Summary- Emily has liked Mona for a while. But with -A lurking around and Alison dead what could possibly happen? Will they end up together? Or will -A ruin any chances they have of ever getting together.

Disclaimer- I do not own Pretty Little Liars or any of the characters.

Chapter Eight- Del Frisco's.

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Walking into school the next day, the liars are joined by Toby and Mona as they head to their lockers. Emily suddenly stops as she spots Caleb walking down the hall towards them.

"Han." the swimmer says softly as she turns to her blonde best friend.

The fashionista of the group tenses up when she sees him, they hadn't talked since he went to Ravenswood.

"I thought he wasn't coming back." the blonde whispers as she fights back tears.

Spencer tenses up in anger, she hated when the blonde cried. "Han, just forget about him."

Just then Caleb walks over and looks at Hanna. "I really need to talk to you."

"Anything you need to say you can say in front of my friends." Hanna responds back crossing her arms.

Sighing the hacker looks around at all of the people standing with his girlfriend. "I think I know who A is, but I joined the A team to figure it out." he says quietly.

Aria looks at him wide eyed, "There's an entire team?"

"Well yeah, um I can't tell you who everyone is yet. I want to find the big A first." Caleb tells them all honestly, he also didn't want to upset Emily.

Mona tilts her head and looks at him before turning to Hanna. "He's not lying."

"Wait how do you know that?" Spencer asks looking toward Mona suspiciously.

"She took a class over the summer to read people." Hanna responds as she turns to look at Spencer.

Emily begins walking again, she really needed to get to her locker.

"Hey Em." a familiar voice says causing the Filipino to stop and turn around.

"P-Paige?" the swimmer stutters out before clearing her throat. "What do you need?"

Paige rolls her eyes, "What I can't just say hi?"

Letting her eyes roam back to the group she catches everyone's attention and it isn't long until Mona is by her side.

"Babe, we should go we still need to get your notebook from you locker." the Hawaiian girl says while wrapping an arm around Emily protectively.

Paige tenses up and glares at Mona before turning toward Emily. "I guess I'll see you around." she says before walking away.

"Thank you." Emily says softly as soon as Paige is gone.

Mona smiles and pulls the taller girl closer. "Anytime babe. Now let's get to your locker."

Everyone heads to their lockers glad they are all grouped together in the same hall. After they get their things the bell rings signalling it is time for class.

"I guess I'll see you guys later." Caleb says before heading to his first class.

"See you guys in English." Spencer says before taking off for her morning class.

Everyone quickly says their goodbyes before heading to their classes.


Later that day they are all sitting at lunch, when Aria gets a text.

Do you make it a habit of sleeping with every teacher? Or is it just Fitz? Do as I ask you or everyone will find out.-A

"What's wrong Ar?" Spencer asks sitting down beside the shorter girl.

Aria quickly puts her phone away and looks up. "Uh n-nothing, nothing at all." she says quickly.

"Are you sure? You look like you've seen a ghost." Hanna says from her place beside Caleb, they had talked during their free period and she had forgiven him.

Clearing her throat the petite brunette nods her head. "I'm fine, just forgot I have a test in my last class." she says quickly as she begins to eat.

"Um, your last class is gym with me." Mona says from her place beside Emily. "And Mr. Evans didn't say anything about a test."

"Can we just change the subject?" the tiny girl asks not wanting to talk about.

Emily shrugs and leans forward to talk to the girls. "What are our plans for the Lake House Spence?"

"Oh well I was thinking cook-outs, Karaoke, games, and more. Haven't figured everything out." Spencer says with a shrug.

Hanna's eyes widen at the information. "You Spencer Hastings haven't planned the week at the Lake House down to a T?" she asks teasingly.

"Haha, very funny Han." the genius says in pretend annoyance.

Emily leans toward Mona and they begin to have a secret conversation.

"I can't wait for our date." she whispers to the Hawaiian girl, Caleb had given her an idea of a place in Philadelphia.

Mona smiles softly and leans closer, "You going to tell me where we are going?"

"You'll see on Friday." the swimmer responds with a smile.

After everyone finishes their food they begin to talk once more about the week at the Lake House, until the bell rings and they say their goodbyes.


Friday night came quicker than Emily was prepared for, getting ready for her date required her to call Aria since Mona had Hanna.

"Em, take a deep breath, you could wear a paper bag for all Mona cares." the petite brunette says with a soft smile before pulling out a Red Surplice Halter Top, a black pair of kick-flare skinny jeans, and black bandolino high supermodel platform pumps.

"Thanks Ar, don't know what I would do without you." Emily says before taking the offered clothes and moving to her bathroom to change.

When Emily comes back outside Aria helps her with her hair and makeup, giving her a smokey eyed look along with gentle waves.

"Wow." Aria whispers taking in her handywork. "I did awesome."

Shaking her head the swimmer laughs before hugging her best friend. "I should go pick up Mona. You can stay the night if you want and we can talk about the date."

"Definitely staying then." Aria says as she lays down on Emily's bed with a smile.

Emily grabs her purse and keys before heading down the stairs, she felt nervous but excited about the date at the same time. When she pulled up outside of Mona's place it took her a minute to collect herself before she got out of the car and walked up to the door.

The door is sprung open before she even gets a chance to knock. "Good, you are here early." an older man says looking her over.

"Hello Mr. Vanderwaal." Emily says with a soft smile.

Eric smiles and holds out his hand. "Call me Eric."

"Eric, um is Mona ready to go?" she asks nervously.

Chuckling the older man calls for his daughter to get her attention.

Mona is quickly beside her father wearing a black blouse and a pair of blue skinny jeans and black three inch heels.

"Em, you're here!?" she says her eyes widening at how beautiful the swimmer looks.

Emily smiles as she looks at the way Mona has her hair pinned to the right side and light makeup. "I am. Are you ready to go?"

Mona nods and kisses her father's cheek before taking Emily's hand.

Once they are in the car Mona can't contain herself and pulls Emily into a sweet kiss. "Where are we going?" she asks leaning back.

"We are going to Del Frisco's in Philly." the swimmer says as she pulls out of Mona's driveway.


In a car on the side of the road Maya is tense as she watches Emily interacting with Mona. "That should be me." she growls out when she sees them kiss.

"Well then you shouldn't have agreed to get killed." Ian responds as he watches them through binoculars.

"Paige better pull this off." is all the dark skinned girl says in response as she watches Emily start driving. "Follow them."

Ian starts driving a few cars behind them when they hit the road. When the phone rings her hands it to Maya for her to answer.

"Hello? Melissa…. No, they haven't spotted us…. Do you think it will work? Okay, I'll send the message."

Hanging up the phone Maya begins to type out a message to Aria.

Break Caleb and Hanna up or everyone will find out about your relationship with Ezra.-A