Welcome OC owners to this "chapter" of my story, as my readers now know this is a form on how to submit your pokémon trainers. First I'll go over the rules, then we get to the form okay? All these rules MUST be obeyed and if anybody tries to do the same thing I will not allow that OC in the story.

Rule #1: Your OC trainer has to be unique, for instance clothing has to be original. Shoes don't matter.

Rule #2: The OC you send in can't have two of the same type of pokémon unless it's a special case called a "Type Specialist" but with that exception comes more, that trainer can only have 1 pokémon that is a different type than what it normally specializes in.

Rule #3: All character perks you give your own OC gives your OC another weakness wether you like it or not, no Mary-sues or Gary-sues.

Rule #4: Once someone has given an OC with a pokémon in it if that pokémon qualifies(I'll cover that in a second) no one, not even if your "Special" is allowed to have that same pokémon.

Rule #5: Pokémon qualifications, now this is gonna hurt you all pretty bad. First things first no legendaries, as unfair as it seems only the protagonist, my OC, will be able to get one. Second that pokémon can't be an Uber, that means no Blaziken, Aegislash and Genesect. Who as far as I'm aware are the only NON legends in Ubers. Also that pokémon can't use moves like Bolt Strike.

The only exceptions to this rule are Victini, Celebi and all other equal EV'd legendaries. Don't lie to me either because I'll be looking up the pokémon your trainer has and will rate that trainer through a strength test, the numbers are 1-5 and the classes will be talked about later.

Rule #6: I'm still going? YUP! This is about your pokémon's moves. Only 1 egg move or TM move allowed.

Now with the rules out of the way I expect them to be followed, here's how I want your OC to be sent in:

OC name: (Example) Ryan Firetch.

Personality: (Example) He is a hard headed boy who sometimes likes to join in or start small jokes on his friends.

Eye and hair color: bright fire red eyes and dark almost black hair.

Clothing: (Example) a white red trimmed sleeveless hoodie, cuffed light blue jeans along with black and red tennis shoes.


Pokémon/nickname:(Example) Charmander/no nickname

Pokémon personality: Likes it's trainer is often hard headed and ends up rushing into things, again like it's trainer.

Moveset: Ancient Power, Ember, Scratch.

Special traits: Shiny, likes to fight.

That's an example of how I want you to send it in, just like that nothing extra nothing less