WARNING! This contains spoilers (some pretty badass ones at that) from Eric Nylund's Ghosts of Onyx. You have been warned.

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A mixture of alien screams echoed throughout the Forerunner room as hundreds of Elites, Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters charged into the Core Room antechamber. They raised their guns in victory upon reclaiming their god's chambers and seeing the dead bodies of three demons. One was riddled with needles, one laid on the ground with molten chest armor, and the last one was surrounded by pieces of two dead Hunters. A few officer-class Sangheili bowed their heads slightly in respect towards the latter demon who took on two Hunters at once in unarmed combat. Unknown to the present Covenant Army, those demons accomplished their mission in rigging two FENRIS nuclear warheads on both sides of the room for remote detonation.

A Golden Zealot holding an energy sword, flanked by two Hunters, stood proudly at the top of the ramp, staring at a lone figure. A Spartan-II, clad in advanced SPI armor of the Spartan-IIIs, blocked the large entrance to a Slipstream Translocation device that lead into the core of the Shield World codenamed Onyx. Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose, originally named Kurt-051, struggled to rise. Blood seeped through his armor from a major stomach laceration and trickled down on to the metallic floor. Biofoam was the only thing holding his insides in place. His vision tunneled... but he got to his feet... and raised both hands into a fighting stance.

There were hundreds of missing-in-action Spartans with him on the platform— from the Spartan-III's Alpha and Beta Companies, Dante, Holly, and to even some of his own brothers, Will-043 and Sam-034... all ready to fight and win this last battle with him.

Hallucination? Maybe. It was nonetheless welcome. The ghostly Spartans nodded, and gave him the thumbs-up signal.

Kurt wouldn't let them down. All he had to do was single-handedly stop a Covenant army. One last impossible mission... the short definition of any Spartan. It was the least he owed them.

The Fleet Master Elite snarled at Kurt, and the translation filtered through his helmet's speaker: "One last fight, demon. You will die and we shall reopen the silver path."

"Die?" Kurt laughed. "Didn't you know?" he told the Elite. "... Spartans never die." Kurt turned his gauntlet face-up and pressed the detonator.

He saw pure white until he faded into unconsciousness. Slowly, visions of red crept into his mind.

A group of eight highly trained killers, I mean, students hiked through a red-colored forest and one, whose favorite color is red, stared at the nature-filled beauty of Forever Falls.

A 15 year old girl leading three others, had black hair and red highlights and wore a black blouse with red trimmings around her black combat skirt, topped off with a red cloak. She had some type of black and red rectangular device just above the back of her skirt. A white-ponytail haired girl followed behind her, who wore a white/faded blue bolero and a similar color thigh-length dress with a intricately-designed rapier attached to the left side of her waist. Behind her, a blonde-haired girl was showing a fair bit of cleavage with a low-cut yellow top with a tan jacket that had puffy sleeves and yellow gauntlets on her wrist. She wore brown belt with a buckle with a pleated tan skirt attached on the back and black short shorts. A black-haired girl with a large bow on her head walked next to her, with a book in hand. She had a white sleeveless shirt with white shorts, covered by a black vest with coattails and a large cleaver with a ribbon attached to her back.

"Miss Goodwitch, why are we collecting red sap again?" the white-haired girl asked in annoyance. "Professor Peach has tasked you all to collect more red sap like the previous assignment but I am adding my own lessons in as well," the middle-aged, light blonde-haired teacher replied, "We are heading into a deeper part of the forest where you will have to fend for yourselves while collecting three jars of red sap for each person." "I will be there to intervene if something severe happens, but I will not babysit you," Goodwitch explained, "Contact me with your scrolls if you are in any immediate trouble."

The 15 year old leader stopped and turned around to her other three teammates, "This is so AWESOME! One of our first assignments where we don't have a teacher looking over our shoulder. Don't worry Weiss. As captain of Team RWBY, we will be quick and efficient! I have a plan." Ruby exclaimed. "And what will that be, o glorious leader?" the white-haired girl named Weiss asked sarcastically. "We have Blake and you gather the sap from the trees, while Yang and I keep an eye out for any Grimm," Ruby stated. "We should head a little bit more north, the huge amount of trees up there will provide cover plus we can harvest from them, too," the black-haired girl named Blake said monotonously. The blond-haired girl named Yang was easily the most lively out of the group as she activated her shotgun gauntlets on her wrists, "Yeah! If there are any Ursa, I can just jump off one of the trees and slam their faces into the ground," she replied excitedly. "Alright Team RWBY, let's go!" Ruby yelled and ran ahead with her teammates following behind.

A blonde, white-armored boy wearing a pair of jeans looked at his three teammates nervously. His orange-haired, hyper teammate, sporting a large metallic hammer on her back, was jumping for joy with the idea that she could eat all the sweet and delicious red sap. A teenager clothed in what resembled a traditional green chinese clothing was trying to calm her down and the other, dressed in gladiator armor and armed with a spear and shield, tried to encourage the blond boy to form a plan. "Um… I don't think we should eat the sap, Nora," said Jaune. Nora looked a little dejected for a split second, but smiled again, "Can I just have one jar? Pretty please?" she strained the last word and stared at him with big puppy dog eyes. "Nora, I'll get you an extra jar, but you need to be on guard duty so we don't fail the assignment," Ren replied while brushing aside his only strand of pink-highlighted hair. A beautiful red-headed gladiatrix named Pyrrha added, "I'll watch her while you and Jaune gather the sap." I'm so glad I have these guys on my team, Jaune thought with reassurance, "I guess we can start heading out."

40 minutes later...

"Phew! Well, we finally filled up all twelve jars," Weiss tiredly stated after placing down their final jar. "Good job team! We completely our assignment without fail, but I am wondering why there are so few Grimm, especially Ursas, in the area." Ruby said, twirling her scythe in her fingers then transforming and storing it away on to her lower back. Yang strolled over to the cat faunas who was lying against a tree. "Man, I wanted to fight a few Beowolves or an Ursa, I'm itching for a fight. Hey Blake, you want to spar when we get back?" Blake peeked up from the book she was reading, "Sure, need to get some practice in anyways." The four girls grabbed three jars for each of them and started walking back to Beacon.

A loud explosion rocked the forest, followed by a shockwave that swept them off their feet. They all flipped into a fighting stance with their weapons, aimed towards the source of the unexpected explosion when a hurricane wind pushed them back a few feet. "What the hell was that?" Yang yelled. "I don't know but we should go check it out, someone could have gotten hurt." Ruby said, ready to launch herself with Crescent Rose. "What about our assignment?" Weiss angrily asked, "Whoever is out there can probably handle themselves if they're in these parts of the woods." Blake sniffed the air then looked at Weiss and said, "It's better to know what's happening than to ignore something of this magnitude plus I smell an unfamiliar scent and human blood." Ruby glowed a steady red and shot her rifle, launching herself into the air with blinding speed, leaving rose petals behind her.

Somewhere close by with Team JNPR...

"WHAT THE HECK!?" screamed Jaune as an unrelenting wind launched him to the top of a nearby tree. Pyrrha reached behind her and dropped into a fighting stance with her shield and spear at the ready. Ren acrobatically flipped into a tree, ficked out his dual machine pistols from his sleeves, and began surveying the source of explosion. "Hey! Hey Ren! What do you see?" Nora repeatedly asked while holding her giant grenade launcher in hammer form. Ren squinted his eyes, "There's a pretty wide clearing about two and a half miles south. A bunch of trees got blown to the edges of the clearing." Jaune climbed down from the tree and shakely grabbed his scroll behind his back, "I'm going to contact Goodwitch, and then we run back to Beacon. Sound good?" "Aw..., I want to see how big that explosion was..." the crazed demolition expert sadly replied. Ren dropped down from his perch and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "I think we should check it out anyways, Ruby and her team might be in trouble." Nora's face lit up with a curved grin, "Yeah! That's it! One of them might be hurt." "I agree. We should head down there as fast as we can, someone else might be wounded too. Right, Jaune?" Pyrrha asked. Team JNPR's leader hesitatingly contemplated their situation, "Fine. But I would hate to be responsible if you guys get hurt." "Don't worry. We can take care of ourselves I mean, what's the worse that can happen?" Nora replied with a smile.

Ruby crouched on the soft grass and slowly crept towards a low-laying red bush on the edge of the cone-shaped clearing. Whoa, she thought, What the heck happened here? The trees laid strewn across the ground like a bulldozer ran through the area, and towards the other end of the clearing, some of the trees gave way to ash, as if something incinerated them. She skirted around the left side of the blast radius for a minute or two, checking for any signs of Grimm in the treeline. As she passed the halfway point of the blast radius, trees were completely uprooted and laid all across the area. She looked farther down, and she wished she didn't.

Everything was burned to ashes. The utter destruction of this beautiful forest horrified her, but she pressed on. At the end of the clearing, she stared at two giant bluish or purplish hills that were at the edge of the clearing until small glints of light entered her field of vision. She turned to look at the source and saw something that surprised her. A prone figure was in the center of the destroyed field, unmoving. She surveyed the area one last time, and when she decided it was safe, she cautiously walked towards the center. She saw a few weapons on the ground, and almost drooled at the sight of a five foot rifle, but she narrowed her focus on the robot-person-thing on the ground.

She gasped at how large the figure was, which she figured could easily be eight feet, but upon closer inspection, she saw a huge bloody gash in the armor's stomach. She rushed its right side to what she presumably thought was a person and tried to remove the helmet, but it wouldn't budge, "What happened to you? Hello?" she frantically asked. A finger twitched from her attempts of trying to remove the helmet, which signaled that the person was still alive, but barely. Ruby reached into her pocket, trying to grab her scroll so that she could contact Professor Goodwitch, but she suddenly stopped.

She started clutching her throat when a force began choking her. Her gray eyes widened as she steadily rose into the air and was lifted about a foot off the ground. Her body slightly turned away and toward the person's feet. The sudden appearance doubled her heart rate. A golden-armored creature materialized out of thin air, standing over the wounded person, as it grasped a handle on its thigh. She noticed that its armor was scorched and the creature itself was burned and bleeding a dark purple on its limb and stomach. Its mouth split into four mandibles and roared in its native tongue, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, HUMAN!?" It flicked the handle and a blue, two pronged sword made of some sort of energy crackled to life. Where did it come from? Oh no. I can't reach Crescent Rose in time. I'm going to die! Ruby feared as she frantically clawed the creature's arm.

Images of a red forest with a foggy blue sky faded into his blurry vision. He couldn't quite see out of his dirt-covered helmet, Wait, am I still alive? Last thing he remembered was facing an elite and two Hunters, then the blinding light of two nuclear warheads going off. His thoughts were interrupted as he felt something pulling on his helmet and glanced up. He couldn't see the person's face, just a blurry image of a girl with short black hair, Lucy? What is she doing here? I thought she already went through the Forerunner bunker. He saw her reach around for something, but she just stopped. Kurt's eyes widened when she started levitating while clutching her throat. He stared in horror and a faint crackling sound entered through the helmet's speakers.

The same Golden Zealot that tried to kill him stood over his body and was aiming to kill Lucy. His battle-hardened instincts took over. Grimacing through the pain, he grabbed the eight-inch combat knife sheathed in his left shoulder and threw it, yelling, "LUCY!"

Author's Note:

So, this is my first fanfiction. I've barely seen any fanfiction with Kurt-051, who was in my opinion one of the most developed characters in the Halo franchise. Eric Nylund did a great job in forming this character. If you read his book, I pretty much took Kurt's death scene but Nylund deserves all the credit to the first scene. I want to thank one of my friends for being an awesome beta reader.

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