Alistair clinched a fiery fist in pain as the Dark Side attempted to assert its dominion over his entire body.

"Our influence over you grows stronger every day, Alistair Crane - soon we will take over completely, and you won't even have control over your own actions. You will be our vessel to do with as we wish."

"I already told you, demon... Alistair Crane is no one's vessel!" Alistair said through gritted teeth. "Your will be done at a time and place of my choosing, and not one second sooner!"

"Wanna bet?" they asked.

"Sir?" Alan called out again from the front seat.

"Silence, worm!" they spoke through Alistair.

"Blast it, demon! The only person that gets to abuse my driver is me!"

"In case you haven't noticed, we're running the show around here old man, not you!" they once again spoke through Alistair.

"Don't make me laugh! You jokers couldn't run a showboat in the Louisiana Bayou!" Alistair spoke.

"We have orchestrated an untold number of tragedies and innumerable deaths over the centuries, asserting our will over a senile and feeble mortal such as you will be child's play!"

Meanwhile, Viki continued to hallucinate as her new friend Kylie stood helpless, unsure of how to help her.

"What's the matter Victoria? Cat got your tongue?" the vision of Alistair asked.

"No, you're not real. You can't be real. It's all in my head." a frightened Viki said as she grasped her head. Viki opened her eyes and was suddenly rushed by Vincent.

"I'm real enough to do this and finish you off once and for all!" he said as he strangled her, Viki gasping desperately for air.

"Die, hurry up and just die already!" he said angrily.

At the hospital, a nervous Eve paced back and forth, she had been on edge ever since her phone call with Vincent. Taking out her cell phone from her purse, she dialed Julian's number. Unfortunately, Julian had left his phone sitting on a table in the lobby of the prison, sending Eve straight to voicemail.

"Honey, it's me. I need to talk to you as soon as possible, it's about our son. Please, call me as soon as you get this. I love you, bye." Suddenly, Father Lonigan was rolled in on a stretcher from an ambulance, Eve somewhat taken aback by this.

"Oh, my God! Father Lonigan!" she yelled as she approached him and put her stethoscope to his chest as he was wheeled into the emergency room. "His pulse is very weak, we're losing him. Get him to a room fast! I'll be right there!" Eve said as she went to retrieve a certain drug she may require to kickstart Lonigan's heart if necessary, she was met by the site of Sheridan come through the same doorway Lonigan had just come from.

"Sheridan?" Eve said. "What are you doing here?"

"How is Father Lonigan doing?" she asked.

"He was just wheeled into surgery, we don't know anything as of yet. Are you the one who called the paramedics?" Eve asked.

"Yeah, I did."

"Do you have any idea what happened?" Sheridan flashed back to her encounter with a semi-conscious Lonigan earlier.

"Father, who did this to you?" she asked.

"Damien... Damien Lenox!"

"Who is Damien and what does he want?" she asked.

"Death," Lonigan replied.

"Whose death?" she asked.

"Everyone... in Harmony,"

"He wants to kill everyone?" she asked.

"Kay... must save Kay!" he yelled out.

"Kay? Father, what does Kay have to do with anything?" she asked.

"Everything," Lonigan said as he lost consciousness.

"I don't really know where to start," Sheridan said.

"Just start at the beginning," Eve replied.

"Well, I decided to take Leann out for a walk, hoping maybe she would take her nap. I saw the doors to the church were wide open and..."

"And what?" Eve asked.

"And... I don't know, it's almost as if I felt some sort of dark presence..." Sheridan explained.

"Well did you see anyone running out of the building, burglars perhaps?" Eve asked.

"No, no one," Sheridan replied.

"What did you see?"

"I saw Father Lonigan lying on the floor in a heap, it looked like he'd been attacked..."

"Attacked? But who would want to hurt a sweet old man like Father Lonigan? And why?" Eve wondered.

Meanwhile, at Oppenheimer's facility, Chad was sleeping after another day of torture by the mad doctor.

"Chad?" a familiar voice called out. "Oh, Chad!" Chad still didn't answer. "Chad!" finally Chad jerked awake with a start and looked over at the familiar voice.

"Hi." It was none other than Orville Perkins, the old man who had made Chad's life very difficult years ago.

"Orville? Is that you?" he asked.

"You were expecting somebody else, perhaps?" the old man asked.

"I gotta be dreaming, you're dead!" Chad replied.

"Do I look dead to you, young man?" Orville asked.

"I don't know what those guys have been injecting me with, but whatever it is, it must be driving me insane!"

"Oh calm down, dude!" the old man replied.

"Dude?" Chad asked.

"I'm down with the struggle, my brother from another mother..." Orville said.

"What are you talking about? Chad asked.

"What? Isn't that how the kids talk these days?" Orville asked.

"No one talks like that," Chad replied.

"Oh." the old man replied.

"I have got to be out of my mind..." Chad

"Couldn't leave it alone, could you Chad? Now, look at ya, trussed up to a wall and held against your will by Alistair Crane. Your father. The same father you were so desperate to know. I'm sure you've come to regret the folly of the search for your parents, haven't you? Admit it, you were better off when you had no idea where you came from. I'm sure you wish you had gone back to Los Angeles instead of staying in Harmony too."

"You don't know what you're talking about, old man."

"Oh really? What did you coming to Harmony lead to other than pain and suffering? What did it get ya? A bullet in the chest? You should have heeded my warnings, Chad Harris, left well enough alone! Then you wouldn't be in the mess you are now!"

"Well, if I had heeded those so-called "warnings" you gave me, I would have never met the love of my life, and my son would have never been born."

"You would have been far better off. All you succeeded in doing is giving your father Alistair someone new to go after, to try to hurt besides yourself."

"Alistair Crane can go straight to hell, and Miles will never have anything to do with his racist, evil grandfather."

"Since when did that ever stop Alistair? He'll get to young Miles and your grieving widow Whitney one way or another.

Meanwhile, the guards charged with guarding Chad look on, it appeared as though Chad was talking to thin air.

"Who the hell is he talking to?" One of them asked.

"Beats me. This guy is a walking, talking science experiment. I don't even want to know what's going on inside of his head."

Elsewhere in the facility, Dr. Openheimer looked at the picture of his dearly departed daughter Abigail, who was a dead ringer for Viki.

"My sweet little girl. You have no idea how hard it's been for me since you died. The pain, the despair. Don't worry, my sweet. We will be reunited very soon. Does Alistair Crane really think I'm willing to settle for a stand-in? Hardly. Using dark magic combined with my technology, I can retrieve Abigail's soul from the afterlife. Pity that poor girl Viki will have to die to accomplish my goal. Abigail's soul will require a host body, and Viki is more than suitable for the job."

"Do it, daddy." He heard a voice in the back of his head "Kill Viki so that I can live again!"