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Chapter 6: Fighting Festival

Hashirama was returning from a false alarm when the council called him in, now he going to Fairy Tail. The one person he didn't really trust much was Laxus and his team but now he was returning to maybe complete a mission in Fairy Tail. 'Well time for me to buy a house but I need 500,000 more jewels...' He continued to ponder until he actually reached the building.

Fairy Tail

It was shocking. The entire guild was covered in some sort of border with strange runes engraved into them, but in the entrance three people were struggling to get out of the entrance it was Makarov, Natsu and Gajeel.

"Hey, is that Hashirama? Oi over here!"

Hashirama turned to the source of the noise and of course it was Natsu.

"Whats wrong with the guild?"

"Oh thank the Heavens your here!" Makarov said. "It was Laxus, he turned the girls of the contest into stone with Evergreen." Makarov said worried as he moved out of the way so Hashirama could see them through the door.

"Why?" Hashirama asked walking to the door.

"NO! STOP!" Natsu shouted causing him to stop," this damned thing in front of the door won't let us out so I don't think it will let you if you enter." He said punching the rune showing Hashirama he couldn't leave.

"Well what do we do now?"

"How about you go Hashirama." Makarov proposed.

Hashirama considered for a moment.

"Ok I'll go stop Laxus and his men!" Hashirama stomped out after he heard.

"He's in the cathedral!"

"OK! I'm off!"

Near the cathedral

Bixlow was waiting, he heard Hashirama was back and he was told by Laxus to keep him out of the operation.

"Out of my way!"

He turned to see his target, Hashiama.

"Well why don't you stay out of it, new guy,"

"I will use violence!" Hashirama made sure he heard that by taking it up a little.

"You think you could beat me?"


"Well you seem to be wrong. Go get him babies!" Bixlow quickly commanded he little flying friends to attack him.

Green lasers coming out of the toys Bixlow sent to attacked Hashirama but he was just about able to dodge.


In a puff of smoke, a sword suddenly appeared in Hashirama's hands as he moved out of the way of another attack.

"Some kind of Re Equip mage are you?"

The sword wielder jumped with his incredible legs and swung, making 2 of his toys in half. Moving to the other, he also noticed how more toys were flying up in his command.

"What the!?"

"Haha! My magic is infinite! No matter how many times you destroy the body, the soul will still live!"

"So you command souls, That's no good."

"Babies! Attack again!"

This time 10 toys with beams fired making it many time more difficult to dodge, unluckily, he then got a direct hit on his leg.

"AHHHH!" he screamed in pain.


The shinobi could only care for the wound for 5 seconds because now that he was unable to dodge all the objects had a clear shot.


It they swarmed around him. He thought for 0.33 seconds as the beams came closer he figured out what to do. All 10 beams hit their target making the Thunder Legion member happy, until the body turned to wood.


One by one his toys fell broken with sword slashes and Hashirama behind them. The body was a Wood Clone, the same jutsu that fooled the mighty Madara Uchiha.

This act made Bixlow furious.

"Time to reveal my trump card!"

He removed his helmet only to be met with a crazy face, hair spiking in 3 different directions, tattoos around his forehead and a smiling mouth, Hashirama thought he was a crazy looking guy. His eyes turned a blinding green.

"I'd advice you not to look in my eyes, I can take your soul!"

Hashirama closed his eyes fearing as though his soul will go. A small bit of déjà vu hit him because he always had to close his eyes against Madara.

Pain went through his body as more toys zapped him. He slapped his hands onto the ground.

"Wood Style: Wood Dome!"

Wooden pillars emerged out the building he was standing on making a dome encasing Hashirama and defending him from the toys Bixlow owns.

"Wood magic too? You sure are an interesting newbie."

But what he didn't know was that wood was starting to cover his body beginning with his legs, he only realized when Hashirama shouted something from inside the dome.

"Wood Style: Wooden Stockade!"

Quickly after, the wood sped up tremendously covering his arms head and legs and he was unable to move. (If you don't know what a stockade is search up medieval stockade.)

That didn't stop Bixlow though as he kept squirming around.


The wood tightened, he wasn't able to move his arms anymore and was only just able to breathe.

"You know *cough* that you wont be able to defeat Laxus."

"Oh I assure you I can."

Magnolia cathedral

Laxus was fighting the masked man Mystogon until Erza and Natsu appeared making him lose his guard and allowing Laxus to burn his mask off showing Jellal causing him to run away. Shortly after, Hashirama arrived.

"Hey your out of the guild." he said.

"Yeah Levy found a way out."

"So lets beat this 'Laxus' guy up!"

"No!" Erza shouted. "We can take him ourselv-" Erza was cut off as a bolt of lightning came straight at her and hit her.

"ERZA! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Natsu said in frustration.

"Oh your here? I didn't notice you,"

"Well now you will!" He charged at Laxus.

Swinging his arms aimlessly, Natsu then got kicked in the side by his lighting leg. Then when he was down with his lightning feet he slammed them down onto his head making a large crater.

Laxus then moved back while Natsu then stood up, preparing for an attack he was quickly head butted into the ground by Erza.

"Why that's not a nice thing to do to your comrade." Laxus commented.

"Alright Laxus! What have you put in the sky?"

"Oh my Thunder Palace you mean."

"Your despicable! Attacking your own town!"

"Re Equip: Lightning Empress Armor!"

Erza's armor them changed to a light blue and showed much of her chest area, hair tied and a lightning staff, Hashirama didn't think it would at all help.

"Lightning empress huh? Well it won't save you from my attack!" He ferociously said sending an attack at her but she jumped straight up.

"Now that we're using the same magic its a fair fight!"

She used here staff and aimed lightning right at him but he turned himself into lighting and dodged. He then sent a powerful lightning attack at her to test the armor, it came closer only to be absorbed by the armor.

"Oh your still standing huh?"

"Erza would you just leave it already I told you I can take care of him myself!" She turned behind her.

"Well then, I'll have to put my faith in both of you." she said proudly.

"Huh?" Hashirama was having a little day dream on what the hell was happening that he missed all the action.

Erza then ran to the exit of the church.

"Hey! Where 'ya goin'?" He asked confused, "Hold on, don't tell me your gonna try and destroy that thing?"

"You must have a death wish."

"If that's what it takes then I'll accept it!"

"No!" He went to chase her until Natsu attacked.

"Fire Dragon Roar!"

A burst of flames shot from Natsu's mouth and was directly aimed at Laxus.

"Hey jerk! I'm gonna beat you down!"


"No! Hashirama go help Erza!"

"I'm helping you!"

"I don't need you help! She does!"


Hashirama was angry, not at Laxus but Natsu, he did see how much he got injured, 'I'll just stand outside and watch but if anything goes wrong I'll help him.' Hashirama thought.

(Skip to near the end of the fight when they're on the roof but without Gajeel, sorry but I forgot he was in the fight.)

"The guild isn't yours Laxus. Just think about it." Natsu squeaked spitting out blood.


"Breakdown Fist of the Thunder Dragon!"

A massive fist of lightning as large as a building headed to Natsu and if it hits he would surly die.


It hit... or did it?

"Your 100 years to young to be telling me what to do!"


Natsu's fist collided with the ground in frustration showing he's OK.

"I'll make sure you'll die now!"

"Halberd of the Thunder Dragon!"

A lightning spear came roaring at Natsu at an incredible speed too quick for him to react.

It was deflected.

"Wood Style: Wood Pillar!"

The wood came out of Hashirama's arm right in front of Natsu absorbing the attack. (I know wood is a insulator but I made it a conductor so electricity passes through it to take Gajeel's place.)

"Hashirama!" Levy, Freed and Gajeel shouted in fear of him.

"GO!" Hashirama said quietly in pain.

"ARRRGHHH!" Natsu was indeed angry.

"IRON FIST...!" Flames burst around him.

"Damn you!"

"OF THE FIRE DRAGON!" He hit him right on the head and turned for his next attack.

"TALONS!" He swiped his talons at Laxus's body and slashed.

"WING SLASH!" Both his arms attacked Laxus's shoulders.

"SWORD EDGE!" He headbutted him with flames around his head.

"FLAMING ELBOW!" He elbowed his face.

"BLAZING FLASHOVER BLADE!" He spun around as the fire surrounded him and beat Laxus!


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