The First Day

Tess' POV

I walked with Toby to our first class, US History. Before we all left for our classes, I asked if my schedule was a mistake. Sadly, it was exactly how it was. I couldn't even change my schedule so I don't have the same classes as Toby. This was why I felt so glad about the burning because I had classes with Toby. That and the teachers I had hated me.

Upon entering, I sat away from Toby and placed my legs on top of the desk. I wasn't one for the rules. That was probably why the teachers hated me. I gotten atleast 3 different teachers for each subject. The teacher started off by introduction. Mr. Gomez kept talking but I didn't hear anything once I placed my headphones in. It wasn't until I saw tapping that I looked up into the eyes of Mr. Gomez.

"And your name is…." "Tess. Jessica Pickles." I explained to him, my eyes never breaking contact with his. "Pickles….Pickles….is your father Tommy Pickles, the famous Movie director?" Hearing that, I took the headphones off. "Toby, wanna explain?" and he sighed. "She is Tommy's niece." Toby said and Mr. Gomez nodded. "Well, Miss Pickles, if you are gonna be in this class and pass, you would do well to listen in my class." Strange enough, I sat up and said "So sorry, Mr. Gomez. Or should I say Jacob. I'll do better" What is wrong with me? Why am I fooling around? I should be doing what I can to get this guy to quit, not playing game. I thought as the teacher's face turned a light shade of pink before saying, "Much better, but please refrain from calling me Jacob." As class ended and I was walking to my next class, students kept glancing at me, thinking whether I was insane, mental, or both. First day of school and I already have my name spreading, being the student who faced down a teacher.

When gym came, I found a few of my friends from middle school and walked over to them. Toby, who didn't know anyone besides me, walked with me close by.

"Ooooh, Tess. Is that who I think that is?" said one of my friends, Alexandria the second. Alex always teased me whenever I was with a boy, since I seemed to have a new one each month. I playfully pushed her and said "Alex 2, you remember Toby DeVille. Toby, you remember Alex." Alex grinned and said "Oh yea, I remember. Everyone said you and Tess would be a great couple since you always went over her house and you two were basically the same." Toby sighed and said "I remember you too. You and Jessica were never apart, almost like you were her twin." The coach pulled all of us over and announced we were playing dodge ball. Me and Alex grinned while Toby groaned. He groaned even more when we heard it was boys vs girls. As we all got ready, I glanced and saw Toby splashing water in his face and pulling his hair back. I glanced in his eyes and stared for a moment before the bell rung and the game had begun. The Bloody hell was that about and why is my heart pounding I thought and I focused on my hatred for him and I threw the first ball.