A/N The king has almost no character because these where originaly entrees into a journal of a "King".

Also all rights go to Christopher Paloni for Eragon and Sapphira.


It's been nice living as king. Most days are quiet, but yesterday, a rouge dragon attacked a small fishing village in my realm. I had decided to lead a squad of men to defeat the dragon. My advisor recommended against it as I have no children or relatives who could inherit the throne, so if I died they would be kingless. I didn't want it to be thought I was afraid or that I was a coward, so decided to ignore my advisor and lead the men anyways. There wasn't many peasants or men umong my personal guard that were willing to follow me to almost certain death, but I managed to get a few men anyways.

Today I lead the small squad of volunteers I put together, I had made sure to learn each of their names. There was, Sir Edgar the Brave, Sir Williams the Strong, Parry Hotter, and Eragon Shadeslayer. At the crack of dawn we started out towards where the dragon had last been spotted. The treck was long and hard, but we eventually made it. When we reached the town the villagers said that it came out of a cave higher up the mountain, but we would be foolish to take it on without an army, but they where obviously exaggerating, weren't they? We hiked up to the cave to scout it out. As soon as we reached the cave, I could smell the dust and the entire entrance reeked of death. Parry Hotter told us that he would go in first since he had "the greatest" chance at defeating the dragon. I started to protest, since my orders had been just to scout it out, but he had already ran in waving some stick he pulled out of his pocket, he was waving it around shouting what sounded like Latin before he was snatched up and eaten. We retreated back to camp for the night.

In the middle of the night, Sir Edgar and Sir Williams snuck off the kill the dragon in it sleep, and claim all the glory. Unluckily for them, the dragon was nocturnal, Shadeslayer and I woke to the sounds of their screams and the roar of the dragon. At the time I had not known, but Eragon Shadeslayer was one of the last Dragon Riders, and one of the strongest ever. He later told me that he called out with his mind to his dragon Saphira, but at the time it had seemed like she came out of nowhere. Eragon leapt up onto her back with agility to rival and elf's, and pulled his sword from its scabbard and struck the dragon down with a series of perfect blows to the dragons soft underbelly. I was dumbstruck. The dragon crashed down, unconscious. Eragon explained that he planned to take to the dragon to a safe place where it could live out its days in peace. The rest is kind of fuzzy, but the last thing I remember was Eragon telling me keep his identity a secret and to take credit for killing the dragon, I argued but he insisted. When we arrived back at the castle, everyone congratulated and praised me for slaying the dragon.