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Genetic Lab

POV: Lucario

The Lucario looked around.

'Who am I? Where am I? What's going on?' It thought to itself. All it knew is what it was, how to use aura, talk, and everything it needed to survive. It didn't know its name, its gender, or anything else. It heard someone talk and its curiosity got the best of it. It looked towards the sound and saw a...human...it didn't know how it knew this, in a white sort of cloth talk.

"Mike, the Lucario is basically a baby in turns of knowledge. You will need to teach it. It already knows basic things that members of its species knows. We do know that its a female."

The strange man told the Lucario that its a girl. So that answers the question about what gender it was. It continued to listen.

"Do you think you can handle taking care of it?" the strange man asked. The Lucario looked at the other human, a boy. It didn't know how it knew this ether.

"Of course. I would treat her like I treat any other people." The boy said. The Lucario smiled, which was noticed by the others. They smiled back at her before going back to their own conversation.

POV: Mike

Mike shook the guys hand and crouched down to the Lucario's height, around 3 foot 6 inches, and smiled.

"You and I are going to become best friends. Would you like a name?" Mike asked. The Lucario tried to speak.

"Lu Lucario rio." She said. Mike laughed.

"I can't understand you but I'll take that as a yes." Mike said. The Lucario went thoughtful for a minute before Mike heard a voice in his head.

"I would very much like a name. I don't know who I am." Mike blinked before remembering Lucario's could talk through someone's aura. That would take getting used to.

"Well I understood that. Let's see...How about...I can't think of anything." Mike laughed while the Lucario chuckled. "How about I just call you Lucario for now and we can think of a name later?" He asked. Lucario nodded, ok with that as she can tell he wasn't thinking he would have to come up with a name for a female Lucario right on the spot. They smiled before Lucario gave him a hug, something that the man smiled about, and Mike returned. The two pulled back and the Lucario grabbed his hand, nervous as she was just born so she wasn't sure about things. He smiled at her before looking at the scientist.

"Anything else I should know?" He asked. The man nodded.

"If she faints as they do in the game, don't worry about needing a Pokemon healing thing. Just like normal animals, she will wake up on her own. Now go show your new friends her. I'm sure they would love to meet her." The scientist said. Mike nodded and pulled the nervous Lucario along. She calmed slightly as she sensed Mike's aura, which was calm and reassuring. Once they got to the door, he looked at Lucario.

"If you want to hide behind me for a bit so I can tell them about you, you can." Lucario nodded and did just that, still holding onto his hand for support. Mike opened the door and the conversations stopped. They all looked at Mike, who was smiling, and asked the question on all their minds.

"Well?" Rena asked. Mike smiled and turned around, whispering. Lucario then stepped out from behind Mike, still holding his hand. Their jaws fell, again, before looking at Mike.


"Its so cute!"

"Can I pet it?"

"My turn!" They then saw Lucario hide behind Mike again and looked at Mike, confusion on their faces. He smiled.

"She is nervous. She was just born after all." They nodded and when Lucario came back out, slowly, they smiled at her.

"Sorry. We are just excited." Lucario nodded before spotting Pikachu. She looked at Mike and pointed to the mouse, who was also looking at her with curiosity in his eyes. Mike smiled and nodded. Lucario let go of his hand and walked over to the Pikachu, who jumped off Sarah's head, and they looked at each other before talking in their native languages. As the two talked, Mike sat back down in his chair while the scientist left with Rena to get her Pokemon. John and Andrew tried to talk to Mike, wondering about what happens inside, but saw that he was too distracted so they talked with each other. Sarah got bored so she joined the two boys in their conversation. After 3 minutes, Lucario and Pikachu stopped talking and went to their separate partners. Lucario sat in Mike's lap, something he was not happy about as her skeleton was made out of steel. Lucario detected his pain, she got off and looked at him, concern in her red eyes.

"Are you ok?" She asked. He chuckled and looked at her.

"I'm fine. Its just that your skeleton is made of steel so you're kinda heavy." He said. Lucario put a paw behind her head.

"Sorry." She said, guilty. He smiled at her, putting a hand out, which she took.

"You're fine, Lucario. You didn't know." He said. He then thought of something.

'Which I'm sure I would get used to eventually. Matter of fact, I better get used to it now as that is how she will have to ride with me on the way home.' He realized. Lucario tilted her head as he continued.

"Matter of fact, you can sit there. I'm going to have to get used to it anyway." He said. Lucario smiled and sat in his lap again, still holding his hand for support and to help keep her calm. After she got comfortable in his lap, with him grunting at the weight as he tried to get used to it, he realized that the others had stopped talking and were looking at him, confusion and shock on their faces. He raised a eyebrow.

"What?" They blinked and Sarah was the one to respond.

"You can have conversations with her when she isn't even talking plus understand her?" She asked, confused. Mike realized then what his conversation with her looked like and put a hand behind his head, embarrassed.

"Lucario's can talk through aura. That was what she was doing." He explained. They nodded at that and went back to their conversation. Lucario was looking around the room, her red eyes showing extreme curiosity and slight nervousness. At that moment, the door opened again and Rena came out. Beside her was a Absol. They smiled and waved hi before Josh stood up. However, unlike just bringing him in, the scientist looked at the group.

"Those of you that have your Pokemon, there is a classic Pokemon battlefield that we made. Also you're Pokemon have every attack that the highest level of that Pokemon can learn plus the TMs. So if you wish, go out there and battle. However, Mike, seeing how Lucario is a lot more...young in terms of knowledge than most of the Pokemon, I'm going to recommend that you don't battle with her yet. Let her grow up a bit more. Also, We will send another letter in about a month when we have Pokeballs worked out. We are still working on those." They nodded and Sarah, Mike, and Rena walked in the direction of the battlefield, Lucario holding Mike's hand still and walking next to him, looking around, while the others seem to be more mature. When they pushed open some double doors, they saw a life size version of a Pokemon battlefield. They stood at the door for a while before Sarah and Rena went to the trainer boxes while Mike and Lucario went to the bleachers. Lucario sat in Mike's lap as the battle began.

POV: Mike

After the battle, and many question from Lucario, the 3 humans and the 3 Pokemon walked back to the room where this started. John had left a while ago with his Pokemon and Andrew was in the room right now. Sarah, Rena, and Mike exchanged numbers before Rena and Mike walked out. They got the same looks as John got when he left, pure and utter shock and confusion. Mike saw the bikes and grinned at Rena.

"How you going to get your Absol to your house on a bike?" Rena glanced at him, a smile on her face.

"Well he can just run. How you going to get Lucario? Like the guy said, She seems kinda young in age so she wouldn't be able to run that well." Mike chuckled.

"Why do you think I let her sit on my lap so much? I was going to let her sit on my lap as I rode the bike." Mike said. During this conversation, the Absol was looking bored while Lucario was looking around, curiosity in her eyes again. Rena nodded.

"Makes sense. Let's get going home. We have a entertaining surprise to give to our parents." She said. Mike grinned and nodded in agreement. As Rena sat on her bike, waiting for Mike, Mike sat down on his bike before telling Lucario to hop on. She did just that and sat on his lap again. It took Mike some time to adjust to the extra weight before he nodded at Rena. They rode to their houses, talking about the fun adventures they were about to have.

Mike's house

POV: Mike

After saying bye to Rena and Absol, Mike and Lucario walked into his, and Lucario's new, house. He couldn't wait to see his mom's face when she sees Lucario. It will be priceless. Once they walked in, Mike felt Lucario grab his hand. He smiled at her before yelling.

"MOM! I'M HOME!" They heard the sound of footsteps, which made Lucario hide behind him, and soon his mom appeared. She smiled at Mike.

"How did it go?" She asked. Mike smiled.

"Better than you could ever imagine." Mike responded. She raised an eyebrow at that.

"Oh really? What happened?" She asked. Mike's smile turned into a grin as he squeezed Lucario's paw, telling her it was OK. She stepped out from behind him, shyly, and looked at Mike's mom. His mom looked at Lucario and had a similar reaction as he did, shock. She looked at Mike, her shock still there.

"Is that..?" She couldn't even finish her question. Mike smiled and nodded.

"Mom meet Lucario. Lucario meet my mom." He said. Lucario waved at her, still holding his hand with her paw. His mom blinked before looking at Mike.

"I didn't not expect this. Something tells me that you agree." Mike nodded.

"Truthfully, I still don't believe it." His mom then noticed that Lucario was holding Mike's hand.

"Why is it holding your hand?" She asked. Mike frowned slightly at her calling Lucario a it but she didn't know yet.

"She is pretty young. I think she does it for the same reason the young kids hold their parents hands." Mike replied. His mom nodded. She crouched and looked into Lucario's red eyes, which were full of curiosity and slight fear, and smiled.

"Hello there. I'm Mike's mom." Lucario responded by hiding behind Mike. Mike sighed and looked at his mom.

"She is very shy. She really only likes me right now." Mike said. His mom smiled before looking at him.

"What kind of reactions did you get from people passing you when you had her?" She asked. Mike laughed at the memory.

"They looked at her with confusion, shock, and total bewilderment. I bet some of them even thought they were dreaming." Mike laughed out. Lucario gave a small smile at that. His mom shook her head before looking at Mike.

"Its dinner time. Do you know what Lucario likes?" She asked. Mike frowned at that. He never thought to ask the scientist. He looked at Lucario.

"What do you like?" He asked her. Lucario went thoughtful for a minute.

"I think I like meat as I have really sharp teeth." She said. Mike nodded and looked at his mom.

"She thinks she is a meat eater by the sharp teeth so I believe she is omnivorous like us." His mom nodded before walking into the kitchen. Mike pulled Lucario along. They had some small talk while they ate. Most of it was about Lucario, who was more looking around then eating before she started to eat, who looked up every time her temporary name was said. Soon, they finished eating and Mike lead Lucario to his room. Once they were inside, Mike saw the time and smiled before looking at Lucario.

"Its bedtime. Think you can go to sleep Lucario or are you still full of energy?" Mike asked. Lucario yawned to show her answer. Mike smiled and laid her in his bed. She blinked and looked at him.

"Where are you going to sleep?" She asked. Mike smiled.

"I'll sleep on the floor. You can have the bed." Mike responded. Lucario was about to argue but decided against it, a plan appearing in her young head. She nodded and Mike laid down after tucking her in. After that Mike soon fell asleep.

POV: Lucario

After she was sure that he was asleep, she got out of the bed. She walked over to the sleeping form of her first friend and picked him up, her natural strength the only reason she could. She laid him down in the bed before coping what he did to her to him. She laid next to him, smiling, as she pulled the sheets up. She mentally laughed at her plan. Soon she joined him in blissful sleep.

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