Raditz and Tarble's Soul Reaper Journeys

A/N: Hello guys.This is my new story starring Raditz and Tarble. What if when Frieza was in control of Planet Vegeta and when it was time for Tarble and Vegeta to depart, the king and queen, and even Vegeta decided for Raditz to protect and guide Tarble. After reaching a planet near that of Tarble's adoptive planet, they trained and Raditz and Tarble reached the ages of 26 and 19 respectively. This is JUST before when Goku and Chichi had Gohan. However before reaching there, Frieza got to them and they sent this message to Vegeta, Turles and Nappa. Then Somehow they ended up in Soul Society and in the Rukongai. Raditz in bleach universe is 84.88235293 years old, while Tarble is 62.02941176 years old. The story starts before when Kisuke became a captain.

DISCLAIMER: Dragon Ball Z and ALL of its characters belong to Akira Toriyama, Bleach and ALL of its characters belong to Tite Kubo. This plot however BELONGS TO ME. Pairings= Raditz and Lisa the same age and Tarble and Soi-fong same.


{This is conversation between emotional, spiritual and physically bonded mates}

[This is mental conversation among family and kin]

"This is Normal Speech"



CHAPTER 1: New protégés, welcome to the 13 court guard squads.

Raditz and Tarble had joined the academy and graduated after 1 years time. They became protégés and were welcomed to the 13 court guard squads. It was time for them to choose which squads they would be in and if the captains would accept them. A captains' meeting was called and all except Isshin Shiba, captain of squad 10 were present. Raditz and Tarble were called to show their shinkai.

Head captain Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto sat and stated: "Raditz please come and show us all your shinkai". Raditz only showed one of his shinkai for he sensed a spiritual pressure of 12 captains, one highly-captain level lieutenant Chojiro Sasakibe, Tarble and himself and lastly of someone else's.

"Assassinate the unjust: Kaze No Ansatsu-sha". As he recited his shinkai command, a calming breeze of wind came about the area and a scream was heard of hollow, which was attacking Gidanbo." Gidanbo is in need of medical attention and there is a hollow dealt with". As he said, praises were heard while Yorouichi and Kensei were in thought. Then Tarble was called. He too felt the presence.

"Heal!: Subete no senshi no hira. Gidanbo does not need a healer any longer and head captain, if you don't mind, your scar has been healed." He said with a smile on his ever adorable cute face, noted Unohana in a sisterly way. Plus Yamamoto's scar did heal and not even Unohana could do it before. Everyone then knew that Tarble belongs to Squad four. After the meeting Unohana welcomed Tarble to squad four with open arms as 3rd seat. Yamamoto asked Kensei and Yorouichi, who will choose Raditz and vice versa. Kensei then spoke.

"Well head-captain, his shinkai is that of the wind just like mine and if he so chooses, he can join me." Yorouichi then stated of Raditz's silent assassination and said the same thing as Kensei but only that Raditz may join her squad. It was Raditz's decision.

" Head Captain and all the captains if you all do not mind, then I would like to join squad two during patrols and squad nine in the Seretai express." Raditz requested and as he looked at the captain commander, Raditz saw him asking the Captains of squad nine and two. They had no problem with it. After the meeting, the head captain said Ukitake, Shinji, Raditz, Ginrei, Shunsui, Kensei and Tarble to stay and for all the others to leave.

"Young protégés of my academy, tell me wh.." Before he could finish, Tarble's and Raditz' voices were only heard by him and they requested to force an outside entity to flee. Then the head captain sensed someone was indeed outside and from the beginning, so he concentrated his spiritual pressure outside and erupted flames from the ground outside. This made Aizen flee. "The problem has been dealt with and it was Aizen, am I wrong captain Shinji Hirako, Lt. Raditz and 3rd seat Tarble?" He got no disagreements. "Now, show us your other shinkai abilities. I am intrigued!" Yamamoto ordered with a smile. Raditz went up first and presented his second shinkai.

A zanpakuto of shadow formed from the wooden floors and appeared. He then recited: "Prosecute: Shinrin No Kensatsukan." As he said, two blades were attached to his two forearms and two more on his shins and two more on his feet; a total of six blades. Furthermore, a flute appeared in his hand. "This shinkai allows me to concentrate on any form of metal and wood, manipulating them any way I want. It also allows me to severe the bond of a weapon and its master, plus using the said weapon against my enemy. Furthermore, it paralyzes their souls in ice." Shunsui and Jyuushiro clapped with smiles on their faces as they would be joined with two other dual zanpakuto wielding soul reapers. Tarble came up and in a shy voice, apologized for he cannot yet show his other shinkai as it was a bit immature. However the captains there did get to know that it saw the intention and structure of the soul of others and either make them suffer by extreme heat from the inside, or be at peace by allowing them safety from any flame or heat.

Two years had passed and during this time, Raditz had become an older brother of sort to Soi-fong and another best friend in captain Yorouichi and Kisuke Urahara. He also was the top man of Kensei and Yorouichi. Tarble was adored by Unohana as a little brother and looked up by Senosuke Yamada, the lieutenant of squad four as a young uncle. Soi-fong had a crush on him. By this time, Yorouichi asked Raditz and Kisuke to be captains, of squads ten and twelve. Kisuke agreed and so did Raditz. Raditz later got to know that Isshin Shiba did not die but he went to the world of the living and changed his name to Isshin Kurosaki, adopting his wife's surname.

Raditz and Lisa Yodomaru became very close to each other and Raditz realized that they were destined and eternal mates. So he told her of his heritage and they made immense love and started the first of three bonding process. They then had their first daughter, one year later their second and the year after that, their first son by the names of Hisana, Nanao and Shuhei respectively. However, Shuhei and Hisana were put in the Rukongai under the care of Kukkaku Shiba for their own safety; Nanao was not, due to having very low spiritual pressure. This worried Lisa, yet Raditz reminded her that the second child of all saiyans, male or female are born at puny energy levels later to be more powerful with proper training, Nanao was put under the care of Ginrei Kuchiki. By this time, Kisuke became a very good captain and founded the Department of Research and Development with his new deputy head Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Raditz, Lisa and Shunsui the godfather of Nanao came to visit her. However Nanao still did not know her parents, but saw Raditz and Lisa as her parents, Shunsui and Yorouichi as her funny uncle and aunt respectively, Ginrei and Yamamoto as her arguing grandfathers and lastly Byakuya as her older brother. A year after that they had Grimmjaw; Isane, the first daughter of captains Unohana and Ukitake was born as well. However she was hidden at squad Unohana's quarters and given the surname of her keeper: Kotetsu. The last daughter of Raditz and Lisa: Rukia was born after three years, after Momo, alongside the son and daughter of captains Unohana and Ukitake: Toshiro and Kiyone respectively.

Nine years after the rise of Raditz and Kisuke to captaincy: when Hisana was nine, Nanao was eight, Shuhei was seven, Grimmjaw and Isane were five . Toshiro, Kiyone and Rukia were born and there was a three year old Momo: the daughter of Soi-fong and Tarble; tragedy struck as people from Rukongai were vanishing. One morning, captains Kisuke and Raditz were taking a stroll with deputy head Kurotsuchi and squad 12 lieutenant Hiyori. Captain Shinji Hirako was taking a stroll with his lieutenant, Aizen. "Huh, good morning Kisuke and good morning Raditz."

"Hey, and a good morning to you too captain Hirako." Kisuke replied.

"Yeah, nice day to you too cool blond. Hmm." Smirked Raditz.

" I told you before to call me Shinji, we are both captains you know. Your such a pain sometimes. Raditz knows it and he thinks I am cool as well." Shinji replied back. "Good morning, Mayuri." Shinji greeted and he was replied by a cold stare.

"How many times have I told you to address me by my last name? Kurotsuchi isn't hard." Stated Mayuri.

"Grr. You are a pain. Oh by the way have you heard the latest news Kisuke, Raditz?" Asked Shinji to Kisuke after expressing what Mayuri was.

"No I haven't, what happened." Kisuke replied and then Hiyori's sandaled feet struck captain Hirako's lower hip and upper hamstring area.

"Hey! what is the big idea in kicking me like that Hiyori?!" Exclaimed the hurt and shocked captain.

"You said good morning to everyone but me." Hiyori stated and then after jumping on top of Shinji asked: " What, I'm not good enough to say good morning to anymore?" then she started pulling on Shinji's hair. Shinji then reversed their positions and pinched her cheek while retraining her.

"If I said good morning, then you would kick me for saying good morning." then their hair pulling and pinching continued. Aizen then stepped in and asked the same thing to the other captains. The answer was still no.

"Neither of you know about the violent deaths in the Rukon District?" Shinji after getting back up, explained the entire thing. "About a month ago, series of residents have been disappearing from the Rukon District. Furthermore the reason is unknown and the way was that they disappeared alive, not in form of reiti as their clothes were intact and the victims were unable to retain their physical form". Shinji also stated that squad nine were in the vicinity to investigate. After hearing this, the second fastest captain in flash step: Raditz Bardock Son went there to help.

In the vicinity Kensei, Mashiro, Shinobu, Izaimon, Heizo and Kaname Tosen were investigating. Their they found a huge hollow chasing three kids. One of them was familiar to Kensei. That familiar child was Shuhei and his godson. However after knowing that Kaname was troubled and had something hidden, he decided to play it safe. The child was grabbed by an organ of the hollow, while his friends were requested by him to leave. Shuhei was frightened and being swung like a rag doll. The four squad pat-rollers attacked and yet the beast did not go down. Kensei then severed the offending tongue like organ which imprisoned his godson. Kensei smiled at him and told him to get out of there if he did not want to get killed.

"Now, blast away: Tachikaze." Kensei then severed the beast's neck and limbs. He saw Shuhei crying and went up to him. "Hey what are you crying for kid? At least, you are alive, you should be happy." Shuhei still cried and then Kensei with good intentions, plus not seeing his godson since he was a baby, said: "Laugh or else!." When it did not work, he went up to Shuhei and said him to stand up. Just after, Raditz arrived at the scene. Both of them asked the kid's name, despite the fact that they already had an idea.

"Shu..Shuh..Shuhei Hisagi Shiba." Raditz and Kensei then spoke simultaneously.

"Shuhei Hisagi, Uhm? A mighty strong sounding name. Stop crying!" Kensei said

Mashiro then came by and stated that where the other two kids were hiding behind the bushes, she found ten squad uniforms. Raditz, Kensei and all the others except for Mashiro knew that those were of the advanced party. After giving orders and asking Raditz about what Raditz would do, then the latter turned back to Shuhei. "You should head back home before it gets too dark. I'll take you to safety, along with your friends. Shuhei, do you want to become a soul reaper like us? If so, you should join the Shino Academy."

Shuhei nodded and then said "Yes! I want to become a soul reaper just like my hero captain Kensei Mugurama and to meet my parents. However, I do not know who they are. I just know that they are soul reapers and my elder sister is there too." Shuhei said in sadness. Raditz felt grief and pain in his being, followed by pride and said Shuhei to look for both him and Kensei.

Kensei and his men were struck and betrayed by Kaname, and Kensei got turned to a semi hollow. Later at the Seretai, alarm bells were ringing as all the squad captains were called due to missing spiritual pressures of Captain Kensei Mugurama, Lt. Mashiro Kuna and their men. Head Captain had already begun the meeting.

" Now for my choices. Captain of squad three Rojuro Otoribashi, captain of squad five Shinji Hirako, captain of squad seven Love Akawa. You will head to the sight in the Rukon District as soon as possible. Captain of squad two Yorouichi Shihoin will stand guard for further orders. As for captain of squad six Ginrei Kuchiki, captain of squad eight Shunsui Kyoraku, captain of squad thirteen Jyuushiro Ukitake and captain of squad ten Raditz Bardock Son. You four will guard the Seretai. As for captain of squad four Retsu Unohana, you will stand by the medical facility for treatment of any casualties." Retsu's advice on the matter of going to the sight was disallowed as she is too precious. Furthermore in her place Kido Corps Commander Tessai Tsukabishi and his lt. would go. However Lt. Lisa Yodomaru of squad eight was send in his place.

At the sight, fights ensued after Lt. Hiyori was saved by Shinji Hirako from the semi hollow Kensei. Others were being defeated. later back at the Seretai, Kisuke Urahara wearing a cloak was headed to the sight. He was joined by Kido Commander Tessai and captain Raditz of squad ten. The latter felt Lisa was in deep trouble. Now the three captains, lt. Lisa and lt. Hachigen Ushoda faced the three semi hollows: Kensei, Mashiro and the latest: Hiyori. Shinji was also transforming and as he concreted the suspicion of Aizen's betrayal, Kaname attacked him, later to be stopped by his new power. As Aizen was about to finish off Shinji, Kisuke's blade severed his lieutenant badge. Raditz attacked Kaname and was beating him to near death in his new golden and IMMENSE POWERFUL form. Aizen also got a taste. As their brutal beatings were stopped by the intervention of Gin Ichimaru. The traitors then left. It was very hard for Tessai and Kisuke to stand up because of Raditz's pressure, who was holding Lisa and trying to strengthen her soul. Later at the barracks of squad 12 Kisuke failed in helping them in becoming full soul reapers again. Raditz, still in his super saiyan form being unknown by Kisuke and Tessai, volunteered to give his power to strengthen the victims' souls. Just then, they were arrested and brought to Central 46. Raditz had to be restrained by Soi-fong, Ginrei and Yamamoto themselves. Later at Central 46, they were banned for eternity to the world of the living stripped of rank and spiritual pressure.

Raditz however, as being seen to help the victims, was to be put in confinement for a short time; however as the semi hollows' disposition were heard, he was about to go berserk. A masked Yorouichi rescued Kisuke, Tessai and the victims. This calmed Raditz down as he accepted his sentencing to the maggot's nest for 98 years.

Two years later, a five year old Momo was to have her memories of soul society erased, other than that She needs to become a soul reaper. An year old Toshiro, and Rukia were to be kept under her and Hisana's care in the Rukon District respectively. During that time, a seven year old Grimmjaw, hidden in the Stealth force plus under the care of his godmothers Yorouichi and Soi-fong, was training. That time darkness covered the area and Yorouichi with Soi-fong; being tricked into going to a false meeting at squad one, were returning hastily. They appeared too late as many squad members, were injured and Grimmjaw was gone. A dying third seat, crawled and said that darkness covered the area and ringed blades had sliced them, plus Grimmjaw was taken by their attacker and someone looking like the new captain of squad five: Aizen. He then died. Raditz was allowed visitors and his two visitors of the day were Yorouichi and Soi-fong.

They felt bad, angry and sad for losing their godson. They both treated Grimmjaw as their own and Yorouichi was very close to him. However, as the approached Raditz, he said that his and Grimmjaw's connection was nearly severed. But not to worry as he is getting back up, maybe as a hollow or adhuchas. With grief, Raditz said that Grimmjaw in the future would have to be killed and then to be a soul reaper. The main thing would be that the rest of the children are kept safe, while Grimmjaw would be observed telepathically. Isane was very sad for losing her best friend and crush.

96 years had passed and during that time Hisana, who was kidnapped alongside Rukia by vandals when going to the Shiba clan, had fallen sick and nearly abandoned her little sister and then married Byakuya. Hisana also died looking for Rukia and Byakuya fulfilled his duty by finding Rukia. Raditz was very happy to know that Hisana had married his student: Byakuya, but broken due to Hisana's death. He was happy to know that Rukia was found and adopted by the Kuchiki clan and working in the world of the living. Nanao became the lieutenant of squad eight, Shuhei joined the academy and after two years graduated, becoming lieutenant of squad nine but under the authority of Kaname. Momo became the lieutenant of squad five and lastly Toshiro became captain of squad ten. Squad 11 had a new captain, named Kenpachi Zaraki. Soi-fong became captain of squad two after Yorouichi left, Tarble became captain of squad three but shortly after that 3rd seat of squad five: Gin replaced him. A plan was made by Tarble, Soi-fong and Yamamoto to enlist Gin in their ranks after getting to know Gin's true motive of revenge against Aizen. This however was not known by either Aizen or Kaname as Tarble's bankai prevented them. Gin 'had done something to former captain of squad three Tarble', it was all a farce to trick Aizen and Kaname and it worked. Rukia however had the Sokyoku implanted unintentionally by Kisuke and Aizen was after it. No one knew this except Aizen. She helped Ichigo Kurosaki, the son of Isshin and Masaki Kurosaki in giving him his powers. However, Aizen already intervened from the shadows as his first full hollow: White attacked Masaki when Ichigo was about to be born. Later Masaki got killed by the Grand Fisher. Rukia's sentencing was to begin.


Hisana and Byakuya are 159; Nanao is 158

Shuhei, Gin and Rangiku are the same age of 157. Shuhei and Rangiku have been soul reapers for 108 years, Gin had been for a bit longer.

Grimmjaw and Isane are the same age of 155; Momo and Izuru are 153, the latter pair being soul reapers for 103 years

Toshiro, Kiyone and Rukia are 150 years old. They are soul reapers for 100 years

Raditz's Shinkai= Kaze No Ansatsu-sha means assassin of the wind

Raditz's 2nd shinkai=Shinrin No Kensatsukan means prosecutor of the forests.

Tarble's 1st Shinkai = Subete no senshi no hira meaning healer of all warriors/ warrior souls.