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Call me Datura

Chapter one:

Monday morning: location unknown

When did it become so complicated? It was all going as planned. Life was meant to be straight forward, sure there were always slight adjustments needed to be made but as the daughter of Gotham's greatest commissioner and as a Bat I was prepare for almost every situation, where did I go so wrong? What happened to those bat-instincts that I pride myself on? All those training sessions I put myself though, the tests Batman constantly sprung on us to prepare us to avoid situations like this… yet here I am.
Oh yeah, in case you haven't worked it out it is Barbara Gordon here, AKA Batgirl currently talking to herself as there isn't anyone in this damp dark cell that I can truly vent to without giving away my identity.

My eyes are still adjusting to the dim lighting, it doesn't help that I have a killer hang over, what did I drink last night, or is it still night? Those facts seem to be a bit fuzzy at the moment. God why didn't I listen to Dick? I hate it when he is right, the little shit.

"Oh the newest addition is awake!", a shadow moves close to the rusty bars of my cell, the voice sounds familiar but I don't know why just yet… come on brain get your shit together. It is a female voice, low seductive in an evil "I am so up myself way". I give her the bird because frankly I am pissed off and no matter what, I will not be a victim, even if I am apparently a prisoner… you can tell I am taking this well. A part of me is just glad it is a female, of course I don't know who else is a part of this kidnaping but if it was a male… it is never a plus for any girl in my position. Not that I couldn't take care of myself, I am Batgirl after all, it is just a stress I would rather not deal with. Of course there are some fucked up women out there so I really can't relax too much.

"I got a feeling you are meaning me. Care to tell me what I am addition-ing to or whatever this is?" I say in a dry tone.

"All in due time my little seedling" the women spoke in a soft voice.

"Fuck you, I aren't no body's anything!.. Especially seed-…" fuck… I DO know who this is… and I have a feeling things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

"Good. Then no one will be missing you. But don't worry Mother Green will change that."

Chapter 2:

Gotham City: 3 days earlier: Saturday 1:30am

The air is crisp; the sky is dark blue, the moon full, bright. Almost prefect if you minus the pollution coming from the sketchy misguided city. If you don't focus on anything in particular you could find a strange kind of peace on these rooftops. You know, if you ignore the traffic coming from Gotham football stadium and the strange sounds from the dark alleys throughout the city.

Hidden from the street lights, high above those dark alleys squats a deep-in-thought Batgirl. She snaps out of her daze as her pray finally makes a move from the "Around the World" strip club. Her target had been in there for over 2 hours now and she was becoming more and more disguised with the amount of well "respected" high-powered men that had walked in and out of this place. "Honestly had no one ever heard of the internet?" Batgirl thought to herself.

She stalks her pray from rooftop to rooftop as he walks down town towards the city park. This is the area where most of the girls have gone missing. It wasn't clear whether or not these girls had been abducted from the park walking home or from one of the local clubs and bars just up the road from here. Normally the big Bat would leave kidnapping to the local police but it isn't just a one off this time. Someone was picking off girls every week for the past month. Robin is keeping an eye out for any strange behaviour up near some of the clubs. Batman is checking out a few leads and I am supposed to interrogate this guy named Blake Nelson.

Blake Nelson 28, single, changed with dealing date-rape drugs, ecstasy, pills, as well as been charged with countless accounts of assault charges, theft, sexual assault and more importantly spotted outside of the club talking to one of the missing girls who was taken that same night a week ago. Not to mention his sister use to date the girl who went missing 3 weeks ago. Certainty not a great resume.

Swiftly Batgirl drops from the rooftop down into one of the dark alley ways making sure she is out of sight. She follows him into the city park, making sure to keep to the shadows. They go deeper into the dark park and it becomes easier to blend into the background. After a few minutes of walking he stops by an old drinking fountain. She stops only a few meters away waiting patiently for the right moment. As he leans against a tree, she can get a better look at him. He is wearing dark blue boot cut jeans, worn grey and green sneakers and a grey hoodie with "F- THE PIGS" on it. Batgirl figures it is best to wait to see if anyone else shows up before she makes her entrance.

Sure enough she wasn't wrong and she didn't have to wait long until another man in a green and white hoodie approached.

"Hey man, how you been?" the man asks as he walks to shake Nelsons hand.

"Been better, do you have the money?"

"Yep, you got what I asked for?" Nelson pulls out a small bag of pink pills. Batgirl takes a few pictures with her bat-iphone (sounds lame but it has been rigged to do a number of handy little things, she laughed at the idea at first but came to love it), if he isn't the suspect she is looking for she can still put him away for a little while for dealing.

"That is what you get for making me wait outside a strip club for over 2 hours you piece of crap" she thinks to herself.

Just as they were about to part ways she figures it was about time she comes out of the shadows.

"What's up boys, what have you got there? Lollies? Please tell me M&Ms"

"Fuck man, what the hell is she doing here!?" the green hooded man said.

"Relax what's a little girl playing dress up going to do. Slap us? Wow I am so scared" Batgirl moves closer, smiles and says

"Maybe I will. So why don't Mr Green hood there put down the drugs and run off before things gets rough. Blake Nelson and I have a few things to discuss."

"Oh do we now? Well why don't you take off that costume and let's get right to it"

"ha ha hilarious" Batgirl pulls out a batarang and pins the green hooded man's jumper to the tree as he tries to sneak away, "put the drugs down first like a good little boy" Batgirl says in a stern voice, she is done planning games.

Nelson throws a punch to her face, Batgirl blocks it whilst grabbing his wrist with her right hand using his memento to spin and flip him over. He lets out a groan. Batgirl ignores it and walks over to the green hooded man; she takes the pills from him, pulls the batarang out and tells him to get lost. Nelson has gotten up and runs up behind her but she anticipated that and back kicks him in the chest. She then punches him in the face returning him to the grown.

"You know it doesn't have to be like this, you can just tell me where the girls are and save yourself some broken bones."



"Batgirl to Batman"


"Nelson was a dead end. If he knew something he wasn't about to spill but I doubt it. He said he was trying to get Sarah, the girl from 2 weeks ago at the club a drink but she refused him. As for Annabell, his sisters ex, he hated her true but swears he was at the pub at 34 street and knows nothing about what happened. I sent the police pictures of him recently dealing and dropped him off at the station anyways. You?"

"Good job Batgirl. Nothing promising either; get back to the cave. Robin is on his way, I am taking over point at the clubs. Batman out."

"That means school homework for me, great looks like I won't be sleeping much tonight. And tomorrows going to be a rough day for Dick, better see him tomorrow" Batgirl thought to herself as she made her walk back to her motorbike.


Chapter 3:

Mount Justice: Saturday 10am

Dick's POV

April 15th, this day is never a good day, wouldn't it be good to just skip it?

*knock knock knock*

No matter how many times I tell people I am just not feeling well and to just leave me alone they still keep trying, it is becoming a problem. I thought coming to Mount Justice would be a good escape from the family. They mean well and I do appreciate it most years but today I thought I would just skip it, and what better way to skip a day in a place where no one else knows what this day means? Most people don't know who I really am here, so they can't know what this day means. They can't know the loss and pain I feel most strongly. I was a fool to think that being around different people would make any difference.

*knock knock knock*

Really? They are sure persistent.

"I said I am just not feeling well, must have been something I ate. I am just going to sleep it off."

"It's me, so you know I am no fool. Please let me in Nightwing." Batgirl, of course I should have known she wouldn't just leave me be. It must be a girl thing, Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman and adopted father and Tim Drake, AKA Robin, haven't come knocking on my bedroom door at Mount Justice; they probably figured I came here to get space. Babs ignores those sorts of thoughts, she thinks she knows better. I don't know, maybe she does.

"You know I do know how to pick locks so if you don't plan on opening these doors soon, fare warning I am going to open this door up. So pull up your pants if you need-"

"Alright! Alright, persistent aren't you BG. You know if you wanted to see me with my pants down this bad you should of just asked", Dick drags himself out of bed to unlock the door.

"Well I don't, that's why I am warning you"

"Sure, BG, sure." I say as I swing the door open, normally I would keep going with our suggestive banter but pretending everything is okay with Babs is like trying to lie to yourself, pointless. She smiles as a way of greeting but it soon fades to mirror my own expression. With one look you know she knows what this day means, accepting the reality of it, feeling of hopelessness and for her, just wanting to take away the pain but not entirely knowing how to.

We stare at each other for a minute; all noise coming from the rest of the cave disappears. All there is, is the understanding between us. She moves forward and puts her small but strong arms around my chest. She is a foot shorter than me now, she used to be taller than me when we both started this crime-fighting gig; needless to say I gave her crap when I grew, I smile at the memory. She leans her head on my chest, I pull her in closer, it isn't often we show this much affection towards each other but as always she knew what I needed most. I closed my eyes and buried my head in her hair not wanting to say anything.

"I am so sorry Robin" she whispered.
You might think that is odd that she called me that when I haven't been for Robin years now, but it makes perfect sense to me. It is the nickname my mother gave me. It means something different than when I played dress up, it was my connection to her, and Babs knew that. She always knows what I need to hear.


Mount Justice: 10:45am

Barbara's POV

I wait outside of Dick's room while he gets dressed. I told him to put something nice on and to get out in 5 minutes, no exception, no questions just to do as I say. He was in no mood to argue, which is unlike him as he always loves to poke at everything I say but understandable considering what day it is.

I still find it difficult to comprehend losing your whole family. I mean my mother walked out on us but that was different…rough… but different. The bitter sweet thing about it is that if none of this had happened he wouldn't be the man he is today. He wouldn't be a crime-fighter, a beloved brother and my best friend. A part of me dies a little and hates myself for thinking that… he would have been happy, happier anyways if none of this had happened; he just wouldn't know any of us. Life was cruel.

A sudden lighting smear of red and yellow light pass me but double backs making my black dress fly dramatically up but I caught it just in time before flashing anyone too much.

"Wow BG what's with the dress? I mean it looks great.. I mean you look nice…but!?" of course Wally West, AKA Kid Flash, as he runs really, really, crazy fast.

"Mm thanks Wally. It is nothing really.. just you know what day it is and yeah thought, well we would take him to see them. So figured this was appropriate."

"We?" I spun on my heels, I did not hear the door open! Damm I thought I was done getting caught off guard by Wingnut.

"Oh and you do look nice Babs."

"Oh thanks, yeah it was meant to be a surprise but Tim is waiting out in the kitchen and we are meeting Bruce and Alfred in the car. We thought we would pay our respects, together." I watch for as sudden reaction. I am not sure if it was the right to do this way, but I know he wants to go, I mean he sees them all the time but today.. is different. I knows he doesn't want to go alone, but doesn't want to ask… or I just don't want him to go alone.

Wally speaks up " Dick, oh man I am bad at these things. I wanted to say something before but you looked like you wanted to be left alone… but.. but yeah just so you know I am here for you bud."

"Thanks Wally, it means a lot" Dick gives him a half smile and the speedster pulls him into a hug. It was sweet. You know Wally could be inappropriate at times and just pain annoying but when it came down to it he was a genuine friend. What more could you want at the end of the day?

God I can feel my emotions getting the best of me. Pull it together Barbara! This day is about your best friend needing you, you can't go crying over a man-hug!

I shake it off, move my hair out of my face and pretend I wasn't really watching because even though I am here with them, it felt private, between best friends.
Dick looked up at me and for a minute there I wasn't sure if he was going to bail or not, he hadn't said anything yet about going to the graveyard.

"Should we get going now?" I nod and with a soft-half smile I take his arm and we go meet Tim in the Kitchen, ready to take the Zeta-tube back to Gotham to meet the others.

Wayne Manor: 4pm

Dick's POV

It is a rainy old day outside so we decided to sit by the fire place in the library. It was nice here, peaceful, calm. I haven't felt this content in a while. I was still feeling… well… sad about it all, at the same time though I am glad to be here together, even if I wasn't up to admitting it out loud. I have been staring at the fire for a while, drifting in and out of the conversation. I look up to see Bruce turn his head pretending he wasn't just looking my way. You can tell he wants to say more but words have never been his specialty. He may not be the best role model when it comes to dealing with this kind of things but he is always there when it counted. He took me in and for that I would be forever grateful. Tim was sitting on the ground across from me also staring at the ground, he has changed from suit pants he was wearing earlier to black track suit pants and a red hoodie; I should have done that. I wonder what he was so deep in thought about. Sometimes he was harder to read than most. He is by far the smartest person to wear the Robin uniform. More gifted than even Bruce but I doubt he ever saw it that way and frankly I wasn't about to admit it. He already has a big enough ego after finding out who we all were on his own, I wasn't about to add to that. He had to stay sharp, not too confident. I can't let what happen to… Jason… he was too cocky. I just can't think it, it is too painful. No. That wouldn't happen to Tim, he was different, he was better than all of us. Just stop thinking dammit Dick.

It has been awhile since we all spent time just together. Alfred had made us hot chocolate and double chocolate chip cookies, man he spoils us. You can tell he appreciates these times together the most. He understands the work we all do but at the same time he worries about us having real lives. He worries how much of ourselves we lose to our work. If we lose so much of ourselves to this life then what was the point of it all? I guess I see that point but at the same time I don't think I could live a normal life, not when I feel I could be doing more. It is like a drug, no matter how far we run from it, with one taste we are back again.

The room has gone silent once again, god we are a depressing bunch sometimes. If Babs was still here she would probably say that out loud, she loves to make things awkward and point out the obvious. At the same time it snaps us out of ourselves and maybe that is a good thing. Maybe I should step up…

*beep beep*

Batman's communicator. We all snap out of our dazes and turn to look at Bruce, waiting for the news. Bruce has turned his Batman face on now, he was in work mode. He gets up puts the communicator to his ear "Alright, I'll come right down".

"What is it?" I ask, getting up. I had enough of feeling sorry for myself today, I need to do something productive.

"Barbara is in the Cave, she has been working on the missing girls' case. She said the police found one of the girl's bodies. Jessica Sore, the first girl that went missing."


Chapter 4:

Bat Cave: 4:30pm

This isn't a good sign. They have been looking for four weeks now for this girl and now she suddenly turns up, dead. So carelessly thrown away too. She was found outside of an abandon factory, left on the side of the footpath as if they didn't care who found her. She was covered in dirt and blood mixed with an orange substance. More horrifying was she was completely naked. Whoever this bastard was they didn't care to cover her up. This wasn't a complete surprise as we did find her clothes a few days after her disappearance only a few minutes walk from the factory. After each girl went missing the police found their clothes two or three days afterwards all in different areas, it doesn't look too promising from the women still missing. But if Batman and his team had anything to do with it, whoever did this will pay and they will find these women.

"Is there anything else the police found yet? Anything else these girls have in common Batgirl?" Batman asks. None of them were in costume yet but it was a habit to use code names when talking about work, whether or not they were suited up.

"Not that I can tell. We will know more when an autopsy is done, where or not she was… violated." No one said anything but they were all pretty sure what the results would be. This made Batgirl mad, how far had society supposedly come, yet this shit still keeps on happening? It seems no matter how advanced the human race becomes they were still savage animals underneath. She clenched her fist almost drawing blood just to keep her from bursting out in anger, that would be unprofessional and then Batman might decide she couldn't handle the case. She could handle the case, she would just rather that there weren't any cases like this to "handle".

She sighs and continues "All women ages between 19 and 32, currently single. All different races, skin tones, hair colours. The strange thing is they all appear to be, well attracted to people of the same sex, besides one girl who a friend said was asexual, meaning no sexual attraction. Jessica Sore and Annabell Sage were both lesbians, Sarah Jones was bisexual but the last serious relationship was with a women and Steph Queen who was asexual. I am not sure if that means anything but it seems like a strange coincidence. All went missing from different bars and clubs around the city park, all personal items and clothing found within 3 days after their disappearance around the city, but not more than 15 minutes drive from the city part. It all seems pretty messed up."

"Agreed. And if I am getting my calculations right it has been past a week since the last kidnapping which means either the bad guy is late, or already taken another victim and no one has yet to report her missing or he has given up, which is doubtful." Nightwing adds with a look of exhaustion, he was well rested however these cases have a way of draining the life right out of you. He pushes himself off the table behind the bat-computer he was leaning against and starts to walk over to his uniform, it was early to be going out as Nightwing but he felt better if he could be prepared now so he could leave as soon as it started to get dark. He rubs his face with both hands, hoping he can rub off this bad feeling he had. It felt like things were going to get a lot worse before they got better. He wasn't sure how but he had come trust this gut feeling of his, even if it wasn't something he was looking forward to.

Batman turned and picked up the Bat-phone which was a secure line he could use to contact any alleys, in this case, Commissioner Gordon. He walks calmly up around the Bat cave as Batgirl and Robin wait patiently for any new information or leads they could follow.

Robin stares at the case file, something feels off but he isn't sure what it is. "Doesn't it feel too obvious? Like whoever left this girl like this that they wanted us to think a certain way?"

"I don't Rob, I think you might be thinking too much into this. Sometimes what it looks like it is. Some people are just…"

"monsters." Nightwing finishes Batgirl's sentence. A common silence falls over the bat-cave once again as all young heroes fall back into their own thoughts.

Batman stops and hangs up the phone. He doesn't say anything about the phone call which means there wasn't anything new. He looks from one young hero to another, all strong, angry but in control. They all had an expression on their faces that meant business, they were ready to fight, they were ready for whatever orders he would give next. Robin was sitting at the bat-computer but not facing it, he hung forward with his elbows on his knees and case in hand, his pose was relaxed but he was tense all over. He was done sitting around waiting for another girl to be taken. On his left stood Batgirl, fists clenched ready to hit something, ready for the fight. Then Nightwing, been in the game longer than the others, he was quite literally ready dressed in gear swinging his escrima sticks around.

"It is good to see you prepared Nightwing but tonight you and Barbara go under cover. Dress up in club gear but keep it semi-practical just in case. Robin and I will be on out on the roof tops keeping an eye out."

"Cool" Batgirl says, happy to be doing something practical about the problem.

"Cool?! Are you kidding me!? There is nothing 'cool' about it! He is using you as BAIT!" Nightwing voices angrily, he knew she could handle herself and he would be there too… but it still didn't seem right putting her actively in harms way of this guy.

Batgirl just raises her eye as if daring him to keep going or to quickly change his opinion before it is too late. She knew that would never happen but it is always good to give the benefit of the doubt.

"Batgirl can handle herself. I wouldn't allow her to be here if I didn't think she was capable. We will all be keeping an eye on her; she will not be in any real danger." Batman states, he doesn't want to have this conversation, it is a waste of time in his opinion. Not to Dick, it was a stress he didn't want to have to EVER think about.

"It is unnecessary." He insists, staring at Batman, he wasn't about to look at Batgirl, he knows the look she is most likely giving him right now would kill him and make him want to hide behind Alfred.

Batman just looks towards Batgirl to see on the off-chance she really was uncomfortable with this plan.

She was just waiting, sometimes it is best to let the boys get there silly words out so they felt "heard", she knew to win anything in life you had to be patience, to wait until the right time to make your move. Plus sometimes she just like to be dramatic, it was a hobby of hers, that and making things awkward, that was a lot of fun.

"You know if you have a problem with me in the field, if you don't YET believe I can handle myself. Even after the countless times I have saved your sorry ass. You can say it to my face. I am a big girl. This is a good plan and you know it." She dares him. Dares him to try to win this game, staring at the back of his head. He slowly turns to face her, moves closer to her, stares down into her eyes, she wasn't going to budge. His mouth is shut closed in a thin line, tense all over, he decides wisely to let this go. She was right after all, he just hates her for it, he wants to shake her silly, to just… keep herself out of harm way. Instead he shift his eyes away from hers and sighs, drops his escrima sticks on the bench,

"I know Batgirl."


Chapter 5:

Blue Icy Night Club: 8:30pm

Dick's POV

I lean on the brick wall just opposite of the club waiting for Wally to show up. It would be suspicious if I went to a club alone, a bit creepy too and I couldn't invite any of my university mates as it would be hard to explain why I wasn't talking to Barbara. It would be difficult to not drink with them and would just distract me from the mission. Wally though I could explain it to, he was one of the only people who knew I was Nightwing and understood the importance of the mission, he would be helpful in case something came up.

There is Wally now, you know as a speedster you would think he would be able to get here on time, no problem, yet he is 10 minutes late, I shake my head and smile. It was a little funny.

"What are you shaking your head at? If it is my top I will have you know that the blond in the shop reassured me it is the hottest look, and well she was smoking so she would know" Wally approaches with a big grin on his face. Typical Wally always thinking about girls, again I had a giggle to myself over that. He was wearing black tight jeans, white and black vans, a white t-shirt with triangle and eye in the middle of it, on top of that he had an unbutton white and red striped dress shirt, sleeves rolled up.

"Oh the shop down by movies in Happy Harbor? Yeah she was alright, a bit too flirty if you ask me. Rebecca I think her name was"

"Yeah that is the one, how did you know?" I push off the wall to face Wally directly,

"Because, she sold me the same but in black" I laugh, Wally isn't impressed, they were basically matching and that wasn't cool! I also had black jeans on with black dress shoes and a dark blue and white unbutton shirt on top of my matching-black-triangle top, with the sleeves rolled up. To be fair it is a lot harder for guys to find something unique to wear without looking like they tried too hard. It didn't bother me though, I clearly found it amusing.

"Whatever man. Let's just get in there and watch your girl. Do you think we could have a beer? I wouldn't mind one now we are out!"

"My girl? Dude really, that joke is getting a little old and no beer, this isn't social. Here put this in your ear, it is a communicator so we can keep in touch with the others." I hand over a small skin coloured ear piece, my smile leaving my face. Why did everyone keep saying things like that? Couldn't a guy just have a girl as a friend? I have more than one just girlfriends, well you know what I mean! Yet I only get shit over Babs. It makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes, I am not sure why though. Is it because maybe…Grr stop thinking about this!

"You are no fun! And that joke will never get old, not until you stop going red in the face every time someone says something- ouch! What was that for?!" I hit him in the arm, he deserves that and it makes me feel better.

*Dude that is so true* I face-plant, how did I forgot that Batman and Robin can hear our conversation?! Crap did Babs hear it?!

"Robin you're not helping" I say, why am I defending myself?

*I am not trying to, clearly* Wally laughs, he clearly loves that Robin agrees with him.

*That is enough. Stay focused, Batgirl just arrived, wait a minute then follow her in* Batman says, clearly not impressed with the childish conversation.

*Yeah and I can hear you all just so you know. Although I do agree it is hilarious* Of course she can. And of course she would agree, this is no help. I look across the road to spot her walking towards the line to the night club, she is alone because it would be too dangerous to bring any of her friends, her story is she is waiting for a friend inside the club, of course there is no one coming. She wouldn't be considered creepy waiting around by herself, she would seem more approachable. Fucking sexist if you ask me but hey life was never fair.

She walks under the street light and I can get a better look at her, she is wearing black wedges boots, a short tight black skirt that reaches half way up between her knees and well... the rest of her. She wears a dark red tank top that rides low…showing off a gold necklace with a black pendent, it is actually a hidden camera Batman gave her so they would be able to keep an eye out in the club. Her long red hair is naturally curled, it falls free down around her shoulders it is stunning, I don't think I have ever seen her dress like this, I didn't think she owned anything so… tight. No jacket, she just walks down the street with her black clutch, she oozes confidence and strength as she walks towards the line. Yet when she smiles she becomes soft, approachable, kind, easy going, someone you just have to find a way to talk to, to just hope that maybe if you are around her you could too feel that way.

"Put your tongue back in your mouth Nightwing, you're staring. Damm BG you look hot, you should wear that more often!" Wally says. Goddammit was I? Maybe I looked but I wasn't staring, oh no I can feel my checks burning up. And my tongue wasn't out; it was in my mouth where it is supposed to be! I hit him in the shoulder; he is getting on my nerves.

"Ouch! Stop hitting me dude!" Wally hits me back then rubs him arm where I hit him.

"No code-names in the field. Babs I wasn't… he is lying. But you do look nice. But it doesn't look at practical.."

Barbara brings her mobile to her ear so she looks like she is talking to someone on the phone instead of herself.

*Gee thanks guys. I don't feel insecure about what I am wearing at all now* she says sarcastically, we embarrassed her which is quite unusual for her, times like these you remember she just like any other girl who probably gets insecure about her body. I never thought of her like that, she has always been so strong, confident, acts like nothing can bother her, plus she has always been beautiful, I always figured she knew that.

*And this is more comfortable then you would think. Wedges are stable, they blend into the club scene but if I need to run I could. The rings I am wearing will make a good weapon if I need. And the idea is to stand out, so red.* she wasn't wrong about standing out.

"Wow you really thought this through. Typically Bat-style" Wally says in a causal friendly way. It was true, the Bat-family always thought-out everything. It was always good to be prepared. And I was impressed; it was practical without looking like she was ready to fight. We started to walk to the line now that she was lining up and a few feet in front of us. I couldn't help but look a little closer now we were closer… damn she looked good, a part of me just wants to reach out and…dammit Dick stop thinking about her like that! She is your friend and team mate, you can't afford to think of her like that.

Two girls that were in front of us turned around, one waved her hand in front of my face, bring me back into reality. She was a white brunette chick wearing a tight fitting purple dress, short and low cut, wow I am beginning to see a trend for girls at clubs. I don't mind, it doesn't hurt the eye but they have to know, it really isn't that hard to please guys, if that is the attention they are trying to get. It really doesn't take much for a girl to get a guy's attention wearing a snowman suit. But hey, I am not about to say anything.

"Hey! Aren't you Richard Wayne?"

"Mmm well Richard Grayson, Wayne but yes. Sorry, do I know you?"

"No, but you do now, I am Amy Wilson, and this is my friend Sky Harris, you boys here alone tonight?" Wow that was quick and to the point but I admire that.

"No! Yes, I mean we aren't meeting anyone. Hi I am Wally West, Dick's best friend! It is a pressure", see we are on a mission and all he is thinking about is girls. Well it does get hard to meet girls when you are constantly crime-fighting or studying or catching up on sleep so you can't really blame him. I hesitate, this wasn't a part of the plan but hanging with these girls would make us look more normal.

"It is nice to meet you Amy and Sky".



Barbara's POV

This is pointless, it has been forever and I have spoken to over 20 guys and a few girls and nothing sus or out of the normal. No trying to spike my drink, no come around this creepy corner, of course some guys have tried to make a move but nothing that isn't expected or suggests they would kidnap to get what they want. We have gone to two other bars/clubs just in case but so far nothing. I lean against the crowded bar, staring at my non-alcoholic drink playing with the straw, I don't even want it but I have it so it looks like I am drinking.

"How's it going?" a whisper in my ear, not my communicator but a man's voice, his breath warm against my ear sending a shiver down my back, but in a good way. I hate that, because I know it is Dick, he shouldn't be able affect me like that, catching me off-guard once again.

I turn to face him, with a not-impressed look.

"How do you think?" he goes to respond when he is pushed up against me grabbing my arms as support I let out a small squeal, it caught me off surprise, sue me. This place was too crowded, no one believes in personal space.

"Sorry Babs…umm" he looks down at me, wearing these heels he is only an inch taller than me so our faces are closer than they normally would be. It is distracting… wow he looks good, sometimes I forget how much he has grown from that small skinny boy I once knew as Robin. Now he is tall and well-built with strong facial features, the girls at school would always go on about how handsome he was, but I never really looked. He has short clean-cut hair, boy do I have a strange urge to run my hands through it. What am I doing?! Am I checking-out Dic- No! Stop this, pull yourself together girl, say something clever… mmm cleaver dammit!

"Yeah I was talking around and so far nothing sus. Just the standard creepy behaviour. You?" Dick said, pulling me back into reality and letting go of my arms, the lack of contact is a bit disappointing, I am- no, no it's not. I cough pretending to clear my throat breaking eye contact before I reply.

"Yeah just the same. This isn't good, I just hope we aren't too late. Mm what are you doing here anyways? Well like here, here, shouldn't you be off over there or something?"

"Oh yeah I said I would get the girls some drinks… figured I would do it over here."

"Oh right, they seem cute. I better circulate some more." Of course, I almost forgot about those money-grabbing girls… they probably realized who Dick was; I can't help it, it bugs me a little…in a friend way, I am just thinking of him really.

"Yeah well, they make us blend more you know" he brushes it off like business and orders drinks at the bar, when he turns away I push though the crowed, got to stay focused. Who is my next target, I look around the dark club, the lights are blue and purple, it doesn't help very much, also I am too short I can't see over half the guys here, it is annoying.

Bingo. Luke Jenkins, 31 years old, he was on Batman's list, he was already interrogate but didn't give up any information. He has been involved in kidnaping kids of Gotham's wealthy, demanding a high price, as well as the usually assault chargers. Of course that was in his late teens, early twenties but they say the best predictor for future behaviour is past. It is possible he took up his old habit. He must have been here for a few hours already otherwise Batman or Robin would have spotted him before he came in and let us know he was here.

*BG to BM Luke Jenkins is here, I am going to approach.*

*Copy that Batgirl, be careful.*

I squeeze past a big group of girls, approaching my target. He is talking to two other men around the same age. They are hanging near the stairs to the next level of the club, clearly checking out the girls on the dance floor. Gross, I hate that I can tell that. As I get close pretend to be a bit tipsy and do the classic 'trip' and fall into him spilling my drink a little.

"OMG I am so sorry! Are you ok?" you can tell he is clearly irritated and was about to yell but then his eyes move down me… gross. I want to cover up but I know this was the point of wearing this… to get his attention. Now I have it and he speaks up "No it's fine, are you okay?"

"Yes, just you know. Trying to drink anyway my problems like any other silly girl here haha, sorry I shouldn't of said that, you don't want to hear about my problems, a good looking guy like you probably has a girl to get back to" yes I did just say that, I know I hate myself a little too.

"No no, you are fine, and no lady tonight. What is a lovely girl like you so sad about?"

"Are you sure you want to hear this? It really is quite pathetic!" think of the job Batgirl think of the job!

"Really, now I have to know. Let me get you another drink, that one split everywhere" god that was way too easy.

"That is so sweet! Thank you! Well my girlfriend just broke up with me and my friend was meant to meet me here to drink away my problems but she didn't show up! So I am all alone being pathetic drinking by my lonely self! Pathetic right?"

"Oh girlfriend, so you don't..?"

"Sometimes, I like them all to be honest, why is that strange?" I lean up against the wall and wait for his reply, he actually grins and moves closer, "no that is hot, would you be interested in a threesome then?" he says as he has the nerve to stroke my arm. Yeah I got a feeling this isn't our guy.

We talk for a bit longer, sussing out the usual questions. He wasn't our guy, he clearly wants to have sex with me but isn't going to force anything.

*Batgirl, Nightwing. Gordon says a missing person report came in 20 minutes ago, Jamie Lee, age 22, single, didn't come home from a friend's house last night. If nothing else strikes you as strange call it a night.*

Well I guess that means we fail. God dammit! I actually thought this might work. I better go find the others. I bump into a few people knocking into this poor girl.

"Sorry! Are you ok?" I pull her up,

"I am fine, that was my fault I was just coming over to you actually"

"Me? Sorry, do we know each other?" the girl blushes.

"Um no, I just couldn't help but over hear your conversation with that creepy guy over there. You know he has been trying to get a threesome with like every second girl! I am glad you didn't… well you know. Oh no this sounds creepy doesn't it?!"

"No, no, it is fine, haha you are right, he was a freak!"

"Agreed! I just also couldn't help but hear you were here by yourself and recently.. well I am really sorry to hear! I just wanted to see if you wanted to join me and my friends? Us girls have to stay together you know!"

"Wow that is so sweet! Thank you so much, it was very kind of you to care. But my friend actually showed up just then otherwise I would have love to!" I can't help but think if only those girls had a nice girl like this help them out, maybe they wouldn't have disappeared so easily. Safety in numbers after all.

"Oh okay, no worries then! Well we will have to party next time! I am like always here so if you see me around don't be afraid to say hi!" She says with a big grin.

"I will remember that, thanks a lot! Have a good night" I smile and make my way to the bar to meet Dick and Wally. My eyes are starting to hurt, I am about ready to call it a night.



Dick's POV

God I hate watching this, I know it is only a mission but to see this guys… look at her like that, when they have the nerve to touch her. When she said she was going to engage Luke Jenkins I tensed all over, anxiety washing all over me. I am sure Wally notices too, he has been giving me sad looks all night, like he knows something I don't. I still don't like this. A couple of times she has disappeared in the crowed and my heart almost stops, sinks just for a little bit until I see her again. I have a sick feeling that she will disappear in that crowed and I won't be able to get her back. Sometimes I wish she just stayed Barbara Gordon and not Batgirl. I could keep her safe that way, I could try. But I know she wouldn't be the same girl I love, Batgirl is a big part of her and I love and hate that. Love as a friend way of course, not that I need to be explaining that to myself…

My mind keeps wondering back to the bar when she was so close, being caught off guard, pushed into her, grabbing her arms, being only a few inches from her, so close to kiss. Her lips so red, so inviting I could barely look away, my eyes travelling down… only for a second, I couldn't help it. She is so… Shit the pendent! I look up, meeting her eyes, I lose track of what I was going to say, shit! Say something! This is weird. Her eyes, she looks, shocked? Distracted. What is she thinking?

My mind snaps back, I see her coming out of the crowed towards us, I straighten up from my relaxed pose leaning against the bar. Not that I have felt relaxed at all tonight.

"Dick, Dick!" Amy, the girl in the purple dress snaps her fingers in front of my face, damn I forgot about her, again. I am surprised she has hung around this long; I have been ignoring her all night. I guess because I am paying for this night for her and her friend.

"Sorry, I just spotted my friend." I gently move her out of the way, never moving my eyes from Babs. It is good to stop pretending I don't know her, to watch her flirting with other guys… really it has been a shit night.

She is trying to get through the crowd, I call out to her and put my hand out for her to take, she takes it, I close my hand around her small soft hand and pull her through the crowed causing her to knock into me. Oh god not again, act cool, pretend like you meant to do that. I engulf her into a hug picking her off the ground.

"There you are, it is about time you showed your sorry ass!" her face is flushed red, I caught her off guard, I seem to be doing that a lot to her lately, I laugh out loud and she relaxes. That bright smile I know and love comes back to her face,

"back up boy, my personal space has been violated enough today. And my ass isn't sorry, it is proud and wonderful" ouch, but I know she is just joking and it is nice to be our old selves for once.

"And don't I know it, it is looking fine today Miss Gordon" I purposely check it out with a raised eye-brow. She punches me lightly in the shoulder causing me to lose my balance briefly.

"And you wonder why I brag you two! Nice to see you Babs" Wally gets up and engulfs her into a hug, then breaking the moment

"but damn that ass"

"Omg! You two are horrible to me tonight!" she punches him in the arm too and we laugh.

"Just so you know Wally we can say the same crap about you and Artemis, the sexual tension between you two is crazy! But the ego you both have is stopping what a cute couple you would make!" Wally is surprised by the remark but brushes it off

"you really need to get your eyes check BG, not saying she isn't smoking, I mean my eyes work exceptionally well but she irritates the crap out me! And if that was the case then you two are the same but million times worse because you pretend to be best friends." There was no winning with either of these people, but I will admit I am finding it amusing to watch, oh shit those girls do not look pleased with what we are saying, we are jerks. Babs rolls her eyes.

"Not that I need to prove anything to you Wally but would a girl who is in love with this meat sack be willing to make friends with his lady friend at the bar?" she moves past him and approaches the girls.

"Hey I am really sorry about these two losers. I am Barbara Gordon, their friend, but I am starting to question why." She puts out her hand and the girls look slightly less pissed that now they are being welcomed and a part of the conversation again. I was kind of hoping she would help us get rid of these girls but instead in typically friendly Barbara way she makes friends with them. Great.

Babs is to my right and Amy to my left, Sky on her left and Wally next to her. After talking for about 10 minutes, Barbara leans in as it is hard to hear over the music, she says she is going to head off as it is getting late. I know for a fact she wouldn't be tired yet, it is just after 12 and she is a bat which means she is used to not going to bed until 4 am or later sometimes.

She waves to everyone else as I am guessing she can't be bothered making a screen saying bye to everyone. I grab her arm,

"Hold on, I don't want you walking home alone" she gives me a look at sayings 'you better let go of my arm before I break your face' I do, then I lean in and whisper in her ear.

"I didn't mean it like that, I know you can look after yourself, I just need a reason to get out of here, please let me play good friend making sure my sweet young girl- friend doesn't walk home alone dressed like that" she still doesn't look impressed but she rolls her eyes and I know she will play along.

"Hey I am going to make sure she gets home alright. It was really nice to meet you two, I had a really good time. Wally, are you going to come back with us?" the girls don't look too impressed but I really don't care anymore, I just want to leave.

"Oh man, yeah actually I will come with. Sorry girls, but thanks for hanging with us, I had a really good time and I have your number Sky, so can I call you later?" He gets up from the couch he was sitting on and move towards us.

"Um yeah sure. It was nice hanging with you boys too, we should go on a double date or something sometime soon!" fuck, she had to say it.
I say bye again look for the door, it is going to be a struggle to get to it.

"Grr I just want to get out of here, you are too slow. Here follow me" Babs impatiently gabs my hand, she looks to the crowd thinking, then pushes though and drags me behind her not caring who I hit on the way through, I am a lot bigger than her so it isn't so easy to just squeeze through, but I had to say it is affect because we are outside in no time.

"Guys, wait for me!" Wally struggles to catch up, mm maybe should of waited and helped him.

We get outside, her hand slides out of mine once again and she puts both hands in the air and yells "freedom!" I can't help but laugh, then without thinking pull her into a hug and pick her off the ground, spinning her around; she lets out a small squeak in surprise and then laughs as I put her on the ground.

"What was that for?"

"I don't know, I just felt like it! That was stressful, let's not do it again anytime too."

"Dick-" she does that soft light-hearted smile,

"Yeah I know Babs, that is doubtful but I just wish this case was done so the next time we go out like this, we can actually hang together! You know I think that was the first time we ever went out to a club together. Now that is just sad!"

"Really? We went to a few bars but I guess you are right, every time I go out dancing I go with the girls. Well next time we will go all together! It will be fun!" god that smile. What is wrong with me today, I just can't keep my eyes off her. Those red lips, so…

"Thanks for waiting guys! I almost died in that pit of death" Wally. I roll my eyes. We all start walking towards the zeba tube.

"So the big guy let us off early tonight, back to Mount Justice, watch a movie? Play a card game?" I say, it is a nice night, I don't want to go to bed just yet.

"Typical Bats, it is almost 1am and you want to play card-games! But why not"

"What do you say Babs?" I turn to look at her, she is staring at the sky, deep in thought. Her arms wrapped around herself, god she must be cold, she is wearing practically nothing! Again... not that I was looking, stupid brain.

"Hey, take this, you are freezing!" I take off my dress-shirt, it isn't that warm but it is better than nothing. We still have another 10 minutes walk to the zeba tube.

"Oh sorry I was tuning out, yeah a card game sounds fun! Oh are you sure? That obvious hey? Thanks Wingnut!" I shake my head, name calling, always name calling.

"That obvious. What are you staring at?" she takes my shirt and puts it on, pulling down the sleeves so she can hold onto them. She looks up at me and smiles; she seems more relaxed right now. I think she pulls off my shirt better than I do.

She skips a few steps in front and does a spin, she soaks in the cold air, closes her eyes, smiles and lets her head go back, opens her eyes and looks up at the sky then at me.

"I just love the smell of a cold nights air after it rains, looking up at the nights sky I feel so small, nothing matters for a little bit. If you really listen you will hear nothing at all, it is peaceful, and it is intoxicatingly good." I can't help but smile even brighter at that. It was nice she could just forget about everything that has happened today, the mission, and appreciate and enjoy something as simple as the night sky.

Wally bursts out laughing "girl you are high, are you sure you didn't drink anything tonight? No case of the munchies coming on is there?" she sticks out her bird figure and we all laugh. God I love times like these with my friends. Sometimes you forgot with everything else going on that we are actually all really good friends. Not just fish-bowl friends. It was what made all the pain and tears worth wild.