Raditz and Tarble's Soul Reaper Journeys

DISCLAIMER: Dragon Ball Z and ALL of its characters belong to Akira Toriyama, Bleach and ALL of its characters belong to Tite Kubo. This plot however BELONGS TO ME. Pairings= Raditz and Lisa the same age and Tarble and Soi-fong same. Grimmjaw and Isane, Shuhei and Rangiku, Momo and Izuru, Yylfordt and Nemu, Nanao humiliating Ggio Vega's and Findor's sexual stamina and manhood for a short time at the end of this chap. Plus Shuhei's music of death is like the last piano tune of Sonata Arctica's: End of This chapter song from the album of silence. The group music and lyrics Furthermore the lyrics used in the elemental chaos is from Sonata Arctica's The Black Sheep. Furthermore, Music of destruction of Shuhei and Grimmjaw was also from Silence but the song was Land of the free.


{This is conversation between emotional, spiritual and physically bonded mates}

[This is mental conversation among family and kin]

"This is Normal Speech"



CHAPTER 4: Edrad and Yylfordt appear, Barragan retains his throne.

As Raditz, Grimmjaw, Neliel, Ichigo and Unohana were getting back to the world of the living, adhuchas of Barragan were already destroying the four pillars. Izuru, Ikakku, Edrad and Yylfordt, who as new soul reapers appeared to stop them. Ikakku and Izuru had already taken out their targets. Now all watched the new soul reapers activate their shinkai.

"Make my enemies feel the flames of hell: Jigoku no Honoo!" As he recited his shinkai command, two battle axes of flame formed in his hand. He then brought them down and under one of the adhuchas's feet a portal appeared and it was burned to ashes by lava.

"Appear from the shadows and strike my enemies with lightning: Kuki Baindoraiuoningu !" an electric guitar formed in his hands, encircled by dark lightning. He stroke the second chord with his nail and shadow covered the last adhuchas and a flash of black lightning killed it. "It is time our former god king, Lord Barragan." He said with a smirk.

"Yes indeed." Barragan stated as he and all of his fraccion appeared by the side of the former arrancars. "Aizen! after Harribel and her fraccion are defeated, Stark will join me. Then we will rule Heuco Mundo as King and prince. You will not rule, me, my men or any hollows! It is time for Grimmjaw to appear."

As he stated it, Harribel's fraccion brought their creation, named Ayon. Momo and Rangiku were beaten. Izuru and Yumichika followed. So did Yylfordt and Edrad, but they were faring better. Then from somewhere, Kazeshini hit and scathed the beast. Shuhei had arrived with a change in his spiritual pressure. "Yylfordt, it is time." Shuhei stated to the weary Yylfordt, who was standing up. He then struck his guitars first string. A sound reverberated but nothing else happened. "Grimmjaw will be here very soon." Then Shuhei smirked and released his full power in the form of bankai on Ayon.

Bankai: Shi no idaina Kaze no oni, Kazeshini!" All the people except for Yamamoto, Ukitake, Izuru, Yylfordt and Edrad were shocked. Shuhei played his music of death as winds blew around Ayon. He was swaying with the music and then as the tune ended he was torn to pieces and blown away by the wind.


A portal opened. "Hey guys, it is a short cut made by Yylfordt. With his new abilities he can summon people from any place and it looks like I am the one. Hey pops, I am going to ramp up the music with Yylfordt and bro. Then you can join us." Grimmjaw stated as he entered the portal.


Grimmjaw appeared. "Nice work there Yylfordt. Are you guys ready ? What about you big bro?' He was answered with nods.

"Cool! Brother, lets rock and roll to destroy those bitches." Yylfordt said pointing to Appaci, Milo Rose and Sung Sun, who were in their ressurection. Appaci spat at his direction and said to bring it.

Grimmjaw activated his shinkai. "Howl: Fujin no Kaze!", as he said his shinkai command, an electric guitar formed in his hands, plus winds encircled it. He and Yylfordt were back to back and struck their guitar like zanpakutos and played, as lightning and tornadoes enveloped the three fraccion and Harribel who without resurrection, was now on the verge of defeating Hitsugaya in bankai. Edrad played behind them. Grimmjaw and his best pal: Yylfordt played their guitar zanpakutos , while the former sang as well; Edrad played the flaming drums and started them off and the elemental chaos song began.

"In love with the maiden, The flower of winter
Lowbrow children, in grove of the inland
How many times heart's gone through the grinder
Wherever you look there's a painful reminder

Singing a love song, words of a stranger
The howling miller, never to face her

Temple of the evil, Temple of the weak
No one knows how bad he feels
Late-night innuendo, temptation of the key
"Live with the Blacksheep, live with me"

Insanity, blessing for those born to hate you
Burned by the embers of love, it is so cruel
Howling the night, for sun of the midnight
Serving the people, condemned you in the eternal night

Of the lost song, words of the stranger
The howling miller, never to face her


During the song, Harribel's fraccion were killed and she hurled boiling hot water at the four. Yylfordt struck the water with lightning as he did a guitar solo at the end of the song and electrifying Harribel but was struck down; Edrad fought it off with his flames and turning the water into steam. Yamamoto took note of his abilities and thought of his own element and decided to train him. As Barragan's men went to aid them, Charlotte, Nierge and Avirama died. Barragan was now angry and as he was about to get up, four things happened. One was that Hitsugaya froze all the water and Harribel with it. Secondly, the vizords came to help. The third was that a giant garganta opened with Wonderweis, bringing along a titanic hollow and extinguishing away the flames that surrounded Aizen; and breaking the ice that covered Harribel and stabbing Ukitake. The last thing was that Raditz, Unohana, Tarble, Ichigo and Neliel appeared.

"It's been a very long time since we have seen these people. Is there anybody in the 13 court guard squad that you guys want to say hello to? This is your last chance" Shinji said. Lisa met and kicked her former captain and then hugged her baby boys, almost crushing them. Kensei and Raditz high fived each other and got back to back, killing gillians after gillians.

Shinji went to greet head captain Yamamoto. "Shinji Hirako, under these circumstances are we to consider you an ally from now on?" Yamamoto questioned.

"I thought that it was obvious, forget about it and by the way, we are Sosuke's enemies, while we support Raditz, Tarble, Nanao, Shuhei, Grimmjaw, Momo and Ichigo Kurosaki." Shinji stated.

"Well, well, well. It looks like that the soul reapers, vizords and Barragan are fighting against us. How outnumbered we are." Gin Ichimaru faked but with arrogance. However, he was quieted down by Raditz's glare. It returned when Aizen remembered that he and Kaname had the power of the hogyoku.

Neliel, Lisa, and Hitsugaya faced an enraged Harribel in ressurection. Rose, Love and an injured Shunsui faced Stark, while Hiyori faced Lilinete. Stark then activated his ressurection and joined with Lilinete to their full power. Rose, Love, Shunsui and Hiyori faced great danger and were getting slaughtered. Grimmjaw, Shuhei and Kommamura faced off with Kaname. Tosen was in his new and very powerful form. Kommamura lost his arm and Grimmjaw went bankai.

"Bankai: Fujin no Ikari!" Shuhei and Grimmjaw in their bankai were being beaten by Tosen when they used their full power. "Ikari!" Grimmjaw shouted and then Shuhei used song of death technique in bankai. This forced Kaname to evolve further, now being equal to Raditz's golden oozaru bankai.

Then the brothers, in super saiyan bankai used their combined attack "Music of Destruction of winds and flames: Fujin no Ikari, Haya-Ji no Gekido!" The brothers recited their command as Grimmjaw sang the song and played the guitar of winds, while Shuhei started it off with his music of death, and Edrad played the drums of hell.

From the shadows of the stars
Comes a man with no face, soul of million scars
An evil Count, The End of Days
There are many ways to

Take full advantage when we cannot see
Make us live in an part-time reality

To get a hold of the only seed
We must make them all see bloodshed that is he
Splitting hairs is not the key
Water and fire

Take full advantage when we cannot see
Make us live in an part-time reality

One flash of light and for good we are gone
No-one to wonder what we have done
New breed of ignorance, new circle will start
Unless we try real hard


When you wake up, was it a dream
All the sick paradoxes all around the world
In the mean time, Count, he leaves
From the land of the free

Take full advantage when we cannot see
Make us live in an part-time reality
So he takes full advantage if we cannot see
Makes us live in an full-time insanity

Whirl winds, tornadoes and Flames carried off Tosen and started tearing off his extra limbs, while blade like winds shredded his body. Kaname was about to die because of the immense heat and the torture of winds as the brothers lost their bankai. A weakened Tosen was recovering, now in his basic form and bleeding. He told why he hated the 13 court guard squads and then Shuhei said it was only the fault of the Central 46, and not that of soul reapers as a whole. Kaname then saw his folly. He in seeking justice against 46 people had killed and destroyed the lives of so many more people; to top it off, they were all innocent in his goal. However as Kaname was ready to go back to the Soul society and pay for his crimes, Aizen killed him saying that he was of no more use. Aizen even slashed at Harribel. All the people except for Raditz, Yamamoto, Barragan and his remaining men attacked Aizen protecting Ichigo as he was yet to fall victim to Aizen's shinkai. However, Aizen smirked and used his Kyoka Suigetsu. This was unnoticed by the others and not even Tarble or Unohana saw it. only Raditz did.

Everyone was trying, but losing against Aizen when Toshiro was about to kill him. Raditz and Ichigo noticed something. Aizen quickly replaced himself with Momo. Raditz in ascended super saiyan bankai stopped Toshiro's blade and then stabbed a seem to be Momo."What have you done? Raditz!" Tarble, Soi-fong and all the others shouted.

Raditz then told Tarble to transform into his ascended super saiyan form bankai and use it to sense reality and heal everyone's minds and wounds. After Tarble did so, everyone saw through Aizen's scheme. Raditz stabbed the real Aizen, while everyone was about to kill Momo. Their wounds were all healed and their imprisonment from Aizen's shinkai was freed. Tarble, Soi-fong and Toshiro attacked Aizen in rage. However they were stopped by a powering up Raditz.

"He is mine first. Then you all will get yours. Aizen, it looks like the hogyoku is healing you and your power has surpassed that of my ascended super saiyan bankai, golden oozaru bankai and is equal to my ultra super saiyan bankai. I know you have a transcended being form, which surpasses even that transformation of mine and it equals a super saiyan two bankai. You are the third most powerful being in this dimension. However in the entire omniverse you are ranked fifth. My friend Vegeta and I a long time ago had learnt a technique from our dads; this is impossible for our little brothers to perform as they were not taught how to. It enabled the user to have his/her power multiplied by that of his current power for a very short time. That time can be increased though. For example someone with a ki or spirit level of 50 can have his/her power multiplied by 50. You get me?" A shocked nod was his answer." One year in my previous dimension is equal to 3.264705882 years in this dimension. Therefore by this dimension's calculations, I have been a soul reaper for 111 years, a captain level soul reaper for 109 , a captain for 11 including the two year squad ten vacant captaincy and including these two years as captain of squad nine. My age being equal to my mate, in this dimension is 202.4117647 years, while Tarble's age being equal to his mate, is 179.5588235. By my dimension's calculation, I have been a soul reaper for 34 years, a captain level soul reaper for 33.38738739 years and a captain for 3.36936937 years . My age equal to 62. Tarble being 55 and Vegeta being 60. Anyway, as I was saying you are ranked five. Vegeta and Spiraga are at the top; then comes my younger brother and I at second; Whis at third; Bills, Barragan and Yamamoto at fourth, you alone at fifth; Ichigo, Kisuke, Isshin, Yorouichi and Tarble at sixth; Chojiro Sasakibe, Kaname and Wonderweis at seventh but Sasakibe is a bit stronger; Kensei, at eighth; finally, Grimmjaw, Shuhei and Yammy at ninth. All of them in their strongest forms. Stark is ranked higher in your army as you don't trust Barragan and as it takes time for Lilinete to age, am I right?. Plus old man Yama defeated Wonderweis and a bored Barragan is turning the remains of Wonderweis to dust as the flames absorbed by him from head captain cannot explode. I knew this by reading your mind and had spread the news using our bond; I see him as a father figure. Now transform!"

The hogyoku of Aizen combined with Kisuke's, enabled Aizen to do so as he pushed away from Raditz. Everyone except for Yamamoto, Barragan and Raditz were unable to breath. Aizen became a six winged being with sapphire/lavender eyes and a black jewel protruding his forehead. He was now equal to a super saiyan two bankai. Raditz then said Barragan and Yamamoto to restrain Aizen. Then Raditz in ultra super saiyan bankai used his most powerful attack. "Triple Elemental Fury: Air, Earth, Darkness Frost!" As he said it, two orbs formed from his hands and one more from his zanpakuto. The orbs launched at Aizen, who was being burned to ash and withering away like dust by Yamamoto and Barragan respectively. Barragan and Yamamoto thought the attacks were meant for Aizen and let go of him; Aizen thought it as well. However after the three orbs combined, they went back at Raditz. The blast engulfed Raditz and he was screaming, as his power increased. It surpassed Aizen's, then Barragan in ressurection and Yamamoto in bankai. Raditz then disappeared. Just after that, the whole sky became covered in darkness, while the atmosphere was breaking down and a violet/lavender moon appeared, being the only form of light, this made Aizen lose his eyesight when he gazed at the moon. A being as tall as Raditz, with his hair in dark purple and a face with no mouth and nose. The new Raditz had dark purple fur grown all over his body except his chest. It was time for Aizen's demise. Aizen got tossed and hit by Raditz. Later he called an attack "Eternal Demise of darkened Frost, Agony of the earth and Separation of the Winds!" An ash orb of wind penetrated Aizen and entering his body, ripping away the combined hogyoku from inside and weakened his nerve endings; this made his senses and reactions slower. A brown orb of metal and wood engulfed Aizen and attached to his body, breaking his ribs and muscles and destroying the hogyoku. Another ball of pure dark energy erupted from inside Aizen and made Aizen's transformed body cover in ice, as he become as weak as his old lieutenant self and was screaming, feeling the aftermath of his organs and bones being crushed. He was then given to the others and then met his imprisonment at Muken, still and eternally suffering from the 'gift' of Raditz. All it took seven minutes and Raditz was back to normal and unconscious.


Raditz later found himself back in Soul society. Unohana and Tarble had healed all the others, while a bandaged bare chested, short skirt with no panty wearing, lustful and horny Lisa Yodomaru Bardock awaited Raditz. Both of them had five orgasms and then continued as they were having a competition on who would give the other more orgasms. At last, it was a draw. Later, each took their partner's nude photos while posing and kept it with them. The love making took place for three hours none stop. All their children, except Shuhei had went to the world of the living to stay away from their parents' shouts, moans and growls of intense pleasure. Momo also left as Tarble and Soi-fong were doing the same, although they were a bit shorter in duration. After Gin was put away in the maggot's nest for 50 years, he said for Rangiku to move on . Then again he faced a surprise.

"Please head captain Yamamoto and Lord Barragan, allow me to give Rangiku a message to move on in her life and love." As he said, Yamamoto and Barragan laughed. Gin didn't understand and said huh?

"Shuhei, like his parents can out do rabbits when making love and Rangiku Matsumoto is not far from it. Plus little, Nanao is destroying your men, isn't she my new friend?" Yamamoto laughed

"Yes, you are right, I do not know whether my two men can walk and fight having been beaten by a woman in sexual intimacy. you won the bet, Yama. Plus, Harribel is being a dominatrix to poor Stark. I have to make that boy a bit stronger in will for he is to become my heir. Furthermore, he is lazy as well. What did you do to that Shunsui of yours to make him less lazy?" Barragan stated while he and Yamamoto left a confused Gin .

"Nothing. As you see Bara, both our adoptive sons are the same in behavior. Remember when they fought each other? They were pretty serious." Barragan nodded as he took in his new nickname. Yamamoto then continued. "However when at times of peace or without war, I jab him with my stick and knock him on top of his head with my fist." Yamamoto advised.

"I see. Then I will use my fist on Stark ." Barragan stated as the laughing old men entered the squad one barracks. A guarded Gin then headed to squad nine barracks and heard Matsumoto's moans and realized smiling. He then went back to start his imprisonment.

Later, a captains meeting with the vizords Shinji Hirako, Rojuro Otoribashi and Kensei Mugurama . Shuhei, Grimmjaw, Edrad and Yylfordt were there as well with all the captains. The arrancars had left back to Heuco Mundo. Yamamoto then spoke. "Squad three needs a captain as it has been vacant. Former captain of squad three: Rojuro Otoribashi, do you want your former captaincy to return? If so, then I and all the other captains approve. The reply was a yes. Head captain Yamamoto then continued. "Captains Raditz and Tarble, please state what you have to say."

Raditz and Tarble then stepped up, however Tarble spoke for Raditz. "I will join the new Central 46 and pass out judgments. Raditz here would like to be a co captain with Kensei. Kensei do you agree." Kensei's answer was a yes. Then the Head captain spoke.

"It seems that squad five has a now vacant captaincy. Shinji Hirako, what do you say?" Shinji accepted the offer of squad five captaincy. "Now, I have chosen Edrad Leones as the fourth seat of squad one, and my trainee. I want to teach him bankai and improve his fire capabilities. Do the captains have any changes to make? You may do so now." ordered Yamamoto.

"Yes, I would like to have Grimmjaw Bardock Yodomaru as my co-lieutenant with Izuru and I would also like to have Yylfordt Kurotsuchi Granz as my 3rd seat." Rose stated and all the captains, Grimmjaw and Yylfordt agreed.

"We would like to have Mashiro Kuna as our co-lieutenant with Shuhei Bardock Yodomaru." stated Kensei and Raditz together.

"Very well! The meeting is over." Yamamoto finished