" I asked, biting my lip.

"Course. I'll be over here, watching your cable, yeah?" Matt replied cooly, plopping down on a comfortable looking blue couch.

"Yeah, thats cool." I said with a smile as I started investigating my new home. I checked the doors first, finding a considerable sized walk in closet and a small, well furnished bathroom. Then I looked through the kitchen and after finding only kitchen things I started walking back towards the door to go upstairs when I saw a set of doors for a room under the upstairs platform, which I'd somehow missed. The doors, however, were locked and there were curtains over the cute windows that decorated the door. I frowned. Why was I so mysterious, whoever I was?

I moved on after a moment and went upstairs. The bedroom was simple enough. It was a lot more lived in than the rest of the house, that much was for sure. It was more personalized. I started ransacking the room for anything that would tell me who I was. But I was still surprised when I found something. There was a journal in the drawer of the bedside table with only one entry in it somewhere in the middle.

If you don't know you're name, this is the right place to be. You've probably been in some sort of accident. Im sorry. Thats my fault. I'm sure its much nicer not remembering than how my life is though. Things are hard. Everyone is gone. But thats not what you need to know. If you don't even know your name, you also don't know that you're half vampire. No, I'm not lying. Why would I lie to myself? I wouldn't. There's a book on it downstairs in the locked room. As well as my collection. Don't use the doors on the first floor though. There's a trapdoor and ladder under the rug in here. Use that entrance.

All that is nice to know, but this is what's really important. Watch out for the Volturi. You may be in danger.


I didn't know what the Volturi was, but the tears and blood stains on the page made me shudder. I certainly didn't want to find out.


After a few more minutes I had resolved to go to sleep, so I sent Matt on his way. I left the hospital in the late afternoon and now it was getting dark. One of the windows was propped open from earlier when Matt claimed to have come up here to cook. Maybe thats why the kitchen smelled like walnuts and oranges. I shook it off and took a shower and changed into some clothes in the unfamiliar environment.

I felt odd as I stood in the living area with no doctors or nurses talking to me and checking up. It was all I remembered, but I pushed it away. I needed to go to sleep. Even as I started on my way up the stairs though, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. Not here. Not now.

So I went back down and sat on the couch with all the lights in the house off, letting the city light the room. It was peaceful to see the dull lights of the rest of the world around me, and just as I was drifting off, I heard the sound of feet against the ground.

I sat up boltright. This wasn't right. Nobody opened the door. And yet I could see the silhouette of a man in the kitchen stalking towards me.

"I warned you, Cullen. If you got taken into the hospital, I would come after you. We had an agreement. Either go all the way and die, or stay out of trouble. Now you have to pay. What do you think the doctors think of you?" I heard a low, silky voice ask.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about." I stuttered, standing up quickly. The man was much closer now and I could feel the coolness of his skin near me.

"Of course you do. Don't play dumb, Cullen." He continued.

"I really don't know you. And my name isn't Cullen. You must have the wrong person." I said, my voice surprisingly level.

"Stop ng dumb, Renesmee. We all know you're a Cullen. Hell, our whole world does." He spoke again. Another figure stepped into the room, walking towards us from the open window.

"Alec, I don't think she remembers us. Do you suppose the accident was worse than she meant?" A deeper voice asked.

"Felix, what are you implying, instead of dying as she intended, she got memory loss." Alec- or who I assumed to be Alec- asked incredulously. "I doubt that. It's not how she acted. We both dealt with her. You should know that just as well as I."

"I don't know, but thats how it seems, whether that was her intention or not. Thats what happened. I just hacked the hospital records. She was reported with memory loss under the name Vanessa Wolfe, the name the Cullen's gave her for passports, don't you remember Aro telling us that?" Felix explained, which confused me, but seemed to make sense to Alec.

"Ah. Well. If she doesn't remember who we are- what we are- we'll just have to remind her." He said and his piercing red eyes looked straight into my brown ones with obvious mal intent. I shivered and not because of the draft.

"Good plan, brother." A shrill female voice called from across the room, her shiny blonde hair and fearsome red eyes catching in the city lights I had been nearly killed to sleep by just minutes before.

It didn't take a genius to figure that this was the Volturi the diary entry was talking about.

I was indeed in trouble.

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