After Purple's gym battle with Brock, Orange knew who to use against the Gym Leader. Brussell. Even though he had caught a few more Pokemon along the way, he still knew that Brussell was the one Pokemon that would be the most effective on the rock types of this gym. Purple had left the gym waving goodbye to Orange. Orange answered back with a wave as well. Orange began to feel queasy inside. "I would like to challenge the Gym Leader of Pewter," he said with a crack in his voice. "Another trainer? Already? Well then, I accept your challenge," Brock said as he walked over to his side of the battle field. "Alright, let's begin," said Orange, who clutched Brussell's Pokeball nervously. Brock sent out his pokemon first. "Go Geodude!" Then, Orange sent out the bulbasaur. "I choose you, Brussell!" TheGym Leader gave his first command. "Geodude, Tackle now!" Orange reacted quickly. "Brussell, use Vine Whip!" Then, Brussell used it's vines to pick up the rock type that was charging at him, and sent it hurtling across the battlefield and crashing against the wall. The Geodude was then unable to battle. "You're really strong for a trainer getting his first gym badge," Brock said calmly. "But lets see if you can handle my final Pokemon. Onix! I choose you!" After defeating the first Pokemon, Orange grew more confidence. "Alright Brussell, you can do it! Use Vine Whip once again!" It was Brock's turn to react. "Harden, now!" When the vines hit the snake like Pokemon, it defended itself making the vines less effective. Brock gave his next order. "Now Onix, use Rock Throw!" Onix used its tail to scooped up a rock on the battlefield and flung it at the bulbasaur. Orange knew he had to do something quick. "Brussell, dodge it!" But it was to late and Brussell was hit by the large rock. "Hang in there Brussell," Orange mumbled in a nervous voice. "Alright buddy, quick, use Sleep Powder!" Brussell let out a green smoggy powder through its bulb that floated toward Onix. The long tailed pokemon grew tired and fell asleep right where he was. "C'mon Onix! Wake up," Brock insisted. But the rock Pokemon remained asleep. "Good job Brussell! Now use Vine Whip one more time!" Then, Onix fainted after being hit by another strong vine. Orange couldn't believe it. He couldn't contain his excitement any longer. "Yes! We did it Brussell!" The bulbasaur cheered as well and hopped up on his trainer's shoulder. "Great job," The Gym Leader said calmly. "Along with your hard work and success of defeating me, I will give you the Boulder Badge that you have earned." Orange was full of excitement as Brock handed him the badge. "Yay! Thanks!" When Orange exited the gym, he placed the badge inside the badge case his mom had given him. As he was walking toward the Pokemon Center, he felt his shoulder that Brussell was on getting heavier and heavier. He looked to his side to see that the bulbasaur was evolving. Orange was in awe. "Woah!" Once the evolution had ended and Orange could now see that he had an ivysaur on his shoulder. Orange then let out a squeal and collapsed on the ground in realization that he couldn't contain the weight that ivysaur had any longer. Orange couldn't believe it. "Wow, Brussell! This is awesome! You evolved!" Brussell let out a cheer of happiness. The two then went into the Pokemon Center to relax for the night.


"Come on Shellshocker!" A called to Squirtle, "we're almost there!" He said as they climbed over the ridge revealing Curulean City, "finally here" A muttered to himself as he stared down at the home of the gym leader Misty, "Wonder how tuff she is, even though that doesn't matter, you can take her, right Shellshocker!" "Squirtle!" He responded energetically as they made their way down the hill. "Bellsprout!" Came the sudden cry as a bellsprout jumped out of nowhere attacking A "Shellshocker! Help!" A cried as he was entangled in vines, Shellshocker jumped up to save his trainer "bell!" Bellsprout cried as it shot out more vines to attack Shellshocker, Shellshocker was strong, but not yet strong enough to take on a type advantage when the one with type advantage is so powerful, there seemed something strange about this bellsprout, it was way to strong, it should have evolved by now. "Squirtle!" Shellshocker cried as he let loose water gun after water gun, and tackle after tackle, he couldn't keep this up much longer, suddenly a bright white flash enveloped Shellshocker, he could be seen growing in size, "Warturtle!" Shellshocker cried as he pulled the bellsprout off of A and threw it against a tree, causing it to faint instantly, and an everstone could now be seen, tucked underneath one do the leaves on its head. "So that's why it was so strong and still a bellsprout," A wondered aloud, "Strange," he muttered as turned to congratulate Shellshocker on evolving, "wow! I can't believe you evolved! Congratulations!" A exclaimed to a blushing Warturtle, "War, Warturtle!" Shellshocker exclaimed as they walked down to Curuleon City.


CRASH! A loud noise in the middle of the night woke purple from his sleep , only to see a figure standing in his room at the Pokemon Center. The figure ran for his open window and leaped out, Purple quickly followed after, he was suddenly very glad that he had just flopped down on the bed a few hours before and hadn't even taken off his shoes, he was also happy he was on the first floor. As his feet hit the hard concrete he was jolted back to reality and he continued his chase, he sprinted down the street taking a sharp turn down an alleyway following the figure down a hill and up a fire escape, suddenly darting in a window and straight into a very large Blastoise, Purple sent out eevee, "eevee, use skull bash!" the attack seemed to barely do anything, "Blasty use hydro pump!" the figure shouted, the water shot eevee back straight into Purple knocking both of them into the wall, eevee lay there bleeding, Purple got up and went over to eevee, "its ok eevee, you did great, nothing will make me love you less." Purple whispered to eevee, just then a large flash of light enveloped eevee, and standing tall and proud in his place was and umbreon, Purple stood back up with umbreon by his side, "Umbreon, faint attack!" Purple yelled rejuvenated, this time it seemed to have an effect, "Now use psychic, followed by shadow ball!" "Nice try, but it'll take more than that to take down Blasty! Blasty, skull bash!" this attack sent umbreon flying, Umbreon could barely stay upright, but Blastoise didn't look to good either, "Umbreon last resort!" the powerful attack sent Blastoise flying through the air and through the wall, finally knocking the blastoise unconscious "So thats how strong you are, Red was right you are great trainer" the figure murmured as the light shone on her for an instant revealing the figure to be wearing a white hat with a half pokeball, a blue tank-top, and a red mini-skirt, that was all he could make out before she dashed out the window. "hey, whos there?" a voice said, reminding Purple he was still inside someones house,"crap," he thought to himself, I better get out of here, so Purple lept through the window and jogged back to the PokeCenter.