AN: I was bored to death and decided to make a story off of this idea I came up when I was thinking about Withermu, Enderlox, and Skybrine. This is also a sucked into minecraft fic. I am currently writing a story that will be prewritten so it's based on opinion if this is my first or my second fic.

Anyways, without further ado, I give you the story Sent Away (Yay for bad titles)

Adam/Skybrine POV

"You ready to start the recording?" I asked Ty through my mic.

"Yeah, your doing the intro"

"Okay" I said, "3, 2, 1, Hey guys Sky here and today I'm doing a Drug run 4, and I'm here with TY" I announced, practically screaming when I said Ty's name.

"HI" Ty said in the same voice, acting like saying 'Hi' was actually very important.

"Oh my gosh! It was made by CRAFTING VEGETO!" I ran over to the sign that said Crafting Vegetos name and started repeatedly pressing shift, "Dangit sticky keys!" I press escape and close sticky keys. As soon as I look back a minecraft the sign was gone, along with all the other signs, "You got rid of the rules! How will we ever know what to do now!" I screamed, putting on my best panic voice.

"Uhhh... My foot?" Ty said.

"I say we go through that not-at-all-obvious nether portal over there!" I said, "You first!" I punched him through it, then jumped in after him. Then my computer shut off, "uh, I don't think that was supposed to happen" I said, then suddenly the world went black.

Ooh meep meep. I was gonna just end the chappy right there, but I realize that's way too short. So I must continue on!

Ty/Enderlox POV

I wake up on sand, opening my eyes I see a bright blue sky with a few clouds drifting lazily across it, wait, those clouds are square. I push myself up and see I'm on a all-to-familiar beach, looking to my right I see Adam, or atleast his skin, laying face-first in the sand. I start to get up, then notice a strange tug on my back, was I wearing a backpack? I tried to feel for the straps but felt nothing.

Deciding to ignore it, I stand up and walk over to Sky, in the corner of my eye I see something black dragging behind me. I quickly spin around, expecting to see a giant spider. Instead I see a somewhat curled (as curled as a world of blocks can get) tail? I wonder what it is, I creep up on it, it doesn't seem to be moving, but it curls behind my back and it makes me feel like it's gonna pounce. Now I feel paranoid, I'm scared of an unmoving tail. I have other things to worry about, Sky is lying in the sand over there unmoving, and I'm like, trapped in a video game!

After a bit of thought, I still find myself looking at the tail it's like an enderdragon tail, except the spines are purple instead of gray. I'm only about half a block away from it, I reach out and touch it, nothing happens. I grab it and pull, feeling a simultaneous pull on my bottom. Getting an idea, I somehow 'ask' it to move, and it twitches. I jump backwards, then my, wings? Flare out in a somewhat intimidating way. I have wings, I have a tail, am I, Enderlox? I suddenly notice the new muscles that allow me to control my wings and tail. Looking on both sides of me, I see that my wings are huge, a lot bigger than I remember any enderdragon having. I give them an experimental flap and suddenly I'm about 5 blocks off the ground. After that it almost seems natural, you'd think I would need to learn or something, but nope. Slowly gliding to the ground I look at Sky, I set down beside him and look him over. If I'm Enderlox, then would he be Skybrine?

A second later I see him move a little, I shake him on the shoulder, trying to get him to wake up faster. I gently pull off his glasses before he wakes up. As soon as he wakes up I see my prediction was right, he had two glowing budder colored eyes.

"Sky?" I asked, looking at him in amazement.

"Ty?" He asked, looking immediately at my wings and tail.

"Sky, I think, we're in minecraft and I'm Enderlox and you're Skybrine" I said, rather bluntly, but at this point I was considering the possibility this was a dream.

"I..." Sky stuttered, "Do I have budder eyes?"

"Yeah, and I have wings and a tail" I said, trying to hide the fact I was slightly excited about the wings.

"And pure purple eyes..." Sky responded.

"WHAT" I screamed, running over to the water, sure enough, two bright pure dark purple eyes stared up at me.

Sky ran up behind me, staring into the deep water, then out at a island in the distance. Suddenly he was gone, leaving a few golden particles behind him. A second later he was back. Did he just teleport? I wondered, looking at him. He seemed to have ender powers, and I had Herobrine eyes, so did that mean that I was Deadbrine and Enderlox? And Sky was Skybrine and... Skender? Which seems to imply that...

"Sky" I said, slightly worried, "I think we're brothers"

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