Chapter 3

July 15 1099

A date set in stone and history. A date which showed what mankind truly is to the world.

The crusades.

A crusader walked through the streets of turkey, his once white sheets stained with the blood of the innocent. The blood of what he was told to be heretics and demons. His sword had ended many a life this day, it's metal stained.

The smoke of the fires blocked the crusaders path, he could not see anything in front of him or behind him because of the smoke. At one point the man thought he had found himself in hell. And the world he was in right now could have been hell for all he knew. The cries of the innocent filled the air and the blood of the dead flowed on the ground. The air even smelled of brimstone.

All this the crusader took in and kept walking, ensuring he continued this religious war. This war for, what he believed was right.

As this man walked this street he saw a sight he never thought he would. In front of him was one of his brothers. A fellow crusader by the name of Marcus.

And marcus was now attacking a child. The child stood up and in front of his fallen mother in an attempt to protect her, but the child soon fell cut in have like a pig for the slaughter, and soon Marcus plunged his sword into the mother allowing the child and mother to be once again reunited in death.

"Marcus!" yelled the man once the deed was done, "what have you done?"

Marcus took out the blade from the dead mother and wiped the blood on his sleeve, "I have killed a heretic my brother! That is what we are meant to do!"

"But you killed a child Marcus! That is not what we fight for!"

"That may be brother but none shall stand in the way of god and his righteous path! This is why the crusades exist brother!" Marcus then turned and ran into the fog to kill more for his god.

But the man stayed, this crusader then started to wonder, is this all my god is? Is he this…. this vengeful? To condemn a child only because he believed in something else? Even when the child something out of love and with so much courage? Is this what I fight for? Is this what I kill for?

And then and there the crusader dropped his weapon. His sword rung when it hit the ground blocking out all the noise that could be heard, the screams of the dying and the yells of those attacking.

And then out of this silence spoke a voice, full of love, "my child you have understood, you out of all these champions of mine have finally understood my message. And you have found it on your own. I shall grant you one wish my child, what is it?"

The crusader looked up at the sky as the smoke in the sky cleared up and one halo of the blue sky appeared on the sky. He knew who this voice belonged to, and now he knew what he had to wish for, "let my brothers go my lord. Let everyone who died this day go into your garden and be happy for the rest of eternity. That is my wish my lord."

"That is a very selfless wish my son, but do these men deserve such a wish?"

"They do, they are my brothers and though they are misguided they are still loyal to a fault they would do well to serve you."

"I see…. but a price must be payed for the sins that have happened this day. Lucifer must have his due."

"The devil may have me, my lord."

After a minute of silence, laughter filled the air, the crusader never felt so happy in his life, the voice that laughed sounded heavily, "you are indeed a worthy one. As such I shall give you another gift, Lucifer has your soul but never you. You're punishment for this selfless act of yours is this, you shall forever walk this earth. As long as there is war on the world and battle to fight you will be there. You may only be realised from this when you find another to take your place, another as selfless as you are. Now go my son, you have my blessings, and remember you are the hope for mankind."

And so the mysterious crusader walked out of the battle that day, and traveled for years. Always looking for someone to replace him, but none worthy enough for such an honor. At many points in life he had found people worthy, like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther king Jr. but the crusader could not do it. He could not curse such great men with a life such as the one he had, and so till this day he walks this world and searches.


After I saved the kid, his mom came over and picked him up, she was very grateful to me and soon after buying me and Taylor a slice of pizza she left.

And now i find myself back home, Taylor has agreed to met me tomorrow at a local coffee shop and Living with Coffee, but that still left one thing for me to do, to figure out whether I can handle the responsibility of being a hero.

Before when i looked at the stars I wondered what my future would be, but now, now when i look at them I know what I'm supposed to do, but I wonder whether I have the strenght to do it.

Some people would love fly away from their problems and some would just save people to improve their ego, strike a pose. But what do I want to do?

I look out the window to were I remember the meteor fell, that forest is where everything changed. But as I looked out into the forest I noticed something, a shadow moving in the trees.

I close my eyes and let my sense of being takes over I slip on my shirt and jeans and set of to the forest. In the dark I could see almost nothing, but just as I thought that the entire forest seemed to light up. I could see every leaf and twig in the forest, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Soon I went to the meteor and once again I looked at it. It didn't glow anymore, but it still looked dangerous and unique. But just as I stepped in front of it, I heard a twig snap.

I turned around and saw a man standing there, he was much taller than me, but then again most people are, he had sandy blonde hair and wore what looked to be a very expensive suite. All this I could only notice in a fraction of a second, because the next I had felt a sharp pain on my neck.

Pained filled me and soon I could barely see anything, darkness took my sight and my ears rang. I was soon on my knees clutching my neck in pain, my eyes squeezing itself shut. But soon I got my senses back and I could get up. I opened my eyes and once the white spots in my vision faded I could see I was alone again.

My eyes sight came back to it's near perfect form and then I could see that there were tracks on the forest ground. They looked to be from what looks like very expensive shoes. I track these foot steps and soon I come out of the forest into the main road. And just as I leave the forest tree line I see a car turn the corner.

I am not letting him getting away, I thought. I slipped back into my sense of self and ran, the car seemed to be going in slow motion by the time I caught up to it, but it was actually going 80 miles per hour, and as I got to the drivers compartment I look inside and see the strange man inside.

I look at the man, but just as I looked into his eyes, he looked back at me! They moved, his eyes moved!

His blue eyes just looked at my green and from a fraction of a second all I could wonder is, what is he?

But just then, at that moment of shock my focus slipped and my sense of being slipped. Suddenly the car started moving at super speed again and I was thrown back by the wind it produced as it kicked off.

As I got up again I realised that the car had disappeared of into the night. I couldn't hear it and when I slipped into my sense of being again and searched the entire town, I couldn't find it.

The next day I woke up and got ready for the day. I spent most of the night wondering what the hell happend that night. Are my powers fading away? Or was that guy, was that guy like me?

Either way I put those thoughts aside and headed downtown to the coffee shop. There waiting for me at a table overlooking the ocean on the porch was Taylor.

She looked a little more happy today for some reason and her hair seemed to glow as the sun hit it, maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Either way I headed to the table and sat down.

"Hello Taylor," I tell her smiling.

She in return smiled back at me, "hey Cal. See you still wearing that shirt."

I look down and notice that I was still wearing the same shirt I wore when I save that kid, but of course I had washed it the night before.

"Yeah I just thought you know, I just felt like it."

"Yeah a lot of people are wearing that shield these days," said Taylor as she looked at most of the people there in the cafe. And she was right, almost all the people who wore a t-shirt had the superman shield on it. It seems the coming of future me caused a phenomenon.

"Yeah, I suppose, but Taylor, I need to tell you something."

I then told her what happened last night, who I saw and what happened when the man seemingly looked at me.

"That's impossible Cal," she said in a calm tone, "your ability can increase your senses to a heightened supernatural level. But for some one random of the street to match you in that regard? There is no way this man is normal."

"I see. So is that your abilities? Knowing another persons powers and reading their mind?"

She smiled again giving her signature Taylor smile,"yeah something like that."

"Vague as always I see," I smiled as I drank my coffee that had just arrived.

"So tell me Cal do you know what you have to do, you seemed to have not a very good licking for the idea of what you have to be in the future."

"I know what I have to do Taylor, it's just that I don't know whether-"

"-you have the strenght to do what is needed," she ended for me.

"You do that often?"

"Only when I have to," Taylor then got up and put cash down on the table, "look Cal I have to go, but trust me when I say this, you would make a great hero."

After she left I stayed there sipping my coffee, enjoying the view near the beach and thinking of what she had said. But it was kind of strange the way she acted, she was so excited to talk to me yesterday, it was like she could go on for days, but now, now she just got up and left, it was almost like,... like some one told her to.

"Is this seat taken?" said a man in a british accent.

"No, it's not-" I started, but as I looked up, I saw a man in a very expensive suit with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes I remember seeing the night before.

"That's good, thought she would never leave," the man then sat down right in front of me and ordered an earl grey, "so, Cal is it, what can you do?"

"Who are you?"

"Me oh, I was never one for names just cal me…. Cru, yes that Cru." After the earl grey was given to Cru, he thanked the waitress and took a nice long sip, "Ah, that hits the spot, always liked earl grey."

"Listen I don't really know you, but yesterday night-"

"-ah yes yesterday night, sorry about hitting up, thought you were someone else."

"What? No not that I mean what you did in the car, with your eyes."

"What you mean blink Cal? I think mist human do that yes?"

"True but not so fast as they keep up with a man moving his eyes and entire body to keep up with a car moving at 80 miles per hour."

"Ah yes, I do have good reflexes."

I raised an eyebrow,"Really? That's what you are going with?"

"Well seemed to always work with the ushalls so yes, yes I am. Anyway Cal tell me what really happened at school that day?"

"What do you mean?"

The man smiled and then started laughing, "come on it's not that big of a secret that you were there that day, hell half of the internet has a list of people who were there in that classroom when Doomsday came knocking. So stop playing dumb and tell me," his face suddenly got serious all hint of his previous laughter gone, "what did it look like."

I knew he was serious at that point, there was no reason to live to him so I said it, "it looked like a monster."

"Did it look like Doomsday? Like from the comics?"

"Yes, every bit like the comics. So since I answered your question can you please answer one of mine?"

The englishman put his tea down and looked at me for a second and then motioned me to continue.

"How are you able to do the things you can do?"

"I have lived a long life my boy, and with a life like mine comes experience, but something tells me that is not the case with you. Is it?"

"No I… I just got them one day. I don't really know what to do with them though."

The man just shrugged, "do something, do nothing, either way the choice is up to you. But know this everything you do has consequences and a price."

The man got up to leave but before he could I stopped him, "wait. Tell me something, why didn't you, I don't know, save the world or something? You know be a hero?"

The man just looked back at me and smiled, "what makes you think I haven't done that already? Also I did save the day once, be the hero and all that. And even to this day I face the consequences of those actions. But I have no regrets and that is enough for me. But if you want to Cal, I'm sure you can."

After that he left, but his parting words still rang in my head. Everything may have consequences, but I won't know them till I try.

A month later.

"Come on Cal concentrate you know you can do this," said Taylor.

"Give me a moment," I replied.

It has been a month since that day at the cafe. School started again as usual and things quickly became what they used to be. Only before they used to gossip about couples, now they talk about what happened with Doomsday or Fakeday as I like to call him.

Since then everyday Taylor and I have been training to help me become stronger, and today is the first time we are trying to get me to fly.

I closed my eyes and blocked out all the noise from the outside, I slowly felt my body, every muscle and bone, and then I felt it. It was like me feeling a missing limb. It felt so different but so similar.

I slowly pushed myself of the ground, first floating, the slowly I could feel it. I rose higher and higher. I let my senses take over me and I opened my eyes.

"HOLY SHIT CAL YOU DID IT!" screamed Taylor.

I smiled down at her, and then I looked up. The world was so open now, it was almost like, almost like there were no boundaries anymore.

And so I took of in a random direction, pushing my body to the limit and going as fast as I can. Port Townsend rushed away from me and all that was left was the open sea in front of me, I lowered myself to the water, I brushed my hands on the surface causing ripple on the surfaces and streams of water.

I curved upward and then flew higher and higher until I reached the clouds and passed those as well. Soon I came out of the cloud belt and the entirety of space itself was above me. I felt myself fly higher and higher and soon I reached a night which I felt strongest at.

And right in front of me was the setting sun. I felt so free, so… so me.

I let go of the feeling of flight I felt and suddenly I fell down, going faster and faster each moment. And just as I broke underneath the clouds I pulled up and flew at a great speed. Soon I was over the pacific ocean, and the endless blue surrounded me.

But just then I saw something in sky. Something falling down and falling down fast.

It was an aeroplane and by the look of things it was crashing. On of its wings were on fire and falling down, fast.

I gather all my courage and without a second thought I rush to the plane, I reach under it and slowly push it upwards to stabilize it.

But just as soon as the plane was at a proper angle, there was a breech in the hull and several people were thrown out.

With the plane now at a stable angle so that it could glide its way to safety even without a broken wing, I left and went for the people.

There were over all 4 people attached to their seats that fell out out, and along with them whatever luggage they stored in their above luggage compartment.

As I fly over to them I grab what looks like a plastic power rangers helmet from the falling debris, some red ranger one, I don it and speed up faster.

I grab the little one first a boy that was yelling the loudest, I ripe him out of his seat and fly with him to get the family of three who were also airborne. After I managed to grab all three of them one on each hand and one over my shoulder, I fly in the direction the flight was heading, specifically the middle of the ocean.

As the plane lands and the people start coming out on escape rafts I drop the people I was caring into one of them. As I turn to leave the little boy I saved said, "hey that's my mask!"

I look back and see the kid, I smile underneath the mask, "I suppose it is kid, here you can have it."

I took of the mask and flew off faster than anyone could blink. All they saw was a blue blur who wore a blue shirt with the shield of superman on it, a decent pair of jeans and red ranger power ranger mask.

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