"Don't go easy on us," a girl with soft rose-colored hair, brilliant pure emerald eyes, a blue vest over her light blue shirt and blue skirt and long black socks said.

Gutsman and a boy around 13 with tan skin, black eyes, a green shirt, blue jean shorts, and the small tuff of brown hair on his head in a spike gulped.

"This is going to be too easy," Megaman smirked from his seat in the stands, "Gutsy will lose since he and his NetOp, Dex, refuse to fight Roll and Maylu."

"Uh, Megaman, when did you start calling Gutsman 'Gutsy?'" Lan pondered.

"...You know, I'm not really sure," Megaman replied, "The name just came to me when I saw Chooki and Toxsa."

Lan looked at Chooki, who was busy checking his changer, and Toxsa, who was sleeping.

"Say, Megaman, didn't you tell me you dreamt of a yellow and ginger haired boy and green haired boy who were a yellow robot and a green robot, but they called themselves 'Sinbad' and 'Uhu' last night?" Lan whispered.

Megaman nodded.

'The Jungle World? So Megaman's had a dream about the Jungle World… Could he be…?' Chooki thought.

Megaman and Lan began to laugh when they saw Gutsman was now as flat as a pancake thanks to the Zeus Hammer Maylu gave to Roll.

"So, are you ready to lose?" a boy with black and white hair, a red jacket over a black shirt, and camouflage pants asked.

Chooki just smiled.

"You have no idea who you're up against," Chooki stated as he pulled out his changer, he activated it which sent a yellow flash of light that blinded everyone, when the light faded, in his place was the same yellow robot from Meaman's dream with green optics and a wasp face on his chest, "I'm am Lydendor, one of the tenkai knights."

"Be careful, Protoman," the boy said.

"Understood, Chaud, sir," Protoman replied.

Lydendor dashed and stood in front of Protoman. Protoman's left arm and hand became a long red sword. He slashed at Lydendor, who dodged it.

"Behind you!" Chaud warned.

Protoman turned around as Lydendor jumped into the air, he summons a chain like weapon.

"Cannon," Chaud said as he inserted a blue chip into a strange red device.

Protoman's sword became a green cannon. He fired it at Lydendor, who responded by throwing his chain which heads straight for the blast. The two attacks collided, creating a large amount of smoke. Lydendor landed in front of Protoman, his chain aimed at Protoman's symbol.

"Shall we finish this?" Lydendor asked.

"Whoa… he's got Protoman in check," Roll gasped, amazed.

"Well, he was chosen to be the one of the tenkai knights Lydendor months ago," Megaman chuckled.

"How do you know that?" Maylu asked.

"…I really don't have any idea," Megaman replied, "I just… knew."

Toxsa, awake and beside Roll, raised an eyebrow.

'So he knows about Chooki being chosen to be Lydendor,' Toxsa thought.

"Do you know who chose him dude?" Toxsa asked.

"one of the guardians who is called Boreas and the yellow core brick given to Mr. White along with the other three so they can track the chosen ones ," Megaman replied.

Toxsa's eyes widened.

"No way… how did you knew about that guardian Boreas?!" Toxsa gasped.

He never got a reply since Protoman had got out of check and slammed Lydendor into a wall. Lydendor began to struggle to break free from his grasp in the smoke as his green optics glowed pure green. Everyone heard the sound of electricity landing on the ground.

"Uh oh…" Toxsa gulped.

The smoke was blown away by a large yellow electric arua erupting off a now completely yellow Lydendor.

"There's something wrong with Chooki…" Lan gasped.

Rocks and other things began to float around Lydendor before breaking up into data as yellow electricity filled the area around him.

"Chooki! Try to control it!" Megaman demanded.

Lydendor's response was a moan.

"That's going too far you!" Toxsa growled.

"Elemental…" Lydendor began.

He glowed a lot before transforming in front of Protoman. He aimed his weapon at Protoman and shocked him into the ground.

"…Titan Mode!" Lydendor finished.

The arena was filled in by a yellow light. It parted to reveal Lydendor who is taller, has orange and yellow armor and larger wings, the spikes on his helmet was longer, he aimed his weapon at Protoman and sent a large blinding electric light. The light parted to reveal Protoman was Logging Out and Lydendor was back to his normal navi self, panting as his powers came back.

"Aww right! game on!" Chooki said as he walked out of the arena.

" I knew he would do that!" Everyone turned to see a black velociraptor alien with green eyes

" uhh sorry." He said

a stegosaur who is brown and has blue eyes appeared and had his arms crossed.

" sorry Stegotchi" the velociraptor replied as everyone stared blankly

" Zakutor... You should have never said that." Stegotchi said.

After the two zyudenryu called Stegotchi and Zakutor accidentally got seen and explained about being the boys' partners, Megaman knew them mysteriously, the two zyudenryu got suspicious about something familiar about him

" something tells me that he is someone familiar" Zakutor replied

Megaman clicked a stopwatch he had. He looked at it and gave a small whistle.

"1 minute and 5 seconds," Megaman stated, "I'd have to give Chooki an 'S' on that if he didn't have a 39½ foot pole shoved up his rear."

"Sorry i did that," Chooki apologized for the power amount he did.

" at least that blast knocked Protoman out of the stage!" Toxsa joked.

Toxsa began to laugh at that. The other five including a worried Chooki just stared at him.

"Sorry dudes," Toxsa apologized as he got up, "But Megaman made a cool deduction, even Lydendor's and my cool attitude towards everything. But how did he know about the Ranks?"

"The Ranks?" Megaman repeated.

"S, A, B, C, and F are the five Ranks," Chooki explained, "When one gets one of those Ranks, a medallion appears before them."

He pulled out a large case. He opened it to show medallions of all kinds of colors with either S, A, B, C, or F on them.

"How do you get these things?" Lan asked.

"By going through Special Areas and battling Enemies," Chooki replied as if they knew what Special Areas were.

"What are 'Special Areas,' Chooki?" Roll pondered.

"Special Areas are areas in the world and Quarton that are changed into long and strange places with enemies that usually are beaten by a single hit, springs, and items that can help one in the Special Area," Megaman unexpectedly explained.

He quickly covered his mouth while everyone looked at him.

"Now this is weird…" Lan stated.

"Megaman, how did you know what Special Areas were?" Roll asked.

He never got to reply since Chooki saw worried as Zakutor pushed both him and Toxsa into the arena, now repaired.

" BE CAREFUL AT WHO ARE YOU PUSHING, YOU PRICK!" Toxsa and Megaman barked.

" Oh sorry dudes" Zakutor apologized as he backed away from them

"all right, all right just stop arguing and fight already," Stegotchi simply glared at the two.

"Seesh, someone's moody," Lan stated.

"What was that?" Stegotchi demanded, his eyes pointed at the screen with Lan on it.

"Uh… nothing… nothing at all," Lan replied quickly.

Stegotchi sighed dissappointently.

Megaman and Toxsa just stared at each other in a fighting stance.

"So what do you know about me dude?" Toxsa asked.

"You're the tenkai knight Valorn," Megaman explained, "You have tried to get your titan mode on Quarton by training secretly, but you got captured by the corrupted, when your friends came to save you, you realized you needed them, so that's how you got titan mode."

Toxsa chuckled at that.

"You really could be him, Megaman," Toxsa said.

"Be who?" Megaman asked.

Toxsa didn't say. He used his changer, a green blinding light engulfed him, when the light parted, in Toxsa's place was a familiar green robot with a turtle face on his chest and green optics, he didn't respond. He just charged at Megaman. Megaman jumped out of the way of a blast Valorn threw from his spear. The blast collided with a wall, and the wall shattered.

"Yikes!" Lan yelped, "He's strong! Be careful of his blasts and attacks, Megaman!"

"Easy! For! You! To! Say!" Megaman yelped between dodging all of Valorns' attacks.

He slipped a little and was struck with a barrage of blasts. He was sent flying into the stands, creating a small cloud of smoke.

"Mega!" Roll gasped.

The smoke cleared to reveal a transparent blue shield. The shield vanished to reveal a shocked Megaman. Chooki's eyes widened.

'He used Tenkai Shield Barrier?' Chooki thought.

Valorn glowed green and transformed into elemental titan mode then he jumped ten feet into the air and began to charge and aim his spear at Megaman.

"MegaBuster!" Megaman yelled as his left arm and hand became a blue blaster.

He began to fire green bullets at Valorn, which he blocked all of them with his spear.

"Tenkai Terrablast drill!" Valorn yelled as he flew directly over Megaman.

He shot right down, spinning, at Megaman.

"AreaSteal!" Lan yelled.

Megaman warped to the middle of the arena before Valorn's attack landed. The attack made a large crater in the stands. Valorn jumped out of it and charged at Megaman.

"NOW I'M MAD!" Valorn roared.

Megaman tried his best to dodge the faster punches, but he was struck with fifty of the sixty. He was sent flying into the air above the arena.

"Ah! Megaman!" Lan yelped.

Megaman's eyes shot open to reveal a brilliant violet blue instead of a dark emerald color. He did a few flips and landed on his feet.

"Valorn!" Megaman stretched, "i don't want to hurt you, but i have to do this."

" At least Stegotchi crashed on him a while ago" Zakutor giggled as Chooki facepalmed

Roll and Maylu began to giggle as Lan fell over laughing. Valorn's face and Stegotchi' muzzle became red as Megaman's symbol.

"DON'T SAY THAT ZAKU!" Valorn and Stegotchi demanded.

" Sorry " Zakutor frightently said

"Okay. So you want me to fight you in a net battle?'" Megaman pondered, "You know, im afraid I'll have to fight you ."

" wait! I should have said that i shouldn't said that Stegi buddy!" Zakutor said

Stegotchi' left eye twitched.

"RRAAAGH!" Stegotchi roared as he chased Zakutor, Valorn charged with his blasts going even faster than before.

"Megaman, incoming! Jump!" Lan advised.

Megaman nodded.

"ok!" Megaman stated.

He began to easily dodge all the attacks.

"I didn't have the attacks before!" Megaman thought.

"HOLD STILL, COME ON!" Valorn roared.

"Toxsa, Calm down" Megaman said, "you need to concetrate."

"Uh, Megaman, are you alright?" Lan asked.

"yes." Megaman replied, "i haven't been like this for a long time."

"…Okay… who are you? And what have you done with Megaman?" Lan asked.

Megaman didn't reply since he was too busy thinking as he dodged Valorn's blows.

'He looks so thinkitive…' everyone but Valorn and Chooki thought with a sweatdrop.

"Okay, Toxsa," Megaman glared as he jumped halfway across the arena, "I think it's time to end this."

He curled up and began to dash at Valorn, surprising everyone who wasn't extremely enraged. (A/N: Valorn.) red energy flames appeared all around and entered Megaman's dashing form. After a while, he was encased in a red fireball.

"Tenkai Firestorm dash! Go!" Megaman yelled.

He then vanished to the normal eye. He appeared near Valorn before colliding with him causing them to get sent flying. Valorn was then sent flying into the air before landing in the center of the arena, recovering in navi form, he groaned as he fell on his knees, Megaman stood up and walked to him, he had a sad and guilty look.

"Toxsa... im sorry i did this, that was a harsh battle, let me help you" Megaman saddly said as he gave Valorn a hand to help him get up, Toxsa's eyes widened at his familiar behavior, Megaman looked confused.

A small sphere of energy appeared before Megaman before becoming a gold medallion with an 'S' in the middle of it. Megaman curiously grabbed it and blinked. His eyes were now their usual dark emerald. He started to look around.

"Lan… what just happened here?" Megaman asked.

"You don't remember?!" Lan asked, shocked.

"That was amazing, Mega!" Roll exclaimed as she hugged him.

"What was amazing?" Megaman asked, "Just what the heck happened here?"

"You clobbered me up with Guren's Tenkai Firestorm dash Attack," Toxsa groaned as he got up, "I had a funny feeling you were you, Guren."

"Guren?" Megaman, Roll, Lan, and Maylu repeated.