Wow, I have weird ideas sometimes. This is an idea that had been floating around in my head for a little bit, but I never felt confident enough to publish it. Then I started beta'ing for a wonderful author by the name of Katfosel who was returning to a story she hadn't worked on for two years (it's call My Price To Pay. It's a Fullmetal alchemist: BrotherhoodxSoul Eater crossover. Go read it). I ran the idea by her and she beta'd this chapter and here we aaare! I'll clear up more confusion later but for now, I give you the first chapter of "Broken World."



It was nearing midnight, the moon was high in the sky, blood dripping from between the gaps in in its crooked teeth. Everyone knew what that meant.

Heh. You'd think.

You'd think.

You'd be wrong.

This world was chaotic. People couldn't die unless they were killed. Sounds good right?

Wrong again, sweetheart.

People were killed everyday. Every day. That's said a lot isn't it?

A lot happens in a day. Every day.

People were violently murdered, whether it was from hangings, beatings, stoning, drowning, you name it, if the pollution didn't kill you first.

You had to be quick, fast, skilled, deadly, to survive.

And our story begins with someone who was just that.

Well, it didn't begin, per say, with him. No, rather, it started eight hundred years ago, when Shinigami ruled with his seven warriors. Eight Powerful Warriors, they were called. Two, however, were corrupt.

One, who craved power. One, who was, on the surface, nothing more than a blob of, of, of nothing. Nothing but inky blackness with two white spots for eyes, commonly known as "The Black Mass", rather fittingly.

Another, who was the son of the Shinigami, but began eating souls of the innocent simply out of fear. Human in appearance, with pale skin, hair darker than ink, and white marking in his hair, and two golden swirls for irises that layter turned red, also gaining a third eye on his forehead, named Asura.

Terror and power. Fear and bloodlust. A powerful combination. A terrible one, too.

Shinigami and the other five retaliated, but two were eaten, and a rather annoying weapon managed to escape. Shinigami and the wizard Eibon were too powerful to be destroyed, and were sealed beneath the ground of a desert, on top of which a city was built.

Then, seven hundred eighty-five years after, in 1999, Shinigami broke the seal and for a brief moment, there was hope. But the two corrupt souls had gained much power over the years, and destroyed him. Shortly before destroying him, a bright flash of white light washed over the area.

Two hours later, a young woman by the name of Azusa Yumi found a young, black haired, golden eyed child wandering the streets alone, after the battle.

And that is where our story truly begins.

End Prologue.

Eh, eh? What did ya think? Is it good? Is it shit? Let me know! The actual chapters themselves will be longer (hopefully)