"Your tenkai energy is weak Bravenwolf! I will crush you! The universe belongs to the strong!"

"The universe isn't something to be owned Villius! You need to learn how to share!"

"You will be the one who will learn!"

"And i who will teach you! Tenkai Dark Storm!"

A boy in a cobalt jumpsuit with blue armor and cobalt hair moaned in his bed. His helmet had silver bars on the sides with his hair sticking out in four spikes on the bottom of it. He had slightly tanned skin and seemed a bit strong. On his torso was a gold ring with two red blocks separated by two triangles connected by a black line.

"Megaman…" a voice said.

A screen appeared beside the boy. On it, was another boy around 14. He had his brown hair held up by a blue headband. He wore an orange vest over a white long-sleeved shirt, black shorts, and orange shoes with hidden in-line skating wheels.

"MEGAMAN, WAKE UP!" the boy shouted.

The cobalt-haired boy yelped as he fell off the bed. He glared at the screen with his dark emerald eyes.

"LAN?! You… you're up before me?!" Megaman gasped, "Oh no! It's the apocalypse!"

"Not funny, Megaman," Lan glared, "Now head over to Net City. We agreed to have a mini-tournament with Maylu, Roll, Chaud, Protoman, Dex, and Gutsman today, remember?"

Megaman nodded.

"Hey, Lan?" Megaman asked.


"I just had this weird dream," Megaman said.

"Was it about Roll?" Lan asked with a small smirk.

"N-No," Megaman replied, "I had this dream about being that red haired boy and red robot again. And I don't dream about Roll!"

"Sure you don't," Lan chuckled, "Now get moving. You can tell me about it on the way."

"Well… It began with that red robot along with 5 robots in this weird desert place," Megaman began telling his dream as he ran off, "They saw this weird red, black and yellow dragon with purple eyes being with red, black and yellow wings, charging up this attack. They quickly did a Tenkai Star Dash-I think that's what he called it when they flew up and dashed at the dragon and ripped through the wings before this group of people and robotic giant creatures appeared. They all worked together and destroyed the dragon. Then, it changed to the red robot with torn but strange looking clothes waking up in a room. He had seen a unicorn with wings and a baby dragon without wings, but they recognized each other. the alicorn's name was Twilight Sparkle, a pony princess and her dragon assistant was Spike, and…"