Digimon 5D's


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Phoenix POV

"Phoenix Hogan! Get down here right now or we'll be late" my mum yells at me.

"I'm coming mum!" I yell back as I'm coming down the hall.

"Oh where is Falco? She asks me.

"Sherry love it Falcomon and I think he is waiting by the door." My dad tells mum.

"Ok is everyone ready?" she asks.



"Sure am"


Twila POV

"Why do I have to be here anyway?" I ask my dad.

"Twila you do know my and your mums old teammates are coming over and I think bring their kids." My dad tells me. What my dad means by his and my mum's old teammates is that their old friends from their time as team 5D's and some of their other friends.

"Yusei dear, you and Twila need to come down now." My mum yells to my dad.

"Why Akiza dear?" My dad asks my mum as we both head down stairs with my partner Dorumon behind me to see my uncle Crow and my auntie Sherry along with their son Phoenix, who looks like he had other plans and I bet you he did and also Phoenix's partner Falcomon was with them too.

"Hi Yusei, Akiza how have you two been?" Crow asks.


Normal POV

"Phoenix how are you?" Twila asks Phoenix.

"Not good my mum made me come." He reply to her.

"Oh, really?" She asks and he can tell that she feels the same as well.

"But other from that your fine right mate?" Phoenix had to hold back a small laugh as a boy wearing a vest, jeans, boots and a headband all black walks in with his Parents behind him. This is Nero Kessler son of Kalin and Mina Kessler and Phoenix's best friend.

Next day Duel Academy

Phoenix and Nero are under a tree talking when a boy with brown hair and weird blue, grey and green eyes runs over. "Nero! Phoenix!"

Phoenix looks up. "Hey Zweilis."

"What's wrong man?" Nero asks.

"There's a new student and they are bully everyone they see!" Zweilis tells them as Phoenix gets up.

"What way Zweilis?" Phoenix asks as Zweilis points as Phoenix takes off.

Phoenix gets to the scene as the bully is well bullying another student. "Hey dude leave him alone!"

"Did you just call me a dude?" The bully asks as they turn round showing a girl with dark hair and amber eyes.

"Yeah sorry. Anyway stop bullying everyone!"

"And if I don't?" She asks.

"I'll duel you!"

"What makes you think you can beat me? Who are you anyway?" She asks.

"I'm Phoenix Hogan and you?"

"Let's just duel!" She says as she pulls out a duel board.

"Fine." Phoenix says as he pulls out his own.

Phoenix POV

We both set up our boards and duel disks.

"Let's duel!" We both say.

Phoenix: LP 4000, SC 0. Bully: LP 4000, SC 0

Ok my first five cards are Blackwing Shura the blue flame, Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn, Black Wing Revenge, Black Feather Beacon and Blackwing the feather one of my favourite tuners. "I'll go first! Draw!" The card I got was Urgent Tuning. "Ok I summon Blackwing Shuraa the Blue Flame in defence mode! (ATK: 1800/DEF: 1200) and three cards face down, I end my turn." I put Black Wing Revenge, Black Feather Beacon and Urgent Tuning face down.

Phoenix: LP 4000, SC 1. Bully: LP 4000, SC 1.

"It's my turn draw!" The bully draws her card. "I summon Guard Dog in attack mode! (ATK: 1500/DEF: 500) now attack his Shura!" Guard dog attacks and destroys my Shura. "I place one card face down and end my turn."

Phoenix: LP 4000, SC 2. Bully: LP 4000, SC 2.

"I draw!" I got Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind. "Because you have a monster and I don't I can summon Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn as if he was level four! Come out Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn in attack mode (ATK: 2000/DEF: 900), but I'm not done yet because I have more than one tuner monster in my hand I bring out Blackwing the Feather in attack mode! (ATK: 100/DEF: 300)"

"A level one! Don't make me laugh!" She says as she laughs.

"Laugh all you want but just you wait and see why the Feather is one of my favourite cards. I think Sirocco needs a boost, Feather time for a tune up. I Tune level one Blackwing the Feather with level five Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn to Synchro Summon! When the blade of dawn awakens a new power is born! I Synchro Summon Sirocco the Samurai in attack mode! (ATK: 2900/DEF: 2000)"

"I'll only take 1400 damage when you attack!" She yells.

"Nope because of my Sirocco's effect if Sirocco the Dawn was used to summon him all your cards on the field are destroyed." All her cards are destroyed. "Now for the Feather's effect if he is used in a Synchro Summon said Synchro monster gets an extra 1100 attack points giving Sirocco 4000. I can tell you bully people to cover up your own hurt but you don't need to do that now because you're not alone now and you won't get hurt because I want to be your friend. Now Sirocco the Samurai attack her with Dawn Blade!" Sirocco's blade glows as he swings it.

Phoenix: LP 4000, SC 2. Bully: LP 0, SC 2.

"You win Phoenix." She says as our boards come to a stop in front of a teacher no less oh no we're busted seeing how the teacher was Tetsu Trudge.

"Eithan what are you doing?" Trudge asks.

"Duelling Dad." The once Bully says.

"Wait Dad!?"

"Well if it isn't Phoenix Hogan." Trudge says. "How are Crow and the others?" He asks.

"My dad and mum are fine and the others are I think."

Nero and Zweilis run to us. "Phoenix did you win?" Zweilis asks.


"Using Sirocco the Samurai right?" Nero asks.


"Is that all you say outside of duels?" Eithan asks.

"Nope!" I say making everyone laugh.

Night time

I have just got a bag ready and got Flacomon to digivole in to peckmon. "Ready partner?"

"Do you even need to ask Phoenix?"

"True. Let's go!" I tell him as he flies off the roof of our house.

"Phoenix where are we going and why isn't Nero or maybe Twila coming with us?" He asks.

"Because we won't need help this time."

"If you're sure Phoenix."

A shadow appears above us as it attacks us.

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