Vampire knight –Freedom Flight

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~The Christmas Dance of the Seraph ~

Gentle rays seeped through the thin curtains, softly cradling the sleeping figure on the dimly lit room .A gentle breeze soon followed in its step causing a few stray strands of sliver silk to fall down the man's face, tickling his nose. With a twitch, Zero brushed the sliver strand away before stretching his arms, popping the joints and the tiredness away. However before he could do anything more, his bedroom door snapped open with an unwelcomed loud bang.

"Zero-rin!" Zero twitched in annoyance as he gave his hardest glare at the man at the door .He knew what is coming instinctively and proceeded to counter the threat to his sanity.

"Chairman, You better have a good reason waking me up this early ." Zero grumbled, his head pounding due to the rude awakening .He cracked his knuckles for good measure to show his unhappiness.

The chairman scratched the back of his head awkwardly before replying.

"Of course of course, we are going shopping!" He exclaimed joyfully. The look Zero gave him send chills down his back as he unconsciously moved back at the glare directed at him.

"Oh …Shopping eh..I think you might need to add a few bandages and ointments when I'm done with you." With that Zero pounced on his adoptive father fully intent on exerting his revenge.

This was how the entire school compound was awakened by a unified alarm call on the day before the Eve of Christmas.

Zero ignored the whining man seated at the table instead focusing solely on his meal and his sister who had decided the join them for breakfast. Zero found it hard to concentrate on the conversation with his mind pounding every second.

He wondered where this was attributed to yesterday's event .He had to be discreet now in everything he does including trying to contact the oracles at the ruins.

"Zero, you are going to the Christmas ball right?" Yuki asked. Zero pinned her with a stare while the female gave him a hopeful smile.

"No." Yuki immediately sulked at Zero's answer. However, her eyes darted towards her father who nodded discretely at her causing a determined grin to appear on her face. Zero raised a brow at the interaction between the two, a growing feeling of dread in his stomach before he was man-hauled out of the door and on his way to the city.

"Kaname-sama!" Aido shouted enthusiastically in greeting as the man appeared in the doorway.

With all the members settled in their seats ready for breakfast to be served. Takuma took it as his cue to start a conversation. He hoped that they actually prepared for it seeing that it was the first time that a joint celebration was going to be held as the threat to their security have been removed when Rido was destroyed.

"Are you guys done preparing for the Christmas ball?" He asked Cross academy Christmas ball is held annually every year on the eve of Christmas where both the night class and Day class will get together for a night of song and dance to celebrate the end of the year. Many were looking forward to the ball this year as it was a sign of peace.

The night class buzzed their plans to each other, sharing and hinting their ideas for presents to each other. Everyone was busy with their respective conversation all except for one man whose thoughts drift back to the day of his feeling on the white feather still lingering in the tips of his fingers.

'Interesting, I wonder what more you are hiding Zero-kun .' Kaname mused before rising out of his seat heading to his study. Takuma noticed his leader leaving, mind anywhere but his body but made no move to call after the other knowing that Kaname was occupied at the moment.

Zero had no idea what to make of the day after being subjected to a day of noon-stop shopping with his eccentric father and enthusiastic sister. The day when passed quickly like every other day but nonetheless it didn't ease his sense of unease as if the worse has yet to come. Zero wished he could return to the academy to brood over this feeling but before he could voice up his thoughts he was shove into the dressing room of the shop without even knowing that he walked into one .A pile of clothes shove into his arms before he was locked in.

'What did I do to deserve this? 'He planned on discarding them immediately.

"Try those on, or we are not leaving this place!" Yuki shouted excitedly yet resolutely having guessed what Zero wanted to do. With no choice but to obey, Zero groaned.

'This is why I hate shopping!'

Unbeknownst to those below, an ominous shadow stood imposingly atop of the building overlooking the busy shopping district below .His amethyst unfeeling eyes trained on the other who was pulled into a decorated shop, the colorful bags slipping off his hands and onto the concrete floor. Another pale looking girl soon joined the mysterious figure, a amused smile on her porcelain face.

"I never knew why you were so focused on him .Now I see the resemblance, you sure you won't stab us on the back? I wonder how my nails would feel on that unmarred skin?" The women chuckled lightly as she shared her thoughts with her companion, her ruby red eyes staring intently at Zero who leaned onto the display glass refusing to carry the additional bags. Caught in her musing, she didn't notice a hand strike out at her until the last second.

The amethyst-eyed male glared at his struggling prey in his hand, his eyes turning red and hard.

"Watch what you say, Imir .Or there won't be a next time ."The now identified women nodded her head frantically as the hand tightened on her throat before letting go completely, dropping her to the ground. Imir breathed deeply, trying to get air back into her lungs. She send a frightening look to her companion who only look back at the streets in their target.

'What a monster.'

The male knew what his companion thought of him but paid her no mind .His loyalty is to no one but himself, only his contract to his boss prevents him from acting on his own violation. Lastly, the only thing he cares about is the seraphs.

'Commence the mission." The figure spoke in a low voice devoid of emotion. His amethyst eyes still locked onto Zero's form.

Zero looked up from his position unable to shake the foreboding feeling from his mind .His mind pounding in pain, zero moaned as the pain got more intense.

'What is going on …' His head was screaming in discomfort while his wing throbbed in pain. Zero sincerely hope it was just a bad day and not a premonition of the things to come.

Yuki having heard Zero's discomfort placed a hand in his shoulder.

"Are you okay Zero?"

"I'm fine, there is nothing for you to worry about." Yuki knowing that her brother is stubborn didn't relent.

"Are you sure Zero?"

"I'm fine, stop worrying .The frown on your face makes you look old." He teased

Yuki huffed in annoyance.

"Fine." Zero sighed at the retreating figure of her sister while rubbing circles on his temples in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

'The pain is getting on my nerves.'

The academy was decorated in multi-colored Christmas lights, each shining brightly against the dark background of the night. Everyone was looking forward to the next day where the celebration would be held. Everyone except Zero whose expression became darker each time the celebration was mentioned.

Currently it was time to escort the night class to their classes and Zero didn't have the patience with the squealing girls tonight especially with the pain still present in his head.

Zero tried to hold back a bark as the girls continue their noisy chatter.

"I wonder what the Aido-senpai would wear tomorrow, I can't wait!"

"I hope that I would be able to dance with Takuma-san"

Then the stars of the ongoing discussion arrive as the gates squeak open.

"KYAAAAA ! Idol-senpai! Please marry me!"

"Kaname-san looks beautiful today too!"

Tick marks begin to pop their way above Zero's head.

"Takuma-senpai !" The silverette clenched his teeth and fist.

"RUKIA-SAN PLEASE LOOK HERE!" A male voice screeched out.

Zero lost his cool at that exact moment he heard that statement.


Everyone stared wide-eyed at the pale figure standing in between the crowd and the night class .His amethyst eyes bright with annoyance and anger. Zero glared at each fan who tried to sneak their way pass him, all except for Yuki who happily bounced over to her brother.

"Good evening Oniisan ."She cheerily greeted.

"Good evening Yuki." Kaname greeted back with a small smile before looking at the annoyed male in his path.

"Kiryu-kun "Zero looked at the taller male,


"DON'T ADDRESS KANAME-SAN SO DISRESPECTFULLY, YOU PIECE OF …"Before Aido could finish is sentence, he was silenced by a pissed off glare .The familiar amethyst jewels that he was used to turned borderline purple, a look of anger burning in them. Aido could not bring himself to utter a word, he stood frozen in mid-sentence.

"Zero, your eyes …" Yuki hesitated, before reaching a hand out towards the other. Upon contact, Zero snapped his head to face her with an emotionless face.

"Zero?" She called out.

At the familiar warm voice, Zero refocused his attention to what's infront of him .His headache growing stronger.

"I-I'm going back to the dorms. "He muttered out before walking away.

As the figure showed no sign of turning back, the girls rushed towards the night class. Takuma looked at his president for orders who replied his silent question with a small nod.

"Alright girls, its getting late you should get back to your dorms now, we will see you tomorrow." Takuma gave them a small loving smile causing the girls heart to flutter before they all obediently nodded their heads in agreement disappearing back to their dorms.

Yuki looked at her brother's best confident with a look of awe.

"I don't know who is scarier, you or Zero." She praised.

"Maa.I don't think I could ever beat Zero's un killer glare though." Takuma replied humbly. Just then, a sweet but familiar scent of blood filled the air .The night class became uncomfortable as the sweet-smelling scent wafted passed their noses .The say class remain oblivious to the sudden change in behavior of their idols who begin to fidget and twitch as they tried to continue their bloodlust.

Kaname was the first to recognize the tantalizing smell.

"Takuma, proceed to class first, I need to handle something." Takuma nodded at the command before proceeding to lead the night class to their classes. Yuki following the crowd ,trailing at the back, heading to her room.

Kaname then turned back to the dorms only to make a sharp turn right before the gates and into the forest .His vampire senses pointing him into the direction of the vampire hunter, the scent of blood dense in the around him.

Zero groaned as he crashed into the tree. He glared at his attacker who looks unfazed.

''Look what we have here. Didnt know it would be so easy to find you." The incubus taunted his struggling prey who looked angrier and angrier as seconds tick by.

When the opportunity came, Zero lashed out with his free leg, sending the Incubus crashing onto the ground with a solid kick to the face .His arm spotting a large gash, a pool of blood on the floor.

"That hurts." The incubus pouted before the innocent smile turned nasty as her teeth elongated to accommodate to her fury at being kicked. Her midnight leather wings sprouted from her back. With an enraged snarl, she launched herself at the male.

Zero whipped out bloody rose, shooting the bullets at an amazing speed at his target who screeched in agony as the sliver bullets made contact with her flesh searing them a bloody red.

"Forget about the orders, I WILL KILL YOU!" The Incubus charged at the sliverrete. Zero made a move to dodge only to be hampered by a sharp pain in his head .The incubus sent her prey to the ground, her fangs next to his venerable neck.

"Let's have a taste of the rumored servant of the gods shall we?" Her smile was cruel and evil as she light scape her gangs against the unblemished skin. Zero grew wide-eyed at the implication, renewing his struggling .His arm held bloody rose to the women's temple, a smug smile on his face.

"See you in Hell." With that he pressed the trigger sending the Incubus into spasm as she screamed in pain as she slowly turned into sliver dust.

Zero slides down the bark of the tree he was leaning on as his the strength in his legs faded away. Footsteps neared as he struggled to breathe due to the adrenaline in his body, however despite the approaching sound of steps, Zero did not move from his spot.

"Go away, I don't need your help." Zero grunted out as a shadow appeared in front of him with the sound of footsteps stopping right beside him.

Kaname looked at the hunter who lying injured at his feet with an expressionless gaze not saying a word for a minute.

"Personally, I don't care what happens to you but Yuki would be sad if I left you for the dead." Not waiting for a reply, Kaname bend down pulling the hunter into his arms, not caring if the blood stained his pristine uniform .He could always get a new one.

Zero did not like the feeling of the vampire on his warm breath of the male right above him as well as the faint heartbeat right next to his ear felt strange to him. Zero struggled; He was not about to be carried like a helpless pride won't allow it.

Kaname only tightened his grip on the teen, not bothering to stop the other's futile attempt at escaping and begin to walk towards his room, not trusting the other to take care of himself. Besides, he had something he want to find out from the other.

Zero hated the bastard to a whole new level as he was carried bridal style to the infirmary .He rose his uninjured arm aiming to punch the other's face only to stop as Kaname glared at him.

"I'm fighting the urge to suck you dry now Kiryu-kun, the more you struggle the more of those precious blood of you spills."

Zero stilled his body immediately; the fear of being bitten still fresh in his mind .He clenched his fist in frustration. Kaname merely glanced at the quiet teen in his arms before speeding up .If only he was obedient like this all the time but that would take away all the fun of breaking him and digging out all his secrets won't it?

Zero sat on the soft velvet bed, his amethyst eyes still glowing with wariness and distrust as Kaname took out the medication box. Both boys discarded there bloodied clothes leaving Zero shirtless and Kaname in his dress shirt.

Kaname kneeled infront of the injured teen, bandage in hand only to feel the barrel of bloody rose at his temple.

"Kiryu, stop your childish nonsense." Kaname ordered, clearly displeased at having to do more than before he could bandage the bloodied arm.

"Your eyes are glowing red." Kaname blinked as the statement sank in.

"What?" He asked confused.

"Your entering bloodlust." The barrel of bloody rose corked. However Kaname was not paying attention to anything at the moment besides his own thoughts.

'I'm going into bloodlust?' Kaname considered his next movements carefully .It doesn't seem like Zero was lying which means that his eyes must be really be glowing but the only reason why he would go into bloodlust while not having lost any blood would only be due to …" Kaname smiled knowingly.

"Kiryu-kun, are you perhaps not human?" Kaname asked innocently.

Zero tensed for a moment not noticeable to most but Kaname immediately noticed the slight moment of hesitation.

"Are you stupid? I'm the thing I hate the most, A blood-sucking leech and you asked me whether I'm human?!." Zero shouted in rage at Kaname's question.

"Then …" A pause as Kaname held the bloodied arm to his lips. Zero became alert.

"Why does your blood smell like anything but vampire or hunter? Its thrumming with so much power..." Zero's eyes widened in alarm as he tried to pull his arm away, Kaname tightened his hold on the pale but surprising soft skin, before licking away the blood that flow out of the wound.

" LET GO YOU BASTARD." Zero kicked out his legs to which Kaname merely dodged before in a swiftly pinning the male onto the blood making the velvet sheets a darker ruby red.

"Don't you think you should stop running away and come clean?" Kaname whispered into Zero's ear.

"I have no idea to what you are talking about." Zero turned his head away from those lips and warm breath that was caressing his ear. He avoided making eye contact with the beautiful male on top of him.

"Oh really?" Kaname mused as he flipped the younger male on his stomach, pinning both of Zero's arms above his head with one hand while the other untied the tie around his neck. Zero pulled at the silk binds around his wrist, growing increasingly worried and afraid, tears unconsciously making their way out of his eyes.

He jolted when he felt a hand on his right shoulder that wandered slowly downwards before stopping at his shoulder blade .A finger probing at a certain spot where his secret laid.

"I wonder what you have been hiding in here." Fingers tapped against his skin where his wing laid hidden beneath. Zero breathed in harshly as he realizes what Kaname was trying to imply.

'He knows, Oh my god he knows. 'The words repeated like a mantra in his mind. Kaname begin to rub circles around the slightly protruding hump before pressing down on it. The hunter looks so good lying on his bed squirming and withering in discomfort. It appealed to his predatory instincts greatly.

Zero screamed as pain shot through his body, with new found strength he twisted his arms out of Kaname's gasp, surprising the other male before sending a roundhouse kick to the other's face. Zero made a mad dash towards the window despite knowing that he was on the highest floor of the dorms. Kaname's arm shot out from his position, grapping Zero's uninjured arm before spinning the sliver-haired male around and pinning him against the wall with his body.

Zero glared at the other male defiantly. Kaname looked amused. Looks like kitty still has his fangs. Knowing that he would most likely have to resort to force to get his answers from the other now, Kaname locked eyes with Zero.

"I'll let you go for now but rest assured that I would exposed your secret Kiryu-kun." With that Kaname released his hold on Zero's wrist and made his way to the door with plans to go to class, a new blazer in hand.

As soon as Kaname disappeared pass the door, Zero dropped to the ground trying to wrap his mind around what had just happen .The roll of bandage forgotten at his feet.

Christmas music filled the ballroom as the students wandered in through the oak doors .The bright coloured lights illuminating the hall instead of the usual chandeliers and celling lights. Outside, the moon shined brightly, unhindered by the dark clouds that surround it.

The chairman greeted his students enthusiastically as he made his way through the crowd before his adopted daughter stopped him in his tracks.

"Chairman have you seen Zero?" Yuki questioned.

"No. Now that you mention it, I have not seen him today at all." Due to the Christmas celebration party, classes were canceled today leaving both the students and the supernaturals the whole day to prepare for tonight. Looking back at the beautiful decoration and the exquisite clothes that his precious students have worn, it looks like everyone make used of the extra time to do some last minute shopping.

Yuki looked worriedly at the chairman .She was worried that Zero would missed out the party on purpose like he did every year ever since the first time where the day class girls wouldn't leave him alone when he appeared for the night. However, this year she manage to make him promise that he would at least appear for the dinner as they missed out of each other's birthday this year due to Rido's interference .She sincerely hoped that Zero would appear soon.

Zero sneezed as he made his way to the party. Rubbing his temples, he once again tried to ease the headache he was sporting since yesterday, flashes of the forgotten incident passed through his mind every now and then .He tried to reorganized his memory but he hadn't made any headway with finding out what happen that day as the images that flood his mind were in bits and pieces .He remembered a scream, worried voices and a warm embrace but nothing more than that which is isn't worth the headache that he had been suffering from .Zero groaned as he neared the doors to the celebration ,he knew he should have just stayed in bed and just skipped the whole troublesome party but that would probably earned him a unhappy Yuki ,displeased Yagari and a bothersome chairman so he dragged his body here.

Taking a deep breath, Zero stepped through the doors.

Zero took a few seconds to adjust to the lights that filled the whole room. Silence greeted him as he made his way through the crowd who parted for him. Zero became increasingly comfortable as they stared at him intently, seconds passed and the staring had not creased. Zero tried to remain calm as he walked towards the chairman and Yuki who were staring wide-eyed in surprise or shock he didn't know .He shouldn't have come. He must have looked weird. After all, it was his first time actually dressing up for any occasion.

They stared and stared. Everyone present was stunned by the angelic appearance of the vampire-hunter not merely because that no one thought that he would show up but also because of how stunning he looked. Zero gave a smirk of glee when he caught sight of Aido whose mouth was agape in absolute shock .His steps were graceful yet purposeful .The silver locks gelled and styled to their proper positions instead of being strewed all over in a messy heap like they usually were .The teen was exceptionally well-dressed for the occasion. Zero wore the items he bought during their shopping spree Yuki noticed. Zero was dressed in a sky blue dress shirt beneath the snow white suit that they have gotten tailored for him .A cream coloured tie around his neck to complete his look .The form-fitting clothes brought out Zero's lean figure, highlighting his curves and beautiful features well, especially his amethyst eyes.

Yuki couldn't help but continued to stare even when her adopted brother had been standing infront of her minutes ago.

"Yuki?'' Zero called out to the girl infront of him who was dressed in a beautiful midnight dress.

'Is that gloss on his lips?' The girl wondered.

"YUKI!" Zero shouted at the girl causing a few heads to turn in their direction.

"Zero!'' Yuki greeted snapping out of her admiration, a blush on her face embarrassed at the notion that she was checking out of her adoptive brother.

'Oh My God, what was I doing. It's Zero for god's sake.' Chibi Yuki was seen pounding her head against the wall.

Just then the familiar calming voice of her brother called out to her.

"Yuki, you look great this evening." Kaname commented, pleased with his sister state of dress before locking eyes with the other person present beside her.


"Kuran." Kaname took in Zero's exceptional appearance with a blank look on his face. However in his mind he didn't expect the other to be so well dressed not to mention mesmerizing. Zero too allowed his eyes to wander on Kaname's body .He grudgingly admits to himself that the other looked great if not perfect in his red dress shirt and pure black tailored suit which he is willing to bet cost a fortune as the gold buttons and cuffs glimmered under the Christmas lights.

"Rich bastards" He muttered under his breath.

Soon, dinner came and went .The center of the hall was cleared as soft melodious music was being played. However the enchanting music did not come from the speakers that littered throughout the room. Instead it came from the secluded corner of the hall where are majestic grand piano laid. Delve fingers gently tapped each key, melodious music created under their administration. Yuki was beaming from side to side when she recognized the figure seated on the bench, playing the Christmas songs.

"Zero!" she called out was happy that Zero remembered the wish he asked of him early this year .She wished that he would play the piano again after catching him off guard once in the music room at the school playing the piano .She knew it was a bit selfish of her to ask that of him, knowing how much the piano reminds him of his broken childhood, but the sight of Zero playing the piano was just too endearing to be forgotten not to mention a waste if he stops playing for good.

Zero smiled, a genuine smile as he continued to play out the Christmas tune that he remembered .For Yuki he decided despite the fact that she was a vampire now. At least for the Yuki he used to know the one that would cheer him up in the past ,trying to get him to open up .He chuckled lightly completely in his own world not noticing inquisitive eyes staring on his form.

Kaname watched as Zero's fingers continued to dance on the piano keys while politely declining any invitation for a dance by his followers and fans with a smile, which instead of making them depressed only made them coo over him more.

Kaname walked up towards the silverrete whom no doubt heard him approaching as his shoulders tensed up .

"What do you want Kuran?" Zero gritted out, pressing on the keys more harshly in a bid to control his annoyance. Why cant he be left alone to enjoy this reprieve.

Kaname merely continued until he stood beside the male. After careful consideration on his part ever since he found out about Zero's hidden secret which he admits was well concealed until the recent attacks, he planned on how to approached the other male about this .He knew how important this discovery is .The council of supernaturals would be dying to get their hands on him ,and knowing that the Yagari would not willingly hand his student over to some power obsessed freak ,he is willing to bet that a war would break out .Furthermore ,with the recent attacks on the academy ,one can be sure that there is something more at work here .

He sneaked a glance at the teen who was ignoring his presence by concentrating on playing his music. 'It would be worth the trouble.' He decided.

"Kiryu-kun, I've decided that you should live in the night dorms." Zero stilled, his fingers paused in mid-play .He wordlessly stood up letting another member of the school who Kaname guessed belongs to the music club to take over before wordlessly stepping out to the balcony. Kaname made no move to follow after being directed an intense glare by the shorter male which blatantly says : Who are you to tell me what to do ?!

Zero grabbed the railing tightly, his knuckles turning white at the amount of strength he used as he shouted profanities into the sky, not caring if anyone heard him which is unlikely considering the loud music blasting in the hall.

"That Fucking Blood-sucking leech! Who does he think he is! Who in the world asked him to do this! "He ranted out before his voice started to waver.

In a much softer voice he whispered out. "Its not like I asked for this.'' Zero closed his eyes, tears making their way down his face. Zero didn't care if anyone saw him in his weakness now, it didn't matter anymore .His secret is out and soon everyone would know of it .It was only a matter of when.

Kaname knew that Zero would have no choice but to except his plan when the time come .The chairman would have to be first alerted to the situation which he plans on doing effectively immediately .He made his way to the long haired male, the information at the tipped of his tongue only to stop as a loud clash was heard followed by the sound of Ice breaking. Kaname left for the balcony in a burst of speed as the crowd wondered what had happened.

Zero stood, stunned in his position. Amethyst eyes full of disbelief as he tried to registered what he was saying.

"Ichiru?" He called out in a soft hesitant voice, laced with suspicion .The other male who look like a carbon copy of Zero only smiled .An innocent look on his face.

"Can't you recognize me, Brother?" Ichiru teased as he raised a hand to caress his twin's face.

Zero was too shocked to reply .He couldn't believe his eyes as he tried to convince himself that this may be just a dream but a dream can't possibly touch him could it?

Lost in his thoughts, Zero didn't realize that there was under present behind him before he was caught in a headlock.

"Well well, aren't you a cutie." A disgustingly sweet voice drawled out.

Zero found him in an uncomfortable position in the women's arms. Her long flaming red hair tickling his cheeks and neck .His right arm in a tight restraining grip in hers. Zero cringed in disgust as she ran her tongue on his skin, the feeling of the rough appendage sent shivers down his spine. His sleeves having being ripped off by the attack offer him no protection against her assault. But despite the obvious discomfort he was in, he couldn't take off his eyes from the sight infront of him.

His brother was alive. Ichiru was alive .He didn't know how it was possible but he didn't care. When he first caught sight of the silver-haired male he couldn't believe his eyes, he tried to convince himself that it was all just a prank made by his mind but after having felt the familiar spark that he and his brother shared upon contact, he was certain that it was not a dream.

However, his moment of happiness did not live long. Ichiru's pleasant smiles soon morphed into a look similar to that of an evil mastermind.

"Hello brother, it's been awhile hasn't it?" Ichiru greeted, his eyes seemingly innocent, his hand give a small wave to his elder twin of a few minutes, observing the features of his brother intently.

Zero couldn't bring him to say anything, taking in his brother's sign of shock and disbelief; Ichiru took it as his cue to continue.

"Don't worry brother, I'm quite alive like you would have guess, just not as, hmm I wonder if this is the correct word to use 'pure' as I used to be." With that jet black demon wings sprouted from his back, Ichiru's ears became pointed ,his vampire fangs became much longer than they used to as well .Amethyst eyes become silted like a cat's or a snake's .An additional tail appeared as well swishing in the air .All in all, Ichiru looked like a full-blooded devil-vampire hybrid as his amethyst turned blood-red a sign the use of vampire powers.

"W-What happen to you?" Zero tried to control his emotions that were currently flooding his mind. Disbelief, shock, happiness and finally anger.

"What Is going on?!" He raged .The other only stared at the fuming teen making no motion that indicate that he would reply.

"Ichiru!" Zero demanded .He was frustrated .He though his life was finally going to get some sort of balance and then first the attacks started, next Kuran found out about his secret now his apparently deceased brother came back to life but not giving him any answers that he currently seek.

"Well, Nii-san how about we see your wings." Ichiru said suggestively. Zero tensed, his shoulder blades trembling slightly in response to his uncertainty and anxiety. Zero grunted as a hand in his hair yanked his head forcefully to the side exposing his tattooed neck .He eyes widened when he saw his brother's face so close to his face in a flash of a second .A syringe in his hand .The green bumbling liquid in it only increase his fear. Despite the state of his injured arm ,he lashed out only for it to be caught in his brother's clawed hand.

"We wouldn't want to break your arm do we?" Ichiru whispered into his ear, before giving Zero a harsh slap on his face using the back of his hand making the other recoil slightly an the unexpected hit.

Zero tried to shake off the dizzy spell that plague his mind, his cheek throbbing in pain at the hit .It was then he felt a prick at the base of his neck .The green liquid disappearing under his skin. The next moment he felt an insane amount of pain surging through his body sending him convulsing on the floor as the arms that restrained him released their hold.

Zero trashed as his body screamed pain .He saw red as he felt thousands of tiny needles pushing their away pass his skin. Unable to take the pain any longer when he felt the sensation of his skin tearing, Zero screamed.

"AHHHHHHHH!" White feathers cascaded as a blood-covered wing emerged from his back. Zero just lied on the cool ground not caring about the sound of arriving footsteps nor did he care about having his secret out in the open, all he cared about was soothing the pain that had racked his entire being.

"Looks like they were right, you are a seraph." Ichiru spit out angrily .The reason is simple. Unlike other creatures, One cannot simply be born as a seraph, instead people are chosen to be them .No one is entirely sure how someone is chosen to be one ,but it was speculated that the powers of a seraph are granted by god to those who have to overcome the greatest trials in life like stopping a world war or calamity .

Zero couldn't find the strength to say anything .He did not even move when he felt the presence of the night class president infront of him.

Kaname eyes glowed bright red as he lifted his arm sending a gush of wind at the duo .The female jumped out of way with speed matching that of her Nekomata blood, while Ichiru flew on his jet black leather wings .His hand holding out a sphere of chilling ice that was fired straight at the other vampire. Kaname disappeared in a fickle of shadows appearing infront of the demon, eyes blazing with power. Ichiru not losing in terms of speed brought his arm to conjure a shield as a powerful blow of concentrated physic power slammed down.

Both boys jumped back, each watching the other with caution .It was when Kaname moved to the side that the standstill was broken .The clawed fingers missing his neck but a few centimeters as the other enemy made herself known. Then the three blurred into a flurry of movements.

Zero tried to follow the high-speed movements only to find his usual perfect eyesight blurring as patches of darkness appeared in his sight. Despite his feathered wing resting by his side, he felt alarmingly cold .He faded in and out of consciousness, fighting the urge to completely blacked out .He wanted answers and the only way is to get it out of his brother but apparently he wish was not going to happen as his consciousness faded away replaced by a frigid cold wing in his mind.

The three supernaturals stilled their movements as they felt a pulse of foreign power leaked out of the teen lying in his pool of blood caused by his reopened wound on his arm .The sliver-haired male stood up, eyes a pale ice blue, his sole white wing gave a metallic shine ,cleaned of blood.

"Enemy detected, level 10 restrains released." Zero's voice came out monotonously as he mumbled the words .His blue amethyst eyes turning a burning azure blue.

"Commencing attack." A black gale whipped out from his body, forming shadowy swords in the air in tens and hundreds, With a flick of his finger the blades sharpened before they were sent flying in their direction.

Ichiru fired his own shots to repel the projectiles while the girl used her natural flexibility to dodged the blades.

"Looks like the Kitty went mad " The female perked out as she moved expertly, avoiding the projectiles that were sent her way.

"We are leaving .We confirmed what we wanted to check." Ichiru ordered, leaping away and off the railings but without one last glance at his brother.

"Hai hai ." The girl mumbled, following the other's footsteps into the shadows as they teleported away.

Kaname started to formulate his plans of attack in his mind. He need to knock Zero out. Help arrived a not a moment sooner as the chairman held his blade in his hand, Toga Yagari by his side armed with his anti-vampire guns. Takuma and his circle were also present. Their eyes widened to comical proportions as they caught sight of the lone wing attached to the prefect .If it bothered them they didn't say anything. Zero looked to the sight, appraising the new arrivals, his hand rose again to direct the black gale towards the new comers. Aido and Kain each respectively made a wall of ice and fire to block the incoming black wind, While Kaname moved behind the occupied teen before giving a strong hit to the back of the seraph's neck .The black blades in the air dissipated as Zero slumped forward into Kaname's arm.

The chairman locked eyes with him. The cheerful expression that they were used to seeing was for once replaced with a look of seriousness. Yagari merely took Zero out of Kaname's arm. Despite the usual stoic expression that he had on his face, anyone could see that he was worried for the charge that lied asleep in his arms.

"We need to talk, in my office all of you now." The chairman commanded in his no-nonsense tone. Everyone nodded as they headed back into the emptied hall whose previous occupants were already evacuated back into their rooms.

Zero woke up to the sound of shouting and complains right below his room or what it seems to be his room. Taking in the velvet curtains, overly-soft black silk covers of the bed, he accurately guess that this was one of the unoccupied rooms of the night dorms. His secret is no doubt being discussed right now and he also knew that it is not possible to continue to stay with in his own rooms now, especially since he was obviously targeted. Staying with the normal humans would no doubt bring unnecessary risks to both himself and his human peers which the chairman would certainly want to avoid .At least here, the supernaturals know how to defend themselves and are less likely to get hurt in the fights to come.

How he wished he could just kill himself. Yagari would be displeased if he found about Zero wanting to kill himself but he doubt he would stab himself, he was no coward after all.

Zero wandered away from his new room, away from the direction where the chatter and discussion were coming from .He didn't want to listen to the things they say about him nor was he in a mood to answer their questions. Taking small quite steps, Zero made his way to the room located at the end of the corridor. Standing infront of him in the enclosed glass back balcony was a grand piano. Zero smiled as he situated himself in the plush seat.

He skimmed through the sheets of music stored in his mind before coming across one that he held close to his heart .It was a piece he and his father wanted to play for his mother's birthday as it was the song his father used to propose to his mother but failed to as his family was killed before he could.

Zero's fingers danced around the keys, the music started to form at his fingertips. The moment the music started, he found himself forgetting the worries that he was currently facing instead he poured all his feelings into the music he was playing .The lyrics that his father once thought him unconsciously escaping pass his lips .

Drowned in his music Zero Did not notice the first snow descending. The small fluffy white ice cotton floated down in millions as the song continued.

Caught in his moment of joy, Zero didn't notice a familiar figure approaching the garden .He just continued to sing his heart out. Kaname didn't know why he was walking towards the garden despite knowing who was in there currently .He knew but he couldn't resist. Zero's melodious voice filled the entire garden as he stepped into it .His voice was filled with so much emotions that Kaname cant help but be entranced by the strength being the other's voice and words.

Zero knew Kaname was there, but seriously at the moment he didn't want to stop even if he knew he would be exposing his inner turmoil to the other who was the last person in the world he wanted to show this side of himself to but he cant be bothered with it now .

Zero was sure he was going to regret this later but for now he world just follow his instinct, he spared a glance towards Kaname who seemed shocked that he would acknowledge his presence before tilting his head to the side, inviting the other to seat with him.

Kaname rose a brow at the invite but nonetheless he soon did as the other suggested slipping into the seat next to Zero. Their arms brushed against each other but neither seem to mind the contact .

Kaname then followed Zero's lead playing the tune on the ivory keys. Zero rose a brow in mild surprise but didn't protest.

Both boys dragged out the last key as the ending lyrics left Zero's lips. Then an awkward silence descended on the two.

"I didn't know you could sing." Kaname spoke up after minutes of silence.

"My mother taught it to me." Zero replied, deciding to indulge the other's curiosity for one. Kaname couldn't take his eyes of the amethyst eyed male whose soft features were further enhanced by the moon and the snowy background make the other male look ethereal. Zero then suddenly stood up to which Kaname's own orbs followed, Zero only looked at him before muttering a good night.

"Merry Christmas Zero-kun " Kaname didn't know what prompted him to say that but he smiled when he heard the other.

"Merry Christmas Kaname-senpai." It was formal and respectfully like the tone everyone uses with him, yet when Zero said it, it somehow made Kaname feel warmer than he had felt for a long time.

~Chapter End ~


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