Summary- Emily has liked Mona for awhile. But with -A lurking around and Alison dead what could possibly happen? Will they end up together? Or will -A ruin any chances they have of ever getting together.

Disclaimer- I do not own Pretty Little Liars or any of the characters. My friend helped me with most of this. She did the Mona parts and I did the Emily parts.

A/N- I was so sad to see Mona die. So I decided to post this. Let me know what you think.

Chapter One- The Beginning.

It was a Friday night after Emily's swim meet. The rosewood sharks had won yet again. After getting dressed and tying her hair up the sophomore left the locker room. Walking out to her car she was surprised to see Mona Vanderwall one of the IT girls standing by the passenger door.

"Um hi Mona. Can I help you with something?" She asked softly as she got to her car.

If asked to her face, Mona would always fervently deny her interest in swimming, or indeed any kind of sports. It was in secret that she crept into the bleachers next to the pool, sitting near the back and always leaving early. It wasn't so much swimming that fascinated her, more so the Rosewood Sharks' star performer, Emily Fields.

Looking up from her phone, she offers a small smile to the tall brunette. "Hey Em! Great meet! I just wanted to tell you congratulations," she says quickly. She actually just wanted to grab a moment alone together, but Emily didn't need to know that.

Emily smiled brightly. She has always had a huge crush on Mona, but she knew that Mona would never like her back. Looking down with a blush covering her cheeks Emily stutters through her reply. "T-thanks Mona."

"You're totally welcome!" She replies, her smile widening into a grin. "So, what's on the agenda for tonight? Straight home or are you seeing the girls tonight?" She asks curiously, a hint of obvious distaste in her voice. She'd overcome her vendetta for the girls, for sure, but there was still a part of her that kinda hated them for stealing Hanna away from her.

"Actually I don't have any plans tonight. All of the girls are staying at Spencer's but I guess I wasn't invited." She mumbles looking down sadly.

Mona frowns at Emily's response; had something happened? She couldn't recall seeing any of them in the crowd for the meet either. Before she can tell herself to ask if the taller girl was okay, she instead blurts out, "Wanna go to the Grille?" Oops. Well, she's said it now, can't take it back.

Emily looks up and smiles brightly nodding her head. "Yeah I would really like that. Um do you have your car or?"

"No, I walked here," she admits sheepishly, feeling a blush cover her cheeks for the first time during their conversation.

Smiling Emily unlocks her car. "Hop in." She says as she opens the door for Mona.

"Wow, what a gentlewoman," she teases lightly, before gracefully climbing into the car; she'd practiced this a lot since she underwent the transformation from Loser Mona.

Emily blushes as she closes the door walking over to the drivers side. Opening her door and hopping in she starts the car forgetting the song she was listening to on the way to her meet. 'Same Love' starts blasting from the speakers.

There's a small smile playing on Mona's lips as she glances at the radio, before her eyes find Emily for a moment. Determined not to get distracted, she turns her head to the window, singing along softly under her breath... "She says that people stare 'cause we look so good together..."

Emily smiles to herself when she hears Mona singing, deciding to join in she glances at Mona getting a little distracted by her beauty before focusing on the road. "And I can't change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to."

It was beginning to feel like a trip to the mall with Hanna, Mona was so relaxed, and so she has no qualms about throwing her head back to sing loudly through her giggles, "She keeps me warm!"

Emily giggles as well and starts to sing louder as they reach a stop light. "My love, my love, my love, my love, She keeps me warm, she keeps me warm." She was starting to feel like it was a normal sleepover with the girls.

And to think that people thought Emily was the quiet one. Mona was already having more fun with the tall brunette than she had for a while, mostly because Hanna had been busy with Caleb, and.. Well, Mona might be popular, but she didn't really have anyone she'd call a friend.

Emily pulls into the Grille parking lot and smiles over at Mona turning the radio down. "Looks like we are here." She says before hopping out of her car and walking to Mona's side and opening the door for her.

"Careful Em," she teases as she climbs from the car, brushing down her dress and tugging at the hem lightly before shooting a grin towards the brunette, "A girl could fall for this kind of chivalry."

Looking down Emily blushes before looking back up and smiling. "Maybe I want that." She replies before quickly walking ahead and holding the door open for Mona.

Maybe she wants what? A girlfriend? God knows it won't be difficult for her to find one; not only did she have an unbelievably gentle soul, she was also drop dead gorgeous. Nodding her thanks with a small smile, she enters the Grille and glances around quickly, moving to perch at a stool lining the window.

Emily sits down next to her and looks at the menu smiling to herself. 'Why does she have to be so gorgeous?' Emily thinks to herself. Just then a hostess walks up.

"Hello my name is Brooke and I will be your hostess for the evening. Can I start you of with something to drink?" She asks smiling flirtatiously at Emily.

"I would like a pink lemonade please." Emily replied smiling back.

The hostess writes that down and then looks at Mona with a bored expression. "And for you?"

Mona's gaze flickers over the waitress, disdain written clear as day on her features. "Apple juice," she says shortly, her fakest smile curving her lips before she turns back to Emily with a roll of her eyes.

The waitress writes that down smiling at Emily for a second time before walking away adding more swing to her hips.

Emily doesn't even pay attention to the waitress as she smiles at Mona. "So how have you been?"

She had to admit, she couldn't even find it in her to be annoyed by the waitress, not when Emily was smiling at her in the way she was. "Busy with school stuff, you know, my Mom is really on my back about college already. How about you?"

Looking up Emily suddenly gets lost in Mona's eyes and doesn't remember the question.

The waitress walks back and sits the drinks down. "Alright what would you two like to eat?"

Emily snaps out of her trance and looks at the waitress. "Can I have a bacon cheeseburger and fries?"

The waitress smiles and writes that down. "And you?" She asks looking at Mona.

God damn it, was she just going to interrupt them for the rest of the night? "Caesar salad," she also spits in response to the waitress' question. She was finally getting somewhere with Emily, especially if the looks she'd been receiving from the brunette were anything to go by. Mona wasn't stupid, she knew when people were attracted to her.

The waitress nods and walks off to fill their order. Emily clears her throat and looks down blushing she goes to fix how she's seated only to bump arms with Mona and realizes how close they are. Looking up she smiles at Mona and lays a hand on Mona's arm.

Butterflies almost automatically begin to flutter in her stomach, her eyes lifting from Emily's hand up to those beautiful brown eyes. A small smile curves her lips, a blush covering her cheeks as their eye contact lingers.

Both girls were to lost in each other to notice the flash of a cell phones camera.

Suddenly the waitress walks up carrying their food after sitting the food on the table she runs a hand over Emily's shoulder. "Call for me if you need me." She says with a wink.

"What we need is for you to leave," Mona says, her tone light, a fake smile playing on her lips but with a fire burning in her eyes. She'd had enough. With a huff she turns to her food, savagely stabbing her fork into a tomato.

Emily looks at Mona confused and completely ignoring the waitress as she puts her hand on Mona's thigh. "Hey.. Are you okay?" She asks softly.

The waitress sighs and walks off.

Mona steels her jaw, trying her best not to snap at Emily in retaliation. She was frustrated at the waitress, she couldn't take that out on the sweet girl beside her. "I'm fine, Em. Thank you."

Emily turns Mona toward her and looks her in the eyes "You're upset." She whispers lifting her hand up to Mona's face.

That much was true, certainly, but why? Because Emily was so brave and the idea of Mona having to potentially come out of her (admittedly very stylish) closet terrified her? She didn't even know if it was just Emily she was attracted to. It was all terribly confusing, and not made any easier by the fact the girl of her dreams was touching her so carefully, so gently. "Okay, I'll be fine," she corrects herself with a small smile.

"I don't like when my friends are sad. What's really bothering you?" She asks softly moving as close to Mona as her chair will allow and laying her other hand on Mona's waist.

She's never been handled this gently, never treated with this much respect. It only served to prove how wonderful Emily was, and how selfish Mona was being by even entertaining the idea of anything happening between them. "I'm just a little confused. It's nothing to worry about."

Running her thumb along Mona's cheek Emily gets lost in Mona's eyes again. "Why are you confused?" The hand she placed on Mona's waist still rests where she laid it. God why does she have to be so beautiful? I love the feel of touching her. Did that sound creepy? That sounded creepy.

They were both to distracted to notice another flash from a cell phone camera.

Suddenly Emily's cell phone goes off. Checking it she sees a picture of her and Mona that was obviously taken a few seconds ago.

Be careful bitch. Don't want your friends to find out? Leave Mona now or everyone finds out you're feelings even Mona.-A

Emily is quick to shut her phone and closes her eyes. This can't be happening. If the girls see this they will hate me.

Noticing the distressed look on Emily's face Mona leans forward in concern. "Emily what's wrong?" she asks before gently resting her hand on Emily's.

"N-nothing. I gotta go!" Emily says standing up quickly and preparing to leave.

"Wait! You're my ride remember." Mona replies pulling money out of her purse to pay for their food.

Emily waits for Mona, holding the door open for her before walking to her car. Opening the passenger door she lets Mona get in before shutting the door and walking over hopping into the driver's seat. She quickly starts the car and drives to Mona's house.

"Bye Mona. See you at school on Monday." She says as Mona gets out before she drives away quickly.

Mona sighs and watches her leave before she walks inside her house to get ready for bed.