Disclaimer: Don't own TVD just like to play in the universe.
Anyway this is something that I came up with late one night. This is how I see our leading ladies, Elena, Carolina and Bonnie. I am not going to tell you who is who but let me know. Read review and enjoy.

Staring Into The Abyss

The universe.
The universe.
The universe is the sun, the moon and the stars.

The sun, she is the center.
They surround her but never touch her.
She gives light unselfishly, unwavering until obscured by the clouds or dying for the night.
She with water allows planets to grow to give food.
She with air breathes life in.
She with earth provides shelter always warm.
However she with fire burns and only ashes remain.
Her light hurts when gazed upon too long.
But they give her their back and expect her warmth even when it is no more.

The moon, she is the sister.
They worship her in the darkness because she is the only light.
But her light is borrowed from her sister.
She gives light but there is no warmth but no less guiding.
She provides shelter but it is temporary; still grateful.
She is gentle and not harsh like her sister.
Her constant waves cause gentle change.
Her light gives hope where there is none.
The coolness of her touch gives repose.
But she is a beautiful dream and a sweet nightmare without malice.

The stars, she is them.
They are sisters, giving to, sheltering from, guiding around.
The sun is one of her and like her she provides light.
The moon is not one of her but still a sister and she like her gives guidance in the dark.
She is what gives the darkness edges.
She arranges herself in patterns and keeps chaos at bay.
She is constant like the sun but does not burn.
She is constant like the moon but does not lead astray.
But she is both important and unimportant.

The universe is chaos, a storm forever raging.
They are the center.
The sun is the right path, harsh but unwavering.
She is mercy.
The moon is the left path, hopeful but illusionary.
She is compassion.
The stars are the compass, constant but unseen.
She is humility.

The universe.
The universe.
The universe is the sun, the moon and the stars experiencing itself.