Alex Rider / CHERUB crossover

CHERUB Agent Alex Rider

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What if Ian had died when Alex was 8, and Alex was 9 at the end of Scorpia Rising. What if MI6 hadn't decided to leave Alex alone after Jack died and had attempted to blackmail Alex into another mission.

What if Alex said no.


Half-term, I have time to write this- woohoo!

last time, :

After a moment, during which Kyle sat with a dazed expression, passed, Kyle straightened his back and a huge smile worked its way across his face and he said, while throwing his arm around my shoulders "I do believe that we, are going to be the best of friends."

Lights out was at 8pm and I fell asleep half an hour later.

Chapter 3 - Introducing Mac

Kyle's p.o.v


Two weeks in and I'll be able to return to Campus soon already. Woohoo! It's like John was raised to be a Cherub, the only way this could be any better would be if he knows martial arts and has a penchant for trouble, and given that he's a 9 year old boy the penchant for trouble is quite likely.

He's been asleep for about an hour, as long as I make no noise, I should be able to get out without waking him, he's wearing military style clothes so I doubt he'll turn it down, I just need to get to the telephone box down the street and I should be out within a week!

I walked to the bathroom, careful not to wake anyone. As I climbed out the window I searched outside for anyone who might spot me, no-one's there. I then proceeded to to drop onto the grass and run outside, round the street corner and to the first phone box I saw. I punched in the CHERUB hotline while idly checking the street was still clear.

"You've been gone two weeks Kyle, what could have happened that warranted a call to campus?" asked a weary voice from the other end of the line.

"Mac?" a replied in shock.

"Yes Kyle, I was nearest the phone when it rang, could you answer the question please?"

"Oh, right. So, I just got placed with this kid at the orphanage, he just got here but he's a genius, I was doing my maths homework at my desk, the GCSE stuff for CHERUB, and he looks over my shoulder, notices that I'm struggling, and offers to help me!"

"I don't see why this warrants a call Kyle, a kid older than you offered to help you with your homework, that's someone being nice and helping you out."

"Mac, this kid's 9."

"...- Can you repeat that please Kyle, I'm very tired and i could have sworn i just heard you say that the kid who helped you with your GCSE work is 9 years old."

"John Alexander Mattinson, 9 year old recently orphaned genius kid who claims his uncle tutored him up to A level standard in everything but art."

"And has this genius kid shown any inclination that the could be a Cherub?"

"He's wearing all black Military style clothing, combat boots and even if he isn't prime Cherub material, and I get the feeling that he is, he still doesn't belong here, he's british, as you said in my briefing, he'll get crucified here."

"...- Alright, I'll see what I can do, you might just see me tomorrow."