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Kyoko gracefully flops down on a chair, taking care not to crease her dress, while the crew rearranges the scenery. It wasn't her first photo shoot, but it was vastly different from the ones she had modeled for previously. She was modeling the clothes of the late Ishioka Eiko, who specialized in evening wear and ridiculously gorgeous princess-style gowns. Kyoko tugs at the lace collar of the dress in discomfort, for all their beauty, they were awfully uncomfortable. A tall girl with naturally tawny hair pulled back in a loose bun at the nape of her neck swishes over to the exhausted talent.

"I've said it before, Kyo-chi-chi, but I'll say it again, you're absolutely stunning." Sakura chirps at her, pushing a stray lock behind her ear.

Kyoko smiles at the older girl. Nanase Sakura, currently 21 years old, was not a beauty to sneeze at. Her eyes, envied by many, the most peculiar shade of green, that once were described as chartreuse by a fashion designer, her oddly colored hair with perfect curls almost always had a strand or two out of place. Sakura was not, as you may have guessed, a full-blooded Japanese women, but rather, her father born and raised in Australia, and her deceased mother was Japanese. At the age of 12 she had been scouted to become a model and at 20, she'd had one of the most successful careers, possibly due to her charming smile and happy-go-lucky attitude. Her particular talent involved giving nicknames to co-workers and herself. She had previously worked with Kyoko several times and was the reason Kyoko was the replacement for the girl who originally was to appear in the shoot with her.

"Please, Nanase-san, you're definitely stealing the camera here."

The older woman pouts. "Call me Cherry."

Kyoko laughs at the woman who may be well on her way to adulthood, yet still insisted on being treated like a child.

"What are you doing after the shoot?"

"I'm having dinner with a friend of mine."

"Oh, that's a shame, I wanted to ask if you would like to come out for drinks!"

"Girls! We're ready for you now."

"Maybe another time, Kyo-chi-chi?"

"When I'm legally allowed to drink."

Sakura slapped a hand to her head comically. "I keep forgetting you're a baby!" She ruffles her bangs then blows them upward, unhappy with their position.

"Mou~ I wanted to play with you some more. How about a movie date? You can bring Mou-Mou and Chiorin."

"Ah, I'll have to see."

The two girls take a seat on the wrought iron garden bench and face the camera. Two stage-hands hurry over, and give slight directions, 'feet go here' and 'turn slightly to the left' as the make-up girls touch up lipstick and re-pin hair that had fallen out of place. The photographer clicks the shutter and the girls shift so more of the dresses can be seen.

"You can even bring your boyfriend if you like. Or is he your fiancée now?"

"Nanase-san!" Kyoko exclaims with embarrassment.

"Set four!" Calls the director.

The girls stand and the bench is whisked away and replaced with a wooden arch decorated with scarlet climbing roses.

"Just Kyoko-chan please. Can we have Cherry's dress replaced with piece 9?"

Cherry is ushered away and returns minutes later in a violet dress; the arch and background had been removed and had been substituted with a large, crystal chandelier and a faux stair case with golden steps.

"Can we change Kyoko-chan's dress to piece 45 please?"

When Kyoko returned, Sakura was grinning devilishly.

"So, boyfriend of fiancée?" She asked as they prepared themselves for the last few shots.

"Who are you talking about?" Kyoko hissed, embarrassed. "I don't have a boyfriend."

"Oh, fiancée? You're a bit young to get married. Wait until I'm married first okay?"

"What are you on about?"

"Smile Kyoko-chan." The photographer chides her. "You're a princess not a slave, honey."

Kyoko apologizes and immediately plasters an endearing smile on her face.

"Much better love."

"I'm talking about Tsuruga Ren. You can't marry him yet."

"What?" Kyoko exclaims through gritted teeth

"Wait until I'm married, otherwise it's like my younger sister getting married before me, and that's just embarrassing right?"

"I'm not dating Ren-senpai."

"But you call him Ren, and he calls you Kyoko."

"We use honorifics."

"Girls, turn in towards each other and have a conversation."

"Aye sir." Sakura chirrups.

The two face each other.

"We are not dating." Kyoko repeats for emphasis.

"But you like him right?"

"I most certainly do not."

"So you hate him?"



"He's my senpai, I've learned a lot from him."

Sakura grins cheekily. "Okay, Okay Kyo-chi-chi. I believe you."

"That's the last one. Thanks girls!"

"Thank you!" Kyoko bows in the general direction of the camera.

"Thanks boss!" Sakura waves in the same direction.

"You don't believe me do you?"

Sakura's grin stretches across her face. "Not a word." Kyoko groans in exasperation and the older woman laughs and ruffles her wig. "Oh, Kyo-chi-chi, you make it so easy. Here's my email, zing me when you're free and we'll have a movie date. Bye love."

Yashio, for all his skills in being organized, is not exactly a master of stealth. He leans up against the wall outside studio 33, waiting for a certain photo-shoot to finish. The door opens and he perks up eagerly as Sakura emerges, with her frantic manager in tow.

"Well? Operative Number Four?" Yashiro demands of the casually dressed woman. Said woman tossed her hair over her shoulders and proceeds to pull it up into a high ponytail before answering.

"She blushed like a school girl!" Sakura squeals excitedly. "Operative Number One, I think we are going to have a huge success!"

Yashiro high-fives the giggling woman and grins.

"Operation 'Sail My Ship!' is underway!" He declares.

"How did it go on your end?"

"They're having dinner tonight, she's going to his house at 9 after his last job."

"That's not long at all! And hour and a half!" Sakura's mouth twitches upwards into a cocky smile. "We've done well Yukihito. And I'm working on a movie date also. With 'forgotten' invitations and 'late' arrivals. You know. The usual."

Yashiro snorts and nods. "We can't let them catch on."

"Of course not darling."

"Sakura-chan, we have to go now." Her manager interrupts.

"Okay. Bye, bye Yuki-chito. Let me know how is goes. Chu~" She blows a kiss at the man and skips off in the direction of the door.

"Of course."

Yashiro grins at Sakura's retreating back and hurries around the corner before his charge notices his absence.

He pauses at Ren's door and then artfully pushes it open with one hand, having picked up coffee on the way. The actor was seated in front of the vanity, chin propped up in one hand, his hair slightly out of place.

"Where have you been Yashiro?" Ren asks, absently flicking a page of what Yashiro assumed to be a new script.

"Ah, coffee." Came the week excuse.

"Right. It takes twenty minutes to get two cups of coffee."

"There was a long line." Yashiro informed him, which wasn't technically a lie.

"Mmm-hmm." The actor flips another page, and then looks up at his manager. "What were you doing Yashiro?"

"Um… Nothing." His lie was almost convincing but he hesitated a second too long.

Ren stands, hooks his thumb through his belt loops and smiles at his manager.

Yashiro hastily steps back from his threatening charge, a good move on his behalf.

"Yashiro." He pronounces each syllable with measured maliciousness. "Did you buy any chance, decide to meddle in my life again."

Yashiro squeaks and sets the coffee on the vanity. "Don't be silly Ren. I was talking to Cherry."

Ren frowns and takes a sip from the bitter liquid. "That doesn't make me feel any better. She's a horror."

"Ah don't be rude Ren." Yashiro chastises him.

Ren shakes his head. "You and that women take too much pleasure in meddling in the lives of talents."
"But Reeeen," Yashiro whines. "I've been waiting for months for you to ask her out."
"Kyoko and I are friends, I'm not willing to risk that relationship just yet."

"But you dote on her and she—" Yashio stops mid-sentence, eyes wide, mouth slightly open.

"What?" Ren asks tiredly.

"I never said anything about Kyoko-chan."

Ren sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. "No, but you've been trying to get a relationship out of us for almost a two years now. It's not hard to put together the pieces."

"You do love her, don't you Ren?"

Ren glares at his manager and snatches up his coffee, storming out of the room.


"That's none of your business!" He calls.

Just before Yashiro exits the room, he happens to glance over at the forgotten script on Ren's vanity. He walks over, intending to take it with him, but instead discovers, that, upon closer inspection, it was not a script at all, but a magazine. Yashiro stares at the two models, one male, one female, clad in swimwear, on a beach in Karuizawa. The woman donned a black and orange striped bikini, while her male counterpart appeared to be in the act of hoisting her up on his shoulders. Yashiro stared at the female model in awe, her slim body, oddly coloured hair and gleaming eyes, coupled with the daring swimsuit made Kyoko Mogami exude the air of a powerful tigeress. Yashiro giggles, no wonder Ren was staring. Still laughing, Yashiro hurries out of the room to his charges' next appointment, leaving the magazine exactly where he found it.