The First Day (part 2)

Jason's POV

I was laughing when I saw Toby with a black eye. Apparently, Tess through a dodgeball straight at him when the match began. Simon was holding back a laugh when Toby looked up. "Are you seriously laughing after Sandra sucker-punched you in the face?" After that, we all started laughing as Simon glared at him. "That was low, bro. seriously."

"Why did Tess throw the ball at you first?" "I don't know, Sandra. She just tossed it right at me and before I knew it, I was down on the ground, vision blurring." Toby told Sandra when Tess came over. "Yo, what was that for?" Simon asked when Tess turned on him. "Don't start. Just because you are Sandra's brother doesn't mean I won't sucker-punch you too."

As she walked away, I got up and grabbed her arm. "Tess, what's wrong with you? You aren't this grumpy. Not usually." She had her back to me and she murmured something, something I couldn't quite hear. "Repeat that. I didn't quite here you." She leaned in my ear and whispered something I couldn't even believe. "Wait, are you serious? You-" "Don't say it! I just don't know. Don't tell anyone, please?" "Yeah, yeah, I won't. We're cousins and I'm not gonna snitch on a cousin." She nodded and walked away.

As I walked back, they were all waiting for me. "Well, did Jessica say why she falcon-punched me with a ball?" I sighed and said, "Her friends made a bet on which person she would hit first and if she didn't, one of them would ask a certain someone out. She did and she gets to pick who that girl is gonna ask out." I lied when Tess came back with the girls. "Him, it's him." Tess pointed at me and I took a step back. A red-haired girl stepped forward from the crowd and was blushing as red as her hair. "Would you like to hang out after school today?" she asked and I blushed. I never thought about dating while in high school but she was pretty cute. "Um…ok, where do we meet?" "Behind the school. Don't be late." She said and before she left, I had to ask her. "Your name, what is it." She turned around and smiled softly. "Kayla. Kayla Henderson." As she, Tess, and her group left. "Wow, I didn't expect Tess to hook you up." I can't believe me lie just turned into a truth. I thought as the bell rang. "I'll see you later guys. Meet ya'll by the entrance." "I would but you guys just saw what happened so I will have to miss out." I said as I walked away.

Tess's Pov

I sighed as the bell rang. "Kayla, you don't have to do it." "Yes, I do. After what you did for me over the summer, I owe you one. Besides, Jason is somewhat cute." I swear I saw her blush for a second. "A-are you falling for my cousin? Gross! Jason is the most….actually, he's fine but still." "I heard him play at your 16th birthday party and I thought that was cool of him. Anyways, I'll see you later." I was so distracted by Kayla's secret that I almost forgot that I have class with Toby. Almost.

Toby's POV

I sat in the back, my hood up to cover my black eye when I saw Tess walk in. I swear that someone just lost their soul since she was smiling. She walked to the back and sat next to her. "Listen, I understand the bet you made but you didn't have to throw it at my face." "I know but they were very specific about where. It was the face or the kiwis." "I'll take the face." I said after that statement.

As class started, the teacher announced a group project and announced partners. Who the bloody hell gives a project on the first day! Oh yeah, high school teachers I thought as he announced partners. When he said my name, I crossed my fingers and sighed when he said Emily Parker. At that exact moment, Tess sighed too, probably glad she doesn't have me when the teacher checked his list. "Oh my, this is embarrassing. Seems like Emily Parker isn't here. Instead, Toby, your partner will be Tess." Sadly, my whole world was crushed. "Professor, if she was here, who would I have paired up with?" "You would have been in a group of three, Ms. Pickles. Be glad that you aren't doing this solo." Tess glared at me and I knew, at that moment, I was gonna die. For the rest of the day, I tried to ignore Tess until the bell rang and I sighed. Saved by the bell I thought to myself as I stood up and went outside and waited by the steps for Sandra and Simon. One day down, a billion more to go.