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prompt by: Guest

Prompt: Tenzin and Lin expecting Rohan

"Would you like some water Lin?"

"Umm, sure Tez."

Waiting for her husband to leave the bedroom, Lin stood up as fast as her seven month pregnant stomach would allow and moved a section of the wall, before quickly moving towards a cliff where a tall tree stood. She lied down slowly and relaxed underneath the shade it provided from the hot summer's sun. She drifted off into a light sleep, which was quickly interrupted when something tapped her on the arm. The metalbender woke up to see her eldest daughter sitting on knees, looking down at her. "You can give someone a heart attack by doing that."


"It's okay. Come lay down with me."

Jinora laid down next to her mother and lightly closed her eyes "Dad's freaking out by the way. He doesn't know where you are."

"The airhead just worries too much."

"Why is he worrying though. Other than grandma Toph, you're the most powerful earthbender in the world."

Lin let out a sigh, it was a subject she felt she shouldn't talk to her daughter about, but her daughter was a smart girl and would figure it out sooner or later. "He's worried that I might miscarry or something could happen to me."

"You mean, you might, you know?"

"Die? Yes."

"But why? You're really strong and very healthy."

Lin rolled over as much as her pregnant stomach would allow her to and reached for her daughter's hand, giving it a firm squeeze of reassurance. "I know sweetie. But I'm on the wrong side of forty and that can make it dangerous."

"What happens if you-"

"Nothing will happen. You get that thought out of your head right now. I'm a Beifong and so are you. We won't die because we bring new life into this world. It's not how we do things."

Jinora gave a nod of her head, and wiped away the tears that were threatening to fall.

There was only one thing Lin knew would work to make her daughter happy again. "Would you like to feel the baby kick?"

"She started kicking?"

"Uh huh. She started kicking a month or two ago, I just really don't want the acolytes knowing so keep it to yourself."

Jinora laughed as her mother guided her hand to rest on the side of her stomach. "Wow. She is really strong."

"She sure is. You should feel her heart beat."

"I really wish I could. Is it fast?"

Lin gave her a nod. "Extremely fast. And very solid. I think she might be an earthbender."

"About time!"

Lin let out a laugh at her usually calm daughter's exclamation. "About time? You don't like having airbenders as siblings?"

"I do, but it will even up the field with aunty Su's family. I'm sick of dodging and weaving."


The metalbender resisted the urge to yell out in frustration. "Better get out of her kiddo. Otherwise your father will blame you for not telling him where I am."

"Love you mum."

"Love you too Jinora." She watched as her daughter made a quick get away, just in time for her husband to find her. "Hello Tenzin."

"Lin! You shouldn't be out here. And you're lying in the dirt."

"Tez, a little bacteria won't hurt. Quite frankly, it's very healthy."

"But you shouldn't be o-"

"Look airhead, you can shut up and go inside, or shut up and take a nap with me."

Pursing his lips, Tenzin laid down next to his wife and sighed in defeat when she placed his arms around her waist. "Relax. We still have a couple months until she is here,"


"Don't start Tez."