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The starry night sky was very calming as twelve year-old Kurt took down another drill instructor in the dark green forest. He smiled as he gathered up the MA5B and its stun rounds for his teammates who were resting at the beach. They had evaded Chief Mendez and took down some of his drill instructors during a combat exercise. Some of the Spartans had taken up watch with the stun MA5Bs in the trees while everyone else was having fun at the beach. They would switch out for some nice R&R that they haven't had in a long time. He slowly crept back toward the campsite while keeping a look out for more DIs. As he exited the forest, he felt peace as he saw all of his brothers and sisters eating and sleeping.

He walked up to a small red-headed girl near one of the several campfires who was cradling an assault rifle, "Hey Linda, want to get some fish?" he asked. She looked up and smiled, but shook her head, "No thanks," she looked past Kurt and towards the forest, "Where's the rest of Green Team?"

He turned his head around to glance at the forest, but instead of seeing the dark forest, he saw before him a huge crowd of six year-old recruits standing before him. He wore his military green Mark V MJOLNIR armor, "I am going to give you a chance to learn how to fight, a chance to become the best soldiers the UNSC has ever produced, a chance to destroy the Covenant. I am giving you a chance to be like me: a Spartan."

"There are five hundred of you. We have three hundred training slots. So tonight, Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez—" as he turned to nod toward the Chief, he was then thrusted into the medical ship UNSC Hopeful, wearing his naval officer uniform. Standing before him was his right-hand man and woman, Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091, the last two survivors of the Spartan-III Beta Company. "Report," Kurt said in a stern voice. "The candidates are ready to board, sir," Tom said.

His vision spinned into the metal-walled medical bay where Gamma Company would be receiving their augmentations to finalize the process of their Spartan training. The candidates were getting prepped for the medical augmentation in their pods and a well-muscled teenager walked up to him, "Sir, I just wanted to let you know what an honor it's been to train under you, Chief Mendez, and Petty Officers Tom and Lucy. If I don't make it today, I wanted you to know that I wouldn't have done anything differently, sir."

"The honor has been mine," Kurt said. He shook the boy's hand and watched as the candidates laid down in their pods. He turned towards the door and opened it, sounds of alien screams and gunfire filled his ears.

Bodies of Grunts, Elites, and Jackals covered the metallic, alien floor and the sounds of gunfire echoed off the walls. His brother Will was fighting two Hunters at once and managed to kill one with his bare fists before taking fuel rod shot to his chest. He walked forward two steps before slumping onto the ground. To his right, he saw Holly, a Gamma Company Spartan-III, take a fuel rod to her chest as she was flung backwards. "I'm out!" Linda and Fred said as they checked their rifles simultaneously. He looked to his left and saw his brother and sister rush towards the Forerunner portal with Dr. Halsey, Chief Mendez, Tom, and Lucy. He blinked once and found himself staring down two Hunters and a Golden Zealot in front of the same portal that allowed his friends to escape.

The Zealot's mandibles formed a cruel smile, laughing in a deep, guttural voice as the dead bodies of every single MIA Spartan slowly appeared before him. He held his gaze with the Elite, then pressed the button, "...Spartans never die." Everything went white.








Kurt's eyes fluttered open and his vision began to focus, slowly showing a clear image of a white ceiling. He slowly lifted his head and his enhanced eyes subconsciously scanned the white room in a matter of seconds. The source of the beeping came from the IV machine that sat to his right, in front of a window that overlooked several buildings. An opaque blue curtain hung to his left, obscuring his view on the other side and an IV stand stood near the bed. His eyes trailed down the IV lines which led to his left wrist. His whole body was covered by a white blanket, but then he noticed that the bed he was lying in actually fitted his height. He tried to sit up but felt cool metal cuffs restraining his arms and legs as pain shot up his stomach and lower chest. He gritted his teeth, not making a sound, and slowly lowered his head back onto soft, white pillow under his head, I can feel pain, so I'm not dead somehow, but someone tied me to the bed. Great...

His mind drifted back to the two nukes that would have leveled that entire Forerunner room, The last time I woke up after my 'death' was when ONI faked my death and Colonel Ackerson recruited me into the Spartan-III program. He stared out the window, stunned by the absolute beauty of the clear blue sky and the architecture of the buildings, How long have I been unconscious? The rumbling of a doorknob snapped him out of his thoughts and he turned his gaze toward the blue curtains. His hardened body tensed and applied pressure to the cuffs, which bent slowly as he applied more and more pressure, Good, I can break out of these easily. Kurt closed his eyes to the point where he could peek out the corner of them, but still look like he was sleeping. He toned down his breathing to make the scene more believable.

Kurt's highly sensitive ears picked up the soft pattering of the person's feet as he or she moved closer to the curtain. A small feminine hand pulled the curtain back, revealing a woman, who with the white medical dress, signified her being a nurse. Her burnt orange hair cascaded down to the middle of her back. She held a small IV bag, possibly saline, to replace the nearly empty one. She removed the IV from the man's left wrist in an attempt to replace the IV bag, but she did not expect the giant seven foot and a half man to instantly break his cuffs and move behind her.

A giant hand covered her mouth and wrapped his left arm around both her arms and body, "Don't move or say a word. Nod if you understand." She nodded frantically. "I'm just going to ask you a couple of questions. I'm going to let go, but do not scream or I will take drastic measures." Kurt said authoritatively, trying to soothe the woman while getting some answers. She nodded again. He released her from his grip and she turned to the now awake giant man. After the past few days of taking care of this patient, she noticed the rippling muscles outlined in his small hospital gown that only reached his mid thigh. She tore her gaze away from the man's body and looked into the intimidating blue eyes of the war veteran, which demanded respect.

His low, husky voice broke the silence, "Now, where am I?"

The nurse blushed, "In Beacon ER, the hospital wing at Beacon Academy."

He had not recognized the name but his stony face showed no signs of confusion, he asked, "Why was I cuffed to my own hospital bed?"

"You were thrashing in your sleep, which we assumed were from nightmares, and none of the leather straps held you down, so we used metal cuffs from the Vale Police Department," she replied nervously. Kurt observed the woman's stance, but it was clear that she was still a little shaken from the surprise of her routine job.

"How long was I unconscious for?" he asked, trying to figure out the situation he was in.

"You arrived here about a week ago on a Bullhead. You had a large gash that ran from the bottom of your chest to the top of your stomach, which had torn up your liver. You also had several fractured ribs. We had to perform a liver transplant, and as you can see, the surgeon was successful."

So I've been unconscious for a whole week? "What happened to the Covenant?" he asked.

The nurse hesitated, "Um… What's the Covenant?"

Kurt's face showed no signs of shock, but inside his mind, his 'feeling' was going crazy. He reviewed all the events that happened before he lost consciousness:

He was a Spartan II, trained and augmented to take down Insurrectionists and later the Covenant.

The Covenant was beating the shit out of the UNSC last time he checked.

He was training children for the Spartan-III program.

A few survivors had made it to safety in the Forerunner bunker when Onyx was invaded.

He detonated two NUCLEAR warheads before losing consciousness.

And now, this woman does not have a single clue about the Covenant. Two things were on his mind, Where am I and what the hell happened?

A knock at the door broke his train of thought and quickly turned his head to see a greying man wearing a doctor's coat standing in the doorway, "Catherine, why don't 'cha leave us and contact Headmaster Ozpin. He'll want to know that his unexpected guest is awake. I'll talk to the patient for now." The nurse paced around Kurt and rushed out of the room, the two men staring at each other.

"Who are you and what do you know about me?" Kurt demanded, breaking the tense silence. "I'm the man who saved yer life and for yer second question, you ain't from around here or this planet," the doctor cooly replied in a southern accent.

"How would you know that?" Kurt narrowed his eyes. "Well, for one, yer armor technology far surpasses those at Atlas, our world's most technologically advanced kingdom. Hell, even the shrapnel I extracted out of ya is better than the metal alloys on those machines," the surgeon continued, "And two, yer biological readings are off the charts, akin to human augmentation which I haven't seen a successful case of to at least this extent. There's also the fact ya survived what seemed temperatures that could incinerate trees in a two-mile radius."

Kurt stood there, "Have you told anyone else?"

"No, but I have discussed it with Headmaster Ozpin, mah boss, and he does agree with my theory."

Kurt jumped to his next question and intensified his glare, "What happened to my armor?"

"Don't worry, we don't want any of yer tech, but our mechanic helped save yer life by taking the armor off of ya so we could operate," the surgeon's gaze faltered slightly as he replied.

Kurt's hard gaze barely penetrated the man's defenses, This man is almost as good as Chief Mendez. His years of skillful observations hadn't raised any alarms in the surgeon's movement or voice inflections, so he wasn't lying as far as he could tell. He decided to place his trust in the man who saved him, "I'll see Mr. Ozpin, but if for one second I sense a bit of betrayal, I will end you, him, and all of your staff." The surgeon felt relieved, "Thank ya. We'll try our best to find out what happened to ya and getcha home. I'll send ya some clothes to change into because that gown ain't coverin' much. I need ya to rest yer body too, which is still recovering from wherever ya got that massive amount of trauma."

"Oh, and one more thing, what's yer name?" the surgeon questioned.

"Kurt Ambrose, sir," the Spartan replied.

"Doctor James Burke, at yer service."

With that, both men shook hands and the surgeon left him to his own thoughts. Kurt folded his arms and looked out the window, I can't shake the feeling that I won't be going 'home' for a long time.

Time: 1520 hours

Location: Beacon Academy

During his three hour rest, he fabricated a whole story using some experiences from his life and especially left out anything relating to Spartans and the Covenant. They're humans as far as I can tell, but I'm going to need an explanation for my equipment. I can't lie my way out of this, but maybe a half-truth will work. How am I going to explain how I came here? The only other thing I can think of is some type of covert project that deals with Slipspace or something. Just mentioning the Covenant would probably make me seem like a delusional man, besides, what good will explaining a homicidal alien alliance committing mass genocide do for me anyways?

The doctor kept his promise and sent a nurse with some clothes, which were a plain black t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and white running shoes. He felt uncomfortable since he didn't have any weapons strapped to him or any type of body armor that was usually sown into naval uniforms, but he ignored it. He had asked the doctor if he could leave, since he felt that he was wasting his time, to meet Mr. Ozpin in his office. The doctor was a little reluctant at first, but after a few tests, he was a little surprised at Kurt's rapid recovery after only waking up recently. He had told the Spartan that Ozpin's office was located in the tallest building on campus.

Kurt walked down the massive paved pathway, lined with massive arches that lead into what looked to be the center of the school. I've got to admit, this is very impressive. Kurt saw many planets and cities during his deployment in the UNSC, but this ranked pretty high on best design. A tall spire clock tower came into view that overlooked the entire campus, That must be Ozpin's office. Kurt re-focused on reviewing his plan to explain his situation, I can't reveal too much, no need to tell them about the Covenant…

Kurt's massive physique drew the attention of many students as he continued to walk towards the Headmaster's office, but as he continued on, he noticed something among the students. Several of them had animal tails or ears and he could tell that others tried to hide their features through clothing. Some of them caught sight of him and darted away, I need to get some information on this world. Fast.

As he reached the entrance to the building, a man wearing a black kevlar vest, white shirt, and blue pants stopped him at the door, "What are you doing here, sir?"

Kurt noticed the man's badge, "Headmaster Ozpin wanted to see me," Kurt replied calmly. The guard raised a finger to his ear, "Has Ozpin been waiting for a tall man who, more or less could probably snap me in half?" A security camera above the door zoomed in on Kurt's face, which hadn't fazed him. Kurt's hearing picked up the response, "Yeah, I think that's the guy, face seems right and the body matches the bizarre description. Let him up."

"Okay, seems you're good to go, he's at the top floor of this building, just... don't break anything," the security guard stated, stepping out of the Spartan's way.

He entered through the double doors, heading to the elevator, Military rank will cover my equipment, secret experimental military teleportation technology will cover my appearance here, and an Insurrectionist attack will cover my wounds. That should at least cover the basic questions they may have.

As the elevator rose closer and closer to his destination, his enhanced hearing picked up muffled voices, "I still can't believe you just let a dangerous man walk through campus," a womanly voice complained. "James did try to stop him, but the man was insistent on meeting me. James is a good judge of character and told me that the man seems harmless unless provoked," a male voice responded. "We don't know anything about him. How would you know that he won't hurt any of the students?"

"He hasn't killed anyone in the hospital when he woke up and I trust the doctor's judgment. I doubt the stranger will want to give himself a bad first impression."

At that point, the elevator doors opened up, his vision taking in the environment in front of him. He saw a gray-haired man with a green scarf wearing glasses sitting behind a desk and a blonde-haired woman wearing a white blouse and black skirt standing behind him. Large Grecian pillars supports the room along the wall and huge bronze gears spun slowly in the massive window behind the man and woman. "Ah, our mystery guest. I'm glad to see that you are up and about. Please come over, we have much to discuss," the gray-haired man, presumably Ozpin has said. Kurt walked towards them, passing the giant gears that continuously grinded on both sides of the room, "Thank you for patching me up, sir, my name is Kurt Ambrose."

Ozpin examined the man's huge figure, "Please, call me Ozpin and here behind me is Professor Glynda Goodwitch." Kurt felt the analytical eyes of the woman but ignored her, "Where exactly am I?" he asked, already dreading the answer. "Beacon Academy. A place where we train Hunters and Huntresses to fight Grimm, who would like nothing better than to kill all humans on Remnant," Ozpin continued, "Now, where do you come from, Mr. Ambrose?" I've got to be careful with my story, Kurt saw the cleverness and experience in the man's eyes.

"Just a little warning though, my background may be a bit… astonishing, but it should answer some of the questions you may have. I just ask for your patience and the time to ask a few questions in return."

"Fair enough," Ozpin dropped any signs of a light-hearted greeting and his eyes narrowed through his circular glasses. Kurt breathed, Here goes nothing, "I am Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose, an officer of the UNSC, which stands for United Nations Space Command." Goodwitch blinked, "Wait, you mean your government has... space travel!?"

Kurt proceeded, "The UNSC isn't a government, but a military branch." Though they do seem synonymous.

Goodwitch stared at Kurt and then sternly demanded, "Please explain how you achieved space travel."

"They achieved space travel through the development of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight engine, from which what I understand, rips a hole in space and allows us to travel places light years away in reasonable amounts of time," Kurt continued, "I am just employed as a soldier by the UNSC, so I cannot explain the science behind it. We just call it Slipspace."

Ozpin interjected, "So you're telling me you have a civilization that exists among the stars?"

"Yes sir. Before I was interrupted by Miss Goodwitch, we have colonized numerous planets in our galaxy, which exploded the human population. Earth is the world where all humans in the colonized planets have their ancestry."

Ozpin leaned back in his chair, trying to process the information, while Glynda stood there watching the Spartan.

Kurt saw the doubt and confusion on their faces, noticing that Ozpin began to watch him more closely.

Ozpin spoke up, "Why haven't we heard about this UNSC before? Seeing how widespread your government has covered."

"I need to start with where I am from to explain how I got here. It will make my appearance here less confusing," Kurt responded.

"Valid point," Ozpin stated, letting silence fill the room.

Goodwitch spoke up, "Assuming that you've colonized as many planets as you've said, have you ever come into contact with any intelligent beings? I mean, you must have met something, right?"

Human curiosity never ceases to surface, does it? "Surprisingly, there weren't any intelligent life forms that could organize themselves into tribes or civilizations, but there were many ferocious beasts that gave the UNSC a hard time during colonization. We actually domesticated some of them and turned them into additional food sources for the UEG. You'd be surprised at how many of them taste like chicken." Ozpin smiled at the remark while Goodwitch furrowed her eyes, "Really now. You'd expect me to believe that with all these habitable planets, not one of them could produce a single intelligent life form?"

"It hasn't made any sense to the scientists back though they are still looking into it." Kurt stated, If they only knew.

Ozpin rested his elbows on his desk and rubbed his temples, "Let me clarify for a second because you've hit us with a lot of extraordinary information. So first of all, you're a soldier."


"Under the deployment of a space-faring organization called the UNSC."


"Who are also comprised of humans that have colonized many other planets through an engine that has given them the ability to travel across space."

"Yes sir."

Ozpin exhaled and leaned forward, resting on his elbows, "Glad we're on the same page, but the only thing linking you to your story right now is your armor, so for now, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. As much as I would love to hear about these different planets and the mysteries of space, let's get to what really matters: how did you get here, why did you have a gaping hole in your chest, and why were you surrounded by a small arsenal of weapons?"

Some of my weapons got through? They're hiding some important details… "I'm part of a highly-trained task force whose duty is to put down Insurrectionists, terrorists from the Outer Colonies who want to separate from the UEG, or United Earth Government."

Ozpin's eyes suddenly narrowed, "Terrorists? Haven't you tried to negotiate with them? They may just want to be left alone, not worrying about planets and a government so far away."

Kurt realized the implications of Ozpin's statement, He's trying to figure out where my morals lay and the mentality of the UNSC. Clever.

"We have tried to compromise, but the Outer Colonies are the UEG's main food sources, especially for the Inner Colonies. They wouldn't listen during negotiations and we were nearly on the brink of civil war." Ozpin took a second to imagine such a massive war complete with large starships and troops brandished in Kurt's green armor, "So the UEG relies on the unity of all colonies for it to remain stable?"

"Yes sir. The UNSC wants to prevent a civil war as it would collapse the UEG and cause massive famine in many worlds. The sole purpose of my unit is to keep the UEG together." Kurt stated.

Ozpin clasped his hands, "That's a very large responsibility given to a task force, protecting a whole galaxy."

"Every man and woman in my unit know the situations and duties that are given to us and are willing to die to complete their objectives. As will I," Kurt's voice hardened, as if he was reciting an oath.

Ozpin and Goodwitch stared at him, momentarily stunned by the amount of conviction in his voice. The Headmaster garnered a little more respect for him, "I see… You've explained who you are, but back to my initial question, how did you get here?"

Good, they don't seem to be prying too much, Kurt thought as he continued his explanation, "My superiors ordered me to oversee security at a classified research facility, which was building some sort of 'instant teleportation' method between planets."

Goodwitch crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, "Okay, I can see, at least now, humans developing an engine for space travel, but instant teleportation? That's just insane."

"That's the point of science. To explain the unknown to man and achieve what can be done, if it can be done," Kurt said, earning a glare from Goodwitch. He continued, "My commanding officers had actually placed the base by an unknown smuggling route near the edge of UNSC-controlled space. The security teams under my command would deal with small groups of smugglers and Insurrectionists that would occasionally take that route. Unfortunately, the day the scientists began testing the teleporter, a large battalion of trained Insurrectionists appeared on our doorstep. Apparently, they have been studying the attacks on the edge of the Outer Colonies and decided to take action."

"And how does this lead up to you ending up in a burned crater in the forest of Forever Fall, Mr. Ambrose?" Ozpin questioned.

Kurt began to explain, "The Insurrectionists pushed my teams back to the main testing room and the security teams had taken position in front of the teleportation apparatus. I was giving out orders until I was blasted me into the portal by a rocket, shredding me with shrapnel. The controls and the machinery surrounding the teleporter had been peppered with bullets, so it had probably malfunctioned and sent me to your world. I'm still surprised that I was still alive after I went through the teleporter."

"That still doesn't explain the massive two miles of incinerated forest or how you survived the blast," Goodwitch pointed out. "As I said before, the teleporter was still in development so it may have enhanced the explosion as it opened up, and to as how I survived, well, my armor is made of tough material," Kurt replied.

"How did you know that we were not enemies?" Ozpin mused, "We could be the very insurgents you described."

"The Insurrectionists would gladly kill any person from my unit and wouldn't waste any medical supplies on us."

A minute of silence passed until Ozpin spoke up, "Mr. Ambrose, to be honest, I've been thinking this entire time on why you would be lying. I mean, I don't see any reasons for you to make up this story. The circumstances are so perplexing, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. If you had any notions of where you were, you would have probably made a more believable story that had characteristics of this world. Unless you are utterly insane, your story makes more sense for your unique situation. But here's one last question, how do I know you're not signaling some invasion force for further colonization, with all things considered?"

"I could go on and on about better tactics than just lying on the ground, bleeding out. Do you really think it would be a sound strategy for me to have my organs pulverized while scouting?"

"There are very ferocious beasts out in the forest that can do that to a man," Ozpin responded calmly.

"Okay, well let me put it this way. If I was really part of a reconnaissance team, do you think anyone would just leave me with all the advanced gear that I had on me, including my own body?"

Ozpin paused, "...You make a valid point... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for right now, but I wouldn't know if the first three words from your mouth were the truth, you have ignorance on your side. These outrageous claims are all so far-fetched and yet, somehow correlate to what we've seen. I mean, you have to understand, we still have our doubts and worries."

Kurt nodded, "Of course. Seeing your technology as of now, I understand that my current situation may be hard to comprehend."

"But, still, you have the physique, armor, weapons, and injuries to substantiate your claim," Ozpin refuted.

"So, if you're not a willing traveler to our little world, couldn't we send you back through teleportation? The UNSC is bound to be within the universe if what you say is true." Goodwitch added.

Kurt responded in kind, "Since I wasn't sent to any of the planets that recognizes the UNSC, I had assumed that it sent me further outside of UNSC-controlled space. The UNSC are able to view a planet's surface within the galaxy from their interstellar warships and space stations, so we would have known if there was an isolated human civilization on another planet. Knowing this, it would be logical to believe I am in another galaxy. But as I've said before, I'm just a soldier, so unless you can create another teleportation device that can send me across galaxies, I'm stuck here. I'd be long dead before a distress signal could reach some type of UNSC vessel."

"Then what will you do now, Mr. Ambrose?" Professor Goodwitch asked, still wary of his huge figure. He stood straighter than before, "As my duty as a soldier of the UNSC, I will defend humanity from all threats," then he tilted his head toward them, "That being said, I don't believe that I will be able to find my way back unless the headmaster has a solution." Kurt faced reality. Seeing the technological state that these people were in told him that there wouldn't be any sort of Slipspace travel any time soon.

Silence filled the room once again after the Spartan's statement, leaving Ozpin deep in thought. Finally, he spoke up, "Unfortunately, I wouldn't even know where to begin to find your home nor am I willing to bring a military fleet to my academy, and I also don't think you want Vale's military interrogating either." Ozpin continued, "So, I have an alternative. I believe we can place you here as a prospective teacher and later employ you as a professor after a teacher's examination. We will also provide you with food and an apartment for as long as you are teaching here."

Professor Goodwitch nearly fell backwards, "WHAT!?"

"Please Glynda. Our friend here has no clue where he's at and those military officials will only want his armor. He's been polite, respectful, and answered our questions, so I believe he deserves some help to get him established here," Ozpin said as he attempted to calm the professor down.

Kurt held his emotions better than Professor Goodwitch but was equally as shocked and confused by the sudden proposition, but then thought this over, Hmph, talk about déjà vu. A 'fake' death and being recruited to teach kids how to fight. At least this man isn't like Ackerson, though something's not right… He's bought into all of this a lot better than I imagined, but at least he's not trying to kill me. I'll have time to figure out what happened with a roof over my head and some food.

"What will I be doing as a prospective teacher?"

"Since you are a battle-hardened veteran, you will be working with Glynda in the combat courses, such as teamwork, fighting techniques, battle tactics. Once you're a full-fledged teacher, you will be able to work on your own with the students on a specific subject," Ozpin explained then suddenly smiled, "I also suggest you head to the library to get you up to speed on some basic knowledge on our world. We only allow knowledgeable professors into our teaching program."

Seems like he wants to keep an eye on me. I don't blame him, but he is also giving me an opportunity to integrate myself into this new world. I REALLY don't need some type of military force coming after me either. "Deal, but I have one final question. Where's my armor?" Kurt asked sternly.

"Don't worry. He's a very trustworthy young man and I've known him for many years. He's been trying to repair it, but told me that the materials for the armor's metal alloy is hard to get," Ozpin replied, "I'll also tell the students who scavenged some of your weapons to return them to him for repair. Please wait for Glynda downstairs, I need to talk to her for a minute to finalize all the paperwork for your new teaching position."

Kurt nodded, "Thank you, sir," and he stuck out his massive hand. The headmaster slightly grimaced at the man's grip, "Glynda will lead you to your apartment here on campus and help you settle in."

"That's greatly appreciated, sir," Kurt said and headed towards the door, What did I just get myself into?

Ozpin watched the man enter the elevator and waited until its doors closed, "He seems like a good-natured man."

"The man is dangerous, Ozpin. His medical reports show that he's already stronger than an Ursa," Glynda warned, "He's hiding a lot of things about himself. He didn't even mention the creatures that came with him."

"It's only natural. He woke up in a strange world, far different from his own, so for right now, let him adjust to his new life," Ozpin chuckled, "And to think that we initially took those aliens for some kind of armored earthworm monstrosities from Atlas."

"Aliens!? You actually believe he's some militarized space man?" Goodwitch exclaimed in disbelief.

"Glynda, his story makes sense, don't you think? The armor, the weapons, the man himself, his… other companions. Even if we were to assume he fell from out of the sky, his technology alone shows that he comes from an advanced civilization, but that doesn't mean I trust everything he's said," Ozpin responded calmly.

"If you didn't trust him, why in the world would you give him a teaching position!? You've said it yourself! Assuming he's some sort of military astronaut, how do you absolutely know he's not bringing an invasion for further 'colonization'? We could be transmitting a beacon to them for all we know."

"Glynda, there ARE better tactics for an invasion. A trained soldier like him doesn't just get wounded by an Ursa, especially with all the weapons he had on him. Letting him here as a teacher allows us to keep an eye on him and prevent anyone from taking advantage of his rather unique situation. If this UNSC manages to find us, at least they will not come and take him by force."

Ozpin spun around his chair, facing the window, "He did leave out information about those aliens that came with him, and they seemed rather 'fond' of the man. Remember, they called him a 'demon' because they think it would take the 'will of the gods' to put him down, meaning that they've fought each other before," Ozpin imagined the lone man in his green armor facing off the two large purple beasts, aiming their cannons at him. "I believe he's a high-ranking soldier, just by observing his mannerisms, but I also believe that with a little trust and the right leverage, we can get the full story. We'll tell him about the aliens when the time is right."

"Putting this off will only make him distrust us even more," Glynda grabbed a spare scroll from inside Ozpin's desk. "Those aliens protected our students in the forests. They deserve some trust," Ozpin replied.

Glynda's heels clacked against the grey marble floor as she headed to the elevator, "Well, I hope you can convince him of the aliens' 'change of heart' because if not," she glanced at him over her shoulder, "you're the first person he's going after."

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