A powerful thunderstorm entered the sky.

Rain poured heavily on the ship as everyone inside tried to star out of the rain.


Em did you see that?!" Navin gasped as he was with his friend Allison.

"The storm is getting worse...

Vigo do you think we should fall back till the storm lets up?" Emily asked as she turned to the old man.

"I'm not sure, but if it does get worse than it is now, then we will make a retreat." Vigo answered as Emily's eyes were on the storm.

For a second, she thought she was something flying by the ship.

Her violet eyes narrowed, but then returned to her reading.

Everything was quiet and simple on the ship.

Emily was lost in thought of what happened to Max after the void.

Turned to bones in seconds before she could anything to help.

She still wondered of what he meant Algros island for Trellis.

But her thoughts were interrupted when the elf came to the other side of the couch.

Both of the young stonekeepers said nothing, until the heard something collide with the ship!

"What in the-


What is going on back there!?" Vigo demanded from the radio as the other worry.

"...We lost contact with one of the ships!...

...The last thing they claimed that that they were being attack by...!" But then the communication cuts off.

Everyone suddenly heard a powerful roar from the other side of the ship.

The stonekeeper trio came out to see large and unusual creatures.

"What are those things?!" Emily gasped in fright.


And by the telling of their kind, they must be Burningskies." Vigo narrowed his eyes as they began to attack the ships.

"Navin, you and Allison get ready to launch.

Trellis and I will keep you covered." Emily ordered as her brother nodded then left with Ally.

"Ally, let's go!"

"Right!" the two entered the ship and launched off into the sky

"Is there anything we need to know about these Burningskies?" The Hayes boy demanded.

"There strong, fast, and catch themselves on fire!

To beat them, we aim for their wings!

They can't attack if they can't fly!" Ally answered as they readied the heavy Artillery.

Navin shot two down that where clawing a ship.

Emily, Trellis and Vigo were hitting them like there was no tomorrow.

Suddenly a dark green one came out of nowhere and pined Emily to the metal wall, knocking the air out of her.

It let out a powerful roar!

"Get your filthy Talons off her!" Trellis growled as he blasted the beast.

The green creature whimpered and limply flew away.

"Are you okay, Emily?" Trellis demanded as he checked for injury.

"Yeah, I'm fine!

Just got the air knocked out me!" Emily smiled weakly in response then returned to fending off the dragons from the ships.

It look like the fates were on their side, when suddenly...

The ship lunged to the side from the storm, and knocking Emily out of the ship and into the sea!

The next morning, Hiccup was getting ready for his dragon training again with his lovable dragon Toothless.

His father called for him outside as the boy headed downstairs.

When he came out, he notice that there were many wild Nightmares hurt.

"What happened to them all?" Hiccup gasped as the healer began to patch them up.

"Gorthy said that these dragons were harmed by weapons when they got here." Astrid explained as she gave a purple Nightmare some medicine.

"It must be Dagger.

He still wants to take dragons down." Hiccup assumed but Gorthy shook her head.

"These weapons were things that we never seen before!

Gorthy said that there from the other side of the world.

You know, the 'Forbidden lands.'" Fishlegs explained as everyone gasped.

"I heard stories from the Forbidden lands.

That is where magic is at its' strongest.

According to Bork, the people who lived there were hardly people at all.

Many of them could create miracles.

These miracle were said to be a imprisonment for something destructive that the gods hid away from the world.

These people were considered dangerous.

Since then, no one was allowed to come back from there.

That it is why it is called the Forbidden Lands." Gobber tells his tales.

"Come on!

Magic people, that's just a myth!

And if they were real, they be no match for the Snotman!" Snoutlout flex for Astrid as she gags.

"Alright, let's get to work on fixing up these dragons." Hiccup ordered.

But unknown to them, a knocked out girl laid on the beach.