Tano's one shots


"Padawan Tano the council and your master believe you are ready to become a knight of the republic." Stated master windu "kneel child."
Ahsoka kneeled, master yoda waddled forward and all the masters, including Anakin, formed a circle around Ahsoka with Anakin directly behind her and master yoda in front.
"I now dub the Jedi knight of the repu." beep beep Ahsoka jerked awake then use the force to throw her alarm against the far wall.
Ahsoka sighed "A great dream ruined by a lousy clock."
Ahsoka got up and got ready for the day. Ahsoka left her quarters.
"or was it a vison of the future." Ahsoka thought as she walked down the hall "I'll never know."