It has been a day since Lin's cliff diving. Katara had done her magic to get her out of danger zone. Kya had mercilessly bashed Lin's irresponsible behavior until Katara told her off. "That's enough Kya. Lin needs to rest." She had told her daughter while she fixed Lin with a stare that had been a mixture of disapproval and relief. Tenzin however, stayed well out of the healing room for the entire time. Once Lin was awake after a reviving rest, it was Pema who she found, sitting by her bed, cleaning her face with a hot towel.

"I thought you are a woman of your word!" Pema said quietly, setting down a tray of breakfast she has brought for Lin on the bed side cabinet.

"Pardon me?" Lin tried to sit up, looking at Pema indifferently. She was quickly helped by the motherly acolyte, who was wearing a slight frown.

"You gave me your word Lin." Pema said. "You promised you wouldn't jump. And yet, you did."

"Look" Lin started awkwardly. She didn't know how to handle the situation. "I'm sorry if it shook you, but I kept my word. It wasn't my intention to suicide" She finished lamely.

Pema gave Lin a look, which Lin had never received, even from Kya or Katara. But Lin did not have to endure the look for much longer as Tenzin knocked the already opened door.

He walked in to the healing room looking tentative and hesitant. Lin stared back at him with blank eyes.

"How are you Lin?" He asked, making sure to keep his distance. Pema seemed torn between staying put and leaving. After a few seconds of wavering she decided on the latter and stood up. "Meelo's been asking for you. Is it OK if I send him in couple of hours?" She asked Lin.

Lin hesitated. "Um- yeah. It's fine." She said reluctantly. With that, Pema left the room, placing a hand on Tenzin's forearm as she left. Tenzin watched Pema close the door behind her and turned to face Lin once again.

"Lin, I was-" He started. "I- I- You gave me a fright"

Lin quietly watched him stammer. She didn't need to know why he kissed her or to thank him for saving her life. It wasn't his business anyway.

"Look, I'm- I thought you might die- I needed to keep you warm-"

"Tenzin" Lin spoke in a low voice. "It's fine. You think what you thought was right."

Tenzin buried his face in his hands, resting his elbows on Lin's bed. "It scares me," He admitted. "It scares me how much I love you still."

Lin drew out a hesitant hand and gently patted his forearm. "I'm sorry Tenzin, I didn't plan this." She said. She had felt how earnest Tenzin was in his kiss and he still felt for her. The funny thing was she hadn't felt anything back then. Everything has gone nub. Not even Tenzin's love had been able to make the numbness go away.

"I am in love with you and I will never stop." Tenzin replied in a shaky voice.

"I am not." Lin said. "Back at the pool, when you- I felt nothing." She went on truthfully. "All seemed volatile without my bending. So, I now know, I've made the right choice all those years ago, even without acknowledging it." She sighed. "Thank you for breaking up with me. And thank you for making me realize this."

Tenzin felt his heart been crushed in to millions of pieces. He had not realized how much he loved her until yesterday. He had not stopped to think, not even for a second. He had assumed that he was perfectly happy in his little world that he had created for himself. He watched the woman he loved, slowly getting off the bed and walking out of the room, willingly this time.