'Sup, people! I've been playing with this idea in my head for a while, and I'm having writer's block for the last chapter of His Moment. Note: this story will contain some violence! Not a lot, but some! If you're not mature enough to handle it, maybe you shouldn't read stories rated T.

Disclaimer: I do not own Girl Meets World or JESSIE

It started out as a perfectly normal Saturday morning. Sunlight filtered through Riley's bedroom window. She woke to the sound of birds chirping. Everything seemed perfect.

Riley quickly got dressed and brushed thebed head from her long brown hair. She skipped into the dining room for breakfast, a smile on her face.

She smiled as she surveyed her family. Her mother, Topanga, was force-feeding five year old Auggie some soggy oatmeal while her father Cory laughed. Someone else was there too.

Blond haired, blue eyed, rebellious Maya Hart was boredly watching Topanga force fed Auggie until Riley walked in, when her face brightened. "It's alive!" She cried.

"Maya?" Riley raised an eyebrow. Wasn't it a little early for Maya to be there already? Especially on a Saturday. "What are you doing here so early?" she asked curiously. Maya laughed.

"Check the time, Riley." Maya told took out her phone.

"6:00," she said. Maya turned the phone around, as Riley had it upside down. ". . . 9:00! It's already nine?" She cried.

Maya nodded. " Finally catching on?"

Riley blushed, embarrassed that she'd read the time upside down.

"Hey, Mommy?" asked Auggie through a mouthful of cold oatmeal.

"Swallow, Auggie," Topanga said.

" Can we go to the park today?" He asked innocently.

Topanga sighed. "I'm sorry, honey. I have a big case today."

"And I have over a hundred tests to grade," Cory said. "We don't have time today. Maybe tommorow, kay?"

"Aww," Auggie pouted, poking his lips out. "I want to go to the park today!"

Riley couldn't stand to see her little brother so sad. She had an idea.

"Maya and I could take him to Central Park," she offered.

"We could?" Maya blinked.

"You could?" Cory and Topanga said in unison.

"We could." Riley nodded firmly, giving Maya a look.

"That sounds like a great idea, Riley," Topanga said. "You'll get some fresh air, and you can hang out with your little brother."

"I don't know, Topanga. Sending two twelve-year-olds and a five year old to Central Park without supervision?" Cory questioned.

"Puh-lease let Riley and Maya take me to the park," Auggie said. That little boy was filled with so much innocence. "I never get to spend time with my twin sister."

Auggie's remark tugged at Cory's heart. He just wanted to hang out with Riley. How could he say no?

"You may go," he said. "But don't take your eyes off of him. And be back by five."

"Thanks, Daddy!" Riley and Auggie both said at the same time, with Riley jumping up to hug Cory.

Maya stood up, and helped Riley clear the table before they left.

. . .

"I can't believe you're making spend my Saturday babysitting your little brother," Maya muttered as they led Auggie to the playground. He looked disappointed.

"There's hardly anyone here!" He pointed out. It was true. There were two kids, about nine or ten years old. One was a cute black girl in a pink tutu, the other a small, nerdy looking boy with glasses.

"So?" Riley said, trying to sound enthusiastic."Go make new friends!"

Auggie sighed. "Fine," he said, runnng off. Riley watched him go try to talk to the two older kids. They seemed to get along semi-well.

Riley surveyed the park. It was mostly empty. The only person besides them was a teenage girl with red hair, who watched the kids with interest.

"Zuri, who's your new friend?" Riley heard her ask the black girl, who was appearently named Zuri.

"I'm Auggie and I'm this many," Auggie replied, holding up five fingers. The redhead smiled.

"Well, it's very nicto meet you, Auggie," she said. "Who are you here with?"

Riley bounded up to them, a blur of brown hair and followed close behind her.

"That would be me," she informed the girl.

"Is this your little brother?" The girl asked. Riley nodded.

"I'm Riley and this is Maya."

"I'm Jessie. This is Zuri and her friend Stuart," Jessieintroduced herself.

"Jessie, Jessie!" Someone called. Riley turned to see a blonde girl who looked about 15 running toward them.

"Emma!" Jessie cried. "What's wrong?"

The girl, 'Emma' looked distressed. "Mrs. Kipling. . ." she panted.

"What about her?" Jessie raised an eyebrow.

" Ravi let her into my room! She ate a copy of Leopard Beat!"

"Mrs. Kipling is a weird name for a dog," Riley said.

"That's because Mrs. K. isn't a dog; she's a giant man-eating lizard," Zuri informed her.

"Mrs. K. is Godzilla?" Maya asked.

"No! She's an Asian water monitor." Jessie said. "Now calm diwn, Emma. . ."

Zuri quickly grew bored with the conversation. She grabbed Stuart in one hand and Auggie by the other. "C'mon, let's blow this popstand while they're not looking," she said, to which both boys nodded.

They made it halfway across the playground before Zuri felt someone grab her shoulder. She turned ready to snap at someone, when she saw the guy who had her.

He looked like he was in his mid to late 40s, black hair with gray streaks, icy blue eyes, and a beard.

"Hello, little ones," he said. He spoke with a gruff voice. Stuart, Zuri, and Auggie all screamed.

Jessie's head shot up."Hey! Leave those kids alone!"

"What if I don't wanna?" He pushed Zuri to the ground. Jessie ran at him, only to be punched in the jaw. He grabbed her by the neck and slammed herinto the sidewalk, knocking her unconscious. Emma and Stuart had bothvrun away screaming.

"Auggie!" Riley cried, running over to him, not caring about the dangers. Maya was at her heels.

"Aw, little girls wanna be heroic, eh?" The guy grabbed Riley by her shirt collar, pulling her off the ground. With tied a gag around her mouth before doing the same to Maya. He dropped them.

The last words Riley heard were Auggie and Zuri's scream for help. Then succumbed to the stuff in the cloth, her world going black.