Stegotchi kept glaring embarrasedly at Megaman, who was trying his best not to glare back at Stegotchi. He had a gut feeling that if he did, he'd be as good as deleted, Zakutor had the same feeling. The group had decided to cancel the remainder of their mini-tourney. (A/N: Though Stegotchi and Toxsa wanted to keep going.) They were all now in Lan's HP with Maylu and Chaud in Lan's room and Protoman with the NetNavis.

"So tell us, Chooki and Toxsa," Chaud began to interrogate, "Just who is Guren?"

"…He was a hero and a great leader," Chooki explained, "He was a red and black haired boy with a red and with shirt, black pants with handles with brilliant pure violet blue eyes that has a good heart, he gets really angry when someone hurts or harms his friends… , he is the tenkai knight Bravenwolf, our leader, he had a knack for leadership you know.., Gen is a boy who possesses Dromus who is Bravenwolf's no longer evil clone since he was betrayed by Villius and the black dragon key was taken from him, he decided to join the corekai and our side."

"Megaman, haven't you had dreams that you were a red haired boy since last month?" Lan asked, "With only one bad one?"

Megaman nodded.

"Really now? Care to tell us about some of those dreams of Guren? Or show them since I know you NetNavis can project your dreams and memories when you want," Toxsa ordered with a glare, "And I am not requesting, i want to know if you're Guren."

Everyone, minus Chaud and Protoman, gulped at Stegotchi but he facepalm and tries to keep his temper before a screen appeared beside Megaman. On it was the outside of a house. The view was moving around the entire home and car.

'Got everything okay Guren?' a voice said.

'yeah, i got it' another voice said.

The screen quickly moved to see a man who had black hair, the other figure was actually the boy the mind was, Guren Nash, who is preparing his things to move to Benham City, until he heard a voice.

" Tenkai..." The voice said in faded tone

Guren heard it and looked where was it.

The screen vanished.

"That man and the boy in my head were the first dream I had," Megaman explained, "Sorry I couldn't show it in a different Point Of View, but i heard about his mother, i don't know what happened to her."

"That's alright, Megaman," Chooki said.

"i hope Guren's mom is okay…" Roll sniffed.

"Yeah," Chooki sighed sadly, "Guren was just 12 when his mother vanished. Do you have anymore dreams you'd like to show us?"

"Well…" Megaman began.

"Show it, or I'll yell at you," Stegotchi threatened.

" sorry.." He apologized for his temper

" please don't yell at us" Toxsa and Zakutor worriedly pleaded as Stegotchi sighed and smiled.

Megaman quickly nodded as the screen formed. This time, it was in a large area. The tenkai knights were facing the Villius, the knights used robotic dinosaurs, a red tyrannosaur, a blue plesiosaur, a velociraptor colored like Zakutor, a stegosaur colored like Stegotchi, a white triceratops and a green pterodactyl, they combined into a robot and faced Villius but he's too strong, the red robot who is Bravenwolf fused with the robot and the others combined their powers as well, Dromus who combined with a black tyrannosaur prepared to attack, the others escaped as the two knights combined with the tyrannosaurs sent a combined blast at Villius, which sent a blinding light. The screen immediately vanished.

"I'm sorry," Megaman apologized, "I just can't show the rest. It's too painful."

"I can explain the rest, Megaman," Stegotchi spoke, "Bravenwolf and Dromus used Wolf Tyranno blast to stop Villius, but…"

He looked over at Toxsa, tears of sadness in his eyes.

"…Dromus lost half of his Human Form at the last minute and fell to this Earth," Stegotchi finished, "Gen's lucky that he landed on Gregar when he was in the atmosphere."

Megaman tried to hold his sadness, but couldn't hold it back for more than ten seconds.

"Who's Gregar?" Lan asked.

"Megaman's currently useless in his behavior and Guren's fit," Chooki stated, pointing at the now worried Megaman with his thumb, "So we can't show you what he looks like. And before you ask, we can't show our memories or dreams like you NetNavis can."

"But aren't you two NetNavis?" Maylu asked.

"Not exactly," Toxsa replied as he walked over to a Jack Out panel, he changed into Valorn then combined with Stegotchi, he is the same but he had a tail of a stegosaur, claws on his feet and right hand while Stegotchi's head replaced his left hand, Stegotchi's eyes glowed and changed into a spear. "hah!"

He chopped it and it activated. He stepped onto it and appeared outside in Lan's bedroom.

"YIKES!" Lan yelped as he fell out of his chair.

Maylu reached out and scratched behind Stegotchi's head spinal plates. This had an unexpected result; Stegotchi began to purr and close his eyes while a smile appeared on his face. This caused Toxsa to laugh even harder and Zakutor and Lan to join him while Chooki and Roll giggled, Megaman also giggled.

'The Stegosaur Zyudenryu's only currently known weakness; scratch the small ear,' Chaud thought.

"I didn't know zyudenryus could purr," Maylu giggled.

She stopped scratching after a while, yet Stegotchi was still in a daze while Toxsa giggled.

a red tyrannosaur zyudenryu with green eyes came out of nowhere

" Gabutyra no time no see!" Zakutor said happily

" yes, im back, but why Stegotchi is purring?" Gabutyra asked

Stegotchi was still in daze

"Thank you, whoever you are," Stegotchi sighed happily.

"I'm Maylu, not this 'whoever you are' you're talking about, Stego," Maylu replied, "But you're welcome."

Stegotchi looked away to blush.

"Uh, right," Stegotchi kept looking away, "My apologies, Ms. Maylu."

" you were purring." Toxsa giggled

" yes, very funny" Stegotchi said

He quickly scooted over to the Computer, gave it a karate chop with the spear, and a small yellow sphere of energy appeared before the screen. Toxsa, Stegotchi and Gabutyra quickly jumped in and entered Lan's HP. He kept looking away from everyone. Eventually, Lan and Zakutor stopped laughing and got back up.

"Alright, now tell us who Gregar is, please," Chaud said.

It was then, Megaman began to growl a little.

"Mega…" Roll whispered.

A screen appeared beside him to reveal a blue wolf like beast.

Guren growled, 'How dare you… How dare you hurt my friends, Ceylan and Twilight?!"

The screen became darker as took a step away.

'You're not getting away,' Guren growled as he took a step forward.

Everyone looked away, hearing the pain-filled agonizing radio-like screams coming from the image. Everyone looked back to see Gregar, on the ground, in a pool of his own data, damaged beyond recognition. The darkness faded and the screen turned to see a 13 year old blue haired boy with green goggles, he had a with shirt and a blue jacket, he had blue pants and brown boots, near him was a female alicorn, her fur was lavender, she had a navy blue mane and tail with a pink streak and a purple streak, she had a pink six pointed star on her flank, she had purple eyes. They had injuries all over them and they were knocked out cold. Guren walked over to the the blue haired boy and lavender alicorn and gently picked them up up.

'It's alright, guys,' Guren whispered soothingly as a hand connected to peach skin gently stroked the boy's left side of his face and the alicorn's right side of her face, 'I'm here.'

Gabutyra gently stroked a blue plesiosaur's face,

" Plezuon..." Gabutyra said as he stroked her gently

The screen vanished.

"Ceylan…" Megaman whispered as he looked down sadly.

He turned to Chooki and Toxsa, even Gabutyra, Stegotchi and Zakutor.

"Do either of you know where my best friend and friend… where Ceylan and Twilight are?" Megaman asked.

" you also know where Plezuon is with them?" Gabutyra asked

Chooki and Zakutor turned to Toxsa and Stegotchi, who just took out a teleport zyudenchi.

"Teleport!" Toxsa yelled.

The zyudenchi sparked before Toxsa and Stegotchi vanished. They reappeared after a few minutes with Plezuon, even Ceylan and Twilight, but they look like Megaman, Ceylan looks like Megaman but his gloves and boots were normal blue, the rest of it was cyan, a cyan and blue lined helmet with yellow squares, his symbol was like Megaman's but it was blue and it was in a gold ring, his eyes were normal blue and blue hair was behind his helmet, Twilight looks like a female version of Megaman, she kept her wings and horn which was on her forehead of her helmet, her Cutie mark was on her thighs, she had pink and purple armor, her gloves and boots were pink and lavender, her helmet was navy blue with purple and pink squares but it had a hole on the back which lets her navy blue and pink and purple streaked hair flow freely, her symbol is a pink version of Megaman's symbol, she had violet eyes.

"Plezuon?" Gabutyra said in amazement

" Gabutyra!" Plezuon said in amazement as she hugged Gabutyra

" we really missed ya!" Zakutor said as Stegotchi smiles,

" yes, i do " Plezuon smiled.

"Toxsa, is it true? Did you really find Guren?" Twilight asked.

Toxsa nodded.

"Ceylan, Twilight," Megaman greeted.

Ceylan and Twilight turned around.

"Guren? Is that really you?" Ceylan asked.

"He goes by Megaman now, Ceylan," Chooki replied.

"Guren!" Ceylan and Twilight cried before tackling Megaman with hugs, " i was really worried sick, Megaman" Ceylan replied "We've missed you, Guren-I mean-Megaman." Twilight said.

"Me too, guyrs," Megaman chuckled as he returned the hugs, "Me too."

-Megaman, can you explain about Ceylan and Twilight later?- Lan asked through a 'link' he had with Megaman.

-Yeah- Megaman replied as Ceylan let got of him and blushed smiling but Twilight cried into Megaman's jumpsuit.

"Hello, Ceylan, Hello, Twilight," Roll smiled, "I'm Roll. It's nice to meet you."

Twilight stopped crying and she and Ceylan looked over at Roll. They smiled.

" Im Ceylan Awesome Jones, thats what he calls me " Ceylan said as Twilight giggled

"Hi, Roll! I'm Twilight Sparkle, but honestly, I guess you already knew that," Twilight smiled.

"AW! SO KAWAII!" Roll squealed before hugging the poor little blue haired boy and lavender alicorn who now looked like recolored and different Megamans.

Twilight and Ceylan began to giggle.

"Hey, stop that!" Twilight giggled, "You're tickling us!"

"Yes, stop that!" Ceylan giggled

Their namesakes began to move and start to tickle Roll.

"Maybe I should've warned Roll that no one can beat Ceylan and Twilight in a tickling contest," Megaman chuckled, "Trust me, I've tried and failed every time but that's okay."

"Uncle!" Roll got out between her laughs, "Stop tickling me, Twilight, even you Ceylan!"

"..." Stegotchi walked over to Megaman, "Tell me, do you remember anything else?"

"Yeah...But it's more of a nightmare than anything, Stegotchi..." Megaman shivered as he summoned one more screen.

Almost immediately, everyone felt a tremendous surge of heat from teh screen before it showed a fire. It showed a torn, bloodstained yellow claw that revealed a sliced, bleeding thumb stub and three broken fingers. The screen appeared to blur a bit, yet the flames seemed as bright as they would in a normal view. A snap was heard and the screen turned to see a shrouded figure.

'W-What are you...?' the voice staggered in pure fear before a coughing fit erupted from him.

The shrouded figure chuckled.

'No one you need to know,' the figure replied, 'I heard you were powerful, but it appears that was a lie, you were weak.'

The figure rose its left claw. It was purple and seemed to be more of a gauntlet with three large fingers and a large thumb. It cracked in various places before opening. The pieces grinded and shifted before reshaping into a wolf-theme sword.

'Karakura Henge: Grezar Head.'

'N...No...D-Dar...' the voice begged before coughing once more.

'Don't blame me, wise one. Blame my creator for not knowing there needed to be balance,' the figure said as it rose its blade, 'Wolf Deity Decapitation.'

'B-Beast...Wipeout...' the voice coughed before the image turned silver and the figure's screams of agony mixed in with the voice's cry of death.

The screen vanished. Everyone was silent as they stared at the place the screen was once at while Megaman looked down at his feet. Suddenly, Stegotchi kicked Megaman in the face.

"You idiot! You knew Bragigas vowed to never unleash Beast Wipeout!" Stegotchi roared as he continued to strike the blue bomber.

"Wh-What's Beast Wipeout?" Lan gulped.

"...Beast Wipeout is a suicide move. Those who know it can take everything except their souls and unleash it in one explosion the will disintigrate everything in sight," Stegotchi explained as he calmed down and let Roll heal Megaman, who was now missing his arms and left foot along with a hole where his left hip once was, "Megaman, that figure was something I've only seen in another Zone; a Karakuri Dōji. A man from the future created over 100 of them, apparently. His Dark Doctor. I once met the man while I looked around that Zone. One followed me and I thought I destroyed it..."

"...Guess it was a bad idea for me to take something out of a crater," Megaman chuckled before Stegotchi growled at him, "wait! You know your temper, remember?"

"...I'll explain to you later..." Stegotchi yelled.

" oh, sorry..." Zakutor apologized

"So Toxsa, how did you do those attacks and teleporting?" Protoman asked, trying to steer the conversation away from that.

Toxsa took out his teleporting zyudenchi.

"I used my awesome teleporting zyudenchi," Toxsa replied.

"Teleporting zyudenchi?" Lan repeated.

"A zyudenchi containing teleportation, and a zyudenchi is a battery containing dinosaur power," Megaman explained, "A single one can give you a boost in speed, have powers, and even use energy attacks. it can even power a zyudenryu like Gabutyra, Plezuon, Zakutor and Stegotchi."

"That battery is that strong?!" Chaud gasped.

"There are twenty five of them in total," Twilight continued, "If all of them are brought together, Bravenwolf and Gabutyra can become Ultimate Bravenwolf and Ultimate Gabutyra and can even fuse together to form Gabutyra firestorm Bravenwolf."

"Gabutyra Firestorm Bravenwolf?" Maylu repeated.

Megaman began to scratch Stegotchi's small left ear, letting him be defenseless. A screen appeared to show the screen looking up at a mutant dinosaur humanoid.

'Who are you? Are you Bravenwolf or Gabutyra?' the mutant demanded.

'Gabu Bravenwolf!' a voice relied.

The dinosaur began to chuckle.

'It doesn't matter what form you take, it will only delay the destruction of this planet!' the dinosaur stated.

It turned away and held a hand out. A small black sphere appeared in it. The screen then showed the red mutant dinosaur being kicked by a red scaled leg attached to a fusion of a clawed red foot. The red mutant dinosaur went through a hill before crashing into a wall, Gabu Bravenwolf panted.

The screen vanished and Megaman stopped scratching Stegotchi's ear. Stegotchi glared at Megaman.

"I'll get you for that," Stegotchi threatened.

"You know...I've been curious about one little thing; How is it you guys are still your normal ages?" Roll asked, "From those data clips, they were probably long before NetNavis were invented."

"Oh now that's easy. Stegotchi here pulled off a Time Warp Chaos Control," Twilight explained, "He said that he got a letter from someone who told him to use the seven Chaos Emeralds and warp time, not space."

"Who was it from?" Chaud asked.

" Yeah, who was that guy who sent the letter? " Ceylan replied

"It said 'A fellow scientist,'" Stegotchi replied with Toxsa confused.

"I'll see you, Lan," Chaud said as he and Protoman left, "I have to report these discoveries to the chief."

Lan just nodded. After a few moments, Chaud turned around.

"And good luck with your girlfriend," Chaud joked.

Lan and Maylu blushed heavily at that. Inside Lan's HP, Roll, Twilight, Chooki, Toxsa, Ceylan, Zakutor, Gabutyra, Plezuon and Megaman were playing a round of Go-Fish.

"Got any three's?" Roll asked.

"Go Fish, Roll," Ceylan replied, "Any kings, Megaman?"

Megaman just got a dissappointed look as he gave Ceylan his king. The two sat down on the bed. Maylu began scratching Stegotchi's let ear, enjoying the soft purring coming from the stegosaur zyudenryu.

"Dad's going to be shocked when he sees Stegotchi," Lan chuckled, "Bet he might even faint when Stegotchi talks and comes out of the computer or the PET."

Stegotchi threw a pillow at Lan, hitting him in the face.

"Hey!" Lan growled, throwing the pillow back at Stegotchi.

Stegotchi caught it and tossed it back, with his eyes closed and purring still. Maylu, Roll, Plezuon, Megaman, Chooki and Twilight giggled as Ceylan, Zakutor and Toxsa laughed, Gabutyra facepalmed. Lan turned to the computer and glared.

"Traitor…" Lan mumbled as he glared at Megaman.

"why you said that?" Megaman said, his eyes turning that brilliant violet blue.

"You tease!" Lan yelped, "You said you didn't look at where I hid them!"

"sorry... I lied," Megaman replied.

"I'll be good..." Lan gave in with a sigh.

"I hope it doesn't end end like this," Megaman smirked.

Megaman's eyes turned back to normal. He blinked a little and looked around once more. He sighed.

"What's with these fainting spells?" Megaman pondered as he sighed.

"But you didn't faint," Twilight pointed out.

" neither Guren" Ceylan replied.