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Chapter 1: Arrival

After hours of endless fighting he finally did it, the First Hokage who uses the unique Wood Style Justu Hashirama Senju had tricked Madara Uchiha the one who left their village, by using a wood clone and then using his fastest speed got behind him and sliced through his skin, missing the heart by centimeters. The terrain around them changed from lush green hills and beautiful lakes to small rocky mountains and large puddles.

"This is it!" Hashirama shouted at Madara who was in front of him almost paralyzed if not for his shacking,"I will not forgive anyone who threatens the village in any way, whether they be parent, sibling, friend or even my own child," Hashirama was done with trying to convince the betrayer of the village. He drop his sword that was still lodged in the Uchiha making him fall to his knees.

"You have changed Hashirama, but I will have the last laugh!" Suddenly he turned even though a sword was sticking out of him and he activated his Eternal Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan and shouted.


That was when a swirly pattern appeared out of no were, Hashirama had a hard time staying on his feet it was as he felt like he was being sucked into some sort of vortex. That feeling quickly changed as then every atom in his body cried out in absolute pain when they all got sucked into the middle of the swirl. It was like a vacuum no sound except for Madara's vicious screams of laughter, Hashirama was no longer in his dimension!

Fairy Tail

It was once again a normal day in the famous guild Fairy Tail, fights were happening, people drinking and more fighting, they were very happy about their victory against Phantom Lord and had been celebrating all day in the new hall, but today was different. While all that was happening, happened, the entire guild hall started shacking, it wasn't normal. A few seconds later the wooden floor boards near the entrance doors were cracking all the way to the serving bar.

This caused all of the weaker members to fall unconscious, some were on there knees and the stronger ones where struggling to stay on two feet.

Suddenly out of no were the entire door was destroyed and sucked up but no one knew why, until behind the door they saw some sort of swirly pattern (The Kamui) with what looked like a crooked arm like no one was controlling it, it then quickly shifted into position as what looked like a torso turned into a body that flopped unconsciously to ground!

The man had long dark brown hair that reached down to his back, red iron armor, a headband but the thing that scared the most out of Fairy Tail was that his entire body was bathed in blood, they didn't know what to do.

"W-who's h-he?" A Blond haired girl questioned a white haired girl as they both had shocked expressions.

"W-well I don't know," she replied, turning to a very short old man who had just recovered from almost dropping to his knees, "well master what do we do?"

"Hmm, well he does seem to be in critical condition so we need to take him to the hospital. Take him there guys!" He orders in a nice way slightly concerned about what he can do, seeing as he almost destroyed the guild! 'Why does he have so much blood on him? He might have been attacked or the other way. What every happens I need to now if he'll hurt my family!' The short man thought.

Today was going to be a very long day!

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter but they will get longer I promise!