''Today is your birthday, right?'' Izzy asked Evelyn, cutting her red hair.

''Yes.'' Evelyn smiled at the blonde woman in the mirror. Izzy is her hairdresser and she knew her better than half of her rich, Beverly Hills friends. Izzy was one of the only people she could be completely honest. Well, more honest than most. Of course, Evelyn hadn't planned on it. It's very difficult to bring down her walls and take that cold mask from her face, but somewhere over the years she had become quite candid with her hairdresser.

''What did Adrian gave to you?'' A wicked grin crept across her face, while she was defining her curls.

''Adrian gave me just another one extravagant necklace.'' Evelyn said, rolling her eyes.

''Which you probably adored!''

Dammit! She was right. Izzy really knew her too well...

''Well...'' Evelyn started explaining, but Izzy interrupted her.

''Evelyn, we all know how much you love him and don't even try to deny. If somebody else gave you that necklace you probably won't pay attention on it, but when Adrian gave you something, it's precious!'' Izzy looked at her in the mirror and raised one eyebrow.

''I guess so...'' she exhaled and flashed a half smile. Although she would never admit it, she did love the necklace Adrian picked out. Damn, Izzy was right... again! That gift has the sentimental value.

''Can I ask you something, because I'm curious.'' Izzy asked

Evelyn swallowed hard. She knows Izzy shot straight in head and she never stall with her questions.

''Why do you guys pull one another for the nose and play so weird games?''

''It's like a poker game. You can't show your hands, but if you do, you'll lose.''

''Perhaps if you're not married, but you're married for twenty-five years!''

''And that's a good part, I love being married. It's so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life!''

Both of them let out a loud laugh...

''But you wanted to divorce him. Why?'' Izzy asked confused.

''We had some problems, but then I thought about it and I saw that our love is different. So... at the end we didn't.'' Evelyn answered.

''Good decision. Anyway, you're lucky to be married. I'm twenty-six and stuck here, in this saloon. I don't even have a boyfriend.'' Izzy complained.

''Believe me, you've got enough time.'' Evelyn chuckled, still repeating that ''lucky'' part in her head. Maybe yes, maybe no. She didn't now the answer.

''What first attracted you to Adrian?

''Hmm... He was caring and he knew how to listen. We could talk for hours and didn't get bored. That's where I fell in love.'' Evelyn smiled.

''Well... I'm still waiting my true love!'' Izzy gasped behind her.

With a spin of the chair, Evelyn was staring at her reflection. She shook her head looking at her red curls. Izzy really knows her job.

''It looks magnificent, Izzy!''

''Good! Now go shopping and let your husband wine & dine you tonight! Izzy grinned.

Evelyn laughed, but she was still thinking about it as she walked out of the door. Maybe she would treat Adrian tonight...

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