After Highschool

Tommy Pickles: Tommy grew up to be successful in the movie industry, creating and filming new ideas and having them on the big screen. After college, he married Kimi Finister after revealing that he has loved her for a long time. Soon after marriage, Kimi became pregnant with their son.

Chuckie Finister: Chuckie had gotten over his fears of….basically everything. He confronted Lil DeVille, confessing his true feelings for the female twin during college and has been with her ever since. A few years later, he and Lil found out Lil is expecting and nine months later, she has her two twins.

Phil DeVille: Dropping out of highschool, he went to do many of his dream jobs but got fired until he went back and finished highschool. One night, he had an accident and was in the hospital, having no memory of what happened to him in his life. Unfortunately, when he woke up, Susie (who had a relationship with him but broke up) told him that his wife died and that the wife had a son. Now, he lives with Chuckie and Lil and helped take care of his son and his nephew and niece, working at an Orphanage.

Lil DeVille: Having gotten her masters, she graduated with full honors. After saying yes to Chuckie, she gladly became his wife, having her two twins. Now, she coaches soccer at the same school Chuckie works at as a school guidance teacher.

Kimi Finister: Having done so well in highschool, she was able to finish highschool early but stayed with the rest of the gang. Once Tommy proposed, she admitted she wrote the T+K in the hallway of Tommys house. After getting married, she and Tommy became overjoyed as she was expecting and came Jason Pickles.

Angelica Pickles: Also having gotten her master, she took over her mother's business once her mother passed. Angelica then happily got married but once she became pregnant, the father ran out on them and Tommy and Kimi happily helped Angelica with the baby girl.

Dil Pickles: also having dropped out of highschool, he joined a rock band, Ultraviolet, and became their main drummer, the same band in which Susie is the main singer.

Susie Carmichael: Having finishing highschool with Angelica, She had a relationship with Phil but quickly ended after a one night stand. After that, she concentrated on her music until she found the band, Ultraviolet, and became their main singer.