Purple had always loved pokemon, he dreamed of becoming a mighty pokemon trainer, and someday meeting the mysterious lost champion Red, who was rumored to live on top of mount silver, even though that was impossible, the cold would kill him. Finally, one day, something amazing and unexpected happened.

"Purple! Professor Oak just called! He said to stop by his lab!" His mother yelled from the bottom of the stairs, "!" Was Purple's expression as his head shot out of his door, his deep purple eyes wide and sparkling, and his dark brown hair stuck up in the front like a spike, but his mouth sealed shut, never uttering anything other than gasps or any other noise that wasn't a word, same as his idle, Red.

Purple rushed down the stairs and towards the door, but not before his mother stopped him and said to go change out of his pajamas that he had been wearing all day, and to take a shower. After washing up and getting dressed, his mom stopped him once more and surveyed what he was wearing, a purple t-shirt and black athletic shorts, he finally managed to convince his mother to let him leave, and he rushed out the door at top speed.

As purple arrived at Professor Oaks lab, he ran into A and Orange, his long time friends and rivals, "Hey Purple," they said in unison. As he gave them a friendly nod, "Don't try and act cool by concealing your excitement, it's as plain as day," Orange called as Purple rushed to be first into the lab, but not before A grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him back, "together," he said as Purple tumbled backwards.

Inside the lab Professor Oak Was just setting up the poke balls when he heard a commotion outside, he turned expecting to see the three boys walk in, but instead, he got a blast from the past when the ever silent Red walked in, Oaks eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he rushed up to the forgotten champion, "what are you doing here? Where have you been? Your mother is worried sick!" Red silently pointed to Mount Silver that could clearly be seen, even though it was miles away. "So the rumors are true then." Said Oak in wonder, "but why come down now, as happy as I am, I'm still a bit confused." Red looked at him and pulled out a piece of cloth, it was ripped as if it had been torn from a shirt, it was black, and in the middle was a large red R.

Right at that moment the three boys tumbled for the doors right after A had finished speaking, they had all rushed for the door, Red looked up in surprise as the Professor quickly explained that they were here for their first pokemon. As Purple looked up, his mouth dropped as he saw the silent champion standing next to Professor Oak, "who's that?" Asked Orange, both him and A looking confused, Purple looked at them as if they were crazy, "This is Red," stated Professor Oak, "Hey, isn't that the guy you dreamed of meeting?" Said A, Purple quickly kicked him in the shin, only to have A trip him and send sprawling out on the floor, Purple quickly stood back up embarrassed of being humiliated in front of his idle, he had dreamed of meeting Red, not in a gay way though. Red looked at them and chuckled thinking of how similar they were to him Green and Blue.

"Well, it's time for you boys to choose your pokemon," said the Professor as he led them over to the poke balls. Purple grabbed Charmander, A grabbed Squirtle, and Orange grabbed Bulbasaur. "Hey Purple! I bet I can beat your Charmander with my Squirtle!" Purple smirked at him and sent out his Charmander, while A sent out Squirtle, "Squirtle use tackle!" A yelled as Squirtle lunged at Charmander, Charmander looked at Purple for a command. At that moment Purple realized that he would need to speak to battle, so he cried out "dodge and use scratch, then while he's down use growl!" His voice was raspy from years of disuse, everyone but Red looked at him in surprise, for Red didn't know him very well, A looked taken back from Purple speaking and the complex command he issued to Charmander,he quickly recovered and commanded, "Squirtle, turn and use tackle once more! But Purple had already told Charmander use scratch again, one hitting Squirtle due to a critical hit, "wow, Purple I never knew you were such a good battler, and you finally spoke! It's been years since I last heard you speak!" Purple smiled at the ground and blushed from the praise, he silently thanked Professor Oak for the pokemon, and walked out the door