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I was unsure what to do. Alec was towering over me, his bright red eyes glistening maliciously, and his sister and Felix were flanking him. I felt tag teamed, and there was nobody on my side to help.

"You're the Volturi." I stated. It sounded like a question, which, in a way it was, but I was trying to be firm in my fear.

"Ah, so she does remember." Alec sneered. "Too bad you don't know what that means." I shrunk back so I was more firmly leaned against the wall.

"You're right; I don't know what it means. And I don't understand why you're here! If I am a vampire, that makes sense, I guess..." I started thinking back to earlier in the car. "But it doesn't mean anything to me, because I don't know anything about anyone!" I said hotheadedly.

"You know, considering how she was before, at least she's improved her attitude." Felix mused behind Alec. I frowned in his general direction.

"People need to stop saying... Shit like that! I don't know who I was before, and yeah, I'm a bit curious, and a lot frustrated, but I can't control what I don't remember! It's not my fault, it's the old me's!" I hissed at the three figures.

"You need to chill out before I make you," Alec hissed, his red eyes burning with anger on his otherwise emotionless face.

"You are much too optimistic, Felix. Why do we like you again?" The girl- Alec's alleged sister- muttered at Felix.

"Because I'm more loveable than Dimitri." Felix muttered back. The petite girl glared at him and he flinched.

"Stop that!" He said in agitation. She rolled her eyes.

"Cullen!" Alec yelled in my face.

"Stop calling me that! It's not my name!" I yelled back, my attention put back on the horribly annoying, yet equally gorgeous, man in front of me.

"But it is! You're a Cullen!" He argued.

"My name is Wolfe comma Vanessa. Okay? Okay!" I rebutted.

"Alec, this is going nowhere. She doesn't remember your agreement. We need to either get to the point and be a little more understanding of her, or move on and dump her." Felix said quietly into Alec's ear. It was pointless though, because I could hear every word he said.

Alec sighed and looked away for a moment. "Fine." He said finally. "Here's the thing, Cullen; you violated a vampiric law, your remembrance of it aside. I have direct orders to observe you from the vampire government. You have been pegged as a danger in the past, and the little stunt you pulled, getting put into the hospital, could jeopardize what good we have going for our kind in America." Alec explained his eyes as hard and unforgiving as the law itself.

I gulped. Shit. Now I had a vampire on my ass about something I don't remember! Greaaat.

"Can we start tomorrow, I just got out the hospital a couple hours ago, so I haven't had a good night sleep at any remembered time. I promise I won't sleep walk to the hospital any time in the next eight hours. Now can you all get the hell out of my apartment?!" I hissed. The girl glared and I could almost feel a static shock from her gaze. Wow. If looks could kill she'd be stabbing me right about now!

"Damn Bella." She said bitterly as she glared harder. I flinched as the static turned into a faint drilling feel at the center of my forehead.

"Jane, stop it. It's unnecessary." Alec said firmly.

"Fine." Jane muttered and the drilling stopped. I sighed a breath of relief.

"We'll leave, but I'll be back at the crack of dawn. This isn't over, Cullen." Alec said with one more dark look at me. Then he made a gesture with his hands and the three moved at lightning speed away and out the window from whence they came.

I collapsed back onto the couch I had lay on before and was lulled to sleep by the sound of car horns in the distance.


Even with more proper sleeping conditions, I had a fitful night. I blamed Alec. He was my new go-to for the reasons the world sucked.

I dreamt of a meadow... The snow was fresh, perhaps the first of the season. I seemed to be atop a giant beast with red brown fur. I looked around myself and was surprised by the abundance of people with white faces. We were split into two sides.

There were many in hoods across in the west, three standing further out than the rest. How odd. I glanced back to the side I stood at. There were more people here, though they looked much less professional. Family.

The word came from nowhere but suddenly in overwhelmed me and I could feel a sinking in my gut.

We were in a war. This was my family, and we were on the front row of a two sided war. I felt adrenaline pulsing through my veins. But even as a blonde left across the clearing to speak to the opposing leader, we didn't fight. Instead, a woman with dark brown hair and orange-red eyes led me down off the furry beast to the ground and walked me across to the three.

I looked around then saw the only face that made any sense; it was Alec. He was watching his leader carefully, as if calculating whether or not he would choose to slaughter everyone in that moment. Suddenly everything but him was gone.

I looked down at the snow. It was no longer frozen flakes, but chunks of my so called family underneath me. Their skin was white as snow, and I guess that's what was so ironic about it all.

It felt like a mountain peak pierced my chest.

Alec laughed maliciously. "Serves you right, Cullen."

"Don't call me that! I'm not one of them anymore! They left me!" I screamed at him.

"Keep telling yourself that, C. You're only lying to yourself. You left them. You didn't want them anymore! If anyone should be heartbroken it's them!" He rebutted harshly.

"What do you know about losing loved ones?" I screeched, staggering to my feet.

"Back down, Cullen. You don't know anything about me. I'm not afraid to kill you. I won't hesitate if you take another step." He ground out. But I didn't believe him.

I took the step.

Jane stepped out of the shadows. "Take your fun, sister." Alec said, a sadistic smile lighting his face, but it didn't reach his eyes. He looked tired in his eyes. He was an old soul, I supposed.

"Don't mind if I do." She grinned.

Then the pain.

The pain of a million laser pointers shining in my eyes, drills boring into my skull, and my hair felt like it was being ripped out all at once. Maybe the feeling of knives in my sides was there as well, it was all so overwhelming that I wouldn't be surprised if my legs were snapping under my weight.

I collapsed with screams of pain at the edge of my tolerance. I would surely die if this continued.

"Ask for it to stop Renesmee, I'll make it go away," Alec murmured, faux sweet.

"Go... To... Hell!" I yelled, tears in my eyes.

"I've already been there, it's my hometown." He said and laughed insanely.

"Stop it! The pain!" I pleaded.

"Too late, Cullen. Too late." Alec said with a happy sigh.

"No! I'll stop it!" I promised and with that, I bit my tongue, and stood up ignoring the pain. It's all in your head, Nessa! I told myself over and over again. I got to my feet and my arm collided with Jane's. She started screaming and she pulled back immediately. The pain stopped then.

"What did you just do?!" She screeched.

I was confused. "I didn't do anything! It's you that's trying to murder me with your horrible mind tricks!" I yelled. Before I could say another word I collapsed on a pile of blood drained bodies.

Their blood was on my hands.

"We didn't have forever. You lied." I mumbled into the frosty air towards the dead corpse of someone I didn't recognize.

My eyes flashed open, greeted by the rude morning light spilling in through all the windows. The dream, so vivid in my mind moments ago, started to drift away. What was my dream about again?

All that was left was Alec and a lot of pain.

That's when I heard the breathing. I sat up and after a brief moment of dizziness, I focused on the boy across the room.

"So you're awake then?" He asked uninterestedly.

"I suppose so." I replied, my head pounding.

"You either are, or you aren't. There's no medium." Alec said with a scoff. I shook my head.

"Why are you talking to me, aren't you supposed to be my personal stalker or something?" I muttered at him.

He nodded after a moment. "Basically. I do need to talk to you about that though. You obviously don't know the laws anymore." Alec said, sounding bored.

I walked over to the kitchen and Alec stepped back as I drew closer like he we were magnets with the same charge and thus repulsed each other. I nearly rolled my eyes. "You're right on that one." I told him. I didn't know what to think about him being here. I mean, on the one hand, he would give me some of the knowledge I'd forgotten in a way that I won't be biased; I don't know who I was, but my past would surely have gotten in the way, however I was. On the other hand, he was a complete stranger from the secret vampire government who has special orders to stalk me so he can decide whether or not I'm going to screw up life for all his friends.

I started rummaging through my fridge in search for something appetizing, but everything looked disgusting. I frowned and grabbed a yogurt cup, putting it to my nose. I had at least thirty cups like this one in the mini-cold-room, but as I caught a whiff of it, I couldn't help the way it made my stomach turn.

Was nothing about me normal? If I had this much of a food_ shouldn't I like it? I threw the yogurt back in the fridge and slammed the door, sitting on a bar stool with my head in my hands. Alec regarded me with guarded eyes.

"What?" I asked in exasperation.

"You seem frustrated." He said. I stared at him dubiously.

"You don't say." I muttered.

His eyes lit up with understanding suddenly, but the look disappeared nearly as soon as it appeared. "You're thirsty." He stated. It was most definitely not a question. In fact, it nearly sounded like an order.

"What?" I mumbled into my arms confusedly. I mean, as far as I knew, food was fine. I may have been part vampire, but all the food at the hospital had been nice, filling even. Probably more than I'd had in a long time. I didn't feel like I needed blood at all. But as I thought back to yesterday with Matt, I wasn't so sure. Maybe I was craving blood…

"You're thirsty; you need blood." Alec said slowly as if I was an idiot.

"No! I don't need blood!" I exclaimed, my head snapping up so I could stare him in the eyes. They were a strong crimson color.

"But you are thirsty. There's no way you aren't; you haven't had any blood of any kind for weeks." Alec said evenly, staring me square in the eyes.

"How would you know? Stalker." I asked, mumbling the last part. Alec scoffed.

"I've been watching you for the few weeks I've been in town. You posed a threat, I wasn't keeping really close tabs, but I needed to make sure you weren't screwing things up." Alec replied.

"Fine. Yes, I'm a little thirsty. But I'm not going to go murder people!" I hissed, my eyes darkening in disgust.

"You need to feed. You may be only a halfling, but if you aren't careful, you'll go out and binge sooner or later. And that's bad. Too much drinking in one area leads to suspicion. Suspicion leads to investigations, which could lead to exposure if somebody isn't careful. Exposure means burnings like in the old days when everyone knew and hated vampires. We don't want that. Thus, we go." Alec explained in hurried exasperation before he grabbed my shoulder and led me out of the apartment I would now call home.

Alec led me out of the building onto the roof. I was shell-shocked to find a giant garden living on the rooftop paradise. Millions of plants of all kinds seemed to thrive up here. I couldn't describe it…

"Keep moving," Alec grunted, pulling us to the edge.

"What are you doing?" I asked, afraid he planned on pushing me off the side of the building. I thought I heard him scoff then, but I wasn't sure.

"I'm not going to pull anything, we're only looking for whom to go after, and it's much easier to pick a target from up here." Alec said, letting his hands fall at his sides once more.

"I will not kill people. Doesn't it seem wrong to you?" I asked in shock. I wouldn't want to die, so why would I kill anyone?

Alec shook his head. "It's natural. Instincts are never wrong." He replied coolly. Obviously he had some sort of strong fast belief of that.

"But you said I was half right? I have a heartbeat and blood, unlike full vampires. Won't it not be the same for me? What if normal blood is like poison for me because I'm half human?" I rattled my voice a tangle in confusion and nerves. Yes, I was nervous! But, with a face like that in front of you, telling you to murder people… granted, it was a good looking face…

"It won't poison you." Alec insisted, then turned on his heel, not grabbing my arm this time. "Come on, Cullen, let's get some O negative in with your ABC-negative-DEF-positive, or whatever the hell kind of blood you've got in your half dead veins." Alec called, muttering the last part only just loud enough for me to hear.

We went down the elevator. For some reason, I couldn't wrap my head around it. Sure, I couldn't remember a lot of things, but I was positive that in Hollywood, vampires didn't go out in the sunlight like Alec and I had on the roof- though he had a cloak on then, as did he now- They didn't show up in mirrors, couldn't balance a spoon on their noses. But out of all the things it was that vampires were supposed to be of the night, mysterious and scary to the utmost degree. But, through Alec's cool, hard demeanor, I could see he wasn't completely ruthless; he was still a person though he was undead.

But come on! He was undead! I was partially undead! And we were taking the elevator! It felt weird. Shouldn't we be taking the stairs which would be flooded with moonlight- were it actually the night- wearing capes of billowing black and corning people as they left their apartments and killing them slowly?

But we didn't do any of these things, and I was again struck that I was by no means living in a movie. My story was only as twisted as I made it out to be. I was half vampire, Alec was full, and we didn't act like the media all assumed we all would if they believed some form of vampire was real. I would live for any number of uncountable years and Alec would now be monitoring me until I seemed fit… or not a threat to the rest of the world. It would've been helpful if I at least remembered more of who I was, but, that was something I couldn't change, I supposed, so I made to not dwell too much on it.

I was brought out of my reverie when the elevator opened on not the ground floor as we had been headed, but the third. Matt entered the elevator, completely ignoring my presence. I frowned. Why wasn't he acknowledging me? He seemed aware of the elevator music and started humming along idly, glancing in the reflective walls of the tin-can-like room.

"Matt?" I asked aloud, trying to elicit some sort of response from my only connection to any sort of past. "Matt!" I said, growing more and more confused. That's when I noticed the faint grayness in the air, and Alec's oddly positioned hands.

"What are you doing?" I asked him dubiously.

He rolled his scarlet eyes as if his actions were obvious. "Well, we can't just go around killing people, Renesmee," Alec started and I resisted the urge to correct him. It's Vanessa! I imagined myself saying only for him to give me some sort of blank stare and insist on calling me either Cullen or Renesmee again. "It's technically against the law." He said. "However, my ability makes it so nobody who doesn't have to will know we're there." He explained in a dull voice.

"What, you made us invisible? But he can't hear us either!" I complained.

"No, Cullen, my power is more than that. But that doesn't matter now. Here's the elevator." He said as the doors before us dinged!

We stepped out after Matt and made our way out into the city.

We seemed to walk for hours. Maybe it was my acute sense of time, or the way that I could hear all the conversations around me, but something about our brisk walk through the city seemed to take forever. I tried to convince Alec to let us at least get a taxi if we would be walking far, but he'd only rolled his eyes and insisted we walk. I couldn't for the life of me understand his intentions, but I followed him wordlessly after that.

As we ventured out, however, I was struck by the cultures around me on the streets in a way I couldn't remember experiencing, and my attention was distracted from the quest Alec and I were on, and the light burning in my throat.

There was a particular street corner where a man was beating on a contraption of PVC pipes with flip flops. It caught my attention, my mind immediately wandering to and seeking out the somehow reassuring and familiar sound of music. It filled me with a light feeling of happiness. Even when Alec tried to pull me away to bring me back to the reason we were wandering the city, I just glanced at him and pouted. The rhythm of the song made me want to dance, but I suited for mild swaying instead, even as Alec insisted we go.

"Come on, Cullen. We should go." Alec demanded. I just shook my head.

"We should, but why would we? You may be hungry- or whatever- but I'd really rather stay here and listen." I replied with a surety. But then the music was gone. It just vanished. In my mind there was no explanation. I turned to the performer; he was still playing away on his makeshift drum set, but I could hear nothing.

"Let's go, Renesmee." Alec repeated himself. I glared at him, realizing he was using his powers again as I saw the slight discoloration in the air.

"You're no fun." I spat.

"The law never is." He grumbled back. I wondered if he really felt that way; that he was the law and thus couldn't do anything but what the rules said. And for vampires, it seemed there were lots of them on top of normal human-American laws.

After another twenty minutes of distracted walking and searching for potential victims respectively, we found ourselves standing in some slummy back alleys of the city. Hobos sat against walls with cups and cigarettes begging for money so they could go spend it away on their slow but painful death by inhalation and lung cancer.

We didn't stop at any of them though. We continued until we came upon a pair seeming to be trading drugs and money. The haze of Alec's power slowly landed upon the two men and they fell to the ground as if knocked out. I glanced at Alec, still not willing to drink from a human. I wouldn't be an animal! I was friends with humans, how would they feel if I ate them? How would I fell?

"Go, Cullen." Alec insisted. I looked back at him stupidly.

"Did you really believe I would do this? I told you I wouldn't!" I exclaimed. He scoffed and walked over to the fainted pair.

"These people, Renesmee, they're nothing! Scum under your feet! They've done nothing but crime in this kind of place!" Alec retorted. "You've eaten cows more innocent than these monsters!" He explained. I just stared amazed. He had some gull saying those kinds of things.

"Now, who do you think you are? These people are monsters? Take a look in the mirror! You go around killing people all the time! At least they're only doing drugs!" I said hotly.

"You just don't get it, do you?" He asked with a cruel smile. "We- both of us- are naturally monsters. We drink blood of humans, we kill and we are horrific. But at least we're being true to ourselves. Druggies don't. They try and cover who they are and change how they feel and act for a few measly hours at a time. But they're weak that way. Drugs are supposed to fix you, specially prescribed for individuals. But humans have a way of taking bad things and twisting them into moments of fake-living. We are real though. It's our biological right to do the things like kill. For them it's just destructive and idiotic." Alec said. He glared into my eyes, his presence becoming more and more looming by the second. I had the feeling this wasn't about the druggies on the ground though. He was talking to whoever I was before.

What did I do to myself that made Alec feel the need to get this in my head so adamantly?

I was definitely confused.

And I still didn't want to kill anyone.

This was going nowhere- and everywhere- all at the same time.

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