1730 ROOT Headquarters

"N-Na-na-na-ruu-to? Na-aruto?" It was Hinata Hyuuga's voice in Naruto Namikaze's radio, but she wasn't stuttering, because the radio was patchy as her love was 500 meters deep underground.

Naruto increased his radio frequency. "Yes, Hinata?"

"Naruto? Where are you now? What are you doing?"

Her voice was so beautiful and sweet that always calmed his temper. She was his sun and light in this dark and cruel world, and she was the only person who knew him and loved him 100%.

"Doing some clean-up. I will be back to the Uzumaki Manor in five minutes, and I need to make a top S-rank report to both Hokages."

Half an hour ago, the Kyuubi no Kitsune used Naruto's shadow clone to blow up the ROOT underground headquarters that created a 400-meter-deep abyss and many Danzo Shimura's associates and ninjas falling to their deaths. The abyss was full of long and deadly sharp rocks and was full of broken bodies- body parts everywhere. Some people were impaled, and some others were shredded and bled to death. This place was as deadly as the Forest of Death, and the blond jonin had to use Wind Armour to get down into the abyss, to recover their bodies after executing the traitorous elder.

"Understood. I'll notify them. I love you. Hinata out."

"I love you too. Naruto out." The blond turned around and stabbed his Arashi katana at the dead Fire Crown Prince Masashi Madako's crotch. He then twisted his blade and the prince's penis was severed.

Watching the genital rolled on the ground the Golden Slayer looked at the prince with contempt and disgust. "Fuck the emperor."

The Fire Heir Apparent had colluded with Danzo Shimura to use Naruto and Fu, even Gaara, jinchuurikis to conquer the world to create a Fire Empire, so he could be the first Fire Emperor. He greatly disrespected Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze even he was the Heir of Whirlpool. Worse, the lecherous prince wanted to have some "sexy time" with his fiancée Hinata Hyuuga. That's what made a furious Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, the infamous brutal Golden Slayer, to chop off the debauched prince's private part even in dead.

"YEAH! Fuck Danzo the Hokage. Fuck Fire Empire. Fuck the Emperor!" Kurama said with both middle fingers up. "How will you report this mess to the Hokages? There are eight thousand Kumo witnesses and you intend to release them from the fuinjutsu trap that Danzo sealed them in."

"I will tell the Hokages that I executed Danzo for his high treason and many other crimes with proof. I'm certain the Hokages will make his death and his crimes a state secret just like the Uchiha Massacre for the good of the village." Naruto said the last five words sarcastically. "And the prince, well, the truth is between you and me. I'll tell the Hokages that he died in the fall and that I was too late to save him. I believe they will make an official story that Danzo and that piece of shit prince were killed by the Sky ninjas who refused to surrender and fought to death."

The Kyuubi no Kitsune nodded. "Right. There is no need to let anyone else to know you let that spoiled entitled prince die, or some people will use that as a justification not to leave us alone, even the Hokage's successors. Most of the assholes in the Fire Country circus are dead, and no one will bother your Whirlpool restoration."

"It's all thanks to you Kurama," Naruto appreciated. The fox made a 'don't-mention-it' gesture. He shoved a ROOT agent's body part into a scroll. "And I will have some words with Sai and Hizashi."


One Minute Later at the Uzumaki Manor

"I'm back," Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze said eyes closed as he was tired fighting all day. 'How am I going to deal with Hizashi? He's Hinata's uncle.' He arrived back at the Manor using the Flying Thunder God Technique.

"WOH!" Someone jumped-hugged him. The blond jonin knew who it was without opening his eyes, it was his love, his sun- Hinata Hyuuga.

"Welcome back Naruto!" Hinata hugged him with tears in her lavender eyes. "We win the war! We made it!"

"Yeah, we did it, Hinata. We did it." He smiled and hugged her back and was ready to kiss her.

"THE HERO OF THE ONE-DAY-WAR IS BACK!" a voice suddenly yelled from behind.

Naruto turned around and his eyes widened as he realized they were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people. Everyone was here- the villagers had come out of their shelters as well as the VIPs from the Uzumaki Manor.

"NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO!" Ninjas with weapons were waving them high, and others and the civilians were holding their arms high. "NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO!"

"He wins the war for us!"

"He saves us and the village!"

"He is the son of the Yellow Flash and the Red Death after all!"

"NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO! NA-RU-TO!" People were cheering thunderously for their whiskered blond ninja that won the impossible war for them. The voices could even be heard at the Valley of the End.

"That is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, the Golden Slayer!" Fujio Watanabe, a Water News Channel reporter spoke to his cameraman on breaking news. "The young ninja singlehandedly eliminated the fabled millennium demon Satori, smashed the vast Neo-Combine army, neutralized the undestroyable Undead Uzumakis, and destroyed the dangerous Sound monstrous Berserker Corps. Lastly he defeated Orochimaru the traitorous Sannin and the Neo-Combine supreme leader!"

The cameraman and others wanted to bring their cameras closer on Naruto, because their cameras in the Arena didn't capture his clear image. The journalists, however, were blocked by the Leaf ANBU, and they could only show the audiences Naruto's back, blonde hair and whiskers.

"A-Ano, people want to see you, so I moved the Hiraishin tag in the open." Hinata admitted bashfully and her old bad habit resurfaced- pointing her index fingers.

"It's OK." Naruto smiled. "I think I would have to greet the village and the higher-ups anyway, so thank you my love." He lowered her and romantically kissed her on the lips in front of the crowd.

A Naruto's shadow clone henged into a civilian shouted "The Whirlpool Prince kissed the Hyuuga Princess!"

"AWWW!" Many people cooed, while the fangirls crying giving up.

"What a perfect pair!" another voice said.

"Long live the Whirlpool royal couple!" someone cheered.

The Byakugan Princess blushed heavily. She looked at her love surprised at his bold act, then her eyes widened upon looking at his eyes, which were slight purple and, more shockingly, there were ripples on his eyes. She blinked again and saw his normal sky-blue eyes. She secretly sighed in relief. 'I must have overused my Byakugan this whole day, tired…'

"Hem!" Tsunade's right hand was in front of her mouth and there was a slight blush on her face. "Can't you do it somewhere private kid!? Do you want this to be an inspiration for your godfather's perverted book?" She chided her nephew lightly, but she would cut him some slack for all he had done for the village today. He had contributed a lot- his Medivac fuinjutsu invention saved many lives, and his immediate allow to access the Uzumaki Armoury gave the Leaf ninjas an edge to fight the invaders.

"But you have done very well, we cannot win this war without you. I'm proud of you kid, and I'm sure your parents too. You can be my successor, had you not wanted to restore Whirlpool Country." The Fifth Hokage patted Naruto's back shoulder.

"Thanks." The young blond appreciated her praise and her subtle support for Neo-Uzushio. His aunty would always be welcomed to Whirlpool, she was a Uzumaki after all.

"The village owes you a huge thank, and the Wind Daimyo wants to thank you too." The Senju gave way to the Wind Country leader who were accompanied by the Kazekage and several Wind Royal Guards and Suna ninjas.

News cameras were flashing while the daimyo extended his hand to the Leaf blond ninja. "Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, my greatest thank for protecting my life."

Naruto shook hand with the Wind leader. "Don't mention it, Your Grace. With great power comes with great responsibility, and I protect everyone just like you protect your people well." A little flattery wouldn't hurt.

A smile appeared on the Wind Daimyo's face. "Yes, that's what a leader does. And please don't use that title to me, for we are equal. You are the future daimyo of Neo-Whirlpool. I look forward that our countries work together, especially in trade." Whirlpool was an important strategic trade and transport hub and had abundance of mineral resources. With the Fire royal family gone, there was little obstacle for the young Uzumaki to restore his country. It's a good time to forge a diplomatic relationship with the new country that would be more powerful than it was before.

Naruto smiled and put his other hand on the Wind Daimyo's hand. "Me too. Wind Country will prosper with Whirlpool Country."

In a small forest at a far distance, there was a mysterious figure hidden on one of the trees there. He was observing the crowd. His purple rippled eyes turned to the whiskered blond, who was the center of the crowd attention and receiving praises and thanks for his heroism in this battle.

'This jinchuuriki's combat prowess and charismas reminds me of Hashirama.' The mysterious man thought. 'And he is that cursed Tobirama's descendant.'

"Lord Kazekage," Naruto bowed slightly to Rasa, after the Wind Daimyo left. "Thank you for helping to defend Konoha. I look forward to a close cooperation with Sunagakure no Sato. Neo-Uzushio will be shorthanded and the security for the trade land route between Wind and Whirlpool is best to be delegated to Sand."

'He means more missions for Suna,' Temari thought as she looked underneath the underneath what Naruto said to her father.

"My pleasure for helping Konoha," the Sand leader smiled and shook hand with the Uzumaki. "I look forward to working with you, now if you can excuse me…" He bowed slightly and left to join the Wind Daimyo, leaving Gaara.

Naruto shook hand with his fellow jinchuuriki. "Thank you too for helping in the defense of Konoha. Thanks to you and your father, the right section held the line against the combined onslaught from Cloud and Rain. I know very well Kumo's attack capability, and my shadow clones witnessed your fights against them. Shukaku's absolute defense is a well-deserved reputation; he does have the best defense among the tailed beasts."

"Hahaha! Of course! I am number 1!" Shukaku was laughing and his chest puffed.

The Sand jonin smiled. "You're welcome. Ally helps ally, friend helps friend. I'm sure you will do the same for us."

"Certainly," Naruto shook his hand again. "Tonight, the beer is on me! Fu you should come join us!" They three jinchuuriki brethren should have a celebration with their partners tonight. Shino Aburame would be invited too.

"Yeah!" The teal-haired girl cheerfully answered and ran to her jinchuuriki siblings.

"The three jinchuurikis are here," the mysterious man whispered. "Another three are on the way." A black figure emerged next to him.

"We will be ready in an hour."


Council Chamber of Demon Country High Priestess Temple

"Underground tunnels and warehouses are under construction 24-7. Warehouses are prioritized for stockpiling food and supplies." The Demon Country Infrastructure Minister reported to Miroku, the High Priestess of the country, and her daughter Shion.

Shion often attended her mother meeting with the top government officials, as to learn the politics, because the High Priestess of Demon Country was also the head of the state. Yet this meeting had taken unusually long, but this was very important. It was all about the future war against the Ancient Evil- the Rabbit Goddess and her demonic army of white monsters that would destroy the world.

It's the country Defense Minister Uozumi's turn to report. "All the barrier obelisks across the nation have been resurfaced and raised yesterday and the obelisks are ready to activate at your command anytime." He looked at his document. "And over 99 thousand men have answered your call to enlist the Sentinel Army."

"Good." Miroku and her Prime Minister Akagi nodded in pleased. When news reached every corner in Demon Country that their government was raising an army with their beloved High Priestess' blessing, many young men enthusiastically enlisted. Many doctors joined too to take the medic roles.

The High Priestess found the "Demon" for her country army name inappropriate, considering the foes were an actual demon army. Her Honour Guard commander Taruho suggested "Sentinel Army" and she approved it before praising the young man.

Taruho attended this government meeting too. Being the Honour Guard commander for the country High Priestess must know her history and why she secretly disliked her country's name. Not many people knew about the Demon Country's ancient history, particularly what happened over a millennium ago. The Demon Country's original name was Ancestor Country, until the Rabbit Goddess arrived. She terrorized and oppressed the human population that nicknamed her demon, and the country's name was forever tarnished and renamed to Demon Country. This nation was the ground zero for the first God Tree. Miroku's ancestor came from the ancient nation Emperor Tenji and his empress' child. Some speculated that the Akuma's family's dojutsu was created by the mixture of chakras when the Sage of Six Paths battling the Rabbit Goddess, when the child was still in the empress' womb and the mother was still entrapped in a cocoon.

In the High Priestess' personal opinion, it was time to rename the nation, she would later have a discussion with the Prime Minister and his cabinet about this matter later.

The defense minister continued his report. "We will divide the army into nine main battle units that's called divis-"

"Legions," Shion interjected, everyone turned to look at her. "We will call them legions." She looked at her mother, who smiled and nodded in approval. This newly raised army would be led by the Prophesied Hero of the Light. The young priestess saw that man's favourite battle unit term in her vision.

The minister looked at his country leader and her daughter. "Legions? Oh, very well," he made a gesture to his assistant to make a note on this change. "Each legion has nine thousand infantries, both heavy and light, complemented with 900 archers, one thousand horsemen and other auxiliaries such as medics and logistic supports. Their trainings will be complete within 18 months."

The young blonde priestess had heard there was a war happening in the Fire Country ninja village. 'People are talking about a particular young ninja fighting and holding the line against many impossible odds...' The news piqued her interest, but she and her mother were having this important meeting with the entire government cabinet for the whole day, and it nearly completed, she would watch the news footages after dinner.


100 kilometers away from Konoha, there were two groups facing each other- the Kakashi Battle Group and the Neo-Combine Rain army that had mysteriously pulled out of Konoha.

It's very strange to the Leaf commanders that the Ame forces were not hostile, but the Konoha and Suna ninjas were ready for a battle here. Kakashi Hatake had activated his Lightning Cutter, while his rival Gai Maito had opened his Fifth Gate. Hizashi Hyuuga was on his Gentle Fist stance, and Shibi Aburame had released all of his kikaichu bugs that were flying around him. Tsume and Hana Inuzuka were on their fours along with their ninkens preparing for their signature Fang Passing Fang technique. Shizune was ready to unleash a deadly poisonous mist. Many Ame ninjas took a step back fearing the powerful Leaf jonins.

"Master Jiraiya!" A voice shouted from the Rain group.

The Toad Sannin was shocked to hear that familiar feminine voice. 'Konan!? I thought she was dead along with Yahiko and…'

A beautiful blue-haired amber-eye woman came out of the Ame group, making the sannin's eyes widened. His eyes became more widened when he saw that she had an arm sling on her left and her left face was bandaged that reminded the Leaf ninjas of Danzo Shimura (but bandaged on the opposite side), and her bandages were bloodied.

'What happened!?' Jiraiya thought in shocked at his former student's state. The female Ame leader was supported by two kunoichi genins on both sides to help her walk slowly towards the sannin.

Leaf ninjas raised their AK-16 crossbows, other weapons or preparing jutsus towards the Rain trio. A few Rain ninjas displayed white flags as truce and parley, and all others dropped their weapons and held up their hands as a gesture of good will.

"EVERYONE STAND DOWN!" Jiraiya ordered aloud and he quickly approached his former student.

Ajisai was helping Konan's right side. Several hours ago, the Rain genin was fighting the Leaf village alongside with her five thousand fellow ninjas until they received a news that something happened in their home village. They didn't have the full detail, but they knew that their dear leaders- their God and Angel were attacked, and many at home were killed defending their leaders. The invading Rain army promptly left the Leaf warzone to rendezvous with their leaders who escaped the village.

'Who attacked them?' The Ame genin thought worried about their leaders. Her God and Angel were powerful, but their enemies injured them severely to that they had to escape. The Angel flew and carried the more severely wounded God to link up with the Rain army first, and the surviving loyalists from the home village would join them later. It shocked her and everyone else that their Angel in such state, and their God in a worse state. It shocked them more that Konan told them they would meet the Konoha army that was heading home from the west. All commanders protested saying it's insane as they just waged a war on Leaf, but the Angel assured them it would be alright. Again, much to their shock, their female leader was acquainted with the legendary Toad Sannin Jiraiya when she called him out.

"Long time no see," Konan greeted her former teacher.

"Yeah, long time no see Konan," Jiraiya replied and looked at her injured face. "But what happened to you, Konan? Are Yahiko and Nagato alright?" He would later ask her whatever she led the hidden Rain village that was part of the Neo-Combine. His students' welfare came first.

"Yahiko is dead a long time ago," the bluenette dipped her head in sadness, then she looked at her teacher with pleading eyes. "And Nagato will be too if you don't save him!"

The Toad Sannin's eyes widened at both revelations. Konan had no choice, but Konoha had the best medical treatment and that Medivac fuinjutsu to save her last best friend. She turned around and made a gesture to an Ame commander who nodded.

"Bring our dear leader!" He ordered. Four special jonins carrying a stretcher with a red-haired man on it.

"NAGATO!" Jiraiya immediately recognized the red-haired man on the stretcher, whom he believed was The Child of the Prophecy. The Toad Sannin however was shocked to see an unconscious Nagato's state- not only he was emaciated, but there was a bandage across his eyes and holes there, obviously he was missing his fabled Rinnegan. His breathing was shallow, and he only had fifteen minutes max left.

"What exactly happened to you two!?"

"We were betrayed by that fake Madara Uchiha," Konan thought bitterly about the surprise-attack by Tobi and Zetsu that resulted them both heavily wounded.


Turtle Island, Fire Country Eastern Coast

"Fire Hell Storm Chakra Diffusion Cannons at my mark!" Professor E ordered furiously.

The entire Kumo army at Konoha was wiped out to less than 300 ninjas that escaped the Leaf village. The survivors said they witnessed that Darui and the other 8,000 Cloud ninjas were absorbed by a blackhole-like fuinjutsu in their revenge against Danzo Shimura for the Raikage's killing. The Konoha's Darkness certainly had killed them. All were lost- the war was lost and Kumo was critically weakened. Konoha, Iwa and Kiri would take a revenge war for the Raikage's Slave and Breeding program. A drastic measure must be taken. Leaf must be destroyed to protect his Cloud village.

A barrage of kunai tagged with explosive tags flew towards the Kumo chakra cannons. E's and commander Toroi's eyes widened before they and several other ninjas quickly made several hand signs. "Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!"

A spiral of powerful flame (Blast Wave Wild Dance) came towards the Cloud ninja group and merged with the Futon Daitoppa that became a bigger fire. Many veteran ninjas quickly dodged the deadly flame, and those who couldn't were burnt to death, and they died screaming agony.

A figure with an orange spiral mask in an Akatsuki coat appeared and started to cut down the Kumo ninjas with a ninjato two by two every second. So fast that it reminded the surviving ninjas of their Third and Fourth Raikages' speeds, and they were shocked to see a Sharingan spinning through that orange mask hole.

E, Toroi and other Cloud ninjas immediately counterattacked. Powerful lightning-ninjutsus and weapons flew towards the mysterious Akatsuki enemy.

"WHAT!?" All their attacks passed through this unknown foe, who charged at them.

Two minutes later, all Kumo ninjas including Professor E and Toroi lied dead. The Kumo ninjas' last stand heavily damaged this mysterious enemy's mask- revealing Obito Uchiha- the long thought dead student of the Fourth Hokage. The Uchiha looked at the Cloud Hell Storm. Its firing at Konoha in the morning demonstrated how powerful this weapon of mass destruction was, and it alarmed him, and he needed to act.

'It can certainly destroy the moon, and this will jeopardize my plan.' Obito thought. 'I will not allow this weapon exist.' He threw several explosive seals at the Hell Storm.

A second later, BOOM! The Cloud's most prized and most powerful weapon crumbled and engulfed in flame.

The Uchiha's Kamui portal appeared. He stepped in. 'Only sensei's son knows where the Kumo Nibi and the Hachibi are, we will get the information out of him. No one will stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and my reunion with Rin…'


"Nagato was used by that fake bastard to revive the real one with his Rinnegan, then Madara took his eyes." Konan explained to her teacher.

'Madara Uchiha is resurrected!?' Jiraiya's, Kakashi's, Tsume's and Shizune's eyes widened. Even Shibi, the most stoic ninja, too at this revelation. A few weeks after Naruto and Hinata's return to Konoha, the blond exhumed the Uchiha's grave. Then he reported to the council that Madara was still alive and was responsible for the Kyuubi's Rampage 13 years ago, and that's how the Uzumaki was persuaded to improve the Konoha Firewall defense array in the council meeting. This contradicted Konan's statement.

Back in the hidden Leaf village, among the celebrating crowd Naruto stiffed and turned to face the Tobirama Senju bust, everyone followed suit. All of them froze at what they had saw- a long black-haired, red-armoured man with a gunbai (big war fan) on his back. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the God of Shinobi, froze too and couldn't believe it- it had been more than fifty years since the last time they met.

"Madara Uchiha has returned," Konan informed her teacher. "And he is in Konoha now."


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