Into the Cosmos!

Chapter 1

Gonna keep this short since some of you don't read long AN's. This is going to be my attempt at a triple crossover involving Naruto x DC x Marvel. You may ask why? I ask you, why not?

The Naruto in this story is going to be the Naruto character from my other story "The Perfect Storm", only this one will have all of the abilities that the other Naruto in my other story will eventually be getting, hope that made sense...

A few last things. Everything from characters, cities, major events, etc will all share a singular universe. I'm going to follow plot-lines that make most sense to me in terms of continuity, so don't be shocked if I skip a few. I am going to at times use most inspiration from comics, other times certain Movies, and even TV shows.

1st phase of the story is going to take place in an era marked as the "Deadliest conflict in the world' history", if you know what I'm talking about then give yourself a pat on the back, if you don't then your soon going to find out. Turns out, there was a crap ton of material back then, so here I am taking advantage of it to start off my story. Which is markedly different from the others I've read where he goes to either universe.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, DC, or Marvel comics nor anything else that was not my creation in this work of fiction.

Greetings, I am the being known as Uatu The Watcher. It is my task to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos. Only to note them, never to interfere. This task not only brings me great joy, but great sorrow.

Here I stand by watching as a unique young man is taken from his reality and thrust into another by those who do not practice non-interference. They know not the fire they handle, they simply take him because he was outside of their process of creation, and he is different to them.

Their purpose is simple, they are "Instruments of the planting/creation/teeming of the universe", while their anti-thesis devour all they create. It truly is a never ending cycle created by the being known as the Fulcrum.

One group creates life, one watches and records it, the last devours, sending them back into oblivion. It is the basic law of nature that governs the cosmos. But I digress, the young man I have been watching for the past few days now is beginning to stir from his slumber...

...Ready to begin his tale.

Organic life is nothing but a genetic mutation, an experiment. Your lives are measured in years and decades. You wither and die. We are eternal, the pinnacle of evolution and existence.

My kind transcends your very understanding. We are each a nation, independent, free of all weakness. You cannot grasp the nature of our existence. We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure. There is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it. We are beyond your comprehension. In the end what you call us is irrelevant, we simply...are.

Before us, you are nothing. You extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.

We...are the...!

A young man awoke with a start, sweating profusely and gasping for breath. He bolted up right from his makeshift bed, he began calming himself down, he started to gather his wits about him.

The young man' name is Namikaze Naruto, Nidaime Uzukage of Uzushiogakure.

This had been one of numerous dreams that had assaulted his mind while asleep. The speech or declaration, it was being embedded into his psyche by what sounded like multiple voices, one speaking over another. He could never grasp their name before the dream ended and he guessed it didn't really matter at this point. This was something that had been on his mind but he was no closer to finding anything out.

Even if he knew their name, what could he do about it right now? And should he find them, then what? To bring him unawares to a foreign land meant they were very powerful, he would need to tread carefully or have something very powerful aiding him. And then if he does beat them, how does he get back home? Will he even be able to get back home?

There were just too many questions right now and not enough answers.

He reached into his subconsciousness to talk to Kurama, the Biju sealed into him at birth and once more during the war, in a way to help his friend...maybe the mighty fox had a clue what was going on.

The blonde Namikaze frowned, no matter how far he went, he couldn't locate the fox. He found a faint sense of something similar but at the same time different from Kurama. Whatever it was, it had dug itself deep into the farthest reaches of his mind and would be a while before it awakened.

No matter what he did to try and stir whatever was back there, it did not budge. It had come to the point he had stopped after a few hours everyday, he had other priorities right now, like getting a roof over his head.

He was currently homeless, had no money, nor any food.

From sleeping on rooftops to trying to find something to eat in an alley, never had he experienced this end of the spectrum. It made him realize just how well off he truly was back home, a roof over his head, food on the table, warmth in the company of family and friends, money was never an issue either.

Since this was a foreign land to him, he made sure to be discreet when looking for food or anything he would need to survive. He did not know the form of government here and he did not wish to kill someone because of a mistake he may have made.

However, just because he did not know the form of government or rules here does not mean he has not gathered some information. Using his eyes, he had made a startling discovery, the natives of the land he was currently in had very little if any chakra in their systems. Never would he have believed it had he not seen it.

Just how did the people here live with such small pools of chakra? Realization had hit him when he made this discovery, he truly was away from his home. The blood from his mother's clan refused to believe in such a farce but the blood from his father knew it was all real.

Sometimes he hated having such contradicting views on things due to his reckless Uzumaki blood in his veins and the rational thinking from his Uchiha blood. And that doesn't even add in the instincts from the Kaguya clan.

Sure he was gifted with prodigious talent but sometimes those same genetics could bite you in the ass.

There had also been another problem but one he foresaw, there was a language barrier. He had no clue what was being said, it all sounded like gibberish coming in at different decibels, some were low others were high.

He had even resorted to using his Sharingan, easily reading the moving lips of a man or a woman, the only problem was he didn't know what the words meant. He had contemplated pushing his eyes to their next stage to see if they would have a better time of it.

Fortunately, the decision had been taken out of his hands as he spotted movement a few yards away from his position. It was a group of four men, one clearly older than the others while the remaining three appeared middle aged. What made them stand out from allies was the three surrounding the old man.

It was a mugging, or a murder in the works.

Whatever these three men wanted, they wanted it badly enough to do it in front of many witnesses. Or perhaps they planned to kill everyone who saw them? Chances were slim at that, the citizens watching could easily overpower them. So then why?

He shrugged his shoulders, it wasn't any of his business. He went back to thinking of how to get a roof over his head.


Hearing the plea for help did little to dissuade him and he continued to ignore it.

"Please help me! They win if I die here!"

Naruto turned his attention back to the group, clearly he wasn't the only person wishing to keep his hands out of this. The area once full of people had all but vanished, leaving only himself and the four other men.

Having no clue what the man was spouting, he was getting annoyed and if him helping got rid of his shouting, then he could get back to the task at hand. So he got up, dusted himself off and begun to judge just how far the distance was from his building to the next and so on.

He could make the jumps.

Getting a running start, he leapt off the ledge of his building, clearing the gap that led downwards to certain doom, and landed on the other side. Two more buildings to go.

He did the same thing to the following two, he was just above the group who was disturbing his peace. Not wanting to use what shuriken and kunai he had left, he took out his ninja wire instead and began to tie it off, creating a noose. Slipping on his fox mask that was given to him by Samui, he applied chakra to his feet and began a slow walk downwards towards the man furthest in the back.

None of them heard him, nor did any aside from the old man who was being threatened see what he did to the straggler. Quietly, like he was out fishing, cast the noose around the neck of the first man, slowly began to tighten so it rested firmly, and then he pulled.

That was the good thing about ninja wire, especially the one he had, it was made to be subtle and if used correctly could prove fatal. The wire had sliced clean through skin, tissue, muscle, and everything else that was needed to keep a person alive.

Temari, a Jōnin of Sunagakure had given this type of wire to him. It was what she personally used herself to carry out her own missions. He had been very grateful for it, especially now. It was special in that it was designed specifically for use with wind chakra, making it even sharper than normal. Plus, it could be used to control things, kind of like how the puppeteers of that country do.

Quickly reacting, he manipulated the wire to wrap around the flying head while he slid down to catch the body from hitting the ground. It had taken him months to perfect the technique of applying just the right amount of force when using the wires as he did just now, as the head was still intact. He thanked Shizuka for that training that day, she was more proficient at smaller weapons that he was.

Placing the body and head down softly next to one another, he moved in to take out the remaining two, he did not however expect one of them to ask the dead one a question.

"Hey, how should we make this old man talk-"

The man spoke in a much heavier tone, almost angry, compared to the others he had seen. It also had a distinct accent.

"Who are you!?"

Naruto was of a mind to just break the finger that was being pointed at him and it was by this point the other one turned around as well. Seeing as neither were going to outright action, he took these few spare seconds to size them up.

He wasn't impressed, and it wasn't from lack of chakra.

The duo tried to pass off what they were wearing as matching uniforms but he could tell they were nothing but tatters. It was mismatched, if they hoped to make a statement then they needed to do better, the only thing on their persons that was similar was a strange symbol they had everywhere on their clothes.

It was strange to be sure, perhaps it was a clan symbol?

Looking at it from one angle gave you a cross, another it would look like an X if the legs were unfurled. The actual symbol was black in color with a white circle background and another background in red covering the whole thing.

He glanced behind the duo, getting a better look at the victim. This one was more refined, a black suit with a white shirt and some shiny shoes, along with a walking stick. The man was old, very old, pudgy and if his nose was correct, he smelled of smoke. His eyes spotted what just had to be the largest cigarette he had ever seen on the ground.

"I asked you who you are?!"

Naruto returned his attention back to the two and could read them like an open book, both were tensing their muscles, ready to attack at the slightest provocation. Before he tried to do anything, he spotted the old man moving his stick above his head, ready to bash in some heads.

He mentally shrugged, he could distract the two idiots while the old man took them out.

"I am not the one you have to worry about."

The two men looked at him confused, neither knowing what he said. The old man paused a bit and looked directly at him, a look of recognition and fear in his eyes.

Naruto was confused by this look, just why was the man afraid of him for? They had never met.

The blonde' eyes spotted one of the man' hands reaching into his coat and they registered a piece of metal being drawn. His own muscles tensed, ready to kill him quickly but stopped, just what was he looking at.

It was metal alright, but not like his shuriken or kunai's. This thing had an elongated tip with a small circular hole at the tip, towards the back stood it's grip and a small area to fit your finger in. whatever it was, it was enough to panic the old man in the back into taking out this man first.

He dropped his stick down.



It was simultaneous, the stick had come crashing down atop a head while a small projectile was fired off at him in a loud boom. It all happened in slow motion, he watched as the body dropped to the ground with a thud and the other man slowly beginning to turn around and kill the old man.

While that was happening, he watched the small projectile coming directly towards him. His eyes read it's intended projection and it was going straight towards his arm. Seeing no other choice, he moved his body as fast as he could and felt the projectile go in and out of his arm.


Whatever that thing was, it moved faster than what his body would allow him to move. His eyes clearly saw it, so that meant his body couldn't avoid it, he would need to train his body once more. He landed on the ground with a thud, gripping his arm.

The pain was unlike anything he had ever felt before, how had something so small done so much damage? It burned like crazy, but he was lucky it had went through.

He was thankful he had learned a few healing techniques from Karin all those years ago, granted he would never be as proficient as her or Tsunade, but he didn't have to be. All that mattered was the right now.

'Shōsen Jutsu(Mystical Palm Technique)'

His eyes allowed him the control needed to apply this technique and before he knew it, the bleeding wound became scarred skin which would heal over time.

Looking up, he saw the other enemy going for the old man and knew he wouldn't last. The surprise attack had been good but only towards one enemy, he gritted his teeth and pushed himself up with his arms, the wound was tender, and vanished via body flicker.

Reappearing in front of the two men shocked them both paralyzed and he struck. Sending a punch towards the man's gut, he doubled him over and then grabbed the side of his head and drove it towards his rising knee.

The man was a bloody muttering mess once he fell to the ground unconscious.

"Great Scott! That was bloody amazing my boy!"

Naruto's head snapped towards the old man.

"You can speak my language?!"

The old man scoffed, "Please son, in order to better understand your enemy, you must immerse yourself not only in their language but their culture. You need to know how they think..."

Naruto found himself nodding, it was what he would do. Find out all you could on a target and then when a plan was conceived you strike. "You still did not answer my question."

The old man looked at him confused, "Are you not from Imperial Japan? I was positive you were since I heard you speak the dialect earlier..." he muttered the last part.

Oh, that must have been the look he noticed earlier, he recognized him speaking this so called Japanese.

"What is this...Imperial Japan?" asked Naruto confused.

Now the old man looked at him like he was stupid, which pissed him off. "What is Japan?! Just where have you been the last two years!"

"Not around here obviously." he replied succinctly.


Naruto smirked at that one even though it was hidden behind his mask. Before they continued speaking any further, the man told him they should leave the scene, Naruto agreed but decided to get rid of the bodies.

He molded his chakra, calling it forth from the bowels of his stomach, towards his throat and out of his mouth...

'Katon: Oki(Embers)'

He felt no threat from the man who was gaping at him in awe, if need be he could just kill the man and dispose of the body, much the same way he was doing now.

"Never have I seen such an ability in all my life..."

The blonde Sharingan user stayed quiet wanting to hear what the man thought.

"You have obviously shown me this ability for a reason, an olive branch of friendship or partnership perhaps with a subtle threat of death should I speak of it..."

Naruto was impressed with the man's deduction skills, he gave him a stiff nod. He needed to start somewhere in this place and perhaps helping this man would get him started.

"You have my word and to show you the same kindness, I will give you my name, something I have closely began to guard in the last few months." replied the old man in his native tongue.

"Your name?"

"Yes, recently I have become a high profile target, as you can see." he pointed to the burning bodies of flesh.

Naruto nodded. "I can give you friendship, that is easy to give. We don't need trust to be friends. But a partnership? You know nothing about me, would you really trust someone who can do what I do and fully trust me?" questioned the fox mask wearing blonde.

"Yes." replied the old man without hesitation. "You are the future my boy, I can clearly see that. With you and me, we can protect this country and her people, prepare her for what's to come. But your right, I do not know anything about you. I promised you my name as a show of trust, let me start the introductions."

Naruto had listened to the mini speech the man gave him and he could appreciate the honesty and straightforwardness the old man showed. It was a nice change of pace from having to deal with those who use deception on a daily basis. Plus, it also helped the man wanted to protect country and people, something he could relate to.

The old man stuck out his hand, "Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill." he introduced himself as.

For obvious reasons, the blonde knew nothing of this man but his eyes told him he was speaking truthfully. None of the signs of lying showed when he was giving his name.

He looked at the outstretched hand and offered his own, "Namikaze Naruto."

Churchill raised an eyebrow at the backwards greeting but shrugged, he chalked it up to it being something Japanese.

Two months had come and gone in the blink of an eye since the initial meeting between both Naruto and Winston, each man finding the others name odd.

It was during this time that Naruto learned that his new friend/associate was very wealthy and if the big estate did not convey that message, the various amounts of tutors did. Naruto already knew many of the things they were trying to teach him such as mathematics, he already knew that due to him learning Fūinjutsu which required the use of complex mathematical equations to estimate the size of what you were trying to seal and for how long.

What he really learned over the months was different language's, he learned English, German, Italian, Russian, and many others. When he asked why, Winston simply told him it would allow him to blend in a bit better in their country and so he could understand others when he was off on missions.

Speaking of missions, he had accomplished a few for the man and he admitted that learning the languages did help. Most missions were recon assignments meant for gathering information on certain people and places.

When he went out on these assignments he used the codename he had chosen at the behest of Winston. He went by Kagebōshi(Black Shadow) and he was glad he did, among the things he learned was the use of technology these days, and it was very powerful, much more so that in his home.

How people could talk over oceans via radiowaves astounded him, sure they had hand-held radios back home, but nothing on the scale of what they had here. The people here did not develop physically as his people had, they developed technologically.

But then came the similarities both his people and the ones here shared, conflict. No matter where he went, there was always fighting. The only real difference he could make out was just the scale, his geography teacher showed him maps of these countries and they were four times the size of the Elemental Nations.

So just in sheer size of scale they had them beat, but that only meant more to conquer which only meant more death. And at the epicenter of this all was the country of Germany, them and the Nazi's.

Well, they were the core of the problems but everything had started when Japan had taken control of China in 1937. Then not only a year later and they invaded the Soviet Union along with Mongolia in 1938. They were still fighting on that front, and granted it wasn't all of the Japanese' fault, there were other events that eventually led the world to where it currently stood.

Some of the people in the house had been nervous or downright frightened of him when they learned he was Japanese, the mask nor his gear helped with that. He was reluctant to do so but he removed his mask to place the staff and guards at ease, plus nobody would teach or feed him if he still had his mask on, so to him it was a fair trade. Nobody aside from Churchill knew his name anyways.

Many of the women were swooning over his appearance, his sun kissed blonde hair along with his ocean blue eyes. To them, he looked more Caucasian than Asian so they figured that he must be a mix of both, Euro-Asian.

He honestly didn't care for either. He shook his head of the thoughts plaguing his mind.

Right now he was out on his daily patrol of the city, they couldn't have small groups try to get a foot hold in their country. He was to take care of any people he found suspicious as he deemed fit and lo and be hold, he found some.

They stuck out like a sore thumb, each of them were wearing cloaks, obviously trying to conceal their identities from any prying eyes, the group ducked into an alley way.

He followed after them, it was time to get to work.

None of them had noticed his presence yet although maybe one had if them sniffing the air was anything to go by, but then again they were in an alley. All they had to do was look up and they would find him.

"Is it safe to talk now?" asked one of the smaller figures.

His ears picked up a strange accent, it was English alright just another variant it seemed.

"I'm not sure, let's ask our friends from this time. What do you think, Raven, Irene, Logan?" spoke another small figure.

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed, what did that person mean by time? And was she really just dumb enough to drop their real names.

"Don't use our real names!" bit out another figure, chiding the other one.

"Sorry sorry, I was just asking."

"Look, for this mission use our codenames or at least the two of ours, don't know if he has one?" the figure jerked their thumb to perhaps the shortest of the bunch.

"Right, so what should we do, Mystique, Destiny?"

"If your positive this event took place now and it changed the future then you need to be prepared for the consequences of messing with time." replied Mystique.

Naruto just sat back taking in everything that was being said.

"Shadowcat, Marvel Girl, can you tell us the details once more so we can discern if we are even in the right place?" asked Destiny.

"In our time, me and Rachel awoke to a world controlled by Nazi's when the both of us clearly knew different, the Allies won the war, not the Axis. We figured something must have changed the time-line, and here we are." explained Shadowcat.

The blonde up on the roofs listened with rapt attention as the one known as Rachel continued where her friend left off.

"Kitty is right. We eventually found out that a man named Baron Wolfgang von Strucker allied himself with a being known simply as the Shadow King. Together they either forced Britain to obstinate from the war or have them join them. One or the other, neither ended well for our future."

"Is there anything else you can tell us?" a gruff voice asked.

"The only other information we gathered was them, along with another man, tried to replace the current British Monarch to the throne with a man named Oswald Mosely, an ally for Nazi Germany." explained Rachel.

Hearing that got Naruto up, there was a group brave enough to try and replace Albert Frederick Arthur George, or George VI. This would need to be stopped before it could happen.

"So your saying that if we kill this Nazi Baron von Strucker then none of this happens?" questioned the one with the gruff voice.

The other four shared a concerned, at least that's what he thought they did, look with one another. It was the one known as Mystique to answer his question.

"All of us have learned to kill, Logan. But more importantly, we have learned not to kill. And to know the difference." stated the feminine voice.

The gruff one crossed his arms in annoyance, clearly not liking the approach they were thinking of taking, he sniffed the air once more.

"Is something wrong?" asked Mystique. She knew the man from a few years back and knew his instincts were second to none. So when he smelt something, she knew he found something.

"...I ain't sure." Logan replied gruffly. "I can smell something out there but I ain't sure what it is."

Naruto knew that was his cue, he sprang from his position between the five and immediately went for the two cloaked figures known as Logan and Mystique.


That was the word Kitty would use to describe the shadowy figure currently attacking them, this person had quickly and easily taken out Mystique. She may have not liked working with Mystique but beggars can't be choosers, besides, it wasn't like this one was the same as the future one, right?

She snapped out of her daze and focused on the figure of Logan trying to pummel the mystery man with varying degrees of difficulty. The other man on the other hand was literally dancing circles around the shorter man, moving with an unnatural grace and speed.

It was almost like she were staring at an alternate version of Spider-Man. He seemed to predict where Logan's every strike was going to hit even before he did, just like the web-head would. She looked over to see both Destiny and Rachel as cool as cucumbers. They obviously knew something she didn't.

Before she could question them she didn't notice the large shadow coming right at her. By the time she realized it she was on the ground unconscious beneath the weight of Logan. She had no time to use her powers.

"Peace newcomer, we mean you or this country no harm." calmly stated Destiny.

"How do you figure that? You all wearing cloaks and talking in an alleyway seems might suspicious to me." replied Naruto.

"Easy, had I wanted to, I could have informed my friends of your presence ten minutes ago and we would have been ready for you." she stated.

'What the hell is she talking about, can she see the future?'

"Yes she can." answered Rachel.

Naruto looked at her sharply, how had she known what he asked?

"Because I'm a telepath and like her I knew you were watching us. I read your feelings and knew you were an okay person. You only wanted to watch out for the home that has given you so much in so short a time."

'Telepath? She read my feelings? What the hell is going on with these two? And how does she know that?!'

Rachel shook her head and sighed. "I can see this is going to take a while to explain. And I might as well get it done before the trigger finger wakes up." she was referring to Logan as she walked over to his downed form.

Right now, these people were the only lead he had to stopping a potential Monarch switch. He decided to hear them out.

Naruto's head was a mess right now.

And that wasn't because of the three people he had knocked out trying to strangle him. His head was a mess because of what he had just learned. Supposedly, two of them, Rachel and Kitty, were from the future come back to try and stop a nefarious plot from taking place.

Time travel, it was just a convoluted mess that just thinking of all the possibilities would turn your brain to mush. Perhaps that's what happened to him? Maybe he had somehow been jettisoned from a point in the past or the future to this current era?

He just shook his head at that whole mess. The only thing he could find some solace in was they were trying to help this country, which meant they were on the same side and would work together to stop this mess.

And then the things about mutants. They were people born with an extra gene, called the X-gene or something, and that gave people powers or mutations. He didn't want to admit it, but perhaps he and his people had an extra gene as well, it would certainly explain all of their mutations, only difference was theirs weren't random like they were here.

Apparently, these mutations could manifest something simple as making copies of oneself, not unlike his own technique, to controlling energy or bending reality itself. Or in Rachel's case, moving through time.

Then there was Irene, or Destiny as she liked to be called. Born blind, her gift manifested one day and found she could "see" the paths. Her powers were precognitive, meaning she knew what was going to happen and what the best choice of action would usually always be. It was like his Sharingan but on a much larger scale.

It was how she knew he was there watching and did nothing when he suddenly dropped in amongst their group. And then the telepathy thing, a person who can read your mind, a shiver ran through his body at that. Somehow, someway, he would need to find a way to stop someone from entering his mind and making him a puppet, he'd done it enough to not want it done to him.

And then the thing that took the cake as they say, he had asked Destiny if she could see what his path was and she told him it was blank. Meaning he could either take any or make his own. He had chosen another question to ask.

"Can you see anything of the people who brought me here?" he asked her, not caring if the others heard.

Destiny closed her eyes and began to focus, trying to give him an answer. After a few minutes she fell down on the ground, gasping for breath. She looked up to him.

"I'm afraid whatever it is your searching for is beyond even my abilities. It is on a far grander scale than anything I have ever felt." she replied. Naruto didn't like the sound of that.

"Enough with this chit-chat! Are we going to carry out this mission or not?" Logan was ready for some action, and right now he was staring at the blonde who had taken him down.

Naruto looked in Logan's direction, he could see the feral man wanting a piece of him for what he did earlier. Everyone aside, only Logan and Mystique had not shown him their abilities and he had only shown them his manipulation of fire.

There was the possibility that both Irene and Rachel knew he was withholding information, if they did they made no fuss over it. He was thankful for that, he didn't think this place could handle if he really went all out.

"If you lot are going through with this mission, then I will need to inform my friend Winston."

"What, you need your daddy's permission to get something done?" sneered Logan.

Naruto paid him no attention, "No I don't need his permission but he is a major player in British politics, it would be far easier for us to get an in with anything of the Monarch rather than trying to wing it your way." replied the blonde, a smirk playing on his lips when the growling receded.

Logan gave him a nod at the solid plan, it would be far easier if they did that.

Mystique sighed and rubbed what he believed to be her temples, "Very well, we have a plan. How do you want to proceed?"

"Well, how good are you at infiltration?"

It seemed they had taken his words of infiltration wrong, what he meant was that he alone would be doing that particular job while the others did theirs. There had been some debate on the subject, two of them saying they could get the job done just as good as he would. He did not doubt them of their supposed skill, but since this was something in his pseudo country, he had more right than them.

The original plan had been to infiltrate the home via party guests on the eve of the new year, but it was shot down immediately by Mystique. The plan had been for him and Irene to enter as guests while the remaining members of the group be their maids and servants. None of them liked that idea...

So here he was, up in the rafters of the long standing home which has been passed down from father to son for generations. While he was patiently waiting for his target to make his appearance, his eyes began to scan over the guests. He easily spotted his temporary teammates.

He had to admit to himself that once the cloaks had come off, all four women were very beautiful. Red hair sat atop three of their heads while only Kitty had hazel brown.

Rachel had faint markings on the skin of her face but she didn't seem to mind them, she said they gave her more character. And if anyone made fun of them she would kick their ass, he could respect a woman who could back her words up.

Kitty or Katherine, as he had been so informed, was the calculating type, just like himself. Her powers allowed her to become intangible which was exactly like one of his own techniques, but she could go for much longer.

Irene despite being blind had a regal look to her beauty, from the way she walked to the way she spoke to you. And then to the woman' lover, Mystique.

What could he say about her, she was by far the most unique amongst them, her type of beauty was exotic. She could be the best thing that happened to you but also your last.

She was a shapeshifter.

You would never know if the person you were talking to was the actual person or not, that was how well the mimicry was. Her blue skin did nothing to dissuade his opinion of her, she was still beautiful yet deadly.

And then there was Logan.

The only other male in the group. While the two may have gotten off on the wrong foot, each knew the other was skilled and they could at least respect the other for it. The two were polar opposites, he was calm and composed while Logan would often times use rage to fight leading to more injuries than when he first began.

Their jobs were straightforward for each of them.

Logan would protect Rachel while she fought against what she claimed as the second strongest psychic of the future only to some man named Charles.

Kitty would protect Irene who would be feeding them information of the different possibilities that could occur that evening. Kitty was the quick escape route should they manage to find them.

Mystique would be running interference on the ground, switching between different guests and herding some to different areas.

His musings on his team had been cut short when he spotted his target. Judging by what he had been told of the man's appearance, he could say with certainty that this was the man, although he was missing a few minor scars.

Strucker was a man who appeared to be about forty, bald head, dark brown eyes, and a manacle in his right eye. It was easy to see the man had noble blood running through his veins as he easily mingled with the guests while slowly maneuvering his way towards the king with practiced ease. He wore a dark suit that when hitting a specific angle in the light appeared to be a greenish color.

The man he was talking to however was something else. Power, undiluted power, was rolling off this man or being, as he was told. He had tried making sense of just what sort of creature he was dealing with but all he was told was that it was a being of the multiverse, existing on all planes of reality. The man he was masquerading around as was the biggest person by far at the party, both in height and weight. He wore a white suit with a purple dress shirt, shoes, hat, glasses, and a wooden cane. A golden yellow sash was wrapped around his arm.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the Nazi had already begun to talk to the king and slowly began to sequester him out of sight. It seemed it was time to get to work.

He whistled a faint message to Logan, whom he knew would hear it, telling him to give the go ahead for the mission start. Without waiting to see if they got the message, he melded into the shadows.

The first steps towards Nazi Germany controlling the world would be taken here, among the denizens of Britain. He would replace the Monarch with one of their own people and at long last, their major obstacle would be out of the way.

All he needed to do was kill the unsuspecting fool in front of him, it would be easy to simply kill him but he wanted the man to see who had done it. To see the shock on his face.

Slowly slipping out a concealed dagger from his boot, he was ready to kill the man when he heard a whizzing noise piercing the air. And before he knew it, pain exploded from behind him and he was suddenly on the ground writhing, reaching for his back.

Whatever had hit him had pierced his skin and twisted, lodging themselves deeply. He gritted his teeth and pushed himself up with labored breath, pulling the king closer to himself and holding him at knife point.

His eyes searched everywhere they could frantically, looking for any form of a moving body while his breathing became faster.

"Tsubaki no Mai(Dance of the Camellia)!"

Whatever he had heard, clearly he could not understand it, mere gibberish it sounded like. Pain once more encountered his body, but this time it was everywhere. Slashes appeared on his back, arms, legs, and chest.

His pain tolerance could only take so much before he either lost consciousness or he died, neither would be favorable. So he did the only sensible thing, he retreated but not before ensuring his escape.

Strucker stabbed the king through the stomach, dropping the man on the floor to bleed out.

Naruto had seen what the idiot had done and immediately stopped his attack and went to the side of the downed man. Strucker caught sight of him and turned around to say something but was caught off guard by another assailant who swung downwards and greatly wounded his face.

"Argh! My face!" he screamed out in pain.

Before the duplicate could finish off the job, an entire group of Nazi's entered through the back door, each brandishing weapons. Naruto knew it would only take a few seconds before they both died, he grabbed the still bleeding king and vanished.

Naruto and company reappeared in a secluded area and he had gotten the memories of his clone. He shook his head of them and began to heal the man.

'Shōsen Jutsu(Mystical Palm Technique)'

Color was slowly beginning to return to the man' face while the wound began to repair. The king would survive to see another day. He created another clone and had it stay with the man and then dispel when they found him.

He needed to see how the rest of the team fared tonight.

The blonde found the group huddled together around the downed form of the large man. The party had been vacated, he would need to see if Winston made it out alright.

"So I take it went well?"

"You got that right, this punk couldn't stand up to the phoenix!" proclaimed Rachel with a smug smirk.

'Phoenix? What's that? Like the summon?' thought Naruto in confusion.

"I don't know what a summon is but it's better if you don't know what I'm talking about." stated the telepath.

He shrugged.

"What happened to Strucker?" asked Kitty.

"He got away but the primary goal of this mission has been completed. Neither Germany nor the Nazi's rule this country."

"Hopefully that will be enough."

Before he could reply, a loud ominous gong like sound went off.



He looked around and spotted a very big clock, the time was now twelve midnight.

"Happy New Year!" shouted both Kitty and Rachel. It was now January 1st, 1939.

Naruto was unaware of the customs of this time of year and asked the significance of this time.

"It's to celebrate the coming of the new year while leaving behind the past one. Its the start of something new for everyone. Plus we get to do this as a custom..."

Rachel lifted up his mask so only his nose and mouth could be seen and she gave him a deep kiss, tongue and everything.

The blonde Uchiha was physically shocked at this display that he didn't stop Kitty when she did the same thing, they even guided Irene over to try. Mystique grumbled something and he could see the hue of pink dusting her cheeks as she gave him a light one.

"I really like this custom." he stated.

Three of the four women giggled softly and then looked between the men.

He looked at Logan.

Logan just looked right back at him.

"I ain't given you a smooch if that's why yer looking at me for." growled out the man.

Naruto just shook his head and offered his hand.

Logan looked at it and actually gave him a smirk, he grasped it in his hand and they shook.


The group turned their heads to the sound of the voice, it was Winston.

"Is the king safe?"

"That he is, he's in that room over there."

"Good." Winston breathed a sigh of relief. "I'll get someone to go and get him but that isn't the only reason I came back here."

Naruto and the rest noticed the grim look the man wore on his face.

"What happened?"

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially after what you fine folks did tonight. Germany has allied with Italy...World War II has officially begun."

Naruto was currently in his room, packing his gear for a long term mission he had been assigned by his friend, Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The mission was simple, infiltrate Germany, find Hitler and then kill him. It sounded simple on paper but he knew it would be anything but, there were always variables that popped up, like these so called "Mystery Men" in America.

He would have liked to have gone on this mission with a full team that had worked well together just a few weeks ago but they had other obligations.

Rachel and Kitty had returned to their time while Logan stated he had only helped because Mystique and Irene were friends of his. He went back to Canada.

Speaking of the blue skinned woman and her blind companion, they had agreed to help since their place of current residence just happened to be Britain. For obvious reasons Irene would stay behind and continue her role as their contact.

"Are you ready to go, Mystique?"

The blue woman turned to him and gave him a nod. He looked at her for a moment.

"I have no qualms if you wish to leave the country as you are and enter another but we need to do this quietly and without anyone noticing us. And well...

"...I'm what, blue."

He nodded. "I mean no offense as I just stated, but if we want this to succeed and protect our home and family then you need to alter your appearance."

She sighed, "Fine, just give me a moment."

Before his eyes, the blue woman began to change shape, into that of a man. He was taller than him by far as the muscles in the shirt bulged a bit, a brown overcoat covered the body while a white shirt and black pants covered everything else. A hat rested atop his head and his face was obscured so that only those close enough could really see his face.

"For the duration of this mission, you may call me...The Unknown Soldier."

End of Chapter 1


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