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key: "Blarg" human speach

'Blarg' Thinking

"Blarg" Telepathy

"Blarg" Machine speech

A house in the suburbs of a large city

Mike sighed, closing his DS. He beat another person on the Battle Spot. He glanced at his wall, looking at the awards. He was considered the best Pokemon trainer in the world, having won many tournaments. His signature Pokemon was his Lucario. Every time he went to a Comic Con, he was always having people take pictures of him, wanting to have a picture of the real life Pokemon Master, as his awards called him. He thought back to the finial moments of the tournament that called him a Pokemon Master.

5 months ago

The cheers of the crowd driving him on, Mike stared at his screen, which was being projected to a huge TV behind him, and looked at the last Pokemon conscious. His Lucario vs the other persons Blaziken. They were both in red heath, one hit needed to knock both of them out. Both of them Mega Evolved to give them the needed boost, both trainers choose their moves and waited. To Mike's horror, Blaziken went first. Everyone expected the battle to be over right there. However, luck was on Mike's side. When the Blaziken attacked, it missed. As Mike choose Aura Sphere, the battle was over. Aura Sphere never missed. As the finial animation that would crown Mike Pokemon Master took place, the crowd was cheering. As the Aura Sphere hit, and the Blaziken fainted, the crowd cheered even more. As the ending battle screen appeared, the other trainer was standing ready to shake Mike's hand. However, Mike was still sitting, a look of pure shock on his face. Soon a grin took his features and he jumped to his feet, a huge smile on his face. He shook hands with the other trainer and soon, got his trophy. Later in the day he was crowded the real life Pokemon Master.


He sighed. He always had terrible way to remember things. Not that good of a way to remember that day. As he was about to boot up the game again, his mom called him down.

"Mike! You got a letter!" His mom called. Mike was confused. He didn't know people still used letters. He shook his head as he walked downstairs, closing his bedroom door behind him. Once he got downstairs, still in his pajamas as he just got up a little while ago, and smiled. His mom was making his favorite breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, and eggs. He had to force himself to not start drooling as he sat down. His mother smiled at him.

"While I get breakfast ready, why don't you look at the letter? It must be something important as it was from the nearby lab for genetic research." When is mom said this, he was even more confused.

"Why would they send me a letter?" He asked, confusion clearly in his voice. His mom shrugged as she made his breakfast.

"Not sure. One way to find out though." She responded. He had to agree with her there. He grabbed the letter and opened it. Inside was a map, which confused him greatly, and a actual letter. He opened it and started to read.

Dear Trainer

You have been chosen to take part in an experiment. As you are one of the best Pokemon Trainers in the world, we would like you to test something for us. It would be very helpful if you do. Inside of this envelope is a map and a card that you will need to enter the research lab. We hope to see you soon.

Lead Scientist

Dr. Smith

The letter did not help him clear his confusion. As a matter of fact, it added to it.

'What kind of experiment are they thinking about that needs the top Pokemon trainers in the world? I don't get that. I may just have to go to this for the fact that it sounds interesting. Maybe I'll get to battle some of the top trainers. That will be a good change of pace over the other guys I have been fighting.' He thought, smiling. He was so far into his thoughts that he didn't see his mom put his breakfast in front of him. His mom even resorted to waving a hand in his face. He jumped slightly as he came back to reality. He smiled sheepishly at his mom before starting to eat.

"Sorry about that. I was thinking about the letter." He said between bites. His mom raised a eyebrow.

"What was in it?" She asked. He wasn't sure if it was a good idea to tell his mom so he waved it off.

"Nothing that important." He said in a tone that would tell anyone that he wasn't going into details. His mom just shrugged.

"Are you going to go over there?" She asked. He nodded.

"Yeah. I was thinking if I could take my bike instead of you driving." He asked. His mom nodded.

"It would give you some exercise, something that you need as your always in your room, playing your Pokemon game that made you famous." His mom said, a hint in her words. Mike rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"I'll get out more. Bye mom!" He called as he ran up to his room. After getting changed into black pants, a black shirt, and a ocean blue vest, he walked out to the garage and got on his bike. He called up his friend, who was also a really good trainer, and asked about the letter. Turns out she also got one. They decided that they would go together. When Mike got to his house, he pulled up next to her door. Soon her garage door opened and she came out with her bike. She was wearing a white t-shirt and blue shorts. The difference between the bikes was that hers was a white color while he had a blue and black color, showing their favorite Pokemon's colors. He smiled at her.

"Hey Rena! Let's go!" She chuckled as him.

"You always were very energetic, Mike. I always wonder how you ever got to sleep." She shook her head, chuckling. Mike rolled his eyes and the two started to petal to the lab, wondering what kind of experiment they were going to do.

Genetic Lab

POV: Mike

When the two friends got to the lab, they could see cars parked outside, some with parents in them, some without. They pulled up their bikes to a bike rack nearby and locked them in. After they got off, the walked over to the guard. Said guard looked up at them and said his normal thing.

"Unless you have permission, this lab is off limits. However as there is this 'Pokemon' thing going on, I have a feeling you two are a part of that, correct?" the guard asked. They nodded in unison and showed off their cards. Mike had a red and white card with his picture and the words 'Pokemon Master' underneath it. Rena had a yellow card with her picture and the words 'semi-finalist in the Pokemon Master tournament' underneath it. The guard raised a eyebrow at Mike's card before letting them in. When they got inside, they followed the a receptionist to a room in the far corner of the building. They receptionist showed them inside before going back to her desk. Inside the room it was not very bright, just enough light to see but that was about it, and their was chairs in front of the wall next to them. In front of the chairs, was a Smart Board with the projector on the ceiling. Some people were talking in the chairs but when Mike stepped into the door, they all got quiet, looking at the Pokemon Master. He waved at them and sat down with Rena next to him. They looked at him for a bit longer before going back to their conversations. After a few minutes, Mike and Rena joined the conversation. After promises to fight them when they were done, Mike wondered when things would start. He could see that all the chairs were filled up. As soon as thought those words, a door, opposite corner of the door that they walked into, opened. They stopped talking as a man walked in, wearing a lab coat. He looked at them all, his eyes staying slightly longer on Mike, before talking.

"I bet most of you are confused at why we called you here." They all nodded. The man continued.

"As you already know, we called you here for a experiment. Before we get into the main idea of it, lets explain what happened that made us do this experiment in the first place." Most of the people, mainly teenagers and a few adults, mentally groaned but knew where he was coming from.

"A while ago, we decided to try to make some sort of animal to help out with humans who were disabled, blind, or had hard times making friends. He tried many things, most failing as the animal would ether act like a normal animal or just wouldn't help the humans. We were about to give up when one of the scientists had a idea. Why not try to make Pokemon?" The assembled group started to get a idea about what this was about and were shocked beyond words.

"We tried to make the Pokemon but failed. They would ether not live or just didn't look right." This dropped the groups idea and became slightly sad but they decided to wait him out.

"After many tries, however, we succeeded. We finally managed to make a Pokemon live in the real world and look like they should. However they didn't have the powers they were known to have. We went back to the drawing board, trying to find a way to give the Pokemon the powers they were famous for." This got the group excited again.

"After many months of research, during the Pokemon Master tournament as some of you are famous for, mainly you Mike, we figured it out. After years of attempts, we made a true real Pikachu." At the name Pikachu, they heard the door open and, unbelievably, said electric mouse walked out, flesh and blood. The group was staring at the mouse, jaws on the floor, as it tilted its head.

"Pika?" the mouse asked. The man chuckled.

"No Pikachu, I wasn't calling you. However, as you are out here, why don't you go pick a person here you like." The man said. The Pikachu tilted its head again and showed off its tail, showing its a male, and looked at the people. He decided and jumped onto a head of one of the other girls. She squealed and gave the Pikachu a huge hug. The Pikachu giving a happy "Chaaaa" at the action. The man laughed before looking back at the other kids.

"Now why don't you all introduce yourselves. You are about to become good friends." The man said. The group was confused at that but went introduced themselves anyway. A boy at the end started first.

"My name is Andrew." He said. He was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.

"My name is Sarah." The girl with the Pikachu said. She was wearing a yellow shirt and blue shorts. The Pikachu had a little fun.

"Pika!" The girl laughed.

"And this is Pikachu." Sarah said. The Pikachu looked happy at that and went back to sitting on the girls head.

"My name is John." Said a boy next to Mike. He was wearing a black shirt with white stripes on the sleeves and blue jeans.

"My name is Mike." Mike said.

"My name is Rena." Rena said. After they were all introduced, the man clapped his hands, startling everyone.

"Now that the introductions are out of the way, who wants to go first?" They all looked at each other and started talking. After a bit of discussion, they decided that Mike could go first. Mike nodded and raised his hand. The man nodded and waved Mike forward, towards the door the Pikachu came out of. They walked in, shutting the door behind them, but not before hearing everyone talk to the Pikachu.

After they walked into the room, Mike could see a big. tube like machine. It had an hollow center with computers all around it. The man lead Mike to the tube before looking back at him.

"As you are the Pokemon Master, we had a very good idea what Pokemon you would want so we don't really need to ask you." The man said. Mike chuckled at the truth behind that as the man walked up to a computer. He typed something before making a dramatic scene by hitting the Enter key with so much force that Mike heard it. Soon the tube had DNA appear in it. The DNA began to mix and fold, getting smaller and smaller, till it wasn't visible. Soon the tube became cloudy so no one could see inside. After a good 5 minues, the machine stopped. the tube opened up and the mist dispersed. What walked out of the tube after that shocked him. Standing there was a blue Jackal like animal. It had yellow fur on its chest with a spike in the middle. It had a black line on the bottom of the yellow fur. After that it was blue, shorts style fur with black legs. Above the yellow fur it had a jackal like head with blue fur and a black, mask like fur going around its eyes and up the middle of its head. It had 4 appendages that looked like ties to the black 'mask'. It had tall ears that were blue on the outside and black on the inside. It had ruby red eyes, which were full of curiosity as it looked around. It had blue arms that ended with black paws which had spikes coming out the top of the paws. It also had a blue tail that pointed down at the end. It stood on its two legs and had paw pads on the back of its legs. Standing in front of him, something he thought he would never see in real life, was a Lucario.

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