Tano's one-shots

Lying Tag

I ran down the hall of the temple and turned down anther corridor. Then smack I ran into someone, I bounced back and landed on my backside. I quickly got up and looked at the person I ran into, gulp, it master windu.
"Padawan, why are you running." He asked in a normal master windu voice.
"I was looking arrerr looking for my my master yeah my master." I quickly lied, I winced inwardly bad idea.
Then quickly cheeked to see if my mind shields were up so windu wouldn't detect my lie. But I am really playing tag with other padawan's and younglings.
"He's in in the hanger working on he's ship, again." He gave me a pointed glair that clearly said Really-you-should-know-that.
I bowed to show respect "thank you master" I say and the turn a corridor of the general direction of the hanger.
"And padawan no more running" windu calls from behind me. "yes master" I say back.
He then nods and walks away and disappears around a corner. I sigh ,I got off easy, then I smirk and toke of running at least I'm not it, yet. I think I see petro up ahead and his it, I better hid.